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  1. Claim decided, now what?

    If you gave them your bank info, the retro will probably hit before you get the official letter ( happened to me). You'll probably see check Sept 1st.. No guarantees though... As far the money goes prepare for the worst hope for the best on timelines, watch your bank and congrats.
  2. Ok let's try this again. I should have added the DBQ along with letter the first time. Guess I was just excited. let me know if it will work the way it is.. Dr. Had C file, SMR civilian and VA medical records to review. this is to much money just to throw down range and hope for the best. Thanks.. DBQ
  3. IME review please

    At the top it states he reviewed my C-file and medical records. is that not sufficient, also the event is well documented already SC for other issues related to same event
  4. IME review please

    Looking for feedback on how this looks before submitt to VA for my low back Appeal (2010). the RSD/CPRS was unexpected, but seems to me to be a plus.
  5. Strong enough nexus

    Andyman73, yes in my opinion this would be helpful. I would grab ALL medical notes appointments pertaining to this issue. Submit docs with your new claim for secondary.. Keep getting treatment & records from that tx as you go and it will all fall into place. Just my opinion..
  6. Falling down stairs

    Andyman73 don't feel dumb. What you are experiencing is a serious issue just from the physical aspect ( I would tell your psych at next appt). I would also go to my healthy vet and log in the incident on the proper date. You can make notes about your health there so you have a reference later.and no one else can see it but you. Also I would secure message your PCP about this incident and any others concerning balance/fall issues. Even if you don't feel you need medical attention on it, he/she needs to know what's going on. Since your ankles and knees are SC, in the event you have hip and knee problems in the future these fall incidents may be connected. So start the paper trail now. I say this because I had several falls over 2 year period (no record except for the last big one) couldn't figure it out. Thought I was stupid. After my wife told my PCP that I fell a lot Dr. Discovered I had foot drop causing the falls (now SC). not sure of your age but as we climb up in age the falls and elderly people don't mix.
  7. In the 07' TRaining Letter For IU, under paragraph 3a. It basically states that if IU is inferred and vet does not return the form 21-8940 within 60 days that va will go forward with a decision minus the IU. Goes on to state that if the 21-8940 is filled out sent to and received by VA within one year of claim decision, that the claim will be re rated. My question is with the subsequent Training Letters since 07', does a veteran still have one year from decision to submit 21-8940 and be re rated.?
  8. VES PTSD evaluation

    I had one, I believe it takes 2 weeks
  9. Break This Down

    My appeal is over 600 days old.. Still at RO if I submit that means another SOC, correct? More time..?
  10. Break This Down

    Yes broncovet, it is VA Neurosych Dr.. Yes definatly linked to in service stressor's, plus I have CAR.
  11. I know this is just a short snip it. But can someone break this down for me. Specifically the PTSD part.? I have an appeal in for PTSD, debating on sending this in as evidence. DIAGNOSES: Major Depressive Disorder, Recurrent; Unspecified anxiety disorder-PTSD by History; Alcohol use Disorder, severe in remission. Thanks
  12. Is it possible to reinstate an appeal that has been previously withdrawn. Thought I read somthing somewhere.?
  13. reasons why approved

    It is pretty vague, says based on info I gave them.. Which I guess that's good.. Majority is SC issues
  14. Can anybody tell me how to find out what issues that SSDI approved me for.. Will they mail more info, or do I call.? thanks