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  1. Thanks for all the info, I did look at all my paperwork and I only filed time before I got approved. It was June of 1999 and they said it was not service connected and on the last time I put in, they sent me to a psychatrist and I got approved for service connected. I don't know for sure if the first time ever became final but I'm sure it did. I was just curious, again thanks for the info. Semper fi
  2. i recently recieved a rating of 50% for ptsd. i had filed for this claim two times before and got denied. the third time i filed, the va accepted it and gave me my rating. they back payed me only to the last time i filed. my question is should they had not payed me to the first time i filed? if there is anyone out there that can help me, let me know. i am going to appeal this because the stressors are the same stressors as i have always indicated in my claims. from the date of the first claim to the last claim, when they finally gave me my rating, is approxaimately 11 years. if anyone can also give me info on the proper way to write the appeal letter, would be helpful too. thanks to all that read this and send information. thanks all of you for serving. god bless and semper fi.

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