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  1. Well chairmnx, I hope to soon find out. Two days ago my appeal at the BVA was remanded. Good and bad. Good because it was not denied. My guess is they want another C&P to determine my current level of disability. Bad because it will take longer. My appeal was sitting at RO for years, once I submitted the IMO it took off (new material evidence) is my guess. We shall soon see.
  2. It took a long time but all the hard work paid off. Submitted for inc in my MDD last October. E bennies changed to 100% P&T.. So just to be sure I called VA hotline asked my percentage ,wala.I was expecting/hoping for the 100%; but the P&T was a surprise. I guess I was focused on the 100 so much. Thanks to all.
  3. Ok let's try this again. I should have added the DBQ along with letter the first time. Guess I was just excited. let me know if it will work the way it is.. Dr. Had C file, SMR civilian and VA medical records to review. this is to much money just to throw down range and hope for the best. Thanks.. DBQ
  4. Naproxin prescibed now. was on salsate. just one of many Rx's. also in my Med chart it states Dx for allergic rhinitis(perscribed meds), then says for further info refer to my gerd problem. which i do beleive gerd can cause the Rhinitis..
  5. I am 10% for IBS, also have Dx of gerd.Can i file a claim for Gerd if the medicatioins i take for SC dissabilities cause or inflame the gerd.? Thanks
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