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  1. So, here is the break down:Migraines(ocular)-30%, TVT Sling-20%, Mild dry eyes BOTH-0%, Allergic Rhinitis- 0%, Anemia- 0%, Scar-0%, Restless Leg-0% My migraines are completely prostrating, and not just ocular. Not sure if that was how I was rated, but they are completely debilitating. I have a migraine 2-3 times a month, and tension headaches 3-4 times a week.) I take Topimax 100mg daily, and percocet as needed. Deferred:Prolapsed Bladder/cyctocele (pending VA exam), Rectocele (pending VA exam), Entitlement to non service connected pension: pending additional development Denied because n
  2. Post-traumatic Headaches: Subtypes and Behavioral Treatments Thomas Bennett Chronic, recurrent headache commonly follows head injury, and interestingly, it is seen more often in individuals who have experienced minor head trauma than in those more seriously injured. I will describe subtypes and behavioral treatments of the post-traumatic headache. One must realize, however, that headache is only one of a number of symptoms that commonly follow head injury. While it may be the symptom that results in a patient seeking medical treatment following brain or head injury, it may on the other h
  3. I checked e-benefits today and I went from the Gathering Dust phase to PREPARATION FOR DECISION. I was some comfortable complaining about the Gathering Dust phase that the movement to PREP is feeling almost scary. Interesting that the VA just figured out that they forgot to include hypertension in my C&P last year and sent me a letter last week to report for another C&P this week to take my BP. Driving 2.5 hours to take a BP measurement is really absurd when I have a clinic 10 minutes from my house. On Wednesday I checked e-benefits to see if anything had changed. At that po
  4. Yesterday, I received the Judgment from the Administrative Law Judge that handled my appeal. I am using a VA-trained/approved attorney and the judge found in our favor. After 40 years of fighting with the VA. I filed my original claim the second day after my discharge. It was denied over and over again for all these years. I think what made a difference this time was the attorney pointing out that my VA psychologist that I'd been seeing for years, had diagnosed me and then the VA sent me to a specific non-VA psychologist for my C&P and she diagnosed me the exact same way and advised t
  5. I just received notification from the BVA that I am entitled to SC for hypertension, to include as secondary to SC for OSA and PTSD from an appeal of a denied clam for hypertension in 2004, and from a denial for SC for hypertension secondary to PTSD and or OSA in 2008. The letter from the BAV stated that my records are being sent back to the VA office that has jurisdiction over this matter. What happens next? The letter from the BVA did not state what percentage of disability for hypertension have been awarded, will the RO?
  6. Can anyone tell me if Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Hypertension be secondary to CAD. Also the C&P examiner copied and pasted into my Heart Condition DBQ the following statements from my last cardiology exam. . CC: 1st visit today. Pt w/ h/o chronic, stable angina - reported CP in service in 9/1990 - had NL MPI. Has undergone heart CATHs (1993, 2008), which were NL except as noted below - advised he likely his microvascular disease, or microspasm, or (cardiac) syndrome X (decreased blood flow in LAD). Info in scanned records. Pt has noted intermittent CP >25 years - avg 3x per
  7. I took the liberty to put up the VA ratings for HTN (Hypertension aka High Blood Pressure). This might help some people with questions. I think if you take all your readings from the past and present and put into a spreadsheet with dates and places then take an average of all the readings. If it falls into these categories, then that can help substantiate your claim, but this is just my opinion, so don't go crazy if your case is different. 7101 Hypertensive vascular disease (hypertension and isolated systolic hypertension): Diastolic press
  8. Here's a listing of my disabilities from the "blue" ratings sheet: 9411 PTSD 100% 9411 PTSD w/alcoholism 100% 7913 Type II Diabetes 20% 6260 Tinnitus 10% 7101 Hypertension associated w/PTSD w/alcoholism 10% 8520 L leg PN associated w/diabetes 10% 8520 R leg PN associated w/diabetes 10% bilateral factor of 1.9% for diagnostic codes 8520. Any thoughts on SMC?? pr
  9. Good Morning. I hope the collective minds at HadIt.Com can offer some solutions to my problem. I need to prove “boots on ground” to receive disability benefits for Diabetes Mellitus II, Kidney Failure, Hypertension, Left Leg Above Knee Amputation and individual unemployability. VA has denied both disability claims because of no official documentation. In 1972 I was an 18-year-old kid, fresh out of High School, Boot Camp and MMA School and sent to fleet. I had orders to USS Haleakala on station off the coast of Vietnam. There are 34 unaccounted days after reporting off leave at Naval Sta
  10. The BVA remanded my claim back to VARO, two years ago. The remand order was for VARO to develop and adjudicate my claim, well about a year ago they did adjudicate my hypertension, and about six months ago I had C & P Exams done for my kidney and sleep apnea, so I contact the VARO in June 2016, and reminded them that my remand was about 2 years old, and when were you all going to finish adjudicating it, so they told me, we're trying to get everything together here very shortly. So a month after that, I received a letter in the mail from VARO, stating that we have certified your
  11. Has anyone had any luck with claiming Sleep Apnea as secondary to Hypertension and/or Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease ? My husband has service connection for both hypertension and heart disease and now a current diagnosis and medical equipment for sleep apnea. I've read where VA has approved hypertension secondary to sleep apnea and heart disease secondary to sleep apnea, but not the other way around. If anyone has an archived VA citation in this regard, or personal experience, would greatly appreciate hearing about it. Thanks all.
  12. Received a letter from BVA today stating all 3 of my claims have been granted. I filed for bilateral peripheral vascular disease, carotid artery disease & hypertension secondary to PTSD in Spring 2010 - 5 1/2 yrs ago. Can anybody tell me how the bilateral carotid artery disease will be rated? I've found all of the information I need regarding PVD & hypertension. Also, when I filed all of my appointments to monitor my PVD were dropped so I'm assuming they will order testing before rating...Am I correct on this? Thank you for any words of wisdom you can give me. CHR49
  13. With the hopeful resolve of most AO IHD claims in the next few months-I wanted to get this info posted here again. And to remind all- if their claim comes under Nehmer and they have contacted NVLSP, I have posted the link here many times, please contact NVLSP again to let them know of the decision. "According to Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine (Harrison's Online, Chapter 237, Ischemic Heart Disease, 2008), IHD is a condition in which there is an inadequate supply of blood and oxygen to a portion of the myocardium; it typically occurs when there is an imbalance betwe
  14. All, Just was looking at my disabilities on eBenefits. In 2016 I did a new claim for heart disease as I was service connected for hypertension in 2008 and after a lot of reading and looking at my old med records it appeared to me that I probably had heart disease back in 08 and should have claimed it then but I was just a Soldier back then and not a doctor like I pretend to be know. LOL. Here is what is posted regards my heart in eBenefits currently; hypertension................................................................................................
  15. Hi everyone. I have a question regarding tinnitus. I filed last year and was denied without a C&P exam. I spent most of my career on the admin side due to what civilians call medical malpractice at an Air Force hospital. So, other than a short tour in Bosnia, no combat experience that could have caused it. I would like to know if tinnitus could be secondary to one of my other disabilities. Please don't get me wrong, I don't want anything I'm not entitled to, but I've had ringing in my ears for as long as I can remember so if it is service connected, I'd like the VA to rate it.
  16. I was diagnosed in service with hypertension. I am currently getting reading of 150-165/90's. I would just be happy with a rating of 0% just in case it gets worse. I am sure it will with age. I have been out for 3.5 years now. Do they even have a 0% for it. I have seen the ratings for it. I did not see a 0% though. Thanks
  17. Here is my story, Honorable discharged in 2006 after 5 years AD. In 2009 I placed a claim for a torn meniscus right knee and used a service organization/veterans representative to help me, my claim was denied. I then read all I could on the internet and forums and decided to file a appeal on my own using the knowledge I aquired. I then filed a claim on my own, against the advice of everyone (not including the internet forums), for hypothyroidism/hyogonadism, left knee torn meniscus, tinnitus, and hypertension. I scheduled multiple appointment with independent doctors as well as VA doctors so t
  18. Good day all. I am new at this. I thank God for you, your acknowledge, success and your not giving up. I desperately need some direction on how to help my husband’s claim. He served in Vietnam. His appeal (PTSD) is located in the AMC in Washington, DC; he is represented there by VVA. I hate to say it but I know more information than the attorney. It was remanded in 2012. The AMC requested information from him at the end of Feb 2014, the info is already in his file. I still completed the form with the requested information and he now waits to hear a decision on his PTSD appeal cla
  19. Hey Everyone, So here is the deal. I was service connected for high blood pressure secondary to my service connected back, I.E. pain with an effective date of 2002. I was given an initial rating of 0%. So I appealed in 2004 (When they actually SC me) asking for 10% and that was denied. They did a ssoc in 2005 which included denying many issues outside of this issue including the HBP. I received a normal do you want to appeal document after the ssoc which is attached. I stated I was not satisfied with any of their decisions. After that I thought everything went to the BVA. I even
  20. When i left the army in 1995 after 12 yrs service i filed a claim for my back, my knee, gulf war illness, and my blood preasure. I was given 10% for the blood pressure 10% for my Chondromalacia Left Knee and 10% for (and this is the kicker) Low Back Pain with Menimal Degenerative Changes of Left Sacroiliac Joint and 0% for Gulf War Illness. 16 yrs later my chiropracter told me that my back was through and i needed to go back to the va. I told him i had all but given up on the va because of how i was treated back then. I did go back and had my back x-rayed and an MRI done to find out i have
  21. I am now 70% PTSD, 40% Fibro, 30% IBS, 10% tinntius = 90% getting 100%IU .....SSDI for PTSD Symptoms only I just had this C&P to bump my rating to 100% TDIU or P&T These are my results form my C&P anyone have any comments that would help me understand this .....He seems to rate me at 50%.....then all of the rest seems to lean towards a P&T rating LOCAL TITLE: C&P EXAM STANDARD TITLE: C & P EXAMINATION NOTE DATE OF NOTE: JAN 13, 2014@08:00 ENTRY DATE: JAN 14, 2014@11:46:23 AUTHOR: VAN PELT,DAVID M EXP COSIGNER: URGENCY: STATUS: COMPLETED CONFIDENTI
  22. Well glad this week is over. I had 5 QTC's since last Friday. Today was 3 back to back. I has PTSD, Heart, and HYPERTENSION. when I was seated they took my BP which was 177/97/78 then again 172/83/79 those was on the left arm then to the right arm, 171/85/76. I don't know how that going to play out. The Dr. who examine me for my IHD said I had a good heart, I asked how could that be with high BP, A STENT and a artery with more than 40% blockage. He said it sounds good, what a joke this was. Now on the PTSD the Psy Dr. I think did really well, ask some good questions, but nothing about the ev
  23. Hello, everyone out there! I have question maybe someone could answer. In Dec 1994 I was transferred to Japan to a new ship. Four months later I was removed from the ship because they told me they think I had a stroke. Well I was diagnosed with Atherosclerotic Ischemic heart disease. I was placed on light duty on the base, and then 5 months later they sent back to the states. They ran all sorts of tests on me and even sent me to a shrink. My problem is that as I was on my way to a medical appointment at Balboa hospital I got rear-ended by a truck about 4 blocks away from the hospital. My car d
  24. I am a Vietnam Veteran. I was referred to the site by my son-in-law's brother. I got interested in the sight because of the circumstance I find myself in and the volume of forums that address similiar situations. After serving three years on a four year enlistment, I re-enlisted in the waters of Vietnam. For that period of service, I received an Honorable discharge on 26 Jan 73 with a DD-214 showing this. My new enlistment, under the SCORE program started 27 Jan 73. Six months later, I was discharged with an Undesirable (OTH). I have tried many times to get this corrected without success
  25. Lost and confused... In the big bad VA world... Ask three people, get three different answers... This is a long post, but it wanted to be all inclusive On behalf of my Vietnam Veteran father, USAF, Decorated rescue helicopter pilot, 21 years... I ask the following series of questions, that I am unable to get a "clear" answer from any person on the other end of a phone at a VA call center or RO, or VSO. Sometimes I feel like I know more than they do?! Help....... He has been rated 100% SC P and T for 2 years for CAD, following placement of 3rd stint, after many years at combined rating 60%
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