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  1. Guest

    TDIU Granted

    Hi - Just want to let everyone know there is hope if your claim is stalled. They are working at the Houston RO. I got a call from DRO today, and told me I was granted IU with back pay. (PTSD/MST Rape & ATT Murder) I have my Navy retirement too, so I think this is the end of the road for me as far as claims go. I will continue to pray for adjudication with other claims. This was exhausting. Graduating in 72 days with my BS in Criminology- Thanks Voc Rehab.
  2. Hello everyone , Here is short version of my story. When i got out of the military in 2007 i was rated 70 disabled. I filed for an increase in 2009 and was awarded one for my PTSD and Back pain and went up to a total rating of 90%. I was rated 70% for PTSD and 40% for back pain and the rest comes from others. I have not worked since 2011 and filed for another increased which was denied. I then file a NOD in August 2008 and have heard nothing about it. When I filed the NOD I also filed to TDIU. I was notified by the VA that they closed the TDIU claim because i had an open appeal. I was baffled by this but now it is no where to be found on ebenefits that I ever filed the TDIU. I have been waiting to hear about the appeal for over 2 years and nothing. Houston Texas is my regional and I called ISIS today and they said the turn around for appeals there is 425 days. I am well over 700 days at this point. They stated that the file was waiting on the DRO to review it. I am so tired of this. My condition has worsened and there is no VA hospital near me and I have since gotten a back brace and everything. I am scared that I will loose my children if I seek outside help. Anyhow I guess i am wondering if I should file a new TDIU claim or whether I should wait out the appeal and file another one after they deny it. They might even try to go for a decrease from what I am guessing. I just feel hopeless.
  3. Applied for TDIU three months ago on this last round of claim when my disability went from 50% to 70%. Denied. Today I got a copy of my podiatrist medical records/opinion where he stated that I was being seen for bilateral foot and ankle pain. The doctor opined that my condition is totally disabling. Too many medical conditions in his examination to describe pertaining to my ankles Does the physician's records have much of a positive impact? I am submitting this new evidence along with a new bilateral ankle claim. and a new tdiu claim.
  4. I was wounder if this is the norm. Its been over a year now my claim went from the recommended decision to pending decision approval back early June 2016. I live in NC and was told by my DAV rep that my claim is being reviewed in New Jersey. Ive gotten better about checking eben everyday and keeping busy, but its still a painful wait. Can anyone share any advice or self examples of what kinda of wait time Im looking at? The claim is a fully developed claim. Been told so many diffrent things by the VA and DAV that its hard to give them creditability at this time. Currently at 90% recived a letter from DAV they got from the VA stating TDIU from July 2015 - March 2016 then 100% schedular after March, but nothing offical yet. respectfully, Papahotel58
  5. Found out through my Healthevet today that my disability rating has been increased to 70%. Looked over the latest C&P done at the VA and the doc service connected me for allergic rhinitis. Got a 30% rating. The QTC exam is unavailable. I was examined at QTC for bilateral foot/ankle pain. I have been examined since by a private podiatrist after the C&P exam, and diagnosed with flatfeet and other foot problems requiring orthotic ankle hanger braces, shoe orthotic inserts,and injections. The VA ruled the flatfeet isn't service connected, even though I have evidence in my service treatment medical records. I developed shin splints from all the running/marching and my arches collapsed requiring the Army to issue orthotic spenco inserts and to restrict my PT temporarily. When I reached permanent duty, it was to an infantry unit that loved to run. Had more medical treatment for foot and ankle pain and running injuries. Diagnosed with posterior tibial tendon dysfunction in my medical records. Baffled that the VA can still deny this claim like they did. It all goes back to the PA C&P examiner at QTC that had to have opined my condition was less likely as not to be service connected. And this LIAR, a PA, in the reserves, actually told me he was going to help me. Looks like I'll be waiting a while until I win farther down the road, and win I shall. I also have a TDIU claim that hasn't been decided. I'm at 70% disability, and haven't worked since 2010. On SSDI since 2010. Sent the VA the SSA judge's decision/opinion. Have bunches of stuff going to appeal, even a 1151(malpractice) spinal IVDS claim for the VA failing to diagnose me when they should have(2008). ANYWAY....Ebenefits is still saying my claims are UNDER REVIEW, when they have been decided. Sorry... I got off topic.
  6. I'm pretty sure there is information regarding my question somewhere but I'm still little confused on what is the difference between TDIU and P&T? I thought when you are granted TDIU you are automatically 100% and your kids and spouse are subject to chapter 35 benefits? and P&T just means it's permanent?
  7. vet90

    BVA win!

    Wow.. got my decision last Friday from BVA and was awarded EED from 2009.haven't received retro in bank yet! Also, part of my appeal was remanded for further development of TDIU.. I submitted a waiver at BVA hearing to have everything decided at DC. If anybody on this forum has gone through this experience please tell me if AMC would handle this Remand? why I haven't received retro?
  8. Is a cancer diagnosis enough by itself to get 100% for TDIU? I already have 70% SC for other issue since effective date of 2010.
  9. So I see the disclaimers everywhere about how they are different agencies and how approval for TDIU doesn't guarantee SSDI and vice versa, even for only SC conditions, and have seen many vets here that have one and not the other. I did the bad thing and checked ebenefits today to see that my status changed from preparation for decision approval to pending notification (with est completion date for Mon-Tue), and back to prep for decision again all today. I was aware that this could happen as many of you have warned so I was prepared and wasn't expecting the status change so soon anyway. But what is worrying is that now there is a new entry under needed from others tab with a red status dot that says "SSA for med evid used in disab dec"...so I have not received a decision notification from SSA yet and submitted both applications about the same time for the same conditions. My anxiety is going through the roof now and I had to take a pill for it (which hasn't kicked in yet, I'm sorry guys but this is my release since I was just pacing frantically and working my way up to a full blown panic attack), because I was prepared for denial from SSA since I know most 1st time claims are denials, but now it looks like the VA will use SSA med evidence to decide on my TDIU claim?? I submitted the same exact medical evidence, nothing different. So if SSDI denies my claim (statistically likely) then I should probably expect a denial from VA, despite agencies and claimants saying that they don't rate the same, but it seems maybe things are changing like becoming more dependent? I saw on ebenefits too where they are building in a one button access to share va medical records with SSA (it's not working yet last I checked). But it seems like they are trying to get the agencies more in sync (which it seems like they logicially would be for things like TDIU or 100% for SC disabilities), but am I one of the ones stuck in that crappy transitional phase where people are figuring it out? Has anyone else had this status and how did it resolve? I know, I know, stop checking ebenefits. I wish they had a volunltary exclusion for people like me. And I know, prepare for the worst and let it work through the process. Sorry for the vent, this is my attempt at a better coping mechanism than my two current coping mechanisms which are take a pill for the anxiety (had to do anyway) or take a pill to make myself sleep through it. Thanks to anyone reading through this and bearing with me.
  10. Hello everyone, I have been on this forum from time to time, and I must admit usually when I was feeling hopeless about the process, or angry. Hopefully I am not putting this post in the wrong place also. Unfortunately, it's been a long time since I got on the forum, and totally forgot my login and password. I got a new one, and here I am. I wanted to post to give other veterans fighting this difficult process some hope. I started in June 2008 to get rated, after my second neck fusion surgery. The surgery went bad, and left me with permanent nerve damage down my left arm and hand, and permanent pain and fatigue in my neck and shoulders. It got so debilitating that I ended up having to retire on disability from a great civil service career as a GS15, doing what I loved. My problem was that I chose not to take the VA exam when I was retiring from the Army, because I felt like I was in better shape when I retired than when I enlisted. If I could offer any advice to those active duty Service Members who are getting ready to retire, go to that VA exam. Do not ignore it, as I did. So I was initially rated at 40% back in 2008 and received an increase to 60% in 2009. Eventually with the help of an Independent Medical Opinion, I was able to get to 90%, which was reduced to 70% for no reason or medical change, and then raised again on a DRO appeal back to 90%. All the while my spine was beginning to show the wear and tear of having jumped out of airplanes. While the pain in my neck and arm was diagnosed as CRPS by a Navy pain management doctor, and substantiated by an army doctor I was assigned to after the first one PCSed. I must point out here that I am very lucky, because I live in the Metro Washington DC and I was enrolled into the Military Health system, and in a local Army off-site clinic feeding into Ft. Belvoir and Walter Reed hospitals, so all the while I was getting good health care. As I mentioned, I had to retire on disability from the civil service much too quickly, it was in part because the CRPS had spread into my left and right extremities. It was so bad that in Sept 2012, that it caused me to fall and crush my right foot and severely sprain my left ankle. It took me nearly a year to get over the initial surgeries, and after three surgeries I can at least walk. SO I applied yet again for an increase. Along the way, my lower back was rated at 20%, and while it was worsening over the arc of my story, I was getting no support from the VA, as I was fighting back in forth with the VA to keep and/or restore the 90%. This past summer my back had deteriorated to the point that I could barely walk. I saw the spine surgeon at the Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital last July. Ironically, after I asked my orthopedic surgeon who was still following my aftercare post foot surgery #3, which she performed in January of 2015, to look at my back, because of the pain I was in. I told her that I had prior x-rays taken where the radiologist report stated that all I had was some age related degenerative disk disease, but that the pain I was experiencing was much more than a little arthritis. She ordered new x-rays and after reviewing she said that I had a right to be in so much pain. From her point of view my back was in such bad shape that she wanted to refer me to the spine surgeon. So I saw him and discussed that x-ray. In his opinion I had serious instability at 6 levels, and scoliosis (which had been diagnosed while I was still active duty) in the lumbar area, and desiccated disks up and down that segment. He ordered an MRI and a Myelogram of my lower back and both tests confirmed his concern. So I had surgery to fuse my back from T12 to L5 last October, which my surgeon characterized as one of the most stressful surgeries for a human body. It was also obvious that I my back was not normal, and clearly it had all come because of active duty service. Still I didn't get an increase until I changed my VSO from the American Legion to the Disabled American Vets. I met my new Service Rep in early December last year, after I received a letter from the VA once again proposing to reduce my rating yet again. By the time I saw the VSO, it was obvious that there were major changes in my lower back, and not only did I not deserve a reduction in my 90% rating, he felt very strongly that I had cause to get bumped up to 100%. So he submitted for TDIU, because I was still just into my recovery from the back fusion surgery, and that it didn't look to him that I would ever improve; and an increase to 100% post-op recovery. Luckily the VA finally agreed with something pertaining to my health, without a year's long back and forth battle. I was asked to come into the Washington VA hospital for another P&C in April of this year. I also ended up going back for a second exam a few months later. Both examiners were sympathetic to my plight. And here I would recommend anyone requiring a P&C exam that if you are sent to a QTC contractor exam (or a different company performing P&C exams) to try and get the exam switched to a government facility, even if it takes a little longer. Every time I was examined (and I use that word lightly) by QTC, it ended up in either an actual reduction in my disability rating, or a proposed one that I had to fight off. Finally, in July, I returned home from my second lower back fusion surgery and hospitalization to find that big brown envelop that we're all familiar with. I had to have this second fusion, because the first one refused to fuse into my sacrum. So the surgeon had to remove the L4-L5, L5-S1 screws, and re-anchor the L4-L5 screws and extend the rods down to my pelvis, where he had to add 5 inch screws in each side of my pelvis to anchor the entire fusion. Back to the envelop. I opened it to find a new rating. Finally, I was awarded 100% Permanent and Total starting in April, with a 5 months of TDIU during my immediate recovery from the 1st lumbar operation. So now after fighting for 8 years, I am finally rated at 100%. In my mind, I should have been awarded that years ago. Here is where I tell all of you to never give up. There have been times when opening those envelopes that I was disconsolate and angry, but I never gave up. I have had assistance in tough times to get my journey on track, and I am so grateful to the DAV for taking my case and following it through to completion. Pick your VSO carefully. My first stab at this was with the American Legion. Initially, I had success with the officer assigned to my case, but once she retired, I received no useful support, and the VSO assigned to me was as a ghost, never returning my calls. So for years I was left to work my case alone. It was only after the DAV started helping me did I see any increase. So this is my story. I appreciate those who have read it through to the end. TCK
  11. I am a bit confused about the qualifications on this particular item. I have read .. hell I can not even explain it as really because it confuses me that much so I am just going to be blunt.. would I qualify for consideration for housebound? I stay at home most of the time as I am tired most of the time(sleep apnea)/spinal stenosis (which increases tremendously when I travel)/radiculopathy down both legs and anxiety issues. My fiance' does most of the chores around the house. She would take me to VA appointments because I get easily distracted (because of pain) and basically easily upset when I drive, but she of course works so she can not. I have a total rating of 90% with TDIU 100% 70% for depression and the rest of my issues are various ranging from 30%'s/20%'s and a 10%.
  12. I am currently at 80 % and unemployability P&T being paid at 100% rate. I have been recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Since I'm all ready being paid at the 100% rate is it even worth submitting a claim? Thanks Bill
  13. Hi all, I've been receiveing TDIU for about 5 years and I recently came across your article: " 6 Reasons to Keep Pursuing VA Claims and Appeals – AFTER you reach 100%". I've never received an "income statement" nor a request for one. My income has, in that time, been only VA benefits and SSDI. Common sense says to leave well enough alone because I don't want to trigger a C&P exam that might result in a reduction in benefits when nothing has changed with my condition anyways. I think it's VA Form 21-527....but since I've never received one....I'm not sure. Should I just continue as I've been doing, or actually print out the form and start sending it in annually? Also, in E-Benefits, it says that there is "no request for documents" Thanks! From your site: Link "...When a Veteran is awarded TDIU, there is no guarantee that TDIU 100% will last forever. In fact, if the Veteran does not submit the annual income statements, or if the VA gets evidence that the Veteran is engaged in substantially gainful employment, the VA could reduce the Veteran’s rating to the combined rating in place prior to the TDIU grant..."
  14. Hi everyone been awhile since I have been on here. First of all thank you all for how much knowledge that you guys (and gals) contribute about VA issues for veterans like me. I fancy myself to be pretty sharp most of the time but this process (va disability) is more overwhelming than anything I have ever tried to do in my life! Like most I suppose I lurk much more than I post but this site has been tremensously helpful for me especially in the really complicated areas like CRSC. So thanks again really, I truly appreciate it. My question has to do with what to do when you have passed your one year window to file an NOD. I was on the ball with all of this for almost three years when I was in the IDES process. However, between retiring in 2014 and my wife and I having our first child and getting PDRL and IU 100% I just dropped the ball completely and it is clear now that I need to get back on track. Sorry for the excuse matrix about my lack of initiative rant over. Anyway, I will try to be as thorough as I can and give some backgorund info so here it goes. I have a rating from the VA of 90% (final ratings issued Nov 2014) (will provide a detailed rating breakdown if necessary) I am being paid at the 100% level based on individual unemployability (back pay is up to date on that) I am on PDRL or permanently retired I have an incorrect rating regarding post traumatic headaches/migraines, currently 30% I have a DBQ regarding these headaches which clearly meets the 50% criteria (severely debilitatitng several times per week) signed by a VA neurologist (dated 12/12/14) this was done a few months after my ratings came out I also have issue with some of my other ratings and would like to file for an increase for those as well So with all of that being said I have passed my one year mark to file an NOD. I was advised by a rep from WWP who was hadling my case (and then dissapeared) that I should not rock the boat and file all of my greivances with my ratings. The conversation went something like this. Me "A bunch of this stuff in my ratings is incorrect especially about the migraines I have a DBQ to prove it" WWP "well that's all good but you are being paid at 100% and you are permanent and total so there is nothing to worry about you won't gain anything monetary by filing and you are taking a risk." My opinion about that (and I should have been more assertive and went with my gut) is that since I meet the criteria for 100% schedular that I need to push to get it and further more it is in my best interest to make sure all of my ratings to be correct. Especially since I do plan on constantly trying to get better and hope to someday work again. Of ocurse if this happens now (me working) I will lose a ton of benefits. ? Knowing that I screwed up by following bad advice and missing the timeline what is the proper termanology for what I should try to do next? Reconsideration? File for increase? Make a new claim? All of these terms are so confusing to me. ? Also I struggle with several cognitive defecits in addition to daily headaches and migraines and I am very apprehensive about going about this alone. Is there a good VSO or other advocate resource someone could recommend. I have struck out now with my AW2 advocate, Richmond VA and WWP. Not sure where to turn for help now? ? One final question and I can post this in another section of the forum if necessary has to do with getting an attorney. Since I am being paid at the 100% level I don't believe that there is any back pay for me to collect or at least there is very little monetary gain to be had from my case currently. Most of the attorney websites that I have looked at particularly dealing with disability and va benefits want a percentage of your backpay. I am afraid if there is no backpay to be made that this will be a hard sell to get a good attorney on my case. I may be way off base with this assumption but I would be very interested in hearing any thoughts on this.? Sorry for such a long post I really tried to make it as concise as I could. Thank you very much for your time I am looking forward to hearing from you guys.
  15. I posted a message a few hours ago about a letter I received from Voc REhab. I received an answer from Buck52 and when I go back to the site, the message is gone. I am not sure if it was moved or deleted, or if it was allowed or not. Not sure whether to repost or what to do. Thanks.
  16. I am 80% service connected with 50% major depression and unemployed for a year should I filed for TDIU
  17. Hello fellow vets. I need your educated answers on this if you could? I filed a claim for an increase and individual unemployability.... I logged on to ebenefits yesterday and realised I was bumped up from 80% to 100%..My question is--would it show up as 100% even though i am only at 80% but unemployable? And based on everyones personal experience how long does it usually take for backpay to hit your account?
  18. Anybody know what this means? I was going through my C-file I just recieved and run acoss this Station of Jurisdiction: Waco (349) Compensation/Pension Live Award. Dependents :Veteran Spouse. Future Diaries Date : 01-01-2017 Reason Unemployable Review. Review Messages 1, This award was System-Generated From 12/01/2007. If Converted Award Lines Existed Before That Date, They were Protected from Change Remarks: 100% with SMC's I don't understand this? if this is for an C&P Exam for my IU...Its crazy My TDIU P&T is based on my Noise Indused Hearing loss CHRONIC IN NATURE and No schedule exams Anyway Hearing loss don't never get better? so why the useless time and cost for a 100% UNEMPLOYABLE REVIEW??? THIS WILL BE MY 15TH CONSECUTIVE YEAR on TDIU P&T Do they think my hearing has got better? Anybody know? Thanks in Advance .......................Buck
  19. Hello all, first of all thank you to all who share your stories and advice. While this is my first post, I've been stalking the forum for months as something to do during my insomnia as I wait for my decision. I have found both comfort and education here. I was hoping for some opinions, advice, or even encouragement. I realize I'm not in the worst shape compared to others, but this process has my anxiety through the roof. I am currently rated 30% SC PTSD-MST (total rating with other disabilities is 50%). My condition has progressively worsened, especially over the past few years. I submitted my FDC for PTSD increase and TDIU in May and it has been in Gathering of Evidence phase. All of my treatments have been with VA docs. My GAF scores average around 50. I obtained a favorable IMO to submit with my application. I haven't yet been scheduled for a C&P exam. Over the past several years I missed a lot of work, burned through my leave with sick days, was previously placed on both short and long term disability with my employer, all from my SC medical issues. I would appreciate based on your experience and thoughts on whether I might have a good case for increase, what my rating might be, whether I might get TDIU or P&T, how long it might take for VA to get my medical records from VA hospitals, if I will have to do a C&P exam (the thought almost triggers a panic attack), or any advice on what I can do to pass the time as I wait besides chronically check eBenefits and read every single thread on this forum. I realize I have a much longer wait ahead of me, so I figured I'd start engaging here. Thank you in advance for any help.
  20. A few months ago my service connected hearing loss was increased from; 10% tinnitus 20% Bi-Lat hearing loss 30% total to 10% tinnitus 50% Bi-Lat hearing loss 60% total While I do not meet the single disability percent to apply normally needed to apply for IU, I do see a "Special Consideration" which I believe applies in my case" http://benefits.va.gov/benefits/factsheets/serviceconnected/iu.pdf Below is my letter asking for my increase. I was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on the content in order to determine of I should even bother to apply for UI ? BTW, I will be 57 years old on December 1st, of that matters? Thanks in advance, Mark *********** 3/17/2016 Department of Veterans Affairs I am respectfully requesting consideration for an increase in my current Service Connected Bilateral Hearing Loss rating based on VA Autonomic re-evaluation dated 2/16/16, performed by XXX Snyder, MS, Audiology which included Maryland CNC word recognition testing, conducted at the VA Audiology Clinic, 760 XXXX Avenue, XXX Ca. 96001 (530) XXX-8830. History: I am currently rated at 20% Service Connected Bilateral Hearing Loss and 10% Service Connected Bilateral Tinnitus, dated 3/8/2011. The details and evaluation of that service connection are documented in my VA file number XXX XX XXXX. Continued and ongoing issues: Based on my ongoing occupational, Retail Store Manager and non-occupational hearing problems, which include but not limited to; Understanding and or comprehending spoken words Understanding and or comprehending telephone, conference call conversation and intercom announcements Understanding and or comprehending MIS helpdesk, police and other government or municipal telephone conversations. Understanding and or comprehending streaming television, computer, radio or other electronically produced broadcasts. Communicating in moderate to noisy environments, including retail store operations. Communicating with a group of individuals, including retail store operations, staff meetings and training. Communicating using retail store, company provided two way radio handsets. My service connected hearing problems, severely limits my ability to applicably react to audible occupational signals from: Building alarm, emergency warning and other electronic security systems Fire and Loss prevention alarm / notification systems Point of Sale alarm / notifications and alert systems Point of Sale scanners; Symbol DS9808, Motorola LS2208, Inventory management scanner; Symbol MC3100 EAS Loss prevention entry/exit scanners Refrigeration / Freezer malfunction notification systems Environmental systems (heating/cooling) notification systems Energy management systems NOVAR notification systems Freight delivery truck, backup warning notification systems My service connected hearing problems have resulted in: My inability to efficiently communicate with friends, acquaintances, family, customers, vendors, subordinate employees, peers and supervisors. Frequent outsourcing or shifting of my normal and personally assigned managerial functions that require high amounts of communication, to my subordinate managers. Personal, occupational and social withdrawal due to reduced access to services and difficulties communicating with others. Experiencing significant emotional problems caused by a drop in my self-esteem and professional confidence. Exacerbation of my VA diagnosed PTSD, that I am currently being treated for at the VA XXX VA Behavioral Health Department. Recent VA recommendations and action by XXX Snyder, MS, Audiology: Since my recent VA Autonomic re-evaluation which included Maryland CNC word recognition testing, dated 2/16/16, I have been issued and subsequently fitted with updated VA issued hearing instruments: PHONAK AUDEO V90-13 RIC to replace my previous hearing instruments: AUDEO SPICE SMART IX UZ RIC. I have also been issued and fitted with a Remote Control, ComPilot II and Remote Microphone in order to specifically assist with my occupational communication problems. Mr. XXX Snyder explained to me that the new hearing instruments will provide a longer usable service life for my substantial and difficult to manage hearing loss. ***************** Below is the actual examine results: 1. Objective Findings --------------------- a. Puretone thresholds in decibels (air conduction): RIGHT EAR +==============================================================+ | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | |========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ | 500 | 1000 | 2000 | 3000 | 4000 | 6000 | 8000 | Avg Hz | | Hz* | Hz | Hz | Hz | Hz | Hz | Hz | (B-E)**| |========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========| | 30 | 50 | 75 | 85 | 95 | 105+ | 100+ | 76 | +=======================================================================+ LEFT EAR +==============================================================+ | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | |========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ | 500 | 1000 | 2000 | 3000 | 4000 | 6000 | 8000 | Avg Hz | | Hz* | Hz | Hz | Hz | Hz | Hz | Hz | (B-E)**| |========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========| | 35 | 50 | 70 | 80 | 85 | 105+ | 100+ | 71 | +=======================================================================+ * The puretone threshold at 500 Hz is not used in determining the evaluation but is used in determining whether or not a ratable hearing loss exists. ** The average of B, C, D, and E. *** CNT - Could Not Test b. Were there one or more frequency(ies) that could not be tested: No c. Validity of puretone test results: Test results are valid for rating purposes. d. Speech Discrimination Score (Maryland CNC word list): +=======================+ | RIGHT EAR | 56% | Thank you, Mark Nicholson
  21. I just turned 63. I am rated 100% P&T/TDIU. When I reach 65 and become MEDICARE elegible, will VA benefits based on unemployability automatically end? Would they automatically end at some other retirement point? I don't honestly know for sure, but it seems like if an award is based on unemplloyability, that you'd lose it when you're no longer of working age (not my common sense, but the way the gubment seems to think sometimes :-)
  22. To list the many many Tags would have been ludicrous. My case is relatively new. I joined here last year, this place has always been great to calm burned out nerves. I sometimes don't make sense to myself let alone anyone else. But when I got out, I went tearing away from anything and everything that even REMOTELY resembled authority. People being able to control my life terrified me to the point where it has literally affected every single part of my life. I came here seeking help and I got it. So, if my story can help anyone else, and my opinions on what you can do to help your own Battle, because that's what this REALLY is, then I will feel like I have done a small and meager effort to pay it forward. My C-File isn't stuffed to the gills with medical records because I didn't serve long enough to qualify for VA Medical. My Claims were handled fairly fast compared to the average. My Story is simple, I got kicked out of the US Army Infantry, after Basic, but I did not finish my A.I.T. We were OSUT. How and why is my business, and I have completely accepted that now. I wasn't even aware I had "issues" until about 9 years after I got out of there. And, a further 6 years before I swallowed my pride and went and finally asked for the help, that I had been convinced by every Veteran I knew, that I now have. I filed my initial claim for PTSD with Anger and Depression. 5 months later they denied me without a C&P, oh gosh gee wilikers was I disappointed. But, once again, fellow Veterans pointed me the way. I went to my Second VSO, and they filled for Depression, and I was scheduled for a VA C&P Exam. Why do I emphasize the VA part, well, I had learned from reading here at Hadit that C&P exams don't show up on your VA website thingy. Which, I thought to myself, that IS kind of important, you know, so no one can "lose" your record of that particular exam. I must admit that my best decisions I have made after getting my actual 50% Service Connected decision letter last year was to continuously educate myself. Not just about me, but the VA itself. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU BRING YOUR COPYS OF YOUR PERTINENT INFORMATION WITH YOU. Sure that really friendly guy on the phone making your appointment is probably say it's not necessary to bring any documents, the Examiner will have ALL your evidence. Bullshit, don't ever leave your case DEPENDENT on ANYONE else' actions! Seriously, I took that advice from someone here, and it saved my ass. A actual Lt. Col. in the US Army Medical Hospital Diagnosed me with exactly what i was filing for. Match the Words, don't try to guess, don't try to infer. Take all your important verifying information with you. Don't leave out anything that you feel may hurt your case, if you think the VA is going to not use any excuse to take away what they give you, you are DEAD wrong. They will dig for it and hunt it down. Be honest, give them everything. But remember, you are literally not DEFENDING yourself to these Raters, you are pressing your case base on verified fact. They will work harder to rip your benefits away, than they are supposed to help you get them.Tell them something is wrong if you don't know exactly, and make them give you an examination, it is your right as a Veteran. I see too many Vets who are always asking others for help, guess what, it's up to US. DO YOUR HOMEWORK Seriously, you need to know more about your Disability's then the people who wrote the books and TREAT you for it. No one knows your Disability's like you. Because they are literally YOURS, not as a statistic or a Roster Number. Because remember, these are not minor discomforts or passing ailments. These damages are severe enough to make us DISABLED. You are LEGALLY entitled to the compensation for the damages done to you, maybe that's why the VA Denies us so consistently. No matter how many changes in Technology or public opinion, they have NEVER done it at a pace that allows most of us to barely maintain our composure and dignity. As far as the Law goes, if you have evidence, you're solid, it is not the RATER who is processing your claim wrong, it is YOU. Every "T" must be crossed, every "i" must be dotted. You have to make your case so solid,that it would literally be a breaking of the Law not to Service Connect you, or a fair Scheduler Rating, or TDIU. You have to SLAM THAT Claim DOWN ON THAT RO's desk, and CHALLENGE him to find flaw in every single interpretation of the Laws, Rules, Regulations....... Become your own greatest weapon, by realizing that you personally can't do that, you have to show it through your work, every page has to be meticulous, don't give them any reason to take the scalpel to your pages. I have a theory, based on how fast I was Denied the first Claim, how fast I was sent for a C&P for my second and winning Claim, and the fact that I was approved the DAY after my C&P exam. I personally feel, as if the moment a Rater can find a reason, and Literally the first reason, he denies and kicks out. Because I was denied without even a C&P exam. Then, when my second claim got sent up, they took one look at it, and knew they were caught out, so as soon as they got my results, they gave me 50% and expected me to be grateful for it. Never stop, always press on, continually advance, and when you can't advance, you bear down, shield up, and dig in. You are now in the Trenches of the VA, and we are literally all here because we are STILL Brothers and Sisters in Arms, against our own people. My OPINION of VSO's and LAWYERS A VSO, no matter where he works, is not gonna fight for you, oh they will file paperwork.....if you tell them what to file, you see, they just mostly don't have the balls for you, because they have balls for EVERYONE. A Lawyer, on the other hand, is motivated by Passion, and Profit. Think about it, if you were to Arm yourself with a Hypothetical Spear-like weapon, would you not want the one with the longest reach, sharpest point, and stopping power? A Lawyer, will fight, because he will look at your Claim, in whole, at ALL the FACTS, and take your case ONLY IF HE BELIEVES THE LAW IS ON YOUR SIDE AND HE CAN WIN IT! That alone, is a boost of confidence that will sustain your Hope, while unfortunately also being a two-edged sword. If he doesn't take your case, then do MORE HOMEWORK. If you can convince a VA registered Lawyer to take your case, you're fairly solid. ONCE AGAIN, MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION. Always Dig Deeper than the Surface Picture that the VA forces on you,If the Law is on your side, stand firm, and advance,Remember that you are right, and you need not defend against their No, but insist on your Yes. Good luck y'all
  23. Dr Bash and John Dorle will be our guest. They have some good information about the VA changing the Duty to assist (It is not good) and one body system TDIU issues. Since 1986, Dr. Craig Bash has specialized in neuroimaging medical diagnosis through radiological imaging, Veterans medical benefits, second opinions, and independent medical evaluations (IMEs) for disabled veterans. An IME from Dr. Bash will correctly state the crucial information for filing claims or appeals with the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Social Security Administration, and other disability programs. John Dorle Provide expertise and assistance to world renowned neuro-radiologist Dr. Bash in the performance of conducting independent medical opinions to support veterans’ disability claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs. View the full article
  24. Dr Bash and John Dorle will be our guest. They have some good information about the VA changing the Duty to assist (It is not good) and one body system TDIU issues. Since 1986, Dr. Craig Bash has specialized in neuroimaging medical diagnosis through radiological imaging, Veterans medical benefits, second opinions, and independent medical evaluations (IMEs) for disabled veterans. An IME from Dr. Bash will correctly state the crucial information for filing claims or appeals with the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Social Security Administration, and other disability programs. John Dorle Provide expertise and assistance to world renowned neuro-radiologist Dr. Bash in the performance of conducting independent medical opinions to support veterans’ disability claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs. View the full article
  25. Dr Bash and John Dorle will be our guest. They have some good information about the VA changing the Duty to assist (It is not good) and one body system TDIU issues. Since 1986, Dr. Craig Bash has specialized in neuroimaging medical diagnosis through radiological imaging, Veterans medical benefits, second opinions, and independent medical evaluations (IMEs) for disabled veterans. An IME from Dr. Bash will correctly state the crucial information for filing claims or appeals with the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Social Security Administration, and other disability programs. John Dorle Provide expertise and assistance to world renowned neuro-radiologist Dr. Bash in the performance of conducting independent medical opinions to support veterans’ disability claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs. View the full article
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