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  1. email From Colonel Dan and also Army Times: Vets blast SHAD study Survey left out many sailors involved in chemical weapons tests, group says By Chris Amos - Staff writer Posted : Thursday Jul 5, 2007 6:29:56 EDT http://www.navytimes.com/news/2007/07/navy...dtests_070704w/ A group of Navy veterans says that findings from a study of the health effects of at-sea biological and chemical weapons testing on thousands of sailors 40 years ago are flawed because the study ignored those with the highest levels of exposure. The $3 million study, paid for by the Department of Veterans Af
  2. All, received my packet from the VA today. They awarded PTSD in my case at 30 percent deferring sinuses, migraines and hypertension. My GAF at the C&P was a 50 but he concurred with PTSD. I am not sure this is the proper award or not. Would like to hear from others. Award date is back to Aug 30, 2006 when I applied.
  3. My name is Elliott, On my final physical the doctor stated that I have border line hypertension after 3 readings, but on my VA physical after discharge my blood pressure was normal and did not manifiest until a year later. how can I get the VA to pay me disability for this, I have been and currently are on blood pressure medication.
  4. All, today I received a brown envelope from the VA. I thought perhaps that it was the approval of my PTSD claim. It was not. In it was an additional VCAA letter stating that they needed additional information for my additional claims of Hypertension, Migraines and Sinus Problems. Now here is the kicker. Apparently when I left the army I filed for VA comp for a Deviated septum. I had completely forgotten this until I received it today. The wording of this letter says in part, "You were previously denied service connection because the evidence did not show a relationship between the disabili
  5. Hi Everyone, As you know in topic filing for increase I stated the following: 13. Hypertensive Heart Disease - Secondary to Hypertension. This report was done on 5/18/05 but we cannot understand what they are saying about this even though they devoted a whole page to it. Would like to put this down for increase just in case. Also, they said on 5/26/05 that an Echo Report was sent to him and they state that patient is scheduled to RTC in 6M, whatever RTC means we don't know. In 4/20/2005 VA report states "EKG done: NS with occasional premature VEN Complex otherwise Normal EKG." His Hyp
  6. Well went ot the CP today and exam dr did not even have me take off my clothes! (damn she was cute too!) Anyhow she just said it was a slam dunk for my heart and diabetes and the VA just were looking to confirm. Hell I was trying to get an increase for my hypertension and PN but when ever I started talking she just cut me off! 10 minutes and I am out of there. OH she did look at my scans from my cardio dr and said there is no question there. Don't know what that meant so now what do I do, put in another request for increase for Hypertension and PN or just wait and see what the VA comes back on
  7. I am connected for 50% MDD, 10% tinnitus and 0%hearinf loss. I have applied for 100% Unemployability and have been turned down. I sent in a NOD and have not received an answer. Will this letter from my Psychiatrist help me? How should I handle this, wait for an answer or mail it in now? Mr. ******** has been under my care for long history of mood disorder and has been complaint with his treatment. He has been suffering from depression and anxiety in addition to his physical condition related to chronic back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis and hypertension. He seems to be unable to
  8. I put in for an increase in April and got the usual letter 60 days later about they are working my claim. Today I get a phone message about a appointment for exam on July 2nd. I have had two heart surgery in the past two years and while I have no problem taking an exam I really do not fell confortable doing a treadmill exam with them! Last time I had to almost show the tech which side of the stethesscope to use. can I just take my paper work and the treatment records from my cardio dr and give that to them? I am also going to ask for an increase in my hypertension which is finally controled
  9. I have 60%heart,20% db2 pn 20% total 100% comped at 70% I got the 60% for heart secondary to DB2 by a having A. heart attack and B. private cardio dr. letter. I put in for an increase for hypertension and pn and also had another stent placed in March. My question after reading a few of the horror stories about QTC do I have any chance they will reduce or drop the connection between the DB2 and my heart disease? Anyone have this happen to them? I worked very hard thru appeals to get this where it is today and just wondered if I should drop this all together. I know my PN is worse and is
  10. The Death Certificate reads under "cause of death" a. uncontrolled seizures b. CVA (which means stroke) c. Hypertension Under Part II "other significant conditions contributing to death, but not resulting in the underlying cause, acute renal failure, IDDM (Insulin Sependent Diabetes, ASCVD (cardiovascular Disease), PTSD. This veteran was service connected for 20% Diabetes, 100% PTSD, 30% Liver Cirrohis, the seizures started shortly after the liver problems were found...he was a drinker up until then, but the VA had been prescribing Klonopin for anxiety and even doubled it before I told h
  11. Hi everyone, As many of you know my husband has a service connected left knee injury and gets 60%. However, since knee injury his medical records from both VA and private doctor states that he has Osteoarthritic changes which is secondary to his left knee injury. He has never asked for an increase for secondary Osteoarthritic changes and wants to do so now. My question is he has other conditions thats associated with arthritis and not associated with arthrits. He has medical records to prove all of them, but how do you think they will rate him and what is SC or secondary. These are
  12. Has anyone had success with sleep apnea secondary to Diabetes 2, hypertension, or a relationship with Agent Orange? I saw where someone was using the approach that Agent Orange causes weight gain which resulted in diabetes, sleep apnea. Another was attempting the approach that Agent Orange caused the insulin problem that caused Diabetes 2, the same insulin problem caused sleep apnea. Thank you, don@kentuckyvets.com www.kentuckyvets.com
  13. Just received information from the VA that they have all the information they need for my PTSD claim and have sent my "complete" packet to the Rating Teams. I was told to expect a decision by August 2007. I dont know how that tracks with others on this board, but was once again told that my claim process seems to be progressing better than a majority of the claims. Berta, I see that you talk quite a bit about secondary claims. I know from your posting a BVA decision (as least I think it was you) that Hypertension may be related to PTSD. My additional claims are for Hypertension, Migraines
  14. fwd.... PRE-PROGRAMMED “FALSE STATEMENTS” ON VETERANS’ VA “MEDICAL RECORD PROGRESS NOTES” ARE OR COULD BE USED TO “DENY” THEIR VA CLAIMS “PRE-PROGRAMMED FALSE STATEMENTS” on Veterans computerized “Medical Record Progress Notes” that are intentionally or unintentionally not corrected to describe the Veteran-patient’s true medical condition or its “residuals,” are or could be used as a “bases to deny” Veterans’ service-connected and non-service connected disability claims, federal tort claims, and social security disability insurance claims, among other things. “FALSE STATEMENTS” ARE
  15. in 2000, i left active duty and filed a va claim. in apr 2001 i join a reserve unit. in oct 01, va denies my claim for depression, allergies, tmj and hypertension because they say i was in possession of my medical records. it wasn't true because i assume that my unit had them or was trying to get them. being young ,dumb and uninformed i let it go. fast forward to jun 03, after completing 6 months of being mobilized with my unit and being diagnosed with adjustment disorder, anaphalyxis to cats(allergies on a deadly scale) and asthma. lo and behold my medical records that were missing and that
  16. Hi everyone, As many of you know my husband has a service connected left knee injury which he got in 1954. Even though he originally filed a claim in 1958 that VA lost and which is presently under appeal, he also filed another one in Connecticut in 1983 which they are trying to say that this is his original claim because they do not have 1j958 claim. He has chronic pain for his left knee injury and in January of this year he has been fitted for a knee brace because of his constant falling down. However in 1983 his VA Medical Certificate list his Blood Pressure at 150/100. In the latt
  17. I got an email from my AMVET rep. He told me the following "have received your VA file folder and will tell you that there is little that I can do in the way of helping. After reading your presentations and your development of evidence, you could be doing my job. I will tell you that the appeal that you had denied is now closed because the VA Form 9 needed to formalize the claim was not sent in by April 23, 2007. You do have a claim currently pending for evaluation of the right knee, left knee, right ankle, L2-3/L3-4 Disc herniation, Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease L5-S1 and medical
  18. fwd: This article was written and published in 1988. Specific information concerning staff and services may have changed since that time, however, as you will see upon reading the article, the content is as pertinent today as when the article was written. Post-traumatic Headaches: Subtypes and Behavioral Treatments Thomas Bennett Chronic, recurrent headache commonly follows head injury, and interestingly, it is seen more often in individuals who have experienced minor head trauma than in those more seriously injured. I will describe subtypes and behavioral treatments of the
  19. Secondary claims of service connection arise out of a service connected disability causing an additional ratable disability. Veterans should not hesitate to claim direct service connection as well as secondary service connection for many additional disabilities. For example: Medication used to treat a SC disability could cause secondary disability. Wanner V. Principi. Mr. Wanner was a WWII vet who had service connected tuberculosis. The meds he received for the TB caused a hearing loss. The hearing loss was service connected. Secondary due to aggravation of a SC disability- Dy
  20. We have discussed this together and have decided that we should share the entire award with the Hadit Fambly. Because there were many many issues on this claim we feel we should limit the topics to one at a time. We will need your advise but we will need to stay organized so we can continue to work this claim. We feel that there will be changes coming in benefits over the next few years, and although the award is 100% TDIU- the disability percentage is not. Sooo with this in mind we will be continuing to work the claims for increases in the ratings. We hope we can all learn from this as
  21. I was recently diagnosed at KC MO VA hospital for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD) and a subsequent sleep study for sleep apnea (sp). I was provided inhalers that I use four times a day. I have been out of the Army less than a year. I still have a claim pending for MI, hypertension, neuropathy, ED, and increase in PTSD. If sleep apnea is diagnosed as being what they suspect and I am provided a sleeping/breathing device do I still file for a claim for increase in disability? Also, should I wait until my outstanding claim is adjudicated before I file a new one? Prior to ent
  22. My husband I have been reading this board since Oct 7th (we joined Nov 06). And have learned so much information. We have followed the ideas and advice from here with some success and am grateful for all the wonderful people that dedicate so much of their time and energy to help other vets. Thank you. My husband is a Vietnam Vet and when we were at friends funeral (he was a Vietnam Vetage 59) his widow informed us of the Va's benefits and encouraged us to file. Most importantly she brought us to Hadit. My husband filed Oct 13th. We were notified on Feb.21 by his SO that he was awarded 6
  23. I just got a call from my doctor's office. Over the past seven years he has treated me for hypertension, frequesnt nighttime urination, GERD, and have complained to him about lack of sleep on many occasions. He says that my sleep apnea is due to my weight gain since I retired (primarily in the last year) and will not write a letter. All those things he has been treating me for are signs of sleep apnea. I have to go seem him for another matter Monday and am going to have a talk with him personally.
  24. Someone here was denied HBP due ti a change in VA "policy" I think their denial said- In 2004 the HBP regs did change- they had a decision that referred to VA policy as SCing HBP only if it was due to diabetic neuropathy- The change to the reg states: "k. Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension. When a veteran is service connected for diabetes mellitus and diabetic nephropathy, and has a diagnosis of hypertension, review the medical evidence and determine when the hypertension was diagnosed relative to the diabetic nephropathy. Then: (1) If the medical evidence shows th
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