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  1. Posting entire mental health C&P questionnaire. Does this look like they will raise from 10%? SECTION I: ---------- 1. Diagnosis ------------ a. Does the Veteran now have or has he/she ever been diagnosed with a mental disorder(s)? [X] Yes[ ] No NOTE: If the Veteran has a diagnosis of an eating disorder, complete the Eating Disorders Questionnaire in lieu of this Questionnaire. NOTE: If the Veteran has a diagnosis of PTSD, the Initial PTSD Questionnaire must be completed by a VHA staff o
  2. My intent on posting this is to provide my experience as I go through this process. I will attempt to post updates and if something I have done helps even one other vet, then it will have been worthwhile. Sorry for the length. Thanks for your service to all of those that have gone before, those currently serving, and those that will serve in the future, for no greater love.... Joe My status is currently on active duty in transition with a retirement date of 1 February 2013. I filed a Benefits Delivery at Discharge claim on 14 August 2012 or 171 days prior to my retirement. My eBenefits st
  3. First many thanks to all the Hadit.com Contributors and Users. I do not even like to think where I would be if I did not have access to read and research topics. I suspect much worse off... I am currently rated at 80 %; Sleep Apnea 50, Depression w/PTSD 30, Acid Reflux/Gerd 10, CAD 10, Right Knee 10, Pes Planus 10 Tinnitus 10. I have NSC diabetes II with Pheriphal Neuropthy which is causing me much pain and limits my activities. I have had two surgeries on my right knee. One on AD and one just last year. VA first denied rating of RKnee. I applied for IU in Aug 2011 received de
  4. OK I got out in 1975 never had an exit exam, when I cleared base in Germany doc gave me my medical records to hand cary to VA. There was a lot of documentation in there for high blood pressure as well as all of the test they ran. I have tried several times to get copies of these records but they can't find them no matter how hard I press the issue. They were delivered to the El Paso VA so I figure they are either there or in Waco. I finally filed to raise my rating last year, I am rated for hypertension and anxiety. Va doc says I had a TIA or mini stroke last Feb. They also started me going t
  5. Well all is done for my claimed items thus far. I did arms legs back ankles and knees. Doc seemed rushed but did what she was supposed to do: took all the measurements, twisted poked prodded; I'm as tired as a mule on two plows and sore to boot. One question though I claimed bilateral items but for the most part only had one part in STR's so they only x-rayed the part (knee etc) that was not in the STR's anyone got a clue on that one? Overall I think it went as good as it could as I don't have to add anything or not take meds, my hips ankles back and knees are basically shot I did all that I c
  6. Hi, I'm a 1-term veteran who served in the Air Force during the 70's (the majority of my time, I served in NORAD, ergo my handle). I'm 100% T &P for kidney failure requiring dialysis, and 10% for hypertension. When my kidneys failed in 2010, the company that I worked for called me while I was still in the ICU and told me that I was being terminated. Fortunately, I was able to get Social Security disability started within 6 months. Then, in 2011, a Disabled Veteran neighbor insisted that I apply for VA disability. I applied in December of 2011. At the time, I didn't think tha
  7. http://www.hadit.com/imo_nexus_letter_by_dr_bash.html Information On Independent Medical Opinion IMO or IME Nexus Letters Author: Craig Bash, MD The IMO is an independent medical opinion and IME is a independent medical examination used for a claim for a Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) disability compensation award which must be based on medical data. The IMO can be done without a hands on examination but the IME also uses the hands on process. The medical nexus (link- cause and effect- connection) letter can be either and IMO or IME. The VA appeals process a few years back (1
  8. Just finished having a sleep study the other night. Halfway through, I was hooked up on the CPAC machine. I was asked afterwards if I thought my sleep was better. The official results won't be known for another week. My guess is based on this test and the fact that I had respiratory failure due to low oxygen level I will be recommended to go on the CPAC. I am already service connected for hypertension and cardiomegaly. Would I file this new claim requesting secondary to either one as sleep apnea?
  9. 6604 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: FEV-1 less than 40 percent of predicted value, or; the ratio of Forced Expiratory Volume in one second to Forced Vital Capacity (FEV-1/FVC) less than 40 percent, or; Diffusion Capacity of the Lung for Carbon Monoxide by the Single Breath Method (DLCO (SB)) less than 40-percent predicted, or; maximum exercise capacity less than 15 ml/kg/min oxygen consumption (with cardiac or respiratory limitation), or; cor pulmonale (right heart failure), or; right ventricular hypertrophy, or; pulmonary hypertension (shown by Echo or cardiac
  10. I'm confused now. I have had already submitted form VA21-8940 once before, but their saying I have to submit it again! As for the Hypertension, I am one of those Marines that was in Camp Lejeune N.C back in 1976 through 1979 and was contaminated by the waters there. I have not yet opened a claim for the contamination because I don't want it to hold up the claim that I currently have open. I have already been rated at 90% service connected for several disabilities, with several others deferred, and are still being evaluated, other than these two issues that just pop up on E-Benefits yesterd
  11. I'm new to the site and just read ur posting and you got me thinking. I just submitted to reopen a claim for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (secondary to hypertension 0%)Asthma(increase from 30%)Obstructive Sleep Apnea (secondary to headaches, chest pains, and depression) and a new claim for prostate cancer. I collected letters from 3 guys I was stationed with stating they heard me snoring,had to wake me and gaging very bad when I slept, I think the statements were pretty strong statements concerning symptoms of sleep apnea, a letter from my wife of 12 years and a old girlfriend while stationed in KY
  12. Well I fly to DC tomorrow for my appeal. I guess we will see what happens. It is for an increase in rating and TDIU also for hypertension and panic attacks, agoraphobia and anxiety. Steve
  13. Here is my current ratings: Sleep Apnea 50% Menierres Disease 30% Degenerative Arthritis Cervical Spine 20% Tinnitus Recurring 10% Carpal Tunnel Right 10% Carpal Tunnel left 10% Right Knee Patellofemoral with degenerative arthritis 10% Left lower extremity radioculopathy with L4L5S1S2S3 sciatic nerve involvement and IVDS of the lumbar spine 10% Left Knee instability 10% Right Knee patellofemoral pain syndrome with degenerative arthritis 10% Degenerative arthritis of the Lumbar spine 10% Left knee pattellofemoral syndrome with degenerative arthritis 10% This comes out to 89% at t
  14. Can a recently widowed spouse submit VA Form 21-534EZ and all relevant papers for DIC? If it is determined that the Veteran could've qualified for SC for exposure to AO while stationed in or near the Korean DMZ between April 1, 1968 and August 31, 1971? The Veteran suffered from diabetes, hypertension, Peripheral Neuropathy, and died unexpectedly of a heart attack. He had never applied for SC before his death. Does she qualify? Thanks
  15. I would like to thank you guys here at Hadit. So here is the run down. 1. Fibromyalgia: Granted. 2. Rheumatoid Arthritis: Denied 3. Hypertension: Denied. I will most likely appeal the Hypertension claim or may not. Question: So what is my rate for Fibro? It states that: The board thus finds that the Veteran's Fibromyalgia likely became manifest to a degree of at least 10 percent after his Persian Gulf Service. Does this means that my rating is 10% Thanks
  16. Hello All, I have copied and pasted this information so it will appear in the correct topic under Agent Orange and to have it Archived for all Veterans to be able to use. The topic appeared in the General discussion topics but due to the fact that I carefully listed the Materials Training Seminar in 1973 which is located in the Archives here and now have broken down the actual location which will give more information rather than the list that appears with the corresponding number, the person sent to training , and the name of the post. Most times these locations on the list does not specif
  17. My hubby had his C&P yesterday. First one was for PTSD. The examiner came to the waiting room and asked me to come in after about 20 mins. My hubby was showing signs of higher anxiety. She didn't ask me many questions and I answered them. Then she started telling us what the process was for the claim. I know the claim process but I didn't tell her. She got to the part of saying, when we get the decision letter and we disagree that he could appeal, but she thought he would like the decision and would not disagree with a smile. His claim is for IU. Her words sound promising but I know what t
  18. Hi all, First of all I am so glad I found this forum. This call for help is for my wife's case, that I am helping with. Here is the background. She served from 1997-1999 in the navy active duty. While in boot she came down with mono. During 18 months of A school her symptoms persisted. She was seen dozens of times at sick call by corpsmen and each time had a pregnancy test and sent back to work. When she finally passed out at work and was taken to see an internal medicine doc, they found she was still positive for mono. In her report the doc stated that her current condition was ca
  19. Hi all, First of all I am so glad I found this forum. This call for help is for my wife's case, that I am helping with. Here is the background. She served from 1997-1999 in the navy active duty. While in boot she came down with mono. During 18 months of A school her symptoms persisted. She was seen dozens of times at sick call by corpsmen and each time had a pregnancy test and sent back to work. When she finally passed out at work and was taken to see an internal medicine doc, they found she was still positive for mono. In her report the doc stated that her current condition was ca
  20. I am kinda new here. I joined a few years ago but never received any emails. After visiting with another member, I came back to check my email settings. I still didn't get any notifications via email. I found the very helpful link in the help section that told me I needed to subscribe/follow a topic.. DUH.. No wonder I didn't receive any emails.. I only read posts... I promise not to be a stalker..I mean. ...reader only and follow more posts/messages. About myself: My husband is presently 60% SC. 50% for PTSD, 10% Hypertension secondary. He has a claim in for increase/IU. He had two
  21. HelloAll; Newbie here and thought I would share my experience regarding a claim submitted for Pulmonary Hypertension (Secondary). I am rated 60% IHD/CAD, 20% DMII, 10% Peripheral Neuropathy each extremity and 10% for Tinnitus , due to presumptive herbicide exposure in VN. Since being diagnosed by a private cardiologist with IHD/CAD my primary complaint has been chronic shortness of breath on exertion. Based on past and recent echo's indicating progessing mild to moderate Pulmonary Hypertension I was referred to a pulmonologist. After multiple tests the pulmonologist came to the conc
  22. On 02/22/10 Rockman originally filed for : IHD Hypertension Chronic Lung Disease When we were in Memphis on 05/19/10, we stoppped by the Tn VSO at the VA and talked to the guy. He then sent a fax and a letter stating that David's condition was terminal and he had a very short life span. So now for the 05/19/10 date, it shows we filed: Pulmonary Fibrosis (new) This was what we thought was included in the original filing with the DAV on 02/22/10, so this changed the EED. Now to 09/29/11- we filed for an increase (David left his job on 08/05/11), so he was not working. They listed:
  23. Hello All, I have been noticing some old post and some new ones that seem to also show a problem that has come up with VA and the Adjudication Process. I believe most of us here have had problems with their Cfile and or VA decisions because of evidence the Veteran , THOUGHT was in his or hers Cfile and was not. Now here is a couple of things to think about. Most of us are in the process of "waiting" on a decision from the VARO. It has been recommended not only by many Veteran VSOs and Lawyers and Hadit members to not send any evidence to the VARO while the claim is waiting for a decision be
  24. A friend of mine was rated at 30% (20% for DMII and Hypertension 10% he has tingling in foot but I dont know if that was rated). He received an implanted defrib/pacemaker. He was increased to 100%. I told him the implanted device, the defrib, was 100% by itself, and he should try for another 60%, so he can get SMC S. He talked to someone at VA and they told him 100% is as high as it gets, he had no idea about SMC's. He is on insulin for DMII, so that should be increased to 40%. He has tingling in his hands as well. Can anyone make suggestions. I hate for him to ask for increase in DMII,
  25. DC APPEALS remanded the claim back to the VARO- C&Ps .Apparently they can read at appeals in DC.the hearing was a year ago last december at St.Paul a traveling judge. Up until now they have ignored connecting the heart and hypertension . I guess I sent to much on the contamination in GUAM. SO now i,ll send a little more on our nas well and TCE and as the crow flys we were located about 6 miles south of THE POLLUTED ANDERSON AIR BASE Hi all just a update on my heart appeal and how the government squirms around to NOT have to connect it to chemicals and all the other contamination in
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