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  1. Retired Navy- Hearing Loss with aids-0% Tinnitus-Denied Back problems (4 items) 4 Vicodin a day, 2 30 mg morphine and 2 hr bed rest-denied Crushed hand in navy-10% Deviated Septum Navy with surgery (Tripler Army-Denied Hypertension-Meds issued by VA- Denied bad left ankle, broke before navy but was aggravated during service-Denied Mental problem with amount of drugs- VA Counselor Depression What am I doing wrong? Any help? They keep flooding me with paperwork and cannot keep up. Thanks Mark
  2. Looking for some advice. Retired Navy MM (SW/AW) I finally file for disability April of this year. Filed for joint pain (knees,back,ankles, Hearing loss and right hand (crushed by 2 ton motor on sub) and radiation exposure. The hearing test came back as 88% hearing/speech impaired. 0% awarded though admitted my hearing has gotten worst every year. Hand has limited functions and will get worst, Pain 3 to 5 times a week, cannot write well or type without pain. Hard to work on anything with hand. They gave me 10% for pain. Joint pains cannot be verified, They say I must prove ?? Worked on subs for 5.5 years as a mech . Always crunched up somewhere turning a wrench etc. I was 6'1 so you can imagine. It has taken its toll on my body. Raditation exposure not in record. The training I did is not either (special job). How much info must I tell them. The information I can tell you was purged. We did some work in a reactor and it went south (it was overseas.) Do not want to get detailed on this as it is or was a embarrasment to them and not in best interest to say. I want to know if I can appeal the 10%. I have waited a long time as I felt there were more important Vets out there for need but now getting older and starting to bother me really bad. Any information or suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Mark
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