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  1. Received the Brown Envelope today and thought something was up when I saw an unusual deposit from the VA in my bank this past week. I was 30 percent for PTSD earlier this year back dated to Aug 06 and today was 10 percent for Chronic Sinusitis to March 07.; I have 5 surgeries to correct the sinuistis and the VA at Roanoke relied on a VA CT Scan which in Nov 07 said there was no sinusitis. The VA physician said there was chronic sinusitis, my private physician said there was chronic sinustis since 1995. My military med records showed sinus issues since 1982. By 38 CFR I thought that with chroni
  2. This is proof, never give up.....................Between my background as a criminal investigator, numerous NODS and request for hearings and the help I have received on this board (a special thanks to Berta ) I won is much as anyone could. First a little background Claim filed Jan 05 May 05 30% combined rating EED 6/04 DRO review, no change Then raised to 50% depression granted Then raised to 70% PTSD granted Then retro award (all at once)because of one NOD 80% EED 6/04 90% EED 7/05 100% EED 4/06 NOW SANTA CAME 3 days late…………………. Results from August 2007 DRO
  3. I have been waiting patiently since Feb for my claims for PN, IBD, Hypertension and several more with Chemical contamination , supporting test and doctors nexis including possible nuclear exposure from the entombed reactor at Fort Greely. Below is some of the letter I got in my stocking today.This letter is from the VARO in Houston informing me of their transferring my entire Cfile to Jackson Mississppi and they said it will take many many months now. Dear me, We are writing in connection with the claim that you filed Feb 2007,however we need to notify you of our action. The Dept of Vetera
  4. PDF of FAQ's Version Available for Printing 1. Who is eligible to receive health care through the VA system? Any individual who served on active duty in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard, and received honorable discharge or release under honorable conditions has basic eligibility for VA healthcare. Those who served after 1980 must have served 24 months active duty to be eligible. More Questions on this topic? Ask it here http://www.hadit.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1357 Top 2. How do I apply? A quick and easy application form is available at any VA facility or
  5. My Dad just received his Brown Envelope and he was DENIED FOR EVERYTHING. He has Asbestiosis, Sleep Apnea, Pulmonary Hypertension and Cluster Headaches. He was told that the Asbestos was caused by his job that he did when after he got out the Navy. He was told by his job when he filed a Worksmans Comp claim that his Asbestos was caused by the Navy. Tomorrow I will be going to his house to see the letter to begin doing an immediate Notice of Disagreement. We will be sending in the letter from the previous doctor's saying he got it from the Navy. The pulmonary hypertension and sleep apnea is sec
  6. I have HBP controlled by medication. I also have service connected recurrent kidney stones. Although I had many high vital sign readings documented in my service medical records, I was denied sc for hypertension because I was never diagnosed with the condition during active duty. Can it be possible for the hypertension to be a secondary condition to the renal problems? Trying to figure out my next course of action in response to a recent SOC.
  7. e-CFR Data is current as of December 11, 2007 Title 38: Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief PART 4—SCHEDULE FOR RATING DISABILITIES Subpart B—Disability Ratings The Respiratory System Browse Next § 4.96 Special provisions regarding evaluation of respiratory conditions. (a) Rating coexisting respiratory conditions. Ratings under diagnostic codes 6600 through 6817 and 6822 through 6847 will not be combined with each other. Where there is lung or pleural involvement, ratings under diagnostic codes 6819 and 6820 will not be combined with each other or with diagnost
  8. In Jan 05 when I had my stroke they quickly SC'ed it secondary to my SC hypertension and DMII. However, from the start they only awarded a 10 percent rating. DC 8008 plainly, in black and white, states "rate 100 percent for six months, then rate residuals min 10 percent". Now since they did not rate my claim at the 100 percent level are required by 38 CFR DC 8008 is this CUE. I think it is as it is a violation of a regulation. There was no question on medical evidence and they did SC it - they just plain out did not provide the six months at 100 percent as required. In providing me the 1
  9. For information purposes here is an article from the Michigan Overseas Veteran newspaper. Hypertension and Herbicides Exposure by Dan Crocker VFW Service Officer. The National Academy of Sciences announced recently, after an extensive review of studies and medical literature published since 2004, hypertension satisfied the "limited or suggestive evidence of an association" for those exposed to herbicides while servind in Vietnam. In addition, AL amyloidosis, a rare condition, was also found to have a limited or suggestive association to exposure to herbicides. Previously, the VA has accepte
  10. Hi, I have one questions here, I get 10% for hypertension and 10% for anxiety. I believe the hypertension is caused by my anxiety because when i take my BP readings there low at home. My question is, is it better for me to keep 2 seperate ratings or to get the hypertension one combined with the anxiety one, and if i do get them combined what would my precentage then become, meaning would anxiety go up to 20% or stay at 10%?
  11. Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if I could get some advice here. I'm currenlty 20% disabled, 10 for hypertension and 10 for generlized anxiety disorder. Anyways I got out of Service in September of 2006 and filed a cliam for anxiety and hypertension, in may I received the letter of rating for 20%, But since I got out of service my panic attacks and anxiety symptoms have increased, and It really hard to look for a job that I can do. Right now its getting hard for me to leave the house, let alone work due to panic/anxiety. I also have ed due to the anxiety/panic. Can that be added on
  12. Hi, Just a follow up on my re-open file case: Tinnitus & OSA(Sleep Apnea) - Secondary to DM-II & Hypertension=>AO.. Originally submitted about 4 months ago. This past week, I received a letter stating what they have so far which includes all med. records, etc. They have it all, took the OSA(pulmonary/CPAP) lab testing also. Have not heard anything about Tinnitus exam, though. Meantime, I went ahead and sent to VARO the VCAA Notice Response indicating that I have no other information or further evdence. It also stated "Please decide my claim as soon as possible" from the portio
  13. Just did C & Ps for hearing + tininitis, bilateral neuropathy(feet), DM-II upgrade from 20% to ??? My Freedom of Info looks good for hearing + tininitis (any idea what % that draws?), hypertension & assoc heart disease as 2ndary to DM-II, and--at long last--PN also associated with diabetes. Currently rated total of 20%. Now for the YIKES !!! with bit of background first: - Finally located heavy combat stressors and filed w/PTSD crap thru my SO. - Also filed solid Pes Planus claim (pes planus noted on my join-up physical) via my SO - A Soc Sec law judge found fully for me as of
  14. My husband had a stress test last month, it states " A trace of Hypertension Heart Disease" We seen his VA primary Dr. for the 2nd time since he has been rated 100%, we talked about this during that appointment. He said nothing to worry about. John does not have high blood presure. Sometimes at rest it gets low. Two days later I called and ask for a referal to see a Cardioligist. Yesterday we got a letter from him stating not at this time. Question Are you allowed to see a doctor if you request it? Can the primary so no? and What can we do about this? I wanted to complain to th
  15. Hi to All, Someting happened a few weeks ago. I will try to be brief. 3 weeks ago I went to the VA ER because I was dizzy and fell hurting my shoulder. The ER Doc said it was dehydration and I injured the muscle in my arm. I went for a followup and my VA DR said because of some blood reading it couldnt have been dehydration but was renal failure casued by long term Hypertension and DMII. and that I became dizzy because I was prescribed Terazosin ( for blood pressure and frequent urination) apparently it takes a few weeks of taking this drug for this not to happen I am being schedule
  16. . 06-2268 withers.268.wpd -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Search Terms: AGENT ORANGE HYPERTENSION -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Designated for electronic publication only UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR VETERANS CLAIMS No. 06-2268 Eugene Withers, Appellant, v. Gordon H. Mansfield, Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Appellee. Before IVERS, Judge. MEMORANDUM DECISION Note: Pursuant to U.S. Vet. App. R. 30(a), this action may not be cited as
  17. AGENT ORANGE and HYPERTENSION DIC case http://search.vetapp.gov/isysquery/704abf8...9138f843/4/doc/
  18. I am starting to work on getting service connected again.This time I intend to be as informed I can and submit a solid claim.I am getting a pension from va. I have three Questions please. 1)Can I re-open this claim if I have new and convincing evidence,or since I did not appeal will I have to re-file? 2)Will I have the date of protection they speak of or no because I did not appeal? 3) Is there anyway I can find out if in fact the va ever did get my records?I HAVE CONTACTED ST. LOUIS AND THEY TELL ME THEY HAVE MY RECORDS SO I SHALL SEE. I filed a claim in Feb 2000 and it was deni
  19. Hi, #1. My NOD-Appeal status: It's been 5 five months since I hand delivered my NOD(Hypertension=>secondary to DMII; AO) in Oakland- VARO. He date stamped my front letter. Been calling every 30 days just to check in, and it's been the same reasoning that my appeal is in the system. Sorry we are backlogged, overloaded, & bla bla bla..Okay, that's fine! I have never received a VA confirmation letter that they have my appeal-NOD in their system, etc.. Today(10/19//07), I called in, and my call was diverted to the Utah office. This rep was very helpful but he informed me that there w
  20. Hi everyone, Haven't posted or been on site for months, because my computer crashed and had to save up to get another. My husband's VA doctor refused to put in writing that his obesity, is the cause of his diabetes, hypertension, heart, etc. after telling him that his obesity is the cause of his medical problems. He told him that the VA will not allow him to put in writing that obesity is the cause of his medical problems. However, he said that he is allow to tell him that these are risk factors associated with diabetes. My question is what does this mean and can my husband use th
  21. I was diagnosed with hypertension sec to DB2 in March of 05 but rated as non-compresensable. Does that mean 0% Also I filed a NOD for my heart condition and was granted 60% in 06 but they still did not break out the hypertension for a rate. Did I have to ask for that? Thanks, Stillhere
  22. Thanks to everyone for all your help on this site. I am getting ready to submit a claim for my appeal for hypertension as secondary to diabetes and am wondering if anyone knows of any favorable court cases. I have tried to do a search for BVA decisions but have not had any luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ruffcreek
  23. The only AO Thailand vet who I am aware of got an AO award in 1995 due to exposure to AO in Thailand-which VA sibsequently tried to take away from him- and then they restored the award: http://www.va.gov/vetapp04/files2/0418252.txt This case show sht eproof that avet needs to succed and I think I sent this to Kurt before (he is member here I think) and will send it again- If anyone can offer some research help or support to him- his email addy is in the letter. "Hello to All Veterans, I would like a brief moment to introduce myself. My name is Kurt Priessman I am a retired Air
  24. I am a Vietnam Veteran 1967-1968. I served with the Mobile Riverine Force TF 117 in the Mekong Delta ,serving in conjunction with the 9th Infantry Division . I am Disabled have type 2 Diabetes , Neuropathy , tinnitis , and have had prostate Cancer . I also have Hypertension which the VA will not recognise . I live in massachusetts . I am glad I found this group as there is a wealth of information here . I want to thank all of you for your service and to all Vietnam Veterans "WELCOME HOME" .
  25. Berta, I have a challenge. I am helping a fellow Vet whpo has had Surgury for prostrate Cancer. He also has Hypertension, ( Since Service) PTSD, and wort of all an Anurysm ( SECONDARY TO HTN) I am doing the documets for him and walking him through the system. He has the boots on the ground in Viet Nam as the record says he made numerous trips to Denang to retrieve Dead Bodies to put in the reefer on board the ship. Thus his PTSD claim. Under Nehmer, What should the effective dates be for the Cancer, PTSD and Hypertension. The Anyurysm should be 100 percent as it is measured very
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