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  1. http://www.va.gov/vetapp05/files2/0510171.txt I will out the whole case into my blog so we can find it again of needed. :(
  2. I got a form letter from the R.O. today wanting to know if I was employed. I am 70%tdiu P&T .Anyone else get this kind of letter?
  3. Ratings and Evaluations; Service Connection 3.303 Principles relating to service connection 3.303-1 3.304 Direct service connection; wartime and peacetime 3.304-1 3.305 Direct service connection; peacetime service before January 1,1947 3.305-1 3.306 Aggravation of pre-service disability 3.306-1 3.307 Presumptive service connection for chronic, tropical, or prisoner-of- war-related disease, or disease associated with exposure to certain herbicide agents; wartime and service on or after January 1,1947 3.307-1 3.308 Presumptive service connection; peacetime service before January 1 1947 3.308-1 3.309 Disease subject to presumptive service connection 3.309-1 3.310 Proximate results, secondary conditions 3.310-1 3.311 Claims based on exposure to ionizing radiation 3.311-1 3.312 Cause of death 3.312-1 3.313 Claims based on service in Vietnam 3.313-1 3.314 Basic pension determinations 3.314-1 3.315 Basic eligibility determinations; dependents, loans, education 3.315-1 3.316 Claims based on chronic effects of exposure to mustard gas 3.316-1 3.317 Compensation for certain disabilities due to undiagnosed illnesses 3.317-1 3.318–3.320 [Reserved] 3.321 General rating considerations 3.321-1 3.322 Rating of disabilities aggravated by service 3.322-1 3.323 Combined ratings 3.323-1 3.324 Multiple noncompensable service-connected disabilities 3.324-1 3.325 [Reserved] 3.326 Examinations 3.326-1 3 327 Reexaminations 3.327-1 3 328 Independent medical opinions 3.328-1 3.329 [Removed] 3.330 Resumption of rating when veteran subsequently reports for Department of Veterans Affairs examination 3.330-1 3.331–3.339 [Reserved] 3.340 Total and permanent total ratings and unemployability 3.340-1 3.341 Total disability ratings for compensation purposes 3.341-1 3.342 Permanent and total disability ratings for pension purposes 3.342-1 3.343 Continuance of total disability ratings 3.343-1 3.344 Stabilization of disability evaluations 3.344-1 §3.303 Principles relating to service connection. (a) General. Service connection connotes many factors but basically it means that the facts, shown by evidence, establish that a particular injury or disease resulting in disability was incurred coincident with service in the Armed Forces, or if preexisting such service, was aggravated therein. This may be accomplished by affirmatively showing inception or aggravation during service or through the application of statutory presumptions. Each disabling condition shown by a veteran’s service records, or for which he seeks a service connection must be considered on the basis of the places, types and circumstances of his service as shown by service records, the official history of each organization in which he served, his medical records and all pertinent medical and lay evidence. Determinations as to service connection will be based on review of the entire evidence of record, with due consideration to the policy of the Department of Veterans Affairs to administer the law under a broad and liberal interpretation consistent with the facts in each individual case. (:( Chronicity and continuity. With chronic disease shown as such in service (or within the presumptive period under §3.307) so as to permit a finding of service connection, subsequent manifestations of the same chronic disease at any later date, however remote, are service connected, unless clearly attributable to intercurrent causes. This rule does not mean that any manifestation of joint pain, any abnormality of heart action or heart sounds, any urinary findings of casts, or any cough, in service will permit service connection of arthritis, disease of the heart, nephritis, or pulmonary disease, first shown as a clearcut clinical entity, at some later date. For the showing of chronic disease in service there is required a combination of manifestations sufficient to identify the disease entity, and sufficient observation to establish chronicity at the time, as distinguished from merely isolated findings or a diagnosis including the word “Chronic.” When the disease identity is established (leprosy, tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, etc.), there is no requirement of evidentiary showing of continuity. Continuity of symptomatology is required only where the condition noted during service (or in the presumptive period) is not, in fact, shown to be chronic or where the diagnosis of chronicity may be legitimately questioned. When the fact of chronicity in service is not adequately supported, then a showing of continuity after discharge is required to support the claim. © Preservice disabilities noted in service. There are medical principles so universally recognized as to constitute fact (clear and unmistakable proof ), and when in accordance with these principles existence of a disability prior to service is established, no additional or confirmatory evidence is necessary. Consequently with notation or discovery during service of such residual conditions (scars; fibrosis of the lungs; atrophies following disease of the central or peripheral nervous system; healed fractures; absent, displaced or resected parts of organs; supernumerary parts; congenital malformations or hemorrhoidal tags or tabs, etc.) with no evidence of the pertinent antecedent active disease or injury during service the conclusion must be that they preexisted service. Similarly, manifestation of lesions or symptoms of chronic disease from date of enlistment, or so close thereto that the disease could not have originated in so short a period will establish preservice existence thereof. Conditions of an infectious nature are to be considered with regard to the circumstances of the infection and if manifested in less than the respective incubation periods after reporting for duty, they will be held to have preexisted service. In the field of mental disorders, personality disorders which are characterized by developmental defects or pathological trends in the personality structure manifested by a lifelong pattern of action or behavior, chronic psychoneurosis of long duration or other psychiatric symptomatology shown to have existed prior to service with the same manifestations during service, which were the basis of the service diagnosis will be accepted as showing preservice origin. Congenital or developmental defects, refractive error of the eye, personality disorders and mental deficiency as such are not diseases or injuries within the meaning of applicable legislation. (d) Postservice initial diagnosis of disease. Service connection may be granted for any disease diagnosed after discharge, when all the evidence, including that pertinent to service, establishes that the disease was incurred in service. Presumptive periods are not intended to limit service connection to diseases so diagnosed when the evidence warrants direct service connection. The presumptive provisions of the statute and Department of Veterans Affairs regulations implementing them are intended as liberalizations applicable when the evidence would not warrant service connection without their aid. [26 FR 1579, Feb. 24, 1961]
  4. Ok here we go, husband is 100% TDIU & P&T. Went for a hearing test in 2003 and was rated by the Cleveland Regional Office, SC at 0%. Went for a hearing test today and was told that he had a paper that said he was denied for SC and showed him where he was not rated at all for his hearing. He also had Jim's services records from when he was discharged where it stated that he had significant hearing loss. His hearing tested fine before entering the service. Jim has never seen these records. Now where do you think we should go with this? The guy that gave the hearing test seems to think that Jim should have been SC all of these years for his hearing. Thank you Aimee
  5. I’m 60% SC for ruptured sphincter muscle and 50% SC for mood disorder with a combined of 90%, I’m currently working but, having a difficult time, I want to put in for IU but I’m afraid to quit my job, I need my income with a family of 8, any suggestions? I’m willing to listen. Thanks, Allison
  6. When the spouse of a veteran (lets say- the vet is 100% TDIU from the Gulf War and she also receives SSA) and lets say the husband of this vet is rated as NSC but with total and permanent disability- as I understand it this spouse of a vet - let's say the husband in this case-would be eligible for A & A or Housebound..... both, in essense, are SMC awards---- then the spousal AA and or HB vet is NOT a service connected vet, they are simply a vet's dependent receiving VA comp---- did I get that right? Is the spousal A& A or HB amount simply added to the SC vets dependency award? Or -if not incompetent-does the NSC A & A spouse get the VA comp check? Thank you all!
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