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  1. P3IFT62

    Ophthalmic Migraines

    Visual distortion. I get like a blind spot directly in the center of my vision. As it passes it opens up to more like a tunnel and slowly fades out of view. also mild headache pain with it. My Navy flight surgeon said thy were caused by my sinus problems putting pressure on optic nerves. The eye surgeon said they are kinda rare and navy doc just did'nt realize what they were.
  2. I had my C&P physical 2 weeks ago. While I was there I saw an eye surgeon about when I had gasoline in both eyes. that turns out to be nothing but I describe a symtom I have been having since the early 90's. He tells me that what I am having are ophthalmic migraines. this is referenced in my medical records while on active duty but was misdiagnosed by the doctors. He added it to my claim as he found the instances in my medical records. what kind of rating can you get for this. I have the episodes at least once a month which is what I told the C&P examiner. Also in the claim Bilateral knee pain with arthritus diagnosed during active duty with xrays. Left knee torn meniscus with surgery to cut out the tear during active duty Lower right maxilary sinus rupture and deviated septum with chronic siusitus on active duty Right shoulder injury to rotator cuff during active duty which causes pain and limits raising my arm up to the side Any ideas how these may be rated? Paul

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