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  1. I have a serious problem understanding how 30 months ago I filed an appeal (NOD) for a rating on my left knee. Since then my knee has had to be replaced due to the extent of pain and instability. I filed for TDIU after surgery along with the knee replacement. They have everything the need to verify the knee condition and surgery. The did not necessarily deny them but instead bundled them with the appeal on the knee. Been told it will be about 420-560 days to complete. Why can't I get my TDIU during recovery? And how does this effect the decision later. Will I ever see any compensation for my recovery? Seems as though they are waiting for the TDIU to run out before they even contact me about the appeal. Which is still at originating office. Please explain!!!??
  2. l just left the regional office and learned that my claim was complete and that the decision was a favorable one. It has been almost 14 years and when the judge said that she was going to make this right I had my doubts lo and behold I got 100% for my heart, 50% for my flat feet, 30% for residual scar from heart surgery, and an additional 10% for residual scar from heart surgery. I do not know yet if I got tdiu but I know the judge instructed the VA to include that with any increase in benefits I would receive, to two were one in the same is what I got from her. I want to thank all of you for being so steady in your constant support and for saying to never give up. There were times when I wanted to, but through the homelessness and the health issues I hung in there and for that I say thank you God for the veteran that will never give up.
  3. I went in for a routine re-exam (Continuance of TDIU) 9 months ago and never heard nor received any results. Isn't it their procedure to inform us the results? Also, is there a limited number of exams before the disability would be considered static? Coot
  4. My psychiatrist of over 10 years transferred last December. Protocol with him was always call and I got in within a week or two. He let me know before he transferred and said to just call a few weeks before I needed to be seen. In January, I had an appointment at the hospital 3 hours away and had a severe panic attack in the waiting room. I called my local mental health clinic for an appointment afterwards and I was told the wait was at least 4 months. They assured me that I could see a pharmacist to "bridge" my medications. I have seen her twice and had an appointment with a new psychiatrist for July 19th. I noticed on my appointments page that is emailed to me by the VA that it had been canceled and not new appointment was scheduled. I called the MH clinic last Monday to inquire about it and was told someone would call me back. Thursday, still no phone call from the clinic and I called the patient advocate because not only was my appointment canceled by the pharmacist had entered a new mh diagnosis and I noticed some notes from my phone call in Jan. that were not true. The patient advocate told me someone would be calling me to schedule me and appointment and the other issues would be looked into. I have yet to receive a phone call to schedule me for a new psychiatrist appointment and I don't even know what to do anymore honestly. I never had this problem for over 10 years. I am TDIU P and T. I am rated for mh and I can't get an appointment. I also have agoraphobia which makes it nearly impossible to just go and sit at the mh clinic all day hoping someone doesn't show for an appointment. What should I do now?
  5. My psychiatrist of 10 years transferred last December, I have been waiting to be seen by a new psychiatrist since calling in March to see someone and have my meds redone. The mental health clinic schedule me with a pharmacist to bridge my meds, I have seen her 3 times. She is has changed my medication every single time. I am on xanax, ativan, etc. as well as meds for bipolar and many other sc issues. This pharmacist put in my record that I have agoraphobia without panic disorder. I clearly have a panic disorder, I have been on anti anxiety meds for at least 10 years, is this so the VA can say it isn't related to my service connected mental health issues? I also noticed that my future appointment with my new psychiatrist has been canceled, with no new one rescheduled!! Is the canceled appointment with no letter, no phone call what is happening to "cook the books" on when we are seen?
  6. I posted in the success part of this site just yesterday only to learn that it may have been premature I guess when you are dealing with the VA nothing should surprise me. Okay so I get a call from my regional office today and the gentleman in the other end of this fiasco said that he was replying to an inquiry I had recently made. I told him that I was good because my service rep had already given me the supposedly good news about being increased from 30% to 100% for my heart, increased from 0% to 50% for my pes planus both feet, 0 % to 30% for residual scar of heart surgery and 10% for residual scar. I learned today that I should have asked the service rep. the effective date and whether or not I got service connected on the heart and feet which are both SC. I also got TDIU all the way back to 2002. Here's the catch everything seems to have been worked as a non service claim. WH(*&^. I asked the guy to explain to me how that can be. How can my service connected disabilities that I put in for an increase all of sudden is written up as a non svc pension. He could not explain it to me and said that he needs a fresh set of eyes to look at and he will get back with me on that. Mind you ,all of these conditions were for an increase and per judge orders should be considered as a claim for TDIU which I had put in for some years ago. The guy also said that my TDIU was for pension for which I told him I'm already receiving the glorified SSI from the VA maximum amount, which was the very reason I put in for those increases which were granted. Will someone please talk to me about what is going here. Is it an hones mistake or am I missing something in this entire process. I'm tired of being broke and homeless every few years and now I have a 3 yr old daughter to worry about. Ready to set something OFFF.
  7. l just left the regional office and learned that my claim was complete and that the decision was a favorable one. It has been almost 14 years and when the judge said that she was going to make this right I had my doubts lo and behold I got 100% for my heart, 50% for my flat feet, 30% for residual scar from heart surgery, and an additional 10% for residual scar from heart surgery. I do not know yet if I got tdiu but I know the judge instructed the VA to include that with any increase in benefits I would receive, to two were one in the same is what I got from her. I want to thank all of you for being so steady in your constant support and for saying to never give up. There were times when I wanted to, but through the homelessness and the health issues I hung in there and for that I say thank you God for the veteran that will never give up.
  8. Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I received a 70% rating for PTSD from last years increase when it was at 50%. I've been unemployed for over a year since being fired for several aggressive angry outbursts related to stressors tied to my PTSD. Filed for TDIU May 11th of 2016 and I have a C&P scheduled for June 10th of 2016. What the heck can I expect at a TDIU c&p? I sent in all of my formal write-ups and suspension paperwork from my previous employer as well as buddy statements from coworkers who witnessed my behavior and how my work performance was affected due to PTSD. I have tried multiple times to have HR from my previous employer fill out the VA-form requesting employment info but they have not cooperated with me. Won't return calls or emails. Even sent them the form but nothing gets back to me. I fear that will hurt me and also be I'm clean shaven and well dressed (I'm ocd about my appearance by it seems as if it's the only thing I can control). I stay home taking care of my daughter but she goes to daycare a couple times a week to give me a break. It gets too much at times. Should that be mentioned ? I just thought my claim is moving fast and not sure if that is good or bad ? Any thoughts? Thanks for all you do. It is greatly appreciated.
  9. I am trying to fill out the form for TDIU. I am rated at 60%. I have been granted SSDI. I have a doctor's note saying he recommended I leave work due to my service connected disability and I can no longer hold gainful employment, including sedentary work. I was accommodated in my job due to my Service connected disability for many years. When I was granted my service connection at BVA, they considered an extra scheduler rating but ruled it out because I was still able to work, although on a reduced work schedule. My VA doctor filled out forms year after year for work saying the restrictions were permanent and there was no recovery expected. Flash forward 20 years and as my condition worsened absences increased and work was not so willing to accommodated me anymore. They said that I was no longer able to perform the functions of my position because of the reduced work schedule.. My question is, Do I include all these extra details and history in my TDIU claim? Do I request P & T? Or do I not say anything about the past and just leave it with the doctor's note, and SSDI decision? I don't want to add too much stuff if it is unnecessary, but I want to include the fact that I was accommodated due to my service connected disability and no longer can do the job, if it will help to have this successfully granted. Thank you for your thoughts.
  10. In Oct 2014 i was awarded 10% R Ankle 20% L Ankle 10% L Knee 0% R Knee 10% Lower Back Secondary 10% L Lower Extremity Nerve damage Secondary 10% R Lower Extremity Nerve damage. And denied SC for TBI, claimed for concussions on AD, Denied SC for Cervical Spine for Degenerative Disc Disease, denied SC for Hearing Loss. I filed an appeal to SC the TBI and Cervical Spine and to increase % on R Knee in Oct 2014 did not appeal hearing loss (my first time dealing with VA). i should have but didn't. Last Month (26 May 2016) I receive a SOC denying Knee increase and TBI SC, but nothing about my Cervical Spine. I Call my VSO who informs me that my Cervical Spine has been service connected to 10% back to 2012, with secondary 40% R Arm nerve damage and 30% L Arm Nerve damage but the nerve damage is retroactive to May 2016 the date of my last C&P exam. I filed form 9 within 2 days of receiving SOC, but am still waiting on something from the VA about Cervical Spine so i can NOD the effective dates for R and L Arm Secondary. With the Cervical Spine + secondaries being service connected my disability rating increased from 60% to 90%. If i am correct that qualifies me for TDIU? If so do i have to be unemployed to file for TDIU? And do i have to wait for the VA to notify me in writing of the increase before i file?
  11. I have been Service Connected at 60% for chronic fatigue syndrome for more than 20 years. I have started the process of filing a claim for unemployability. During that process, I looked at my rated disabilities in ebenefits and found that it is noted as Systemic condition - general, 60% service connected with an effective date of 1999. My BVA decision was written in 1998 and the effective date of my rating was back to 1994. I talked to a Service Officer and they said they didn't know why it was listed in the system like this, but as long as I had my decision I should ignore it. My concern was, and is, that it shows the wrong date and that difference means the difference between a protected rating and a non-protected rating. I called VA and they set up an inquiry and I would be notified in a few weeks. Tonight, I looked at ebenefits and found that the systemic line and effective date have not changed, but now I have 2 other disabilities listed as not service connected. Not only that, but I never applied for any other disability rating other than Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and to my knowledge I don't have these other disabilities. The first is Brain disease due to trauma and the other is a Brain or spinal cord condition - general. I have no idea where they came up with this. Both state under decision that they are not service connected. My concern is that these two items could have a negative impact on my unemployability claim. I am not sure what to do about any of it. When I spoke to the person on the phone a few weeks ago, they said they would send me a letter with regard to their decision. Maybe it is on its way and they can explain this to me. Your thoughts on what to do would be appreciated.
  12. I am wondering if I should filed for an increase for my MH issues, currently rated 30% for bipolar with panic/anxiety, also rated for other things giving me TDIU. My psychiatrist has brought up my agoraphobia a few times but I am beginning to realize it isn't getting any better and I wonder if I should apply for an increase as well as housebound. Does anyone have experience with this, advice? I know my MH rating is much lower than it should be honestly, I am fairly certain with my VA records that 70% would be a definite and possibly 100%.
  13. Just got my letter for 100% from the VA on a reconsideration because the facts presented were pretty cut and dry--VA did not consider their own exam, made a decision one day after the exam was performed, and failed to give me the correct rating. They assigned me 10% radiculopathy in both legs when the examiner found evidence that supported 40% on both sides. Funny how that works. What they weren't counting on was the fact that I had requested my c-file over 3 years prior and it was sent out just after all this was done so I could see the exam immediately. They suggested I do a reconsideration rather than an appeal, so with clear intent to follow up with an appeal if they did not provide a fix within my time limits, I went with a reconsideration. Took them a few months to get it done, but they granted 100% now with the added 40% on each leg. I provide this information for the benefit of others with similar issues. Now, here's my problem. I applied for an increase in benefits back in 2013, which they promptly ignored and lost and put into their system that I was contacted but failed to respond within time limits. I contacted Secretary McDonald, Allison Hickey, and Al Bocchicchio, and explained to them what went on. I also filed a complaint with the OIG. Within a couple of days I got a phone call from the VA acknowledging that they did what I say they did and re-opened the claim. Amazing. Anyway, the original decision that came out of this assigned an invalid date (this was the 10% decision on both sides). They said they used the first appearance of radiculopathy symptoms which they used a more recent date in my medical file than the oldest appearance used by their examiner who actually looked back through my history and gave a very old date, I think it was around 2000. Anyway, that's beside the point. The point is, when I asked them to reconsider the decision, I mentioned that they did not assign the correct effective date because they did not use the date the claim was filed in 2013, and I asked them to reconsider the effective date of claim, since the symptoms actually appear in the record much earlier than the date of filing as evidence by their examiner's statements and the records themselves. In their decision, received today, they assigned a new effective date of November 5, 2015, and gave no reason for assigning that date or for failing to address the issue at all. There is no mention of it in their letter. SO... Sorry for the wall of words. MY QUESTION TO YOU: Since I was already 100%TDIU at the correct date of filing, does it matter if they fix this? Why are they fighting the correct date on this matter so hard? What benefits am I or my family missing? Or is there some other reason I'm missing? Please help me, Hadit.com, you're my only hope.
  14. Questions regarding EED? Vet gets denied claim for SC 1997...Refiles claim, 1998 vet gets Service Connected but 0% . Now in 2001 vet refiles claim and is increase to 50%... (from 0% to 50%) 2003 vet files for increase and has C&P after the c&p...c&p examiner sends VA letter saying this vet should not been S.C. because he never had any of this disability while in service or any medical records showing documentation he was seen for it while in service.and furthermore vet was given an exit exam from military service and was consider healthy and not what he is claiming . I recommend this Veteran be reduced at 0%compensation and with draw his Service connection Completely......Sign Dr xxxxxxx 30 years experienced Medical Dr. 2003 Vet gets letter of Proposal to Reduce him, vet files NOD Request DRO Hearing at his RO, vet goes to his DRO Hearing with new &material evidence, and letter from Private qualified Dr receives a favorable IMO & letter from Voc rehab declaring this vet unfeasible to retrain because of his S.C. Disability, vet gets notarized lay statements from family and friends...and Veterans own statement! DRO Agrees with this Veteran and sees his disability in person, and initiates an expedition and ask VSO to file TDIU Claim for veteran and is awarded an 10% & 60% increase to his disability and with a 90%combined increase using the CFR Extra scheduler (b) Vet is Awarded IU with P&T and no future exams schedule this disability is of chronic and of nature an increase is warranted and not decrease the examiner that proposed a decrease will not be warranted, veteran has proved his SERVICE CONNECTED Disability and it goes on and state what te DRO used as evidence and with a rating specialist at his hearing it is Obvious this Veterans disability is REAL. Question they gave the Vet EED Back to when he filed for increase in 1998 the year he was Service connected? instead from the increase dating back to 2001? ??? After a S.C. is established don't the EED begin at that date even if a 0%?? Altho they have is 50% rating at effective date1998! ...Shouldn't they have went back to 1998 the date the vet was Service Connected?
  15. Hey fellow vets! So, I logged into eBennies early this AM & it has finally happened...Im now at 100% w/ SMC-s1 and not rly sure if its P&T or TDIU but honestly, it doesnt matter...100 is 100 & im just beyond happy for my wife and 3 kiddos more than anything...blessed! So, heres the breakdown: OLD Comb Rtg--80% Primary SC Cndtns : 70%--TBI w/ residiuals; Secondary 30%--Maj Dep Disrdr NEW Ratings & Conditions Comb Rtg--100% Prim: 70%--TBI w/residuals Secondary: 50%--Migraine HA; 10%-Tinnitus; 100%--PTSD w/Neurocognitive Disorder (NCD); SMC-1 Its still hard to believe this is happening for me & my family. I want to thank all of you for the support, advice & encouragement. To those who are still fighting...KEEP AT IT and dont give up! Semper Paratus CoastieAirman96
  16. I received a notification through the form of a SSOC that one of eleven items that I appealed to the BVA for increase has been remanded to AMC. The remaining ten issues were sent to the RO and are currently in the preparation for notification stage. I was informed that the ten items have already been reviewed and all actions have been approved. The claim is now with the RO as he/she completes the writing the notification letter that should be completed soon (no approximate date has been assigned). I have a few questions in regards to this appeal. 1. I have 10 requests for increase that were not sent to remand. Does this mean that these remaining items were approved or could they possibly be reduced or denied? 2. Would a denial of any of the remaining items be included in this notification or would they have been included in the SSOC? 3. I filed my original appeal a month before my 1 year requirement back in 2011. I have since been awarded 100% P&T in 2015 for other claims. Would I still be eligible for retroactive pay dating back to my original filing if the now pending appealed claims would have resulted in an earlier 100% rating? 4. Is it in my best interest to file for 100% unemployability if I am about to pursue disability social security or should I just leave well enough alone? Thank everyone in advance for assisting a newbie!!!
  17. IF a Veteran is on a combined extra scheduler rating say 90%combined rating..VA Awards him the Extra Schedular Rating for TDIU P&T Because the veteran can no longer work...and is being paid at the 100%rate ok now the veteran has filed another claim an was awarded 70% on that claim. which made him eligible for and met the criteria for the SMC S 1 H.B. VA inferred that. But on VA Benefits letter he is still considered IU...But his rating was moved up to the scheduler 100% rating says he is 100% rating has the blue circle with the 100% # in it. How would the veteran request drop the IU Now because he is considered being 100% scheduler according to the VA Benefits letter in Ebenny's. And been awarded the SMC S 1 ............Buck
  18. I have received my IMO from Valor Compensation Consulting and am posting it here for everyones opinion. I am pleased overall, I do wish she had gone into more detail on the rationale portion. She also included over thirty pages of medical journal articles relevant to the secondary conditions, and my treatment records, which are all tabbed and highlighted. I am not claiming all of the conditions listed. The only secondaries I am claiming at this time are Fibromyalgia, IBS, and GERD, as well I am going to ask for TDIU. I was going to claim Urinary Incontinence as well, but I feel that I don't have enough treatment recs for that condition at this time. I do have pads and bed pads prescribed by VA, but the docs felt it would be difficult for me to obtain sc for incontinence also due to my age, I'm only 39.If it is still a major issue in a few years, when I have more treatment records built up, I will apply then. As far as the other secondaries that were listed on this IMO, I have been diagnosed with all of them but I am only asking for sc for the ones that are moderate to severe. For example, while the Tinea Versicolor is aggravating and sometimes painful, I never know when its a Tinea rash or a Lupus rash, it also does not incapacitate me in any way(besides itching, burning and making it even more difficult to sleep). I considered the peripheral neuropathy, because that is actually a pretty moderate problem, ive been on Gabapentin for the last seven years at 900 mg a day, but I feel that just the issues I am claiming should take me to 100%. I am being fitted with a holter monitor on this Friday, and the joint and chest pain and gastro problems are to the point I do not leave the house unless I have no other choice, and of course for appointments. If I begin having organ damage from the SLE, of course I would apply for that as well. My IMO from Dr Ellis should be arriving in two weeks or so and I will be posting that as well. Please give any opinions, advice, etc. I feel that this should work since I will have a more detailed IMO from Dr Elis to submit as well. Thanks in advance for any opinions, please bear in mind this is not the entire IMO, just first three pages, entire packet was about sixty pages including articles and records
  19. What exactly is a VA Vocational (Social and Industrial) Survey and if its just a survey with a Social Worker then why would the VA want to re-examine SC conditions that have already been examined many many times before, it sounds more to me like VA bs treachery to lower the veterans rating, does anyone know for sure, or could it be for TDIU??? Thank you
  20. Former Marine MOS 5534 Musician Clarinet Player Service connected 40% left median nerve laceration with neuropathy found unfit for duty due to injury placed on TDRL, and honorably discharged FDC claim initiated on 12/9/15 for Bipolar Disorder, and TDIU 12/9/15 via ebenefits. Claim denied service connection for Bipolar Disorder 3/24/16 Background I submitted Private medical records from two different psych doctors. I submitted a DBQ from a treating physician as well as VA form for unemployability.. the private medical records had two notations that I noticed my symptoms occuring in USMC. I was diagnosed in 2001. I had psych c&p exam.. It was less than sufficient.. The "Doctor" barely reviewed my records misquoted me, and spent all of 5 minutes talking to me.. Mispellings all over the report, and providing 0 medical rationale when making the conclusion that i was not service connected.. English was a second language for him.. "He concluded that my bipolar and median nerve injury rendered me able to hold a job presently." He left out the word NOT making it appear because I injured my wrist and have Bipolar I can hold a job...making no sense whatsoever. After I saw this I got an independent Medical opinion that was very in depth, reviewed all of my records including va records and service records, and used proper va language when making her conclusion that my bipolar was related to my nerve injury.. Her report was approximately 10 pages long, and her Curriculam Vitae was about 23 pages long.. She saw me in her office for 2 hours, and took a week reviewing all my records. Now, since I filed an FDC I knew if i submitted new evidence my claim would be reverted back to a standard claim.. I submitted her report knowing this while my claim was still in the gathering evidence phase.. I saw the report on ebenefits.. I got no letter acknowledging the report, or a letter removing the claim from fdc.. 2 weeks later my claim was complete and denied service connection. I do not yet have my decision packet so I am not 100% sure what they looked at, but is it possible they simply "misplaced" the medical opinion, and they made the decision without it being in the claim folder? If I confirm this happened what are my options? Thank you
  21. Just curious what you all think if the average of 100% TDIU is given for 90% service-connected is high or not? 2 cents?
  22. Hello everyone! First I want to introduce myself. I am a recent USN retiree, 6 years active duty, 14+ years reserve (with deployment), and a qualified submariner. I am a long time reader and first time poster. I want to give my sincere gratitude to everyone who posts here, the information in this forum is priceless! I will spare you all the medical details, the long and short is: I have a number of chronic service connected disabilities, chiefly IBS and Fibromyalgia, as well as chronic urticaria (hives), scaring secondary to hives, and chronic fissure due to IBS. Utilizing the knowledge I learned here and from shipmates, I worked with my private physicians and prepared a series of disability benefits questionnaires (DBQ) which the VFW submitted on my behalf. My claim process was unbelievably fast- it went from intent to file, to filing, to award in seven months. I was recently awarded the following: IBS 100%, Chronic Urticaria 60%, Fibromyalgia 40%, Facial Scars 30%, Anal Fissure 20%. I was awarded 100% total disability compensation with a Special Monthly Compensation (S-1). I have not yet received my letter, however I can see the benefits in benefits and my VFW rep called me to inform me of the award. I am very grateful for the award, and consider myself lucky based on the stories I have read here. I do have a couple of questions, and in advance, thank you for taking time to read this! 1. I have never heard of anyone being awarded 100% for IBS. I have chronic oscillating constipation and diarrhea, and constant abdominal pain, which is noted in the DBQ. I miss a few weeks of work over a year's time due to inability to eat, compounded with the aforementioned bowel issues. While I am grateful for the award, I do not understand how the VA awarded me 100%. I thought 30% was tops unless the veteran requested an extra-schedular award (which I did not). What do you make of this? Was I assigned a TDIU or something similar without applying for it? Will or can the VA provide an extra-schedular award without the veteran asking for it? 2. My award indicates that I was also awarded SMC S-1. What does this mean? I do not require a home health aid at this time, although my wife did leave her job to assist me with activities of daily living such as cleaning and cooking since at times, I am not able to complete those tasks due to either bowel issues or exhaustion from fibromyalgia. The SMC S-1 code indicates that the award was given due to having a 100% disability (IBS) and a second award of 60% (Urticaria). Is it just standard process to issue an SMC S-1 for someone suffering from two diseases that are over a certain percentage each? 3. Does any of the above legally impact my ability to seek and maintain employment? Again, I do not have my formal VA letter yet, however, the above mentioned awards seem to indicate that the VA issued a TDIU or something to that effect. While I am in constant moderate to severe pain, and the problems are chronic and debilitating, I strongly prefer to try to maintain employment because working and staying active as I can seems to help me, at least mentally. I am afraid that if I quit working and focus solely on my chronic illnesses, my overall life outlook would suffer. 4. Lastly, am I missing anything? Thank you so very much for you time. As I learn more, I will be glad to assist anyone here by sharing what I did (almost of it learned here). Thanks again everyone!
  23. Vets. I am filling out form 21-8940 For my TDIU. In box 18 Did you leave your last job for your disability? I left my job for workers comp which has nothing to do with my service connected disabilities. How should I answer this question? Should I use the same date for my 21-8940 that i used as my last day of work for my workers comp? That was around the time my service connected disabilities worsened.
  24. Hello Veterans. I just received an increase from 40% to 80%. I put my claim in December 2015. My ratings are as follows: 20%: Lower Back Condition (continued) 70% Major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive personality disorder (ocpd claimed as anxiety, depression, and difficulty sleeping) (secondary to lower back condition) 10% Radiculopathy lower left extremity (secondary to lower back condition) 10% Radiculopathy lower right extremity (secondary to lower back condition) 10% Left knee strain (continued) 10% Right knee strain (continued) I have a few questions I would like to ask. 1st. Should I file for TDIU? Would i qualify? (I have been out of work since August)? I am unable to work due to my medical conditions. 2nd. My Comp and Pen examiner did not use a Goniometer while checking the range of motion for my Spine and Knees. I am very limited in my range of motion. Should I file a inadequate comp and pension exam? I just wanted some input and opinions from you guys if possible. Thank you.
  25. Good afternoon, I hope you are not receiving this twice. I hit send, but I don't know what happened. I need help/advice. I am at the max of 50% for migraines and 70% for depression etc.. I have been service connected with migraines for a while. I have been service connected for depression for about 2 or 3 years. I have a total of 90%. My question is my migraines have become extremely worse. I was just diagnosed by the VA doctor with complex migraines (stroke like symptoms). We have been through a lot of medication with no success. My doctor said I have one more medication to try and then there is nothing else. I have been to the ER quite a few times for my migraines. My psychologist told me to put in for TDIU, but I am not sure if I should do the TDIU way or ask for an extraschedular consideration for my migraines since I am at the max. I have looked at the decision appeals boards and someone actually put in for both extraschedular and TDIU, but the case was remanded. I just need someone to point me in what direction should I go. Oh, I forgot to mentioned that I have not worked in over 5 years, but I read on the board(I think) that I am still to file the TDIU form and just put that I have not worked in the past 5 years) Thank you for you help in advance
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