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  1. Your vocational rehab statement IMHO is what will do the best for you. I fought for four years on same thing and once VOC rehab said I could not use their services it took four months for decision.
  2. Received letter saying Notice of Decision - Fully Favorable from my alj hearing But i will not believe it until the money hits the bank.
  3. Hello all, got my paperwork back from hearing, fNotice of Decision - Fully Favorable . Waiting on back pay should be a little over three years. Thanks for the responses. Jon if i am as laucky as your wife i should see backpay in a day or two. Not going to hold my breath.
  4. I have a hearing with a judge coming up. Can anyone tell me what to expect? Do I have to answer questions or does my lawyer do all that?
  5. Denied by ssdi time to get a lawyer I guess.
  6. the evalution group is a new thing they have come up with to speed up claims. There are a group of dr's that do this.
  7. posttraumatic arthiritis l knee, degentatrive disc lumbar spine, and depression. For my depression I see the va psycholigist and have been given 50% disability on it, 10 for knee, and 20% for back.
  8. He should file for both together and do it now by the time it gets moving in the system he will not be working anymore. IMHO
  9. Update time. I received a call from soc sec today she told me she had received my paperwork from exam and would review it today and send to social security Dr. to sign. She also said my depression had already been signed off by their Dr. So I am hoping this is all good news I truly hate the waiting game though. I did not have a exam with ssdi psych so I guess my VA records were enough for them to sign off on it.
  10. I guess I am one of the very lucky ones my county vso told me to file as soon as possible. he also told me that the 70% thing is bs he has seen people awarded tdiu at below 50%. he said the 70% is the standard but it is not written in stone. "If you can not work, you can not work and should apply for tdiu".
  11. yes last day you physically worked unemployment does not count for ssdi claim. At least that is what soc sec told me so it may be correct.
  12. Thank you both for the responses. I just returned and I was quite shocked it was a five minute eval. Not sure that is good or bad. Guess I wait and find out.
  13. Can anyone tell me what the Dr evaluation will be like for ssdi is it the same as VA or different?
  14. My county service rep told me the other day that a new law was passed and that the two agencies have to take the other into account. Now if that is true or not I am not sure but he has not lied to me before. I just applied for ssdi so I guess I will find out.
  15. I will change my profile once I get the paperwork. Just do not trust anything until I see it in writing Five years later and I got a letter from DAV saying I went from 70% to 100% P&T
  16. OK went from notification phase to closed.I called 1-800 and asked my rating she said 60% so it looks like I got 50% for depression and my 20% for lower back and 10% left knee. I guess they denied the iu but it is getting closer. I need to file a few more claims I have and see where I go from there.
  17. Notification phase? Can any one give me a idea on how long this phase takes?
  18. Any win with the va is a huge success :)
  19. Okay had c&p looks good to me for secondary to chronic pain. The condition/disability Adjustment disorder with depressed mood, chronic is as least likely as not (50/50 probability) caused by or a result of service connected degenerative changes of lumbar spine and/or posttraumatic arthiritis, left knee rationale His service connected medical conditions are considered primary. From the rest of the report it looks like 30% Guess its wait and see time.
  20. I have for the arthritis on knee. The exam is mainly to see if you have lost any range of motion in your knee. If not the most you will probably get is 10% No Idea on scars though.
  21. I have been sceduled another c&p for mental health the 16th. see were we go from there.
  22. Yes voc rehab has made this statement for me. As to the mri narritive I am still unsure because they fired my pain mngt. Dr. and booted me back to primary. So I am trying to get back into pain mngt to get info needed there. The wonderful wheel of VA.
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