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  1. Hi Friends, This is my first C&P examination. Perhaps someone can learn from my mistakes. Thanks as always, Josephine TITLE COMPENSATION & PENSION EXAM AUTHOR M, C OCT 18, 2004 REVIEW OF MEDICAL RECORDS: The Veteran’s claims File was reviewed. MEDICAL HISTORY: Mrs. __ is a 60-year old married white female in military service from March 1963 to May 1964. Medical problems include a history of TIA, hypertension, rheumatic heart disease, hypothyroidism, orthostatic hypotension, and inner ear problems. PSYCHIATRIC HISTORY: the veteran was seen today regarding possi
  2. dav called today told me that I went from 50% to 70% and awarded iu. 70% effect date is in july and the iu effective date is in aug i well be appealing the effective date for the increase to 70%. so the dav says merry x-mas and alot bs after that and the only thing I said was when i see it in writing I will believe it got to go my kids need me an hung up. I had doc appt with my va shrink today and also a full physical done blood work and so on. I was told I have hypertension blood pressure very high they put me on meds for it. my question is can the hypertension be secondery condition t
  3. Im 20% for hypertensions but should be at 40%. Anyways, started out on 10 mg Lisinopril, then bumped to 20 mg lisinopril for a few month. Neither of these levels even got m below 90. and most the time I was running 110-120 while on it. Last week got bumped up to 30mg lisinopril. Same results. Now jusy got bumped up to 40 MG lisinopril and some water pill to go with it. This level actuall makes a difference. 5 hours after I take it it will have me below 90 (for the first time), BUT, either later than night or the nezt morning, it is back up to 100-110 before I take my meds. I k
  4. Has anyone ever gotton a NSC condition connected for the Aggrevation of a SC condition? I have fiiled for a Lung condition with Pulmonary hypertension as aggravating a heart condition. Basically it should be a no brainer but I forget who we are dealing with.
  5. Am I wrong? Did the BVA accept the word of this Internist for treating Anxiety and Depression? Why did the R. O turn him down? Citation Nr: 0501517 Decision Date: 01/19/05 Archive Date: 02/07/05 DOCKET NO. 04-04 560 ) DATE ) ) On appeal from the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office in Montgomery, Alabama THE ISSUES 1. Entitlement to a total disability rating for compensation purposes on the basis of individual unemployability (TDIU). 2. Entitlement to an increased evaluation for service- connected anxiety with depression, currently evaluated as 50 per
  6. Last week I posted the following: They sent me 5 questionaires Heart and Hypertension Respiratory Diabetes Genitourinary Neurologic Conditions I plan to answer as few as possible questions on each questionaire and have written see back. I plan to type up my history and everything I can and print it on the back of these forms. I had my C&P's yesterday.......... They doctor came out and introduced herself and said did you complete the questionaires and I said yes. I gave them to her. She said ok sit her it will be a half hour before I talk to you (this was a two hour sched
  7. From Ray B. Davis email received yesterday: I am surprised he said there are no "stays"- maybe he meant on claims filed prior to Haas? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Subject Blue water Navy presumption of exposure to Agent Orange: Writer question: Hi Ray, Any news on the appeal concerning the Haas Decision? S. Answer: Dear S., As of the current time the law concerning service in Vietnam for presumption of exposure to agent orange is governed by Haas v Nicholson. I have attached two cases, one BVA case and a Veterans Court cas
  8. When my brother retired in May 2006, he filed a claim for disability for his hand/joints and hypertension. During his C&P examination, the examiner said he did not need the medication for hypertension. He received a rating of 10 percent for his hand/joint. I am concerned because I will be retiring later next year and take medication for my heart (angio plasti/stent) and hypertension. My cardiologist stated I will always need the medication. My question is, can an examiner state I no longer need to take my medication duirng/after the examination? Is this normal behavior for an examiner?
  9. Recent MRI shows that I now have multiple lesions termed as "White matter disease" consistant with a person suffering from hypertension, and DMII. I am SC'ed for both hypertension and DMII. Is the WMD ratable and if so under what disability code? MY civilian Neuro says that based upon my symptoms, unsteady balance, short term memory loss etc..... I probably suffer from mild dementia. I thought that dementia was something you got from a psychiatric type problem and not brain injury type problems. Wife says that I have become a different person since my stroke. She says I have constant moo
  10. It took 1 year exactly but I finally got the big envelope. I should have received it 2 months ago but a clerical error was found that had to be fixed. Heres the official results. Essential Hypertension- 20% DJD/DDD lumbar spine- 10% Patellofemoral syndrome, right knee/post arthroscopy w/ clinical diagnosis chondromalacia 10% Irritable bowel syndrome 10% Gastroesophageal reflux disease w/ hiatal hernia 10% Insomnia 10% Bilateral planovalgus flat foot 0% Mild seasonal nasal allergies 0% external hemorrhoids 0% scar residuals, left face 0% scar residuals, right forearm/left knee 0
  11. I was typing up some info for the doc at my C&P next week and I decided to look at the rating schedules and I think I may have found myself another 60% this is what I typed up . I have had over seventeen Electro Shock Wave Lithotripsies (ESWL) as well as numerous basket retrievals on my left kidney. On 10/31/06 I had a KUB, which showed multiple large stones in my left kidney. On 11/16/2006 I had a renal scan conducted at the Ann Arbor VAMC which showed that my right kidney is filtering 68% of the blood and my left is filtering 32% of the blood. On 12/4/06 I had a renal ultrasound
  12. They sent me 5 questionaires Heart and Hypertension Respiratory Diabetes Genitourinary Neurologic Conditions What could be listed under Neurologic Conditions? Would Meniere's be considered Neurologic? Carpal Tunnel be considered Neurologic? What all could I list on the back. I plan to answer as few as possible questions on each questionaire and have written see back. I plan to type up my history and everything I can and print it on the back of these forms.
  13. This is an Independent Medical Opinion that i got. I would like to know what the experts think and how it can be better. I've been lurking on the board for about 9mts and was finally able to join. I would also like to get an idea of how the va might try to find ways on not connecting me. I am opening a claim for an increase for my left shoulder and a new claim for right shoulder secondary. Also i am opening a claim for my right knee pain due to service. He also diagnosed me with Hypertension due to my medical records and after service records. I just need your opinion an my chances for se
  14. Need direction on which to use, appeal, NOD or CUE on the following; 7999-7913 Hyperglycemia, Impaired Glucose Tolerance: 0% SC; VA doctor said I had Diabetes on my last visit but on all others it has been Hyperglycemia. VSO says I can get an increase because they have the Diabetes number included above. Which one should I file CUE, NOD or Appeal. 7101 Hypertension: 0% SC: I now am prescribed medicine for my Hypertension. Does this increase from 0% to 10%. There are too many or’s in the award lettering. Which one should I file if any. 5215 Residuals of Remote Left Wrist Sprain: Denied
  15. My husband filed a first-time claim in August (for DMII, hypertension), and he just got his C&P appointment dates. It looks like it is just tests the first appointment date(LAB and EKG), and the second appointment date says "SNAPP" - whatever that is. My husband is relatively healthy - all the conditions we are claiming are under good control with medications. I'm not sure I understand the point of the examination, or the testing. My husband can re-state the things we stated in his claim about the course of his diseases, but the tests are going to (or should, at least) show normal te
  16. I currently have a claim pending for "sleep problems" as an undiagnosised illness associated with Gulf War service. Symptoms began in 99. Had difficulity sleeping with muscle aches, pain, fatigue, frequent waking during the night and just plain feeling like a Mack truck had ran over me during the night upon waking in the morning. Military doctor gave diagnosis of possible Fibro and "sleep difficulties". Complained during retirement physical in 2000 of same things - poor sleep, muscle aches, joint pain same Mack truck feeling. Diagnosis given was possible GW Syndrome told to follow up with
  17. What does everyone think about a nurse practioner that gives the C&P exam. I had what they call C&P for sleep apnea, heart problems including hypertension, gastreal reflux disease or gerd with hiatial hernia. All of these I secondaried to my PTSD claim. Well they blasted me on the secondary claims and hit a home run with the PTSD claim. The PTSD was done by a qualified psychologist and the others were done by a FNP (nurse practioner) who said that none of them were related. (WTF) I had other evidence that said they were but, this guy at the end of his statement said he had researched i
  18. Well had ALJ hearing in September and was denied ..The judge wenty through records of the last 2 and half years and stated bits and pieces about records.. Most of this stuff she quoted was from 2004. Not from current medical records. I had depression hearing April 2005 by my VAMC and they said GAF was 55. I also have degenerative arthritis of knees, benign hypertension, Bi lateral ulnar nerve neuropathy, allergic rhitinis, anemia and sleep apnea. She the judge said that in her opinion with my age (43) and education(AAS degree) that I am (not)disabled. Whoa .... What next
  19. We got a copy of the N.P.s record who performed the C&P on my husband last month. Her diagnosis is: DMII Lower extremity Peripheral Neuropathy Coronary Artery Disease Hypertension ED she deferred the Hearing and Tinnitis, my husband just had hearing tested at the VA a few months ago. Shows hearing loss to sound and speaking tones. The VA says no connection, Dr. Bash says yes. She did not give Peripheral Neuropathy for the hands, but made a note in the record that my husband complained about loss of strentgh in his hands and pain radiating from the hands into the elbows. Dr.
  20. I do have a VSO and currently rated at 50% SC for 20% Lumbosacroal Strain 10% Hiatal Hernia including GERD 20% Raiculopathy, left arm as secondary to(10% Cervical spondylosis & Foraminal Stenosis C5-C6) 0% Carpal Tunnel Syndrom Right and Left 0% Allergic Rhinitis 10% Hypertension - Carpal Tunnel I had an EMG test consistent with carpal tunnel syndrome and another study showing carpal tunnel, I've been though theorapy and given a brace for this but it doesn't help. However, the C&P Person keeps saying I have a negative tinel and phalen results which is not true I told
  21. Hi guys, the below is a draft of a IMO that my sleep doctor provided to me for review. It looks good to me but I would like for the experts to take a look at it and comment on it before I tell him it is ok. Thanks Ricky. LETTER HEAD Date: Subject: Medical Diagnosis, Treatment and Opinion Reference: Patient: xxxxx Ricky ssn DOB: Subjective Complaints: Mr. XXXX was seen in this office on __________ for sleep related problems. Mr. XXXX presented with complaints of inability to fall asleep accompanied with snoring and waking three to four times per nigh
  22. Hi All ; Not sure how to word this , but let me try. I have been diagnosed with , and am currently being treated and on meds for the following: - Emphysema - PTSD - Type 2 Diabetes - Hypertension I called a law firm specializing in SS Disability and explained all my problems to them , and was told that I definately qualify for SSD (I am 52 yrs old) HOWEVER , here is the problem - I am currently working - I do sedentary security work giving out visitor passes at a local hospital - but still use many sick days due to diabetic complications , mood disorders etc..Both my personal AND
  23. I went and picked up my results today for My C@P for Hypertension and Heart disease. The Examiner did everything according to the book and for the Hypertension, The opinion was most likely related and for the Heart disease it was as least as likely as not (even stated 50/50). Fastest C@P turn around I have seen. Less than 5 days from the exam to the RO. If only the decision was that fast.
  24. On May 31st I filed a Form 9, the box I do not want a BVA Hearing was checked. Also submitted with the form 9 was a statement in support which stated "Please be advised that I am submitting to you today a VA form 9 to protect my right to appeal those issues listed. I do not want this VA form 9 to supercede my request for a hearing with a DRO which is pending." The County VSO who helped me with it told only to list the items that were coming up on the one year mark and not the other items (I have filed multiple claims). Heart Disease and Depression were not listed on the form 9 or add
  25. For you Vets seeking SC for Hypertension, Here is a good BVA Cue. http://www.va.gov/vetapp05/files4/0523344.txt It clearly shows the Vet had numerous elevatd BP readings in service and also a Diagnosis.
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