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  1. While on active duty in the late 80's, I had 2 injuries, one a back injury with severe muscle spasms in which the doctor precribed 5 days of bed rest. This problem was flared up several times while on active duty. I haven't seen my SMR since the 80's so I really don't know what's in them! Also, I fractured my right ankle but it was treated as a sprain and for 8 months I walked and ran(including 2 PT runs) around with pain until it was discovered and properly treated with a leg cast for several weeks. I started having severe pain in my knees just before getting out of the service and noted it i
  2. Morning all... I just got off the phone with my DAV Rep who called to tell me my claim had been decided!!!! I had applied for an increase for Adjustment Disorder W/Depressed Mood, Hypertension, Arthritis, and IU, in addition to the 50% rating I already have. He said my Adjustment Disorder was rated at 70%, Hypertension Denied, Arthritis Denied, and IU GRANTED. He also said I would get Education Benefits for children and the IU would be P&T. I have mixed feelings but at least I can end this fight and TRY to enjoy whats left of my life. I can't say how much of a help this s
  3. I am a Viet Nam combat vet who served in V.N. during the late 60's. I have a 60% combined rating from tinnitus, PTSD, and diabetes type II. In 2006 I submitted a claim for hypertension as secondary to diabetes and was denied. I hope I am not enclosing too much information but am looking for some advice and want to include as much information as possible. REASONS FOR DECISION From the VA (January, 2007) We have denied service connection for hypertension as secondary to the service-connected disability of diabetes mellitus, type 2 with dietary restrictions.
  4. I had a doctor come thru and write an IMO for me, I think it will be a great peice of evidence to get the VARO off the dime and grant the claim in my favor, this doctor can NOT be dismissed as an intern that does not know what they are talking about. your opinions I am putting in the summary and conclusions. SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS In my opinion Michael Bailey's hypertension and early onset of arteriosclerotic heart disease is more likely than not caused, or at least severely aggravated, by his service- connected PTSD. The VA center where Michael obtains care does not let ind
  5. Was on Lisinopril for Hypertension. Around Nov of 2006 I got the flu and clogged all up. It never seemed to go away though. I had daily sinus distress, with constant blowing and running. My left sinus was completely blocked for almost 7 months. I had to breath out of my mouth, it was horrible. I was scoped into my nose several times and had several CT scans. They said everything was swelled up and they gave me steroids, and nasal sprays, and had me squirting solutions of stuff into my nose. It was a horrible time. I had asked before about my meds as my Lisinopril dosage had been incre
  6. Hi, Need advice.. I have two files w/ VA @ the moment: 1. NOD for "Hypertension"(from AO long term effect). I was approved 40% SC for "DMII" 2. I also have an Evaluation of service connected disability rating for "Tinnitus" & "Sleep Apnea" I was informed by VARO service rep. that is was okay to submit both claims. Been 3 months now. Questions: >Does NOD have priority over Eval(reopening of my file for SC disability rating)? Called in last week, all they said was both claims are entered in their system. >How can I acquire a more detailed information or status of my cla
  7. One of my friends had hypertension diagnosed and treated while in service, and was treated after discharge, with some lapses in treatment because he couldn't afford the medical care and medication. He can't prove he had treatment within a year after discharge, or for several years following because the doctor died who treated him and the records are missing. He does have proof of ongoing treatment for the past 30 years. He has taken large doses of medications to control it and has had major complications related to it: CAD, blood clots (pulmonary embolism, DVT, and intestinal), heart attack, a
  8. Last year I submitted a claim for hypertension as secondary to the service connected disability of diabetes mellitus, type 2 with dietary restrictions. The claim was denied. In the reasons for decision the VA examiner stated he feels my hypertension is most likely ESSENTAIL IN NATURE. Could someone tell me what "essential in nature" means? Thanks, Ruffcreek
  9. I am seeing a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist. I have an open claim for 50% working on TD. The Psychiatrist wrote "Mr. ******** has been under my care for long history of mood disorder and has been complaint with his treatment. He has been suffering from depression and anxiety in addition to his physical condition related to chronic back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis and hypertension. He seems to be unable to hold any gainful employment. Signed, Staff Psychiatrist. I did not use this because you all said the VA would deny because she add back, neck pain which I am not connected f
  10. Does anyone know of links, (previous cases) where the vet is connected for Major Depressive Disorder and linked to hypertension, back and neck problems or something like that?
  11. Lets say a veteran files several claims in 1994. One was for Hypertension. He was scheduled for a C@P exam without service records. ( Were not found until 1998) At the Exam the Veteran was diagnosed with Hypertension. The record show several high blood pressure readings in service with compensable levels yet the claim was denied for lack of records. Also denied a reopen in 2000 stating service records were negative for any mention of hypertension. What would the effective date be: Where is the CUE in this? Reopen was successful in 2003 with that being the award date.
  12. Had two c&p's today. The first was with a general medicine doctor for hypertension . As expected , Don't think that went well at all. The second was with a neuroligist for stroke. After a few questions and a short exam. He picked up his phone and in my presents dictated his report to the houston regional office. . The main jist being " His stroke is least as likly as not related to his treatment for throat cancer due to radation therapy" Where might i find the rating critera for stroke and neuropathy ?
  13. Yesterday I posted here somewhere: http://www.va.gov/vetapp05/files2/0509919.txt The claim was based on getting SC for stroke residuals. The veterans had established his CAD and HBP etc were service connected but this claim was for residuals of a stroke that he claimed resulted from the SC conditions. The BVA made this point: "2. Medical literature establishes that diseases for which the veteran has been granted service connection, including hypertension, coronary artery disease with a history of myocardial infarction, cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure, are ma
  14. Hello all- I just saw this forum and wanted to intro myself. I have been reading these boards for a while but just recently started posting. I am a US Army Vet (84-91) and can honestly say I still miss the Army and all my brothers. I was in the Intelligence Corp (insert jokes here ) and spent most of my time at Ft. Devens, MA, Ft Hood, TX, and USAFS Sinop Turkey. I am presently 50% SC for lumbar strain, degenerative disk disease, and arthritis in my knees. I have been diagnosed with depression, and Hypertension recently and am in the middle of a claim process and have filed for IU.
  15. Just got results back from sleep study and confirmed diagnoses of sleep apnea mild-moderate getting fitted for c=pap machine Friday. I wonder why there is no mention in the dB2 training letter about sleep apnea caused by diabetes, or am I just missing it. Seems to be a ton of stuff on the web about how diabetes and hypertension both are nexus with sleep apnea. Am I going to have any trouble claiming sleep apnea after I get the full sheet and machine? Thanks for all your help in the past and for the future. Stillhere
  16. Hello fellow vets, As adviced by a VN Vet in Y2004, didn't realized that I was qualified for compensation due to my AO exposure which affected my health for decades now. Was too tied up w/ career, family, & others. So, I began... Campaign tour: 1966-1967 in the VN central highlands. 4th Inf. Div; Combat Engr. & Infantry support. Was exposed to AO(fields, missions, LZ's, base camp & outside perimeter burning, etc). >40% SC due to DM-II >Now appealing for my Hypertension which i've had for few decades now. Scratching my head on this one why denied originally? Additio
  17. I am presently 50% SC for low back and knee issues. I have been taking Oxycodone for the past 5 years for pain and have now been put on Fentanyl patches (25 mcg/hr). In February I was sent to MHC by by PCP and was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and had a GAF of 47. I was put on Citalopram and Temezpam by the shrink. I have not worked since Jan 2007 when the pain became unmanageable. I had a C&P on 14 Aug and the shrink said "all the depression is directly related to the back and pain issues" and the second doc I saw said basically it would be a premanent thing but meds would help
  18. Why IMO "is" being rejected? I had a new PCP assigned recently. According to my records, a pain level of "1" was entered without asking me what level I was experiencing. "No pain" was also entered, and the Dr stated, "sustained action opoid medication no longer needed". He said I would have to get "all" my pain meds from the local Dr from now on & pay for it myself. He commented verbally, that's what happens when you go "outside" the VA for medical opinions & pain medication. He than accused me of trying to double up on two completely different pain prescrptions, in the
  19. Greetings It’s been a well since I posted but it nice to be back. Well, I got the dreadful four ailments that I've tried my best to avoid. • Hep-C (20%) I failed three treatment sessions. Recent claim denied for increase. • Hypertension (10%) I take four types of meds for this. • Sleep Apnea (50%) Using CPAC over four years. • Diabetes Mellitus (not rated) just start taking Metformin last week. Question: Can my Diabetes Mellitus be linked to anyone of the other dreadful diseases or all linked to Agent Orange or what? I served 30 years starting in 1969 until 1999. TDY to
  20. My surgeon said my preop and post op diagnoses of triple bypass - coronary artery disease is: Severe Coronary Artery Disease and angina pectoris. The C&P examinor said my METS were 2-3. Also work, chores, shopping, etc were all severe. And hypertension and CAD most likely caused by DMII. RVN '68 - '69. I am presently 60%. Two heart attacks, one stent replacement (that failed)(on active duty) and triple bypass within a year after being released from active duty. I am working because I have too! Does anyone have an idea if this will be a rate increase? Thanks. Jerry
  21. Don't know if anyone has posted this yet. pr http://www.military.com/veterans-report/ag...to-hypertension
  22. http://vawatchdog.org/07/nf07/nfJUL07/nf072807-1.htm "INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE RELEASES LATEST REPORT ON VETERANS AND AGENT ORANGE -- Says AO exposure may boost hypertension and heart disease, but committee divided on some cancer risks. Read full report" the full report is at Watchdog- have not had time to read it yet- I would think that heart disease will be on the AO list in our lifetime---- although many disabilities might never be associted to AO- that list sure has grown in the past 2 decades- It would be very good news but very costly for VA to have heart disease
  23. At 2am, I sent a request asking the VA how to proceed with notes from a VA pulmonary Specialist. I got the notes yeaterday. For 3 years I have claimed Phrenic Nerve Paralysis secondary to cervical spine along with pulmonary Hypertension, Sleep Apnea. Well Just last week, A Pulmonary Specialist looked at the latest MRI and stated in the notes that the diaphragm paralysis is likely secondary to moderate to severe narrowing of the cervical spine c3 to c5. I sent this to the VA this morning with a 21-4138 stating that I have several issues on appeal. Pulmonary Hypertension associated wit
  24. I currently have a 10% rating for "Insomnia". Along with my other sc'ed disabilities (hypertension, GERD, DDD/DJD, etc.., I am at 50% right now. I had a sleep study performed in service which showed very mild apnea. In my rating decision for Insomnia, it states I was diagnosed with a very mild sleep apnea which did not require treatment. I have been having more sleep problems lately. Had a new sleep study performed last night at the VA hospital. They said it would be 2-3 weeks before the official word and the Dr to look it over but the sleep technician said that it looks like I have a
  25. I'm helping a veteran who was treated for hypertension in service (on medication). Several years after discharge, he had multiple episodes of blood clots, one of which was a pulmonary embolism that damaged/scarred his lung. Later, he was diagnosed with COPD with emphysema--many years after service and after stopping smoking (started with military-provided cigs). The veteran says he had several different tests to rule out known blood disorders that could cause the abnormal clotting, and all of them were ruled out. One of his private doctors told him (only verbally...and the doctor is dead now)
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