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  1. Thanks, Berta. So I have a good chance at P&T? I will appeal that then. Not that I thought I was out of the weeds yet or anything. I've been trying to relay this new decision to SSDI. So far, nothing on that. My letter says next C&P is in 5 yrs. How reliable is that?
  2. Wow! I received a letter from my National VSO stating I have been approved for TDIU. I want to thank everyone who responded to my questions for helping me through this. It sounds like good news and yes I know there is still some waiting left to do, but it seems like the hard part is over. I just hope it doesn't get kicked back for something. Thank you again hadit.com! <br /><br /><br />
  3. Okay here's an update, but not sure what it means yet. I called the 1-800 # and the guy on the other end told me they sent out a Statement of the Case letter yesterday. Can someone shed some light on that one for me?
  4. Oh by the way, my claim is at the St. Pete VARO. So there is no way to get inside with anything, say a Congressman's help, to get these people who work there to get on their jobs. I mean how many people live in Florida? And out of those, how many have disability claims on appeals? Why does it take so long? Man! Okay is there anyplace to vent frustrations to that won't slow the claim down?
  5. Just wondering if anyone could tell me if anything can be done if I go to the VARO personally to inquire about my claim. Is that a good idea or not?
  6. Hello all. I have an Independent Living Services contractor coming out to my house to do an assessment this Friday. I am currently 70% PTSD, 20% on a lower back injury, and 20% on a neck injury. So 80% combined. My main issues come from the PTSD, but I can move around the house good enough to get done what I have to. 1. What should I expect from this contractor? 2. Are there any things that I should be asking for that I am entitled to? 3. Can anyone offer up some advice that has had ILS work out for PTSD issues. I have a TDIU claim pending right now and I'm hoping this will move my
  7. I received another letter from my Voc Rehab counselor saying: As your vocational rehabilitation counselor, I have made a determination that it is not feasible for you to benefit from a program designed to return you to gainful employment due to your service connected disabilities. However we will be providing you an evaluation for Individualized Independent Living Services. Is this in addition to TDIU or am I now waiting for them to do this evaluation before they move forward with my claim for TDIU benefits? My counselor has advised me over the phone that my case is not closed and they are wai
  8. Okay, so I e-mailed my Voc Rehab counselor yesterday with my request and then again this morning better outlining what I was looking for. To my surprise, he e-mailed back this morning and said he could help with the letter,but that my case wasn't closed and he is waiting for some funding to free up so that they can schedule an in-house assessment for ILS. Then he called a couple of hours later and after talking things over, he said he would call VARO and speak with whomever is looking at my claim. Does this sound positive to anyone?
  9. Ahh yes. That makes total sense to me. I just don't know how to play this game yet, so thanks for your help. I take Seroquel, Bupropion, Citalapram for my PTSD conditions. All of these meds have an impact on my daily living. And they are all prescribed to me from the VA. When I submitted the current Voc Rehab letters as evidence, I also submitted some of my VA med records where I had talked about employability with a psychiatrist back in Mar. 2009 who stated he did not see me being employable at that time as well as current ones from 2010 after talking with my LCSW about it. He wrote something
  10. Thank you very much for the help. I've been waiting and calling the 1-800 # for a few months now and it's getting very frustrating at this point. So how do I present this to the voc rehab? Just ask him to write the letter like you said or am I going to need something from my LCSW first. He was pretty reluctant to do anything like that for me when I talked to him last. He stated that he couldn't fight the VA for this since he works for the VA. Are they supposed to be cooperative with you on this?
  11. Okay, so I'm probably looking at another denial then. Should I get a letter from them now and submit as new evidence now or wait until I have been denied again if that happens? Also, how good of evidence from a licensed clinical social worker be stating the same thing. What do people have the best success with as far as letters. I'll just ask for the people that oversee my care to write letters as well. Is that a good idea or not? I guess I have beaten around the bush too much with some of these people. Is it okay to just come out and ask the medical professionals to write a letter stating ju
  12. Okay, here are both letters in entirety. Letter # 1: I stopped action on your claim because it appears employment is not feasible and you do not need independent living services. We met on 10/06/2010 for orientation and found you to have an employment handicap and entitled to Chapter 31. We reviewed your record and determined that your employment abilities along with intensive medical treatment do not make it practical for employment. We completed a Preliminary Independent Living Evaluation. You reported that you are having difficulty functioning because of your emotional instability and
  13. Today I got a letter requesting that I send in any SS med recs, but I don't have any because I'm not receiving anything from SSDI yet. Do I need to answer this letter now? And what, if any, forms should I be using? If I don't send a response, will it hold up my claim? There was no timeline to do anything written on the letter.
  14. Soooo........any takers on this one here? I need reassurance. All my confidence with anything got flushed along with my Army career. Thanks for any replies.
  15. Yeah I applied for SSDI and got denied, so I am reapplying using the Voc Rehab denial letters and some other evidence in my VA records. I was also medically retired from the Army for combat related PTSD at 50%, currently 80% combined with VA- 70% PTSD, 20% cervical spine, 20% lumbar fracture. So does being medically retired from the Army give me a better shot? Can I submit that to SSDI?
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