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  1. Hi Everyone, I fired my attorney's a couple of month ago. I have always worked my own case but picked them up for the U.S. Court. We got a joint remand on the 4 issues but after it made it's way back to the RO they dropped the ball. They knew they did because I asked for them to walk away from a possible 14-year payout and they did. Not sure if I should work this myself, get a local service officer (Work with them), or get another attorney. Here is the quick (if that’s possible) update on my case. Joint remand issued at USCAVC in 2010 for increased ratings of both feet (Fracture
  2. Hello Everyone, My question is this. Can a surviving spouse of a non-service connected, decease Veteran receive DIC? If the Veteran could have been service connected for AO Exposure in Korea during the recognized years. The Veteran die of an unexpected heart attack. He had Hypertension and Diabetes too but, wasn't aware he could qualify before death. If the answer is yes. How would I prove he served in a particular unit eligible for SC. Be it assigned or attached to these units recognized by VA & DOD. The DD 214 states a unit but, this unit was scattered all over Korea? We don
  3. Went for a second c&p exam last week and I'm afraid it doesn't look good for me. Currently I'm 50% for PTSD and 10% for tinnitus. My first exam was back in '08 when I originally filed so I guess this exam was just a follow up. I'm an OIF 1 veteran if that makes a difference. Below are my exam notes. Review Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Disability Benefits Questionnaire SECTION I: 1. Diagnostic Summary Does the Veteran now have or has he/she ever been diagnosed with PTSD? [X] Yes[ ] No ICD Code: 309.81 2. Current Diagnoses a. Mental Disorder Diagnosis #1: PTSD ICD Code
  4. Retired Navy- Hearing Loss with aids-0% Tinnitus-Denied Back problems (4 items) 4 Vicodin a day, 2 30 mg morphine and 2 hr bed rest-denied Crushed hand in navy-10% Deviated Septum Navy with surgery (Tripler Army-Denied Hypertension-Meds issued by VA- Denied bad left ankle, broke before navy but was aggravated during service-Denied Mental problem with amount of drugs- VA Counselor Depression What am I doing wrong? Any help? They keep flooding me with paperwork and cannot keep up. Thanks Mark
  5. Well, just got home from C&P's...the first was audio for Tennitis. I already had rating for hearing loss , but rated at 0 pct. In that exam and rating tennitis was never mentioned. The exam today, they used some piece of equip. that they stuck in my ear and added pressure to a certain point. Then did the other ear. Have had half dozen hearing exams, never have had this test. Then into the booth with the headsets..about 10 words to repeat on each ear. Then tones at different levels only about 10 of those. Then about 3 tones on the bone induction. That was it. She then ask me what my job wa
  6. Many who come into this Forum often ask, "What is involved in my C&P?" Well, usually the person can call the number in the notice and ask what the C&P is to cover. Once known, the following could be of help. They are the worksheets showing what the examiner should be covering for that specific exam. I have also included at the bottom a couple of sites on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) that is not in the list, but might be of use to some. Here is the link so if the list ever gets outdated, you can access the link for the latest: http://www.vba.va.go...exams/index.htm Here is the li
  7. Hello everyone, i am a new veteran to the site. I have been here a few time for information and decided that I would like to be member. I was in the US Army for 15 years from 77 - 92. I am from Philadelphia and now reside in Alabama. I am currently SC 50% - Back, Right Knee and Hypertension. I really enjoy the information and camaraderie on this site.
  8. I applied for increase on my 30% PTSD in 08 after my breakdown. I was denied an increase. However, I just received my medical reports from my hospitalization and it looks like the RO ignored or didn't use the medical files from my hospitalization. Down below are some of the diagnosis that I have received. There are more but I think this might be enough to help answer my question. I'm not a doctor, but from what I have read the last couple of months, I was worse off than I was lead to believe. No doctors told me any of this stuff was serious. The doctor's would ask questions and I'd answer hone
  9. Good day all. I am new at this. I thank God for you, your acknowledge, success and your not giving up. I desperately need some direction on how to help my husband’s claim. He served in Vietnam. His appeal (PTSD) is located in the AMC in Washington, DC; he is represented there by VVA. I hate to say it but I know more information than the attorney. It was remanded in 2012. The AMC requested information from him at the end of Feb 2014, the info is already in his file. I still completed the form with the requested information and he now waits to hear a decision on his PTSD appeal cla
  10. Hey Everyone, So here is the deal. I was service connected for high blood pressure secondary to my service connected back, I.E. pain with an effective date of 2002. I was given an initial rating of 0%. So I appealed in 2004 (When they actually SC me) asking for 10% and that was denied. They did a ssoc in 2005 which included denying many issues outside of this issue including the HBP. I received a normal do you want to appeal document after the ssoc which is attached. I stated I was not satisfied with any of their decisions. After that I thought everything went to the BVA. I even
  11. When i left the army in 1995 after 12 yrs service i filed a claim for my back, my knee, gulf war illness, and my blood preasure. I was given 10% for the blood pressure 10% for my Chondromalacia Left Knee and 10% for (and this is the kicker) Low Back Pain with Menimal Degenerative Changes of Left Sacroiliac Joint and 0% for Gulf War Illness. 16 yrs later my chiropracter told me that my back was through and i needed to go back to the va. I told him i had all but given up on the va because of how i was treated back then. I did go back and had my back x-rayed and an MRI done to find out i have
  12. I am now 70% PTSD, 40% Fibro, 30% IBS, 10% tinntius = 90% getting 100%IU .....SSDI for PTSD Symptoms only I just had this C&P to bump my rating to 100% TDIU or P&T These are my results form my C&P anyone have any comments that would help me understand this .....He seems to rate me at 50%.....then all of the rest seems to lean towards a P&T rating LOCAL TITLE: C&P EXAM STANDARD TITLE: C & P EXAMINATION NOTE DATE OF NOTE: JAN 13, 2014@08:00 ENTRY DATE: JAN 14, 2014@11:46:23 AUTHOR: VAN PELT,DAVID M EXP COSIGNER: URGENCY: STATUS: COMPLETED CONFIDENTI
  13. Well glad this week is over. I had 5 QTC's since last Friday. Today was 3 back to back. I has PTSD, Heart, and HYPERTENSION. when I was seated they took my BP which was 177/97/78 then again 172/83/79 those was on the left arm then to the right arm, 171/85/76. I don't know how that going to play out. The Dr. who examine me for my IHD said I had a good heart, I asked how could that be with high BP, A STENT and a artery with more than 40% blockage. He said it sounds good, what a joke this was. Now on the PTSD the Psy Dr. I think did really well, ask some good questions, but nothing about the ev
  14. Hello, everyone out there! I have question maybe someone could answer. In Dec 1994 I was transferred to Japan to a new ship. Four months later I was removed from the ship because they told me they think I had a stroke. Well I was diagnosed with Atherosclerotic Ischemic heart disease. I was placed on light duty on the base, and then 5 months later they sent back to the states. They ran all sorts of tests on me and even sent me to a shrink. My problem is that as I was on my way to a medical appointment at Balboa hospital I got rear-ended by a truck about 4 blocks away from the hospital. My car d
  15. I am a Vietnam Veteran. I was referred to the site by my son-in-law's brother. I got interested in the sight because of the circumstance I find myself in and the volume of forums that address similiar situations. After serving three years on a four year enlistment, I re-enlisted in the waters of Vietnam. For that period of service, I received an Honorable discharge on 26 Jan 73 with a DD-214 showing this. My new enlistment, under the SCORE program started 27 Jan 73. Six months later, I was discharged with an Undesirable (OTH). I have tried many times to get this corrected without success
  16. Lost and confused... In the big bad VA world... Ask three people, get three different answers... This is a long post, but it wanted to be all inclusive On behalf of my Vietnam Veteran father, USAF, Decorated rescue helicopter pilot, 21 years... I ask the following series of questions, that I am unable to get a "clear" answer from any person on the other end of a phone at a VA call center or RO, or VSO. Sometimes I feel like I know more than they do?! Help....... He has been rated 100% SC P and T for 2 years for CAD, following placement of 3rd stint, after many years at combined rating 60%
  17. Hey Everyone, I had to share this one. So my case was sent back to the Hartford RO via a joint remand issued by the CAVC throwing out BVA and RO decisions prior. So 13 years later they give me increases for my neurological back issues (40% right leg, 20% left leg) which does nothing for me because I'm already 100% from 2009 and they ignored evidence of the record going back from 2009-2000. So no back pay. So it will be another 2-3 years hopefully to get a proper decision. Here is the kicker. One of my issues was an increase to 10% for hypertension. Everyone said I couldn't get
  18. I suspect we've fallen prey to the VA's well known practice of no news is bad news, and if they don't like one C & P examiner's opinion, just shop for another. Please tell me what you guys think, My husband underwent surgery in November 1992 to remove a pituitary brain tumor. He medically retired in August 1993 and filed for hypertension (HTN), secondary to the pituitary surgery which is service connected at 60%, because he undergoes hormone replacement therapy (Depo-testosterone by needle every two weeks) and has done so since November 1992. A known by-product from the use of testo
  19. Hi all. I finally got a copy of my PTSD C&P and was hoping that some of you that understand this stuff might be able to give me some guesses as to what percentage I am looking at. I highlighted the only problem that I seen with the report. The doctor wrote that I have panic attacks 3-4 times per week, which is correct and is all through my medical records, but then he checked the box for "Panic Attacks weekly or less often". Will the rater see this descrepancy and go with the correct info? Also, the doc states in several places (including G) that my conditon causes substantial impairme
  20. I think I am extremely lucky this evening that I was reading my e-benefits. Highlighted in yellow it stated that I may file for IU for one of my claims.(Hint,Hint) The cut off date was today. I quickly processed this through e-benefits. Before about 1 month ago I asked to have it deleted as they had put it in for my heart which was rated at 60%, not from all the hospital admissions due to my spine.(Had a spine fusion that has caused severe NP) The doctor wanted to do a VA rating exam, however it could have actually reduced the amount I was receiving. So, I put in for the correct disability eve
  21. What is and how is it applied “predominantly” and the means of VA’s process of determination. My Dec 2012 C&P Exam Page 4 stated a Diagnosis of Hypertension ICD code: 401.9 date of diagnosis: 1998 If indeed the medical officer had properly reviewed my service medical records it would have noted a far earlier date. In my (SMR) the date is 2.24.82 My Dec 2012 C&P Exam Page 4 stated item 6 Remarks if any that my EKG was done then and that I had no prior available for comparison. One can extapolate that the (C-File) was not present for a proper review by the medical doctor w
  22. http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=2790 Department of Veterans Affairs VHA DIRECTIVE 2012-025 Veterans Health Administration Washington, DC 20420 September 17, 2012 ACCEPTABLE CLINICAL EVIDENCE (ACE) TO SUPPORT THE COMPENSATION AND PENSION (C&P) DISABILITY EVALUATION PROCESS 1. PURPOSE: This Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Directive defines the policy for responding to requests from Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) for compensation and pension (C&P) disability evaluations and appropriate use of the Acceptable Clinical Evidence (AC
  23. Hello, I served 4 years in the USMC and got out in 2008. This last week, I finally went to the VA to fill out and submit a submission. I went through our state agency to help fill out the paperwork correctly which was very helpful. However, I am concerned that my delay in submission and lack of documentation will hurt my case. I rarely went to the sick call/doctor as part of the culture of being a USMC Officer was not to go. A lot of the items I am claiming are not documented, but are medical concerns I had and continue to have. Upon getting out, I was so focused on next steps in life
  24. My initital entry test for bp was 118/57 in 1998 Dec 3 1999 my bp was 161/65 Dec 27 1999 my bp was 171/67 May 5 2000 my by was 164/66 May 14 2000 my bp was 167/70 There was no prior high bp prior to military service I am currently prescribed medication by the vs and my personal Dr. For high bloop pressure. Is this e bough for compensation at 10%
  25. Im diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, major Depressive Disorder and my blood pressure seems to be high and no iM NOT on any blood pressure medicine. below has been my blood pressure readings here recently at the VA. any opinion would greatly appreciate it. 29 oct 13 157/93 25 nov 13 142/89 03 dec 13 132/81 10 dec 13 135/84
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