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  1. I haven't looked into VA Voc Rehab, but none of my states Nursing programs are up to the standard that I want to pursue. I need to go out of state to the University of Pittsburgh which is one of the top nursing programs in the country, and i'm unsure if the VA will fund my education there since it will cost more.
  2. General with Honorable Conditions. I'm not trying to turn in medical. I specifically stated that I just want an honorable discharge so I can get educational benefits. I don't want to milk the system of all it's money, but I was wronged...I worked so hard and got sick and they threw me out like a dog. I still feel like a mangy dog.
  3. Yes, I have a Lawyer. Just called the Review Boards Agency. My docket won't be sent to DC for another 8 - 10 months. I feel weak in the knees.
  4. Sorry, no. I was discharged for minor misconduct although the misconduct was specifically related to anxiety and depression. I was going to mental health while in the service during my instances of misconduct and the mental health team recommended me for discharge for 'Adjustment Disorder', even though I was being prescribed medications for anxiety and depression by the Flight Medicine Clinic. Then my CO, after receiving the recommendation from mental health, discharged me for the minor disciplinary infractions as a first case basis and "conditions that interfere with military service" as a secondary basis. Then I came home and the VA immediately granted me 50% disability for Depression and Anxiety. I've been having a lot of medical problems since then, had a colonoscopy last week and they couldn't find anything wrong so they told me my digestive problems were related to my previous anxiety and depression diagnosis. Plus I started shaking terribly at the hospital I work at for no reason whatsoever and the ER doctors diagnosed me with PTSD, but I haven't tried to claim PTSD or anything.
  5. So I've come back from before, 24 year old male with 50% service connected disability from the VA for Depression and Anxiety. I got a letter from the Air Force Review Boards Agency on Mar 5th that they received my application for review and was given the docket number FD-2011-00057. I had a pretty hefty package that I sent, including a legal brief from a private lawyer that I hired. Anyone know when I will be getting to go in for a hearing? This year? Next? I tried to compare my status to the pages on boards.law.af.mil but it seems like all of the discharge reviews were all over the place. People who submitted in 2005 were being reviewed in 2007, and people who submitted in 2007 were being reviewed just a few months later. I guess i'm #57 in line for review...for 2011...but does that mean I'll have to wait two years?
  6. Also, I don't care about percentages or money or anything. I know I was wronged by the military. They treated me like shit and made me feel like i was a scum bag when I was suffering and threw me out the door. I worked so hard in Iraq. Not only did I do my normal duty activities, I volunteered with Honor Guard out there. Did a Funeral Service. Volunteered for base security. Graduated Basic Training with Honors. Home base I actively volunteered too. Was an usher for a few promotion and retirement ceremonies. Volunteered for Airman Against Drunk Driving. Helped police a stretch of highway for a local clean up effort. Assisted the SERE squadron for SERE outdoor exercises, lugging around my medical bag. I was Santa for the Children's Christmas party. I don't care if I got 10%, 0%, or 50%, or 100%. I just want to know that i'm not a shit head and that I did the best I could for my country. I hate people looking at my DDR214 and shaking their head, thinking i'm a trouble maker when for 9 months I sat in my dorm room crying, not being able to sleep, haunted by nightmares, and not being able to properly focus on the job. They just threw me to the curb... And now I have nothing here. I just want to go to college and maybe have some chance of becoming a somebody instead of wasting away to a nobody. I don't want to be a nobody, I want to succeed and help more people.
  7. I went through about 5 jobs after getting discharged in May of 2009. Now I've been able to hold a job down at a hospital working in the emergency room for the past 5 months, but I still have trouble remembering co-workers names and where supplies are. Working here has been a godsend - I was totally upfront with my boss and co-workers about what is going on and they know I'm a hard worker. I bust my butt and do my best to stay active and contribute, but it's still hard when someone asks me to get a plastic tray and I forget where the plastic trays are. I'm definately going with a lawyer because I feel cheated. I want this done right and I don't want the work around. I'm 23 years old and I need to get to college so I have some hope for the future. I don't want to live with my parents forever, constantly being a nuisance to them because of my problems. I want to rise up and have a good career and have my own family some day and live in a nice neighborhood. I refuse to be homeless and live on the streets...but it's so hard.
  8. Just got my white envelope in the mail. 50% disabled service connected as of August 31st, 2010. GAF was 42. Now I need to know a good lawyer to help me get my discharge upgraded since I feel I was wrongfully discharged due to my symptoms. Major Depression with Anxiety. Any help would be appreciated, I live in New Jersey.
  9. Just got my white envelope in the mail. 50% disabled service connected as of August 31st, 2010. GAF was 42. Now I need to know a good lawyer to help me get my discharge upgraded since I feel I was wrongfully discharged due to my symptoms. Major Depression with Anxiety. Any help would be appreciated, I live in New Jersey.
  10. So I received a letter today from "Health Eligibility Center" from Atlanta, GA and in it said I was part of priority group 5, meaning no service disability? Is this the final result of the decision, or is this just stating what i'm qualified for now while they are still reviewing? So confused.
  11. So I went to my C&P exam today in the morning. I was picked up by a mental health screener and brought into a small room. This was my first time at the VA. I got screened, told the truth, took the advice from the forums that I read about not embellishing anything and just being upfront and truthful. The screener said something about how I had served my time and she thanked me for it, and that just about made me lose it in there. She then brought me up to get registered for health insurance. Went down to the OEF/OIF transition area, and she made an appointment for me to be seen by an emergency room physician that day. Everyone kept saying I had major depression and they needed to treat me that day. Ended up getting prescribed effexor and klonopin.
  12. You're gonna make me choke up, sir. Thanks man, I'll do just that.
  13. I was discharged from the Air Force back in May 2009. General under Honorable Conditions for Minor Discplinary Infractions, but the first statement in my discharge paperwork was about my Adjustment Disorder as well as Axis 2 Personality traits. This past year I've been battling through some really dark times in my head, and I finally got the courage to go to the VA at the beginning of the month. All I wanted was information on my benefits, and who I could talk to try and appeal my discharge, but the guy put me in for a disability claim. I don't even know what's going on anymore, things are moving so fast. I have to be at this doctors appointment on Monday for whatever the case. I've tried googling information about all of this but I have no idea what to expect. In my last couple of months in the service I started having sleep problems after I came back from Iraq. Came to work late a couple times. Cried a lot. Had suicidal thoughts. Went to life skills, was prescribed Celexa and Ambien and Paxil, but it just kept getting worse. Kept making mistakes on the job, screwing up paperwork, getting 'abrasive' with the NCOs in my unit. I didn't mean to. I was just in such a dark place, you know? It's funny, you can go from super troop at one end of the year, coming out of basic with honor graduate and loads upon loads of letters of appreciation for volunteer activites I kept up on, to going to Iraq, and coming back and just falling off the world. Anyway, enough with my rant. What should I expect on monday? I really have no idea.

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