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  1. Hi, I'm new here, and I want to apologize if this has been addressed somewhere already- I searched but couldn't find anything. I have a problem that I hope someone here may know what to do about. A little background history: I served in the Army from 2003 to 2005 when I was medically discharged for a chronic pain syndrome. I applied for disability and was found 40% disabled for fibromyalgia (which if you don't know is a pain thing like arthritis, only not in your bones, it's in your muscles and ligaments). I also have 30% for depression and 10% for GERD/IBS. Earlier this year, I worked
  2. Never thought i would get this far, but can someone tell me the pay for 100% TDIU? bill
  3. Hello, I am new here and I have learned so much since finding this site that I keep it up all day. I have a question pertaining to my claim. I retired from Active Duty Sep 06 and received 70%, so I reopened my claim Jun 07 based on receiving SSDI as well as new medical claims for my migrains and depression and also applied for TDIU. If approved will my date be June 07 or will it be Sep 06 since it was refiled within a year of me retiring from Active duty.
  4. October 7, 2004 You filed a notice of Disagreement with our action. This is the first step in appealing to the Board of Veterans Appeals ( BVA) This letter and enclosures contain very important information concerning your appeal. Statement of the Case We have enclosed a Statement of the Case, a summary of law and evidence concerning your claim. This summary will help you to make the best argument to the BVA on why you think our decision should be changed. To complete you appeal, you must file a formal appeal. We have enclosed a VA Form- 9 Appeal to the Board of Veteran’s Appeals, w
  5. I received my SSD approval letter on Oct.6,2007. I will receive my 1st direct deposit on Jan 16,2008. It will be for December 2007. (July,Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov) after 5 months waiting period. Disability Determination Services were very helpful. Especially a name I will not mention!! I will submitt my award letter to the VA. I filed for TDIU in July 2007 and it is still being reveiwed. Submitting my SSD approval letter to VA will provide more fire power for me. :) ;)
  6. I am quite confused about which box to check here. I really don't want to have to appear a hearing unless absolutely necessary. I am sending a lot ( and I mean a lot ) of paperwork that is in my favor from doctors, etc. I also have 60% and TDIU P&T,with the award letter to send (and still have pending claims with the VA). I am sending about 40 plus pages of doctors notes, symptoms, conditions and diagnosises, MRI's, diagnoses and a 2 page letter from me on my symptoms and why I feel I the denial should be approved. Do you think that this is enough to check the box to request a decisio
  7. My Claim is 5 years 2 months old and counting, from Cleveland Regional Office. As many of you know, the VA is to: , “VA is ‘to fully and sympathetically develop the veteran’s claim to its optimum before deciding it on its merits.’â€ン Roberson, 251 F.3d at 1384 (quoting Hodge v. West, 155 F.3d 1356, 1362 (Fed. Cir. 1998)) However, The VARO in Cleveland instead choose to deny my Service Connection for hearing loss, then ignore my informal claim for Depression and TDIU. Upon my Successful appeal through the BVA I was awarded a "complete grant of benefit sou
  8. I found this on VA Watchdog...I found it very informative and hopes it can help others...it did me. MT "Training Letter 07-01 Total Disability Ratings Based on Individual Unemployability (IU) Benefits granted under the VA rating schedule are intended to compensate veterans for the average impairment in earning capacity that results from service-connected disease or injury. IU is a special additional benefit to address the truly unique disability picture of a veteran who is unemployable due to service-connected disability, but for whom the application of the rating schedule doe
  9. I received notice that my SSDI claim was approved. I have been through 2 denials and an ALJ hearing over the past 5 years. I want to thank all on hadit who provided me with valuable information and encouragement. I have a question, I am receiving TDIU from VA and wonder if this will not qualify me to receive a monthly amount? Again thank all of you so much.
  10. Lately my shrink has been pushing a program called compensated work therapy. She thinks it would be good for me. I tend to agree.......However, I am TDIU P & T. So I am very nervous about undertaking any type of work along this line. I am even afraid to go back to school for a masters degree even though that is one of my life long dreams. I'm afraid some VA bean counter would notice this upp tick in activity on my part & declared me "cured"! Anyone else heard of this program?
  11. Hi I am 100%,100%,100% with housebound tdiufor AO from Nam but now with all my meds for stage 4 cancer my wife has to drive me to all my appointments which causes her to loose a lot of time at work is there any recourse for additional benefits to cover her losses also is there any recourse for loss of quality of life thanks ED
  12. hello all ok i've searched the site , talked to the VA. and a SO and i still do not understand what it takes for my daughter to receive chapter 35 benifits i am 80% service connected TDIU . have been told i need to be 100% p&t for her to get them . have been told as long as i was TDIU p&t at 80% she could receive them . i have no doubt that a brother or sister on here can give me the straight up facts on chapter 35 benifits for my daughter . so please help me with some facts i can use to tell the VA. and SO . neither seems to know :o i have an uncle that was a 1st cav medic and
  13. Terry Higgins said back on July 18, 2006 "Dear veterans & Friends I had a VA overpayment of over thousand dollars. I went to the VBM and photo copy the letter with the regulatons that say if an overpayment occures by the VA and its not the vets fault. The VA eats it. I did not have to pay. Terry Higgins." Does anyone in haditland who owns a VBM have a copy of the regulation Terry was talking about? I can sure use it if it's still in effect. I'm helping a veteran who the VA is going after for about $6,000 due to his being compensated for his child while the child was receiving
  14. I have a claim that was recently denied under DRO. While they were "reviewing" I found out that I was eligible to be on the GW registry and scheduled for an exam. They canceled my exam twice but I ended up going anyway on the second time and they took me in, verified my service and did the exam. In the meantime, I sent the VARO a letter explaining this "new evidence" and then they quickly denied my case, stating that "although the doctor mentioned that the fibro is most likely service connected, he didn't base his opinion on a review of your medical records". No where in the soc did it men
  15. I got a VCAA letter today and a letter asking me if I wanted a DRO for my appeal for a much earlier effective date for my TDIU. I filled out the paper work and hand carried it to my RO. I got date stamped copies. When I do this I always get action much quicker than when I just mail it in. Even when I send it certified my documents seem to go into lala land for a few extra months. I drove 25 miles to the RO which is so close it costs about the same as sending stuff certified. I sleep better knowing I have a copy of my paperwork. The VA puts it into the computer on the spot. I recommmend taking
  16. Most CUEs at the BVA fail-but some certainly do succeed. "ORDER The motion for reversal and revision of the July 8, 1981, decision of the Board which denied the veteran' TDIU benefits is granted. " from : http://www.va.gov/vetapp07/files1/0708830.txt In 1979 the vet, in receipt of TDIU, received a letter that terminated his TDIU. I dont know why he waited so long to challenge that with a CUE but in this 2007 decision- the BVA found obvious clear and unmistakable error in the termination. FINDINGS OF FACT 1. By decision of the Board in July 1981, the Board upheld t
  17. Received reply from lawyer today. I had asked them to ask judge if I could get a decision without waiting for ALJ hearing. Judges office said if change my retro date by a year and half less he would make decision . I signed and faxed letter back. could this mean a favorable decision. I am 80% Tdiu with VA.?
  18. I received a supplement statement of the case. I was denied a couple of things but was informed: INTRODUCTION: We have separately issued a new rating decision granting entitlement to a total evaluation based on unemployability and increasing the evaluation of your depressive disorder to 70% disability You will receive formal notification of this decision and all retroactive benefits due you separately. I applied for TDIU over a year ago, does this look like TDIU??????
  19. Over 30 months ago,I recieve TDIU,P&T,with 10 month back pay. Right away,I sent in a NOD,EED. I have been waiting all this time. On Tuesday,I sent Another IRIS,which I have been sending ever 3 months or so. I have been getting the basic quote, Your Claim is with the DRO,and you should here from us in 60 t0 90 days. On Tuesday I sent the following: I have sent frequent request for a status of my claim-Nod for EED. This was filed 30 months ago. I understand that you have many claim being processed,but my Nod has been with a DRO for a Long,Long time. Please let me kno
  20. I was awarded tdiu in 1999 and t&p 2 years later. I have had a va disability since 1963. My question is, is it past the time for me to get the insurance that was possible after I received t&p. I did not know that I could apply for it after a new disability. Also, can anyone tell me if I can apply for insurance thru the goverment now. I am paying over 100.00 a month for 48,000 of life insurance. If I could beat this, I would drop the policy i have had for 25 years. I am 68 years old and in fair shape, I guess, who knows. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  21. I have been 100% TDIU P&T since 2001. I use private medical care outside of the VA but I have to go to the VA for a checkup twice a year. The last time I went they asked me if I had private medical insurance. I told that I am 100% P&T and did not give them any insurance information. My wife's insurance takes good care of me and I do not believe the VA has a right to bill them. Lo and behold yesterday I got a copy from my wife's insurance that the VA billed them for my semi annual visit. I just got "reevaluated". They checked my earned income and sent me a decision letter that said "T
  22. Can someone please tell me simply what is being said about being unemployable and receiving 100% benefits...Am I going to be losing any VA Comp payments when I turn 65 even if I am Permanent and Total? I am 80% receiving unemployability benefits at the 100% rate since 1998. I am also receiving Social Security Disability. Thanks for answering my question.
  23. Is there a web site that addresses the Re-Hab benefits or criteria for 100% TDIU Vets. regarding education and if a veteran would even be considered for educational benefits?
  24. Edwin Crosby sued the US for an improper Spin code (SPN) on his DD 214. Many vets dont realise that employers used these codes in the past to deny vets jobs. Edwin Crosby is the guest again at SVR broadcast this Wednesday night at 6: 30 EST: http://www.stardustent.com/ His last show was very interesting-many vets dont pay much attention to RE codes or SPN codes but they can be damaging to a vet in the workforce sometimes if they are negative. The "United We Roll Show" is also on Tuesday nights 3-5 PM EST and Gene Simes - Veterans For Veterans Connections is frp, 8 to 9 PM Tuesda
  25. Hello all, Last time I was on here. The BVA had ruled on 1 out of 4 issues that was before the BVA in Washington, DC. the Judge ruled for an increase from 40% to 60% form my Back injury back to Aug 1993. The dicision was dated march 8, 2007. Well...I havent recieved the back pay from that ruling as of today. "keep this in mind" I although I already 100% IU P&T effective June 2004. I appealed that decision because I actually put in for IU in Aug of 1993....so I appealed the for an (EED), (eailier effective date)prior to June 2004. Ok, I'm thinking maybe they are going to decide
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