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  1. dongtam

    Lung Cancer

    I am a VSO the veteran was told by a private doctor of his condition. He was a Navy navigator and flew off the aircraft carriers in the gulf. He had 30 missions over North Vietnam. I guess I will have to go on a direct basis of being exposed on board ship. Dr. gave his 6 months to live.
  2. dongtam

    Lung Cancer

    Is a Vietnam vet boots on ground with mesothelioma considered the same as lung cancer for agent orange
  3. Is lung cancer Diagnosed as mesothelomia still lung cancer from agent orange.
  4. dongtam

    New Retro

    I just received a retro on my IHD from 06/10 back to 02/2005. The V A originally rated it at 10% increased to 60% 06/10 but finally convinced that a nuclear test in 05 is not as accurate as a Ultra sound . My MI in 1990 left me with an Ejection fraction of less than 50. I didn"t file until 05. All this was due to private medical opinion. With my 50% PTSD and a couple 10% I am getting closer to the end.
  5. I have a veterans claim that was remanded by the BVA. It was readjuicated and sent to the AMC. I have no new docket no. on the claim that went back to the AMC . The AMC sent out a SSOC with a denial of the claim. Shouldn"t there be a docket no. and shouldn't there be a cover letter and a BVA decision before this claim is closed or is the SSOC denial the last straw.
  6. I was wondering what led to the presumption of als and the military. What was the common denominator between Army Navy Airforce Marines Coast Guard etc that was the same , but was different than the national guard army reserve air guard etc. The training was basically different in all services. The assignments were all different ground forces air forces and water forces. The only thing that I can think of that was the same is the vaccines. If that is the factor that the presumption was made on why is the peace time guard and reserve people that were never activated not eligible for claiming disability They can claim any other disability that happened to them whuile in training..
  7. When the V A on their own finds a cue on one issue does this open a full claim for a review.
  8. dongtam


    I am a CVSO I just received a rating on a veteran with PD. The examiner stated that PD does not effect your usual occupation as you are not employed. He is not employed because of his PD. The whole VA are idiots. Here we go with an appeal to clog the system.
  9. dongtam


    Just to let everyone know I received my 60% for IHD, effective date is being appealed. I got 8 months rather than the 63 since my date of claim. Good luck to all and keep up the fight.
  10. this is just a reminder when a veteran becomes 50% or higher or won a rating through an appeal the veteran needs to file to recoup if any the prescriptions copays for the disability and the travel pay if any. You only have 30 days from the rating date to apply for back travel
  11. was his cancer rated, was he p&t, she might get champ v a

  12. born 10/23/48 married 40 yrs 4 children including 1 MD 1 nurse practioner all are fine. just surviving play a little golf and always look forward to playing with 5 grand kids. i am 50% ptsd 10 tinnitus 10 for left foot working on lower extremeties back and heart had mi in 91. I take care of veterans needs. I am a certified ncvso, but always looking for more information. This is a good place for it


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