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  1. Hello to all, Well what can i say ? I've been looking for a site like this for a long time, not just to "vent", but also to maybe find someone who has gone through the things i have with getting a percentage increase on my disability..But first, intro's are in order.. I've been called "hawk" since i was a kid.. could be because i was so "birdbrained" at that age.. i'm a retired trucker, the job finally got me down after 23 yrs. Originally from missouri, did basic at ft. leonardwood, special training at ft.hood tx, and 2 tours in nam.. recon / sniper was my mos..got out in late 73 Honorable under medical... Enough of that..hope this site will help me find what i need.. I'm not online alot because i like to be outside when i can, so if anyone writes , and i don't respond for abit, don't take offence... thats it for now... Later.. Hawk.
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