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  1. Hey everyone, Thanks for the responses. I wouldnt say I'm jeleous of the friend of mine that was awarded 50% but he is a social party animal and he is the one always telling me how much ive changed and become anti social and afraid of leaving the house. He will be the first to tell anyone that I have been way more affected than he was. I guess thats how things work out sometimes. Is my NOD that I have in now sufficient or do I need to fill out anything else? Whats the next step? Do I wait to see the DRO? Thanks to all
  2. Hi everyone, I served almost 8 years in the Marine Corps from 2002-2009. I did two tours in Iraq in 2004-5 and 2008. I am an amphibious assault vehicle crewman and saw sustained combat in the 2004 tour. I came home with obvious issues with anger and solitude and relationship problems that continue today. I filed a ptsd claim myself and got family and friends to write letters and went to the c&p exam and effective january 8 2009 was awarded 30% disability. what pisses me off a friend of mine that was in a rear supply area got 50% and saw combat once..... I filed a NOD and the v.a. acknowledged they recieved it april 23 2010. I elected a decision review officer and sent in a couple more family letters for good measure with my NOD. I havent heard anything since then... Did I do the right thing with the NOD or should I have a filed the va form that disagrees with the percentage rating. I also requested a copy of my medical records from the va 2months ago and got nothing yet and called them to have them say theyre working on it. Would a VSO or the DAV help me on this. If so where do I find them? Thanks

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