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  1. I was diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 on 2 Mar 10, my last day on active duty was 28 Feb 09. I was denied service connection when I filed since I was officially diagnosed 3 days outside the 1 year window. I never appealed this claim. I was rated 60% in 2010 and never looked back. I recently happened across this site and realized, I might be able to reopen the case and submit a nexus letter stating that the diabetes manifested within the one year of me leaving active duty if not before. Lab test taken on 25 Feb 09 show a Glucose reading of 324. For some reason HB A1C test wasn't take until 2 Mar 10. My HB A1C was 12.5. The 2 Mar 10 date puts me inside the 1 year window. There is no way my diabetes appeared in 3 days after the 1 year window. I am also service connected with Hypothyrodism (Hashimotos) which caused weight gain and slows the metabolism. I was diagnosed in 1998. Some medical evidence also shows slow thyroid can cause Diabetes. Due to weight gain from my underactive thyroid, I was clinically obese on active duty. If I can't get Diabetes added by showing it is service connected, maybe I can add it as a secondary to my Hypothyrodisim. What are your thoughts?
  2. I suffered a back injury while in the ARMY years ago. My back has continuously given me problems. I am SC for DDD and was wondering how can i go about service connecting Diabetes 2? Any information or case studies will be of great help.
  3. I had a C&P last week and talked to the examiner about DMII in relationship to my cateracts, in Fayetteville Arkansas. The examiner explained , Cataracts are not contributed to by DMII?? The National Institute of health states on their website (National Eye Institute) That it is secondary to Diabetes. The examiner asked me if I smoked, and I told her I started in my Late teens (Mliitary Vietnam) and quit in my early thirties. So she didn't even mention it in her report. She informed me that smoking causes Cataracts, and age. This dawned on me today, The Military gave me cigarettes and approved of us smoking! In every pack of Both C and Lrrp Rations were Government Issued Cigarettes, as a matter of fact, that is when I started smoking, along with some other people. So in essence, weren't we encouraged to Smoke??? Cigarette brands issued included Camel, Chelsea, Chesterfield, Craven "A"-Brand, Lucky Strike, Old Gold, Philip Morris, Player's, Raleigh, and Wings. So , when I was 17 in basic, we had C Rations occasionally, and in Vietnam Both Kinds of rations (With Smokes) Saddletramp
  4. I am attempting to help a veteran with a claim. This without this site I would not be at 100% myself. This individual is a Vietnam agent orange exposed vet with SC diabetes. I remember in doing my claim they added diagnosis I had not claimed and requested documentation. I stated that I was not at that time claiming those particular diagnosis. I was told back then that they are "required" to assist with claims for things they are aware of even if the veteran didn't state it. The example was also given that if a veteran used an incorrect diagnosis and it was obvious that should be brought to the veteran's attention and filed correctly. My question pertains to where in the regulations can I find that? The individual I am helping was denied for several conditions that are clearly complications of his diabetes which is SC. My gut says they should have advised him to change the claim for those denied diagnosis as secondary to his SC diabetes. I have no idea where to find anything that mentions the requirement. Any help???
  5. My private Dr. determined I had Diabetes Mellitus Type II October, 2010. I filed a claim for VA disability benefits in January, 2011 and this claim was denied for failiure to prove I was ever in Vietnam. I served in the Security Service and was TDY to Cam RAn Bay, Vietnam but this command had kept sparse records and my claim was denied. I had also followed up at the VA hospital and was taking Metformin until approximately early 2016. In 2016 I was awarded 10% for diabetes finally proving the NEXUS to service in Vietnam through the help of buddy letters that were not available when my original claim was filed. I was actually told I was SOL because of the nature of my command. Things change and the command is now doing an excellent job of providing buddy letters. I have filed a NOD at the behest of my representative because I believe the VA did not do enough to help me prove I was in country and therefore was exposed to AO. My question is how long will it take for the NOD filed October, 2016 to be addressed; and do you think my argument is sound enough to warrant awarding benefits back to January, 2011? Also since I was on Metformin until 2016 which is documented in the VA hospital records is there a chance that my percentage will be raised from 10% to a higher amount?
  6. I filed a claim with the help of my doctor for sleep apnea as secondary connection. Denied. Filed a NOD. Denied. The NOD was denied over a year ago. A doctor for the VA said my sleep apnea was due to being over weight and that I "refused" to use my CPAP. They offered me a hearing, but I never responded. I have tried off and on for 10 years to use a CPAP and just cannot use them. Discouraged by the whole process I just gave up. Read this concerning weight: "Unfortunately, too many people disregard the other risk factors for diabetes and think that weight is the only risk factor that raises the chances of a person developing a disease for type 2 diabetes. Most overweight people never develop type 2 diabetes, and many people with type 2 diabetes are at a normal weight or only moderately overweight." Read this on CPAP machines and surgery in a forum in Thailand: "I went to Bummrumgard here in TH and the doctor told me he didn't dispense them to overweight people they didn't work well enough. He also didn't do the expensive surgery for sleep apnea on older or overweight people." Bummrungrad is a well known and highly respected hospital in Bangkok. I went there for heart disease and diabetes, but not sleep apnea. I'm now thinking about trying again. I have two questions: Do I start over like it is a new claim? Can someone recommend an attorney or doctor with experience in filing claims for sleep apnea? I think I have a case. It most likely will end up having to go to a hearing, so I need expertise in filing the claim. Thanks.
  7. My brother's Ischemic Heart Disease as a result of Agent Orange exposure as a Marine Rifleman in Quang Nam Province in 1969-70 was just approved - and rated at 60%. Another AO disability of Diabetes II was also approved at a 40% rating last summer. These, combined with his previous disability of scars/lack of motion from his battle wounds, gives him a total combined disability rating of 80%. I couldn't have done it without the help of HADit. I had no clue about the claims process when I started. I am still going to keep plugging away on getting a schizophrenia nexus. But I wanted to say thank you to everyone out there in the HADit community that has given me guidance. God bless you.
  8. I posted a question in one section for another condition. But I am interested to know another answer for another claimed condition question. My claim would fall under CFR 3.317. I'm already 80% combined. I went to the WRIISC last April and was given a lot of info on my conditions. All was really only to improve my health, and it has. Now I feel my health has improved as much as possible, I am prepared to file a claim and seek compensation for items that aren't getting any better. I have at least 2 types of headaches - Cluster and migraine. They are occupationally debilitating and I take 2 types of medication and have to carry a high flow oxygen tank in my company vehicle for when they manifest. I was originally denied as there were no complaints in service, and migraines are a diagnosed condition and do not fall under CFR 3.317. However, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 0% and plan on filing an increase as I'm on meds, and have constant pain and it's still no refractory to therapy. The headaches are going to be a secondary condition to the fibromyalgia. Is this the best path to take? My other issue. I was diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy. I do not have diabetes, nor any indications I'm pre-diabetic. There are some studies that show a correlation between neuropathy, gulf war veterans and fibromyalgia. This disease in contrast to the others is very disabling as well so I feel entitled to compensation for it. Especially since there is a strong correlation between neuropathy and toxic exposure. But I'm wondering if anyone else has dealt with a claim on it or not? Thanks for any guidance.
  9. I am 70% with ptsd and lumbar strain. I have sinced been diagnosed with DMII, Hypertention and sleep apnea with a cpap machine. How or can I SC any of my diagnoses. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  10. I had a C&P for rheumatoid arthritis the other day. During the exam the Dr. asked me how my diabetes is going. Told him I do NOT have diabetes, he said yes since 1994, then he showed me the record that said it. I got home and looked and sure enough I have the same record just never noticed. Here is my question, will he add that to my disabilities? Or do I have to open the claim myself? Last year I was diagnosed with Diabetes, but I thought it was medicine induced. I got off the medicine and my blood sugar returned to somewhat normal. Thoughts? I do have a follow up with my civilian Doctor and he is doing diabetes follow up every 6 months. Thanks
  11. Last Weeks show was such a success that we didnt get all the information in. Join us for Part II. Jbasser View the full article
  12. Last Weeks show was such a success that we didnt get all the information in. Join us for Part II. Jbasser View the full article
  13. Last weeks show was so involved that we didn't get all the information in so we are doing part II. Don't miss this one as our guest Silvia Hinojosa-Price who is a practicing RN and a Diabetes educator explains this aweful life altering disease to the Veterans of Hadit.com and Beyond. If you have any questions for the Guest, please feel free to call in at 347 234 4819 option 1. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/haditcom/2016/10/12/haditcom-radio-show-with-jerrel-john-and-alex-diabetes-special-part-ii Jbasser Co Host and producer.
  14. This article is a WOW. http://www.webmd.com/diabetes/news/20150304/statins-linked-to-raised-risk-of-type-2-diabetes
  15. This will be a very informative show on the grimm subject of Diabetes. We may also have a special guest or two to assist. Basser View the full article
  16. This will be a very informative show on the grimm subject of Diabetes. We may also have a special guest or two to assist. Basser View the full article
  17. This will be a very informative show on the grimm subject of Diabetes. We may also have a special guest or two to assist. Basser View the full article
  18. Sorry, I couldn't post under j basser Hadti Blog talk radio show for Sunday Oct 9th at 7:00pm 6:00 PM Central time(for some unknown reason) so I made my own post here. This is a good Case Ms berta put up for the hadit blog talk radio show Sunday evening Oct 7:00 pm eastern 6:00 pm Central time about Diabetes II & A.O. Presumption claims. Veterans need to read this case/docket it has some good points and some 38 CFR's That could be very beneficial to them in the future...take read this and write those 38 CFR' Down you be glad you did. http://www.index.va.gov/search/va/view.jsp?FV=http://www.va.gov/vetapp14/Files3/1422344.txt I wanted to know this ? since it takes years for this diabetes II to manifest in some veterans that were exposed to the A.O. ...while in Vietnam years ago. My question is is it possible that the Vietnam Veteran can transmit this disease II to his children and later his children come down with Diabetes II or Peripheral Neuropathy. When in the family's blood line no other family members has this Disease
  19. Don't miss this special show. Diabetes is a debilitating disease as it is the worst disease a veteran can have. It causes blindness, loss of limbs, neurological issues, and eventually loss of life, usually from Kidney failure or insulin level drops too low to recover. Alex Graham, aka Asknod will deliver his findings on this issue. Do not miss this one. If you have questions, the all in number is 347 237 4819. Follow this link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/haditcom/2016/10/09/haditcom-blog-talk-radio-show-diabetes-special-with-john-jerrel-and-alex
  20. I have got to post that a recent C&P Exam at the Washington DC VA Medical Center was absolutely delightful ! Not what I was anticipating! Took my brother in for Diabetes Type II (presumptive for Vietnam / Agent Orange Exposure) C&P exam . First the doctor called at 8 am and said he wasn't busy - come on in anytime. Waited 2 minutes in the lobby and then he allowed me to accompany my brother back. Asked a few questions and even said, "if he gets any heart issues to be sure to file another claim". Wow. Now we had just had a physical performed by his VA primary care physician a few days earlier and blood tests were back for high A1C, and his primary had noted on his VA medical record that he had Diabetes 2 so I guess this was a no-brainer for the C&P examiner and non-debatable. The appointment was less than 10 minutes. So now we wait for the disability rating. But I can say that since he was enrolled at the DC Medical Center, all of the care he has received there has been quickly scheduled / handled smoothly / and extremely thorough. Everyone we've come into contact there has been very polite and accommodating. This includes a physical, blood work, two EKG's, cardio referral, and now this C&P exam. In light of the negative reputation for VA medical - thought I would share this pleasant experience. Hope it continues.
  21. I was adjudicated for 20 per cent lower leg neuropathy in may, 2016. Today I found out from my Dr following a painful EMG that I have both upper and lower leg neuropathy. How do i add this to my previous claim? Is it a new claim. I have a claim pending to address an earlier diabetes onset and an audit of benefits I feel were not addressed in the may decision
  22. Ok my husband has Ann appeal in since11/12 for chronic renal failure secondary to diabetes. There is a new claim in ebenifits, which we did not do. It is saying for cornary heart disease RFE. I'm assuming that means renal failur evaluation. So I'm assuming again they are going to try and approve it asso with the heart disease. We put in for the heart disease 7/14. He was diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy by his private nephrologist. What are they trying to do? The appeal is still up. We have not gotten anything from them. No docket no etc. but he would loose a lot of back pay is what I'm thinking. Any thoughts ? From anyone.
  23. I had wrote a very long post previously but it did not send. To summarize I am a dependent and the son of two veterans my mother who is a disabled Veteran and my father who is a Veteran that had finished honorably. When I was 14 my father was diagnosed with kidney failure do to high blood pressure, and it quickly progressed to end stage kidney disease. I took care of my father the best I could given the circumstances He got a bit of disability and was put on government healthcare I was in charge for all his health related care and taking care of him which I did so I got some benefits from my mothers disability as a dependent which helped us scrape by throughout the years over and over again the insurance would request that he applied for VA health care because of his status income and inability to work originally he was told that he did not qualify when we went up to the office because he did not have a preexisting condition while enlisted we stated that he developed high blood pressure during which was the cause of his kidney failure now. He was even hospitalized when it was discovered despite this the man stated he did not qualify no matter how many times we told the insurance this they would stop his medical and state that he had to apply over and over again we took the form to the office throughout the years which they just pulled up the file from before we told them they said they had to sign something stating he didn't qualify this went on for a long time. When I turned 18 i decided to go to school via my education benefits on my mothers side. Everything was fine until my fathers health took another turn for the worst he was diagnosed with type two diabetes do to his home dialysis machine malfunctioning and pumping more of the l liquid that was highly glucose based into his body only draining half before pumping again while he slept. We found out the nurses were aware of this problem and even told the company but they did nothing. This was until people started to complain. I had to stop school to take care of him now that his health had gotten worst and the company not returning my calls and said they would not talk to us without an attorney. I had told both the school and the local VA office that I had to stop going the VA office told me I had to feel out a form and due to the fact that it was an emergency I would not be charged because of my failure to complete and or attend classes I filled out the form that same day they sent it to my local regional office and I focused all my time taking care of him and trying to get a pro Bono lawyer to handle the case. I had contacted every single pro Bono and non profit lawyer in Arizona none of them wanted to take on the case despite us having proof from a log we kept from the machine backing up our claims. I tried this up until my father got a transplant in 2015 in the mean time I started to receive letters from the VA stating that I owed them because I did not attend the classes and or failed. I contacted the VA who told me that had no such file I contacted the school who told me they did not work for the VA although they were a VA office and said that they sent it. I contacted the VA every chance I got while dealing with my fathers issues and his insurance constantly screwing things up. Until I got a letter stating if I did not repay or get on a payment plan I would be noted as an unpaid debt sent off into collections and I would lose all future educational benefits in the future. I tried again and again to get this resolved until I finally got to someone who knew who to send me to. They transferred me to some guy who I told him what had happened at first he told me I had to either get on a payment plan or lose my benefits at this point i was upset and I am a pretty calm guy. He than reluctantly said if I got a note from my fathers doctor and or his head dialysis nurse about his condition he would put it in the system and it would be as good as solved. He gave me a fax and said I had 7 days I got the letter from both within 3 and faxed it to him several times. I had contacted him afterwards letting him know that I had faxed it but didn't get a reply but having dealt with the via for so long in this case wasn't that strange I was told after I had sent him the letter to look out for something in the mail. He was also meant to email me a few weeks past and I no longer got any lettings from the VA about the bills but I started getting some from the school I told them the situation and they said they would contact the VA and get back to me never happened. I ended up getting one final letter stating that I failed to make a payment and my education benefits would be halted and the bill would be sent to collections this made me so angry not just the VA the system itself insurance and all I called the VA knowing very well it was to late simply to vent my frustrations of course there was nothing that could be done and I was told there was nothing they could do I took what my dad told me and the fact that there was nothing that could be done right now. He was positive and regretted me having to take care of him which I love my father for he stood tall no matter what happened. Moving on and not being able to get any lawyer because they figured despite what we had it wouldn't be worth fighting a giant medical firm pro bono and most who were interested didn't even read my inquiry and assumed it was concerning a recall for the same device and not a new malfunction. The nurses who knew about this told my father when he was reporting issues previously before getting diagnosed they were aware but the company would not allow the techs to alter it they even knew how to fix it. But they didn't say it was dangerous eventually my father had to be taken via ambulance to the hospital and they told him his blood sugar was almost at lethal rates this was the only time my father had gotten upset about a medical problem only because he had no control over this one and he knew it could have been prevented and that lasted for one day and he went back to accepting it. I continued looking for lawyers up until he got his transplant at the end of 2015 thanks to a great doctor on the transplant bored of mayo clinic who heard from a social worker about my father. He was put on the transplant list right away and at the top because of the length of time he was on the list. This was the best news in years aside from the insurance once again messing up as he was doing to testing that was required before than. It is only because of the great people on the mayo clinic transplant team that talked to the insurance to fix the problems we couldn't that it got approved of course they also requested that we go back to the VA again and once again they said he did not qualify. We got him approved for the transplant and despite some other hiccups with the insurance refusing to cover his crazy high kidney medication which he needed so his body wouldn't reject it. Once again thank you mayo clinic for footing that bill. He got the transplant and as soon as he could work he did Me and my brothers and sisters who were in California put what we had together to get my father a car which he used to start work. He is still disabled but is doing much better. Today was the first day I could get time to request info about getting my educational benefits back I had talked to someone about getting it back and along the line my father being a Veteran popped up and she asked if I got my benefits from him I stated no he did not have any benefits which we talked for a bit I stated that we had his dd214 with honorable discharge and he didn't qualify for any medical because he didn't have any preexisting conditions while he was in which I told her that I told them about the high blood pressure the cause of his kidneys shutting down and how he even got cancer on his kidneys. She mentioned that he should of been entitled if not they should have looked into it because of the high blood pressure instead the guy took the form signed it for the insurance marked are reason for visit in the system and said he got nothing. This made me think I am not after anything and I wont fight it if he wasn't entitled I will fight for my education given the circumstances but I would be so upset to think that he could of had VA medical or other benefits this whole time but was told no over and over again. Like I said personally I dont know but I wanted the opinion of others on the subject on what I should do I dont even care that my credit got ruined because of the VA and the school thing having my father healthy after beating so many things I am proud of my father regardless but the only reason I am fighting for my education is because my father told me that I should. Sorry, for the long read for anyone that managed to read all that I has not planned on it being that long but this was my first chance to vent having my father recover enough to do things on his own up until recently. I know there are tons of stories about falling through the system and injustice so on and so on my real question is should i fight for any possible benefits for my father. I dont want to go through another long battle if the lady was wrong and the people at the local office was right. But having filed to get a lawyer and not being able to help my father aside from taking care of him. I now have to fight Arizona and request my certificate of birth Abroad so Arizona will recognize me as a us citizen because of a immigration law that was passed and being born overseas in England because of a military family and despite having duel citizenship I am getting a bit tired of falling through the cracks and want my father to get what he deserves if he does deserve it. I had talked to my father recently and we do know that he qualify for a home loan from the VA potentially we need to provide some kind of point sheet requirement. If i have to request that stuff for him I might as well do the same for any possible benefits. Will the VA fight us on this despite him being hospitalized with high blood pressure while in service and tested before joining? If so and you think we wont win I dont want to drag my father through another battle for a slim chance he is working and rebuilding his credit to try and get a home regardless so he is fine but he said he doesn't know what the VA would do. Thanks for any and all feedback like i said this is mainly an inquire for if I Should fight for anything he should of have.
  24. going for a c & p exam for type 1 diabetes fully documented by VA what kind of questions will I encounter
  25. any ideas on where I would go to get some help submitting this claim? On the latest paperwork I got from my doc it does statethat the diabetes is likely caused by the steroid use.
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