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  1. dongtam

    Lung Cancer

    I am a VSO the veteran was told by a private doctor of his condition. He was a Navy navigator and flew off the aircraft carriers in the gulf. He had 30 missions over North Vietnam. I guess I will have to go on a direct basis of being exposed on board ship. Dr. gave his 6 months to live.
  2. dongtam

    Lung Cancer

    Is a Vietnam vet boots on ground with mesothelioma considered the same as lung cancer for agent orange
  3. Is lung cancer Diagnosed as mesothelomia still lung cancer from agent orange.
  4. Still here helping the vets. Got to 90% with another C&P scheduled for the 13th. I have been on this part of my claim for 8 years. Good luck to all.
  5. Still here helping the vets and families. Received my remand back from BVA in Jan. They finally looked at the evidence after 8 yrs. Good luck to all.
  6. Still fighting the fight for myself and my veterans.
  7. dongtam

    Roll Call

    Still here helping the vets in southwest NE. It is the best job in the world. Still 80% waiting on the BVA for a year and a half. Good luck to all and hope for a great fall.
  8. Another month and still waiting. 2 more years and I should hear from the BVA. They say it takes about 3 years for the BVA. I only wish the RO would make the right decisions and save all the appeals. A coach at a RO said the BVA has a more latitude when making decisions, so I asked why we could not just send our claims to the BVA directly and save all the appeals. The Legion and VFW say RO decisions are wrong 75% of the time. I don't think she liked that. By the way my claim is 7 years old. .
  9. Present, much to the V A,s dismay still surviving.
  10. Still waiting BVA decision. Should be done in two more years. I did get our local nursing home as a V A contracted home which helps those 70% or higher. Still fighting the fight for all vets.
  11. Present; Claim at BVA for second time. Still taking care of Vets. It's still the best job I ever had. Veterans appreciate the efforts and results.
  12. Present, Still working claims for the veterans. Working on a MOH for WW2 vet (has DSC) working for upgrade. Very interesting. He was an Audey Murphy type. 13th of Oct 1944 in Italy he took on 50 counter attacking Germans by himself. He killed and wounded 35, but run out of amunition for his machine gun so he took on the last 15 with his pistol he killed 5 when they were 15 ft from him then the last 10 surrendered. He got out of the service in Nov 1945 was killed in a car wreck Feb 1946.
  13. Claim just went back to BVA. Claim is 6 yrs old. In 2-3 yrs should know something if I am still around. I always love the fight. Good luck to all.
  14. Just checking in as there is no fool like an April fool
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