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  1. Hell Carlie, My 10% rating is for a foot condition. I was rated after leaving the service.
  2. Thanks John999, I received a General under Honorable discharge and received a 10% service connection for my foot after getting out of service. The services are all sneaky to avoid paying claims, they discourage you from asking for help and when you do they sweep you under the rug and discharge you. letting you fend for yourself in their hoop jumping red tape machine..
  3. Thank you very much for the information ''BERTA'' could this (It is proof of situations like this and even negative personnel reports that can often be symptoms of a psychosis.) as well as 16 years treatment at the VA and VA hospitalizations and the in service psych consult be a good foundation for a nexus letter.
  4. Thank you for taking time to help me...I have an active claim going now with the help of the DAV I am in the process of gathering evidence and I gave the DAV power of attorney to collect all military records and social security disability records. I am just worried because of no in service hospitalization. My 10% service connection is for my foot, that rating came after I left the service.
  5. Thanks for replying.. I got an Honorable under general discharge
  6. Hello everyone, I would like some advice on how to proceed. I currently have a claim filed for service connection do to schizophrenia and depression. I have been treated by the VA for 16 years and am now living on social security disability. I have been to all of my VA appointments and have been hospitalized several times over the years for depression and schizophrenia . I joined the Army on July 6, 1989 and was discharged honorably in Aug.30, 1990 I had been referred to a psych consult while in the service after reporting visual hallucinations and depression. The psych consult resulted in their being nothing wrong psychologically with me they said.. although they took my weapon and started processing me out and I was home less than 30 days latter. after being home it was around a year latter I ended up in the VA hospital for the first time and have been under their treatment ever since. I was never treated while in the service my request was met with your fine and a quick separation. My doctor said he thinks I should try to get service connected compensation and is willing to write a nexus letter (a letter linking my current condition to service) preceding this I had a sinusitis attack in basic training and it caused my sinuses to swell and put pressure on my brain. I was in the hospital for a few weeks and got recycled to week 2 and that is when the hallucinations and depression began. Do I even have a chance at getting any compensation since I was never treated in service for depression and schizophrenia. P.S. the social security office granted my claim going by VA records I was laying in the VA hospital answering their questions. thanks for your help...
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