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  1. Kray

    Claim Closed

    As previously reported my claim was closed on 4/16/2014 and my AB8 letter states 60% effective April 1, 2014. This is an upgrade from 30%. My claim was filed 4/12/2013. Got part of the retro pay before the BBE and the rest of it just appeared to my bank. The process worked this time as it took 3 years to get the retro on the 30% award. Happy days. I hope others get their results in a timely manner.
  2. Kray

    Claim Closed

    I was at 30% SC for IHD. I submitted an increase because my condition was getting worse, Passing out, Mets were lower, plus I had a Pacemaker Implanted. My claim was approved to 60% with the effective date, the day the Pacemaker was implanted, which was March 11, 2013 with an overall effective date of April 1, 2013. My thinking was that I would receive 60% for IHD and a minimum of 10% for the Pacemaker but that is not what happened. They are allowing two months at 100% for the Pacemaker and the increase to 60% starting June 1, 2013.
  3. I am curious about finding out how many individuals who were exposed to Agent Orange and had both of these diseases or know someone who had them. I hope that I am not stepping on toes with this question and I certainly don't mean to. Let me tell you a story. I am the youngest of three brother, all of who joined the military at a young age and each made it a career and retired. The oldest brother is in good health (age 82) and does not have IHD or Pancreatic Cancer (PC). The next oldest brother (age 80) had IHD and PC, along with me (age 76), the youngest, who also had IHD and PC . My middle brother died from PC one year ago. I got PC in 2005 and I survived by Gods grace and by having the Whipple Procedure. The thing in common with the two younger brothers are that they both served in Vietnam, while the older brother did not. Of course the VA does not recognize PC as being caused by Agent Orange. I am just asking if others on this board that served in Vietnam had PC and IHD or know someone who did. Thank You
  4. Kray

    Claim Closed

    SUCCESS I got my letter from the VA today and the effective date is April 1, 2013 (ab8 letter stated April 1, 2014). VA Statement: Evaluation of IHD(CAD) status post multiple stents from 2001-2002, brachytherapy (2002) and Pacemaker Implant (2013), which is currently 30% disabling, is increased to 100% effective March 11, 2013, the date of your implantation. An evaluation of 60% is assigned from Jun 1, 2013, which is the first day of the month following hospital admission for implantation. . I started with 30% and ended with 60%. I also received a deposit in my account today of $2,046.00. I have no idea what that is. I will file an amended tax return for 2013 and will advise CRSC of the change.
  5. Kray

    Claim Closed

    I did not appeal the previous award. My condition got worse with pacemaker implanted so reported condition which included a condition which was secondary to IHD. Still waiting on envelope from VA . Thank you.
  6. Kray

    Claim Closed

    Exactly. The AB8letter could be wrong. Thank you
  7. Kray

    Claim Closed

    So file form VA 21-0958 to attempt to correct their error. How long do you have to file it? I have not received my VA envelope yet as my claim just closed two days ago. I am still learning. Thanks so much. Navy04 where did you get your information. killemail how long did it take to correct your problem? Thanks everyone.
  8. Kray

    Claim Closed

    This is getting interesting. What form did you use for the "notice of disagreement". How long did it take for them to solve it?
  9. Kray

    Claim Closed

    Thank you so much. Still learning. I started this VA process in August 2010 when they added IHD to Agent Orange, knowing nothing about the process and got 30%. What I learned was from reading on this forum and doing what I could. I have not had any outside help from anyone. My recent claim was submitted first by my Doctor when he submitted form 960a with his comments and my condition. Once he gave me a copy of what he submitted to the VA, I submitted form 21-4138 with some comments and also attached form 21-526EZ, FBC (nothing else to submit) and waited. The VA communicated twice asking me to sign and submit waiver 5103 which I did and it was still showing on the web site not received. My claim was submitted Apr 12, 2013 and approved to April 1, 2014 so it seems, some 11 months lost and you state yours will be approved for the month after approval. Loss of some funds is not a disaster but a good learning experience for all. What form(s) should I have submitted ? I am still waiting for the VA letter as all I have at this point is eBenefits letter.
  10. My claim was closed on 4/16/2014 and my AB8 letter states 60% effective April 1, 2014. This is an upgrade from 30%. Claim is closed and now waiting on VA letter. My claim was filed 4/12/2013. Any reason why letter states April 1, 2014?
  11. Kray

    Claim Status

    Yesterday, 4/16/2014 I went to eBenefits site and found my claim was gone. I looked below and saw that it was closed. I then went to letters and printed out the effective date of April 1, 2014; I went from 30% to 60%. I will have to wait until the letter come VA arrived to see what they did. I have a guess and that it is 60% for IHD and 10% for Pacemaker. With their fuzzy math that will make the claim at 60%. This claim took one year. My first claim took under fast track took 20 months to acknowledge 10%; another 4 months to get 30% and and 3 1/2 years to get re-tro pay and dependent status. Many thanks to all that have taught me so much on this forum.
  12. Kray

    Claim Status

    I just checked eBenefits this morning and claim status changed to "Preparation for Notification" With dates of 7/4/2014 to 11/29/2014. Yesterday status was "Preparation for Decision" with dates of 6/28/2014 to 12/31/2014. Strange.
  13. Kray

    Claim Status

    My primary is Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) (30%), Agent Orange and Cardiac Dysrhythmia is secondary to Ischemic changes of the heart with Pacemaker implanted.
  14. Kray

    Claim Status

    It is already after six here so too late today. What is the 800 number and what do you select after connecting. I think I have sent the waiver on two occasions. I will check my records. Thank you for your concern and help.
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