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  1. "They should have enclosed the TDIU form-this doesn't sound right- were you unemployed when they rendered the decision and did they know it?" When I originally filed, I was still in the military, had not retired yet...I actually retired in Jun 10, have not worked since then....I recieved the decision in Aug 10 I think. There was no form included. "You can add this as separate claim and consider what a nexus to your service could be-if you tell us the condition maybe we can help more with that- If the surgery qualifies you for temp 100% convalescence for what becomes a SC disability -that temp comp info is here under a search and you will be prepared to ask them for that benefit unless the TDIU goes through and renders the temp comp as moot issue." I am having cubital relocation surgery on my left elbow, I will be in a cast for 3-6 weeks. I have this surgery on Jan 21 2011. "Have you applied for SSDI ?" No, I have not...I was concerned about how this would effect me if I do find a job in the future, or when I actually retire at 62 or 65. I have read about it, but still not really clear on the matter. I do want to work, but at this moment I dont believe that my actual line of work is allowing me to. I am trained to work with chemicals and hazmat...which requires me to dress in personal protective equipment, like masks and overgarments. If I do this, I am concerned about getting one my clusterheadaches while in the hot zone, which has happend while in the military. I read the case that you provided in your other email, about the clusterheadache case...I would say that currently, and for the last year, mine are worse than he discussed. He even denied treatment at least two times that I read, and they still awarded him 50%, while I am recieving 0% for mine...I am very disappointed in my decision of 0%, and when I saw the VA for my CP, I explained the issues I was having, I know it was documented in my medical records for 5 years, and provided a 3 month snapshot on a calendar of daily headaches. thanks again, Mike
  2. Berta, Thanks for the response...I will try to answer your questions completely. Do these headaches appear documented in your SMRs? Or on your discharge certificate? These headaches have been documented in my service medical records since 2005. I had to have a battery of tests to rule out vision, loss of memory, MRI, and MRA before the doctors made the decision. I have been on many types of medication since 2005 to treat the headaches. They are now, and have been for about 2 years, chronic. I have looked back at my DD214, discharge certificate, and they are not mentioned. I did not see any space on the form calling for medical issues. Or could they be secondary to any SC disability you have now? I do not see, although I am not a medical person, any evidence that these could be secondary to any other issue. I have done years of research on Cluster Headaches and have not come across any connection to any issues that I have. Although, I do remember the headaches started close after I had a surgery for Left ankle reconstruction while in the military, but I do not recall them being related to each other. Could they even be a side affect of any SC med you take? I have taken many medication for clusterheadaches and other medical issues (hypertension and high cholesterol, and prior to the headaches starting, I did not take anything regularly. This fairly recent BVA decision has the rating criteria and the BVA has consider clusterheadaches/migraines as one and the same for rating purposes in this case: http://www4.va.gov/v...es1/1004106.txt "was recently granted 90% SC for some issues that I had during service." With that high level of SC disability and a potential award of SC for the headaches- have you considered TDIU and formally applied for it yet? I assume the VA- when they awarded you the 90% -made a statement as to TDIU. Can yo tell us what they said? I have went back and looked at the decisions by the VA and did not see anything regarding this. There is one statement on the "Disability Compensation Award Attachment" that states that if my SC disabilities are seriously disabling to the extent that you are unable to secure and hold steady work, you may apply to receive total disability. Again, I want to thank you for your time, I have been a lurker here for about a year and have seen your name and advice on almost everything. You are a hero to many for your assistance, along with many other members on this board. I guess I do have one more question....There has recently been another medical issue that I have which requires me to have surgery...this issue was not claimed on my original submission or examination by the military, when I retired, or by the VA. I am unsure if I can submit this as SC. My decision was less than a year ago. Thanks again, Mike
  3. Hello all, Thanks for the greetings... I am not currently employed, having a bad time currently with the headaches. This cycle has been going on for almost 8 months now and I am still getting 1-3, sometimes more, headaches a day. I want to work, as the finances are getting a little tight, but I dont really think I can right now. I have been applying for positions in my area according my job set, but no luck as of yet. Thanks Mike
  4. Hello everyone...My name is Mike and I have been a lurker for about a year or so. This is a great site and very informative. You are doing a great service to all the brave sercivemen and women... I have recently retired from the Army, 21 years, in which I have served in various positions in the Chemical Corps. from private to 1SG. Of course, I was used and abused along the way, and was recently granted 90% SC for some issues that I had during service. I still have some problems that I think I need guidance on, and will be asking some questions along the way, especially in the area of clusterheadaches, which I understand do not exist and are considered migraines. Again, glad to be here and be apart of Hadit.com and look forward to meeting you all. Thanks Mike
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