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Found 16 results

  1. I filed several NOD's back in late May 2016, and at the same time I submitted a Privacy Act Request under the Freedom of Information Act for my C-File......ebenefits said estimated completion: 12/22/2016 - 04/24/2017......Current Status: Gathering of Evidence. Those dates have now expired......11 months now.......have not heard a word from anyone. Who can I contact to find out about my C-File status as estimated dates have expired? My RO is Waco, Tx. WayneTX
  2. I've been reviewing a lot of posts on here advising what to do while waiting for a Comp. Claim to be decided. One thing I noticed was that it's recommended to get your C-File. Which is good to hear because I put in for that first. The weird thing is the time tables though. According to eBennies,I put in my Privacy Act Request 10/14/15 and the estimated completion date is 10/24/16 - 6/20/17!! Whereas, the Comp. Claim was entered 12/22/15, was changed from "Under Review" to "Gathering of Evidence" today with estimated completion date of 5/19/15 - 9/23/15! Definitely, not complaining about my Comp. Claim moving along quicker than expected! What I don't understand though, why is the Privacy Act Request going to take 1 - 1.5 years, compared to, the up to 9 months for the Comp. Claim? How can they decide Compensation quicker than sending me my C-File?! WTF? If anyone has any information to add some clarity to this concern; it'd greatly be appreciated! Thanks
  3. So I looked on eBene and it said my freedom on information act request would take anywhere from a year to 2 years. I sent it in Nov 2015 and they said it can take until the end on 2017. Does anyone know of a way I can appeal to get my C-File faster? The only reason I ask is that my Service Medical records are In there and without them..no IME. The IME is needed for the appeal and I don't want to have one down until all the records are in place. Thoughts?
  4. Hi everybody, I'm helping my dad through this claims process. I requested his C-File via FIOIA on Nov 19, 2015. I submitted his FDC on Dec 16, 2015 and per E-Ben, the date of completion for claim is 5/15-9/15. However, the CFile's completion date is 12/16-7/17! Wow! If I send another request to expedite c-file request, could it delay the comp decision? Anyone have experience with this? Thanks!
  5. While going through my C-file recently, it just occurred to me that the records from my initial exams are not there. When I was getting out, I filed my initial claims, and went to various exams, and x-ray appointments at various locations. These records are not there. How do I go about requesting these specific records? I am SC for all those contentions, but there is no record of what took place, so I can even see if and how much I was lowballed by. Thanks. Semper Fi. Andyman
  6. a new proceeds heads up. email i got after request, Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act Requests are now being handled at a centralized location. I have forwarded your request as well as this address update... also they will call you and send you a letter asking if you want your records in hard copy paper or on a CD. to lesten the time frame from now on put your answer to this in your FOIA request.
  7. Hello all, Hope this isn't a repeat, I thought I wrote this yesterday evening, but now can't find it. Yesterday's mail brought a most interesting letter from the VA. It was from the director of the records depot in St. Louis. Apparently "they" sent my C-file to another Veteran. That Vet's lawyer contacted the records office to inform them of their error. I am still feeling quite beside myself about this. Strangely enough, they didn't bother to send me my C-file with this letter. So I still don't have it, but I have a letter saying someone else got it. Lucky for me, they are offering me a free 1yr paid premium subscription to a credit monitoring service. I got a MH apt on Monday, not sure how that's gonna go, now, because of this. Any thoughts on what I should do now? Thanks in advance. Semper Fi. Andy
  8. I put in a FOIA request for my C-file back in March 2015. I expected to get a box or large envelope of documents. Instead this is what I received Friday. The CD is PDF and searchable, which I like. However, I am still missing service records from Desert Storm so maybe VA doesn't have them. Can anyone tell me another route to get them?
  9. Can someone tell me how to get a copy of my C-File. I have a NOD submitted, how can I check on the status of that, there is nothing showing in Ebennies. Thanks, Coastie72
  10. I call the VA and they hang up on me after they inform me I need to write a letter to the VARO in Baltimore. Ok what kind of letter? I visited the DAV there and the rep said that he completed a FOIA request for me but I don't see it in ebenes. I have sat on my 40% for over 20 years without 1/100th of the knowledge I've been learning through this site. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I've been low balled. I have most of my military records but I don't want to send duplicates of what the VA has reviewed. However I do not know how my ratings were reviewed. Can anyone inform me on how to properly request my c-file? Thank you.
  11. I received a phone call from the Houston RO last week stating I will be set up for C&P exams for my pending NOD and that my C-file was being sent. Yesterday morning someone called to verify my availability for the exams and said I would have the exams scheduled NLT 12 June. :D. Then...my husband came home from work carrying this huge box asking what the heck the VA sent that was so heavy and big. Low and behold it was my C-file that was requested last year. The entire file is very overwhelming. It has a lot of duplicate information (probably my fault) and it was four huge reams of paper, double sided. Small success and seems like my NOD is moving right along. So far I've been impressed with the Houston RO. My initial claim went through St. Louis and other than scheduling the C&P with QTC, I had zero communication with the VA.
  12. Howdy All, It's been a while since I've been on here, and I wanted to share that I finally got my C-File copy that I requested way back in February of 2013. I ended up finding the military and civilian medical records of four other individuals tucked inside, about 89 pages worth, and found that a majority of my own SMR's and civilian medical records were missing. I'm working on that through my appellate process, and I'll keep y'all posted. It does look like the C-File is missing most of my separation physical examination testing and report documentation though. I was able to reconstruct a bit with copies that I had and have since forwarded on to the VA, along with a lot of personnel documentation that wasn't in the file either. However, the thing that intrigued me was that I finally was able to read what my VA examiner, a medical doctor (retired USAF Colonel) working for the contract company Veterans Evaluation Service had provided in my C&P examination report. This particular examination was for service connection for Mononucleosis, incurred while on duty. I noted that he did service connect the Mononucleosis infection on my DBQ, advising that the first sign occurred while I was on active duty. However, he goes on to state that while I show no "active" signs of Mononucleosis, the resulting Epstein Barr Virus (virus that causes infectious Mononucleosis), has caused residual conditions of Chronic Fatigue and "recurrent viral symptoms and infections". He even went so far as to add my other claimed condition, Hodgkin's Lymphoma as a secondary condition to the Mononucleosis (I have a NOD already filed on this, along with the Mononucleosis and Epstein Barr Virus residuals.) I believe the rater probably went with the "no evidence of active Mononucleosis" and denied. On the Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Epstein Barr conditions, the rater stated that there was no record of Mononucleosis in service, which even the VA examiner noted was present. (Which now that I have copies of my SMR's in my C-File, I know that evidence of diagnosis was present and available upon rating.) I've picked up the football with a medical opinion letter from my oncologist, linking my Hodgkin's Lymphoma condition to Mononucleosis and Epstein Barr infection, so I'm working on that. However, here's my question: Should I go ahead and file a new application on the Chronic Fatigue and "recurrent viral symptoms and infections" conditions right now? Or wait? I already have claimed conditions that are in NOD for joint pain, sleeplessness and sinusitis. Would these cancel each other out with a Chronic Fatigue or "recurrent viral symptoms and infections" claim? Also, because he diagnosed these conditions on my Mononucleosis DBQ, will the VA trash them immediately? Any thoughts or advice would be deeply appreciated. Have a great weekend! Mark Oh yeah....and when people on here say to get your C-File copy first before starting on this adventure......DO IT! I wish I had saved myself the years of waiting and stress by requesting my copy at the onset.
  13. Here's a new one to me. The VA reopened my old open records/privacy act request for my C-File that had been completed back in July, 2014. I had filed the request back in February, 2013, waited nearly a year and a half for the documents, and ended up doing a Presidential inquiry in late May, 2014, and amazingly the C-File arrived in early July. I'm not sure why the VA would have reopened it this month, unless it has something to do with the 80-something pages of other veterans' medical records that were inside it. However, I had let the VA know that back in July as well via IRIS, but I didn't ask for a "purged" copy. I haven't made any new requests, so it's kind of strange. Anybody have this happen? Or what it could mean? Mark
  14. Does anybody now what the average (if such an animal exists) wait time is for an open records request for a C-File to be processed at the Houston VARO? I was one of "those people" who worked their own claims, and didn't obtain a copy of my C-File before filing. Of course, after I filed my initial claims, I kicked myself for not doing it, but put off making an open records request for fear that I would delay my claim longer. Bad part is that I waited 32 months before finally receiving a rating. Now that I'm in the NOD phase of my claim, I know I have one year to get it filed properly. I'm also in hopes of obtaining IMO's this time around for the other conditions denied, and believe that it is imperative that I have my C-File. I mainly would like to know how long it takes to get it from Houston, if there is a normal amount of time. Or if I should go ahead and file my NOD with my own language, and then shoot IMO's over to the VARO after I receive my C-File and receive an opinion or two. Btw, I already mailed off my open records request via U.S. Mail yesterday for my C-File, so at least that part is done. Any advice, horror stories, input or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again! Mark
  15. I have a couple of questions about C-files. 1. How long are they kept? 2. Are they always kept at a local office? 3. What happens when you move? The last time I filed a claim I lived in Atlanta area...and all previous claims were handled by the Atlanta VARO. Since then I have moved to Tennessee. My closest VARO is in Nashville. When I left Atlanta I left a change of address. Now that I have SSDI I want to submit to the VA that I am receiving it. Which VARO has my records? Who would I notify? and how can I request a copy of my C-file. Will Nashville VARO be able to get it if it is in Atlanta? It is impractical for me to go to Atlanta as I don't have the means to get there and back. I want the file to see what is in there because I plan on filing for TDIU based on the fact that I can not work due to my SC disability and use SSDI as proof.
  16. After, a C-File request is sent to the VARO, how long does it take for them to send it.......I have been waiting three months and recieved nothing..Is this normal. My Disability compensation claim is on hold..I can not get a IMO until I get the C-File....Yikes...Is there anything I can do to speed thngs up?