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  1. Thanks for the replies! Concerning the retro, that's pretty much what I had gathered but found some conflicting info so I'm glad I asked. I have NO idea at all if the VA asked JSRRC to verify anything...how would I know if they did? It's too bad about the retro, though...you'd think that if new evidence was obtained to further substantiate a claim that was initially denied, it would be retro'd to the original claim date. Oh, well...that's the way it is I guess. So with the new regulations, has anyone heard how long claims are taking now? Do re-opened claims usually go quicker or the same? Thanks again!!
  2. Hello! I've gotta say that I'm really glad I found this site!! SO much useful information...WOW! That said, I've just spent a few hours (literally) searching/reading through threads concerning retroactive VA Disability Compensation and am now thoroughly confused. I was denied the PTSD portion of my claim in Feb 2008 (filed August 07) due to the common "stressor" element. They couldn't corroborate my stressor event(s). Anyhow, I got a buddy letter and now with the rules change I re-opened my claim because it seems like there should be no problem getting a SC rating (I know, I know...we'll see...hahaha). Since the VA already acknowledged in the denial letter that I had been diagnosed (by the VA doc) with PTSD with Depression and the 'nexus' was established, if I DO get the rating will the compensation be retroactive to the original claim? It wasn't my fault that the rules changed (as a matter of fact, it's exactly my situation that this rule addresses). I wasn't registered and hadn't seen any VA docs for treatment of my PTSD prior to my claim...mostly because I didn't really think I had it. Since I was diagnosed, I've been seeing the VA Nurse Practitioner (NP) and the VA Social Worker monthly (for the most part) and have been taking two meds for the past two years...one for nightmares/sweats and one for the anger management. My NP says that on the scale that they use, I'm a 49 and that anything under a 50 is usually eligible for compensation. Does this make sense? Thanks in advance!!

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