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  1. I had a bunch of things claimed, I did look on the va site and have some ideas of what I can expect. I'll wait for a while, but what does anyone feel I should take action after a certain amount of time, perhaps at the 90 day mark if I don't hear anything? What action can I take?
  2. Ok thanks. Today is the start of week seven and nothing yet. I originally went through a DAV, but they went over paper work and told me to mail it. Guess I'll be waiting a while. Thanks.
  3. Thanks you! Anyone know how long they're taking now to set up the C & P and if they call or mail you out something?
  4. Spent about thirty minutes searching and couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for. I followed the advice of my DAV and mailed out the fast start form, copy of my medical records and copy of marriage certificate on 9/20 for my claims which were all physical . It appears I am waiting on the C and P appointment? Anyone know how long they're taking and how they contact you (mail or phone)? Also can anyone link any threads of what I can expect for the C and P appointments; again, I've tried searching yet can't seem to find anything. Thanks
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