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  1. I have a rated 10% for AO, cad and 50% overall , about ayear ago I recieved the 100% for 3 mos and then 10% rating thereafter I had a CABG x3 bypass,anursym,and resection of my left ventricle. EF was 40-45 at the time of Hosp release. now I have had a VA Nuclear stress test and have a 33% EF. They also reccomended a defibrillator be inserted in my chest and will do it free. they recommend also to have a echocardiagram from civilian doc which I did and conclusion was 35% EF. CAD, Congestive Heart failure, IHD, All paperwork was sent to regional Office for my increase in claim. Why did they schedule me for another C&P when they have enough info showing a drop in my health and EF?

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