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  1. Congrats, good to see another well deserved victory!!!
  2. You may want to submit a claim for IU. if you fit the criteria, If not I would definately file for an increase which may bring you to the rating(s) required to apply for IU which is what happend in my case. IU is not for those that just can not return to their former job, but those that cannot do any job. Another consideration could be chapter 31 (voc rehab). If found to have a serious employment handicap you could return to school or get training for a new field which may not not aggravate or be affected by your disability. Chapter 31 also pays a monthly stiepend (depending on traing type, ho
  3. Not sure of this helps, But I have heard of some establishing a nexus using documentation that display symptoms, such as evaluation reports or written counsleing for daytime sleepness, or treatment from medical for symptoms of SA/OSA but not the disorder its self, anlong with statements from others within your command. There was a sailor that I worked with that was constantly being wrote up for falling asleep on duty, being late to muster for oversleeping, and other things related to SA. He wasn't diagnosed while on active duty, but eventually won his appeal.
  4. Congrats BBF, well deserved victory.
  5. Sounded like a good plan, but what happened. http://www.fra.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Home&TEMPLATE=/CM/ContentDisplay.cfm&CONTENTID=8469
  6. Ret.Navy


    Thanks all... More Great News. Won SSDI appeal today, with the onset date that I wanted. WOW! It was a long ride, but worth the wait.
  7. My DRO hearing was yesterday, and although not finalized I was awarded IU P&T.
  8. Thanks Berta for your response. I was injured while on active duty, but not from direct involvement in combat. I had career ending surgery (not knowingly of course) near the end of my second emlistment. one of my VA ratings is 50% for PTSD, but this issue was not related or addressed at my med board which led to my retirement. To my knowledge I do not fit the criteria. I am just curious why some retirees were excluded from concurent reciept
  9. I have reviewed as much info as I can on CRDP and understand that I am not eligible. I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any plans to add those who were medically retired with less than 20 years service and rated at 100% or IU P&T by the VA, will eventually be included in CRDP. I ask because there are those who were found unfit for duty due to an in service injury who would have retired with 20, had they not been medically retired before reaching 20 years of qualifying service.
  10. Ret.Navy


    Thank You all for your support, I have heard a lot of negative things about dro reviews, and I just want to say to the group. Give it a chance, the road to the BVA is long anyway in most instances. Make sure you have documented proof, an established nexus, and a easy to follow claim. The more supporting documents you can submit in some type of order that makes sense to someone other than yourself, you are bound to prevail. An imortant thing to remember is that someone some where looking at just you last name and last four, and a few exerpts from a medical record cannot feel your pain and angui
  11. Ret.Navy


    As usual, I appreciate the info, Thanks Carlie.
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