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    Hi; I just found this website that was posted on another military board. It looks as though I can get some great help here. I am in the middle of filing a claim. So far, they denied it once because they failed to get all the records involved. I resubitted an inventory of documents they should be looking at and this time I got an evaluation. However, there is still a problem with one situation that was never documented by the doctor's while I was on active duty. My biggest problem is that this situation is about child delivery and it is intensely personal. There are just some details that I will not commit to in writing and I covered them briefly in the evaluation yesterday. I understand that I can get a copy of the report and I plan to do so in a couple of weeks. I still have a problem with a lack of diagnosis in one area though and I need an OB/GYN who can help me to construct a statement that was 'most likely' the cause of the injury. The VA is currently my primary care facility because private doctors do not like to be drawn into these things and quite frankly, it is easier without them. But, of course, the VA has no doctor on staff that has actually delivered children. Which brings another question to mind. Is possible that I can file the circumstances regarding the injury as unknown? Doctor after doctor for twenty years and yes, I mean mean twenty years have refused to speculate and I don't expect that to change now. I know that I can swear a statement and maybe that is my best route. For twenty years I have failed to get a decent answer from even a private doctor. So doing the same thing over and over again is just going to lead to the same failure process. What are my options here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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