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  1. I been having headaches every since I been in the military but recently retired in 2010. I went to see a Neurologist/ Sleep disorder doctor and it was very interesting. While seeing the doctor I also ask for the doc to fill out DBQ for headaches form so I could turn it in as we'll. After reading the DBQ the doctor had diagnosis me with chronic migraine and Tension headaches plus Hypertension and OSA. Everything was posted on the DBQ and every question on the headaches DBQ was answered with yes and the explanation. All these years I never knew how serious the situation was and just by reading
  2. https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2002/08/22/02-21366/schedule-for-rating-disabilities-guidelines-for-application-of-evaluation-criteria-for-certain Hello All, Here is the Federal Register rules proposal from back in 2002 concerning the Cardiovascular , Pulmonary areas and I want to especially bring up the rule governing PULMONARY HYPERTENSION. For the first provision, we propose to state when pulmonary function testing is not needed for disability evaluation purposes. The first instance would be when there is a maximum exercise capacity of record that is 20 ml/kg/min or
  3. On Feb. 4th 2013, my claim finally reached the BVA. I called yesterday and was told that I should take some months for the VLJ to review. Of course, that dampen my hope that it would only take at most a month. Anyhow, I request the DAV argument and here is what they wrote. Statement of the Facts: Historically it is noted the veteran served in the United States navy from Jan 13, 1997 , until his honorable discharge on Jan 12, 2001. it is further noted the veteran.................................... was awarded the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal in support of Operation Southern Watch
  4. Wanted to see SMC is available for the following 1. Rated 100% for IHD 2. Rated 70 % for PTSD 3. Rated 50% for Chronic low back syndrome 4. Rated 20 % for Hypertension 5. Rated 10% for PAD 6. Rated 10% for Anyurisam. Currently receiving 100% plus housebound (SMK?) Thanks RT
  5. Hello All, Well to say I am livid may be an understatement but hopefully my problem will be brought to the board as a warning to all Veterans on another tactic that the VA is doing to cause a more delays. Ok if anyone has an idea I would like to hear it so here goes. I was rated at 30 percent for COPD and Restricted Lung Disease. Just for the record they are Diagnostic code 6604 and 6845. So we also have PULMONARY HYPERTENSION which is a 100 percent disability if found by heart cath or by echocardiogram. Today I was looking closely at my NOD/SOC for a higher percentage
  6. I had an aicd implanted back in August 2011. I am service connected for hypertension,diabetes,neuropathy,hiatal hernia,hypertensive vascular disease. I went and applied for compensation for the aicd and did everything and got denial letter. I talked to dav and they told me that if I had an etiology for service connected they would approve it. So I went and got copy's from the va and the reason for aicd was arrythmia,and provisional diagnosis is paroxysmal super ventricular tachycardia. I am asking for help. If you see the causes for arrythmia some of them are high blood pressure,diabetes and e
  7. Since the onset of my current issues with my cervical, thoracic and lumbar stuff I now have hypertension. I have filed a claim as Hypertension secondary to Cervical, Thoraic and Lumbar. So the VA sent me the usual form asking me to provide evidence this existed from the military. I have found some clinical studies on the internet showing Chronic Long Term pain does cause Hypertension. Keep in mind I don't have any cholestrol nor heart problems. I can feel whenever my BP goes up because I am in pain and my wife tells me everytime my face turns red. I can't believe they haven't prescribed anythi
  8. Lumbar spine.pdfKnee and Lower leg.pdfHip and thigh.pdf During my last C&P exam, this is what the doctor annotated. Have no idea if its good or bad. In my claim, I did not put sciatic nerves or radiculopathy, but I noticed it was mentioned by the doc. Should I go VARO and claim them or wait for the outcome. Currently rated at 90%,Lateral meniscus L/knee 30%, Exercise induced asthma 30%,Patellogemoral pain R/Knee 20%, Depressive disorder 30%, Degenerative Joint Disease L/Knee 30%, Impringement syndrome L/Shoulder 10%,R/ankle 10%,Hypertension with ED 10%, psueudo barbae 10%, Thoraic spine
  9. Hello. This my first post, so please excuse me if I goof this up. I am a Vietnam vet currently rated at 90% disabled. 60% CAD, 40% lumbar back, 20% DMII, 10% left knee, 10% right knee, 10% hypertension, 10% hearing, and 10% tinnitus. My back has been getting increasingly worse, and on March 22nd while at work I got spasms of pain that sent me to my knees. I went to the VAMC here in Minneapolis and they took x-rays, gave me a shot for pain, and said no prolonged sitting or standing, no standing on concrete. The next day, the firm I was working with immediately let me go, and the temp age
  10. I hope I have posted this question in the proper location and provided enough information to get an answer to this question. I am rated 30% disability and receiving benefits for IHD (CAD) with stents and brachytherapy for Agent Orange from serving in Vietnam. Now I have been diagnosed with Hypertension. Will this qualify as a condition to CAD, secondary to Agent Orange or not. Thank You
  11. Hello all, I received a combined 90% rating on November 15th for my initial claims rated as follows: Stress Incontinence post surgery for cystourethrocele - 60% Sleep Apnea w CPAP - 50% Depressive disorder, dythymic disorder - 30% Fecal Incontinence - 10% Painful Posterior fourchette to anal verge scar - 10% Left carpal tunnel - 10% Right carpal tunnel - 10% Tinnitus - 10% Posterior fourchette to the anal verge scar - 0% Hypertension - 0% TMJ - 0% Allergic Rhinitis - 0% Right ventral wrist scar - 0% The decision portion states: "An examination will be scheduled at a fut
  12. I've been lurking around this site and decided to ask how much weight do the raters place on IMEs, I haven't seen allot of statistical data about the success rate of those submitting them on initial claims. I submitted my initial claim with IMEs for all the below contentions, with MRI results, Roms etc. my question is as I read my comp and pen results the VA doctor tried disagreeing with all my diagnosis etc from private doctor, so I'm curious as how this will all play out Contentions: chronic low back pain (New), radiating pain in lower extremities (New), cervical pain (New), radiating pain
  13. Hello All, My doctor told me just 2 days ago that my lung disease and the infection we are trying to get under control has me operating in low volume. and short of breath. He also made a comment on the Pulmonary hypertension about my need for starting O2. I am alittle hesitant about starting it but if it works to get me more oxygen then fine. I am waiting on VA to award the 100 percent for the PH , They just are moving slow. Now do I understand it correctly that the VA must rate the O2 use at 100 percent on the COPD or Restricted Lung disease with Diagnositics of 6602 and 6845??? I will al
  14. Hi everyone- MrVet and I took an FLA. vacation-cant type too good-broke my wrist:wacko: in a carebears pool /my grandaughters in my yard (never heard so many laugh in the er),in a cast all summer!with bolts If I have the copy of the stamped original date of claim in 98 they went retro 2 02- what do i need to look for ,a loophole they have changed the laws so many times since well grounded claim, they need the statement in support of claim to start all over? the retro was wrong and so was the audit and they seperated hypertension into a different issue unknown to me and when check
  15. Hello All, I have been studying BVA cases and after finding several that have awarded Pulmonary Hypertension as partial percentages increase , I am finding that these may be incorrect and are not following the 38 CFR 4.96 or 4.97 dealing with Respiratory Conditions and the M21 schedulars. After carefully reading the case , and going over the law there are some important decisions that were USURPED decision authority by the BVA and will bring them problems. Please read the 38 CFR 4.97 and look at the diagnostic code given by this court at 6604. Here is where I see the regulations were vio
  16. I was SC for 30% went to see my Phys 2 months ago and he said i was getting worse so i put in for and Increase so here are the results from the C&P. Axis I: PTSD, Depressive disorder NOS Axis II: none Axis III: Chronic Back Pain, IBS, h/o Lyme Disease, sleep apnea-reports he cannot tolerate CPAP so this is presently untreated, GERD, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, Fibromyalgia. Axis IV: Psychosocial and Environmental Problems (discribe if any): chronic medical and psychiatric illness Axis V: Gaf score: 45-50 Dose the Veteran have more than one mental disorder DX? YES i
  17. Hello all, I have a few question that I am trying to get some answers on. First, has anyone have any dealings with Salt Lake City RO? and are they good about getting your claim out in decent time as well as giving you a fair rating? The reason I am asking about them is that upon me preparing for my retirement I did a (quick claim) at my last duty station (FT. Hood, TX) and the WACO RO sent my claims packet to SLC RO to be processed since it was a (quick claim). I transitioned back to my home town in ATL, GA and was wondering how all of this is going to play out. Will they transfer my claims
  18. Just was told I have gout from the VA Clinic. Is it possible to link gout secondary to hypertension? I've been having these gout attacks on my right knee and foot 2-4 times a month for the last 3 years. I always thought they were residual pain from previous stroke.
  19. My first post here, been using this website for information for years. Here goes. I was an employee with the Department of Veterans Affairs for the past 4 years. Recently, I was approved for FERS disability retirment based on my service connected Sleep Apnea and depression which is pending service connection. Overall, I am 80% based on hypertension 0%, bilateral pes planus 0%, ankle impingement right 20%, left 10%, bilateral chrondomayagia patella 10% each knee, lumbar strain 20%, sleep apnea 50%. Currently, I have claims for major depression, IBS, appeal for tinnitus, migraines and a BVA appe
  20. Hello everyone,about two weeks ago I went ahead and file hypertension and PAD secondary to chronic pain & depression instead of a misdiagnosis or a 1151 claim thinking this might be the best way to file or at least I thought. Today I had an dental appt at 10:00 for follow up on implants in which the tissue of gum has cover two on the anchords that require another surgery on gums. After appointment was over I get a call from VAMC saying they want me to come by for an C&P exam before I go home come by at 1:00. At the exam she had nothing on me but the order for an opion n
  21. I found the following blog article posted by an alleged employee of the Veteran Affairs. Perhaps this is just I, but I found most of what this person had to say to be both disturbing and disgusting! Tuesday, July 13, 2010 <a href="http://vadiscompensationoutofmind.blogspot.com/2010/07/veterans-disability-compensation-ready.html">Veteran's Disability Compensation; Ready for a Second Opinion? I have a bad heart! The veteran yelled. He had served stateside for two years in the mid 1970s and after some slightly elevated blood pressure readings during that short time per
  22. Need some advice on two subjects; I want to run this past you guys before I fill. I don't want to fill a claim with little chance of winning just to make the backlog even longer. My first question is, can Insomnia be linked to Tinnitus? As soon as I got back from Iraq I couldn't sleep because of my Tinnitus. The Tinnitus was obviously untreatable, but while on active duty I was placed on Ambien. Soon thereafter I came off active duty. I was awarded 10% for the Tinnitus which got me into the VA system. Since I've been treated for the last year at the VA I spent 4 months on Ambien, and have r
  23. Since I have my C&P exam coming up in a few weeks and it seems like no one at the VA has looked at my medical records, I've decided to include a nexus type letter said that the C&P examiner knows what's going on. The VA has decided to look at the areas that they deemed responsible for my hundred percent disability, I've been at 100% for 14.9 years I've been service-connected for the last 36. I know that a nexus letter is usually used to establish service connection, but since I have not used the VA medical system for the last 15 years and no one seems to have looked at my private MDs
  24. I've read, and seen from some individuals that I know, that filing for PTSD has become a great deal easier (or at least easier) to prove from the Veterans standpoint. What about mental disorders of a less degree? Those of you who know and helped me through my claims for tinnitus and hypertension know that I also suffer from panic attacks. Coming off active duty I felt like a wound-up clock, but ignored it and hoped the “spring” would eventually wind down. Well, it still hasn’t Because of the help from this forum, and the black and white letters from my SMRs, I was able to get rated in le
  25. Husband just received a decision granting glaucoma as secondary to his DMII, noncompensable. It says VA exam clarification is needed to fully evaluate this condition. Upon receipt of this evidence this evaluation will be reconsidered. A noncompensable evaluation is assigned unless there is a significant impairment of vision. He had a C&P eye exam. He's been seeing a private opthalmologist for his glaucoma and must use drops everyday to control it. He doesn't have significant vision loss so far. We read in the schedule of ratings for 6013 Open-Angle glaucoma that the minimum evaluation if c
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