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  1. My initital entry test for bp was 118/57 in 1998 Dec 3 1999 my bp was 161/65 Dec 27 1999 my bp was 171/67 May 5 2000 my by was 164/66 May 14 2000 my bp was 167/70 There was no prior high bp prior to military service I am currently prescribed medication by the vs and my personal Dr. For high bloop pressure. Is this e bough for compensation at 10%
  2. Im diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, major Depressive Disorder and my blood pressure seems to be high and no iM NOT on any blood pressure medicine. below has been my blood pressure readings here recently at the VA. any opinion would greatly appreciate it. 29 oct 13 157/93 25 nov 13 142/89 03 dec 13 132/81 10 dec 13 135/84
  3. I had my C&P Exam for PTSD Increase 23 May 2013.. EBenefits moved from Gathering Information to preparation for Decision 31 May 2013. Current SC: 50% PTSD, 30% Migraines, 10% Hypertension, 10% sinusitis. C&P exam went well, I think. I just need someone's opinion. Below is my exam. I deleted personal stuff. Thanks in advance. SECTION I: ---------- 1. Diagnostic Summary --------------------- This section should be completed based on the current examination and clinical findings.
  4. In 2012 I received my C-file, inside I came across a rating decision, date of claim 6/30/92, date of this rating 9/8/92, it says entitlement to non-service connected pension-Outpatient treatment records from January 1991 to May 1992 and Department of Veterans Affairs examinations July 25 and August 3, 1992, Cited outpatient treatment records refer to a seizure disorder for which the veteran was taking medication. In January 1992, he was advised not to operate a motor vehicle. Cited examinations indicate veteran walks with a cane and his gait is abnormal because he circumducts his right leg to
  6. Disability Decision Related To % Effective Date Status Actions hypertension Not Service-Connected Reopen Requested Edit Cancel Request Add Secondary bilateral shin splints Not Service-Connected Reopen major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder with panic disorder with agoraphobia previously diagnosed as adjustment disorder with associated sleep disorder claimed as insomnia 70% Service-Connected cervical spine condition Not Service-Connected Reopen sinusitis Not Service-Connected Reopen lumbar spine degenerative disc disease 20% Servi
  7. It appears the VA forgot to include my hypertension claim when they did the C&P exams last year in October and November. Odd-but they did not take my BP during the 2012 exams. Just got notice to report next week for a C&P 2.5 hours from home for hypertension (as if driving to Cleveland isn't enough to raise the BP). What exactly do they do during a hypertension exam other than take your BP several times? What should I expect?
  8. One part of my claim (03/12 submiited) is the contention that my fibro symptoms started while in the military and have such documented in medical and hospital records. However in 1976 the word fibromyalgia was not yet in use so nothing states that term. I had 2 Nexus letters to acknowledge same. After 7-8 months I was called in for 2 C&P exams relating to other area of my claim back problems caused by spinal taps in military and anxiety disorder. File sat gathering dust since 11/12 until file was moved from Cleveland to Fargo to be worked. I received notice to report for anoth
  9. I was granted 30% service connection for mild pulmonary hypertension in 2007. The VA granted me 30% compensation due to fact I had evidence of cardiac hypertrophy or dilation on electrocardiogram, or echocardiogram, or X-ray as revealed on the echocardiogram dated XXX. by Dr. XYZ. A further reading of the reasons stated: “left ventricular dysfunction with an ejection fraction of 30 to 50 percent” would be reason to grant the claimant 60%. The Echocardiogram clearly stated that I had an EF of about 50%, thus the error was made. My question is was a CUE committed by the DRO in arrivin
  10. Thanks to all of you. I received my Big White Envelope. AICD/Cardiomyopathy - 100% Proteinuria and hypertension - 60% Sleep Apnea - 50% Diabetes mellitus type II and ED - 20% (it did not say anything about SMC-K, I'm going to check on this.) Gout - 20% Tinnitus - 10% Shoulders/Knees/Patellofemoral syndrome with brace - 10% Just waiting on my dependents to be added. If forget to provide the total number of times my spouse has been married...only one time. Also, I have to provide my daughters school info. Now, I need to do some research on the following statement "We granted entit
  11. http://www.va.gov/vetapp12/Files6/1242538.txt Citation Nr: 1242538 Decision Date: 12/12/12 Archive Date: 12/20/12 DOCKET NO. 09-48 184 ) DATE ) ) On appeal from the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office in Montgomery, Alabama THE ISSUES 1. Entitlement to service connection for the Veteran's cause of death. 2. Entitlement to 38 U.S.C. § 1318 Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC), to include entitlement to DIC on the basis of clear and unmistakable error (CUE). REPRESENTATION Appellant represented by: The American Legion ATTORNEY FOR
  12. I got my letter today awarding me 70%, 40% for left side weakness due to stroke and 50% for mental health along with 10% for hypertension. I know that totals 100 but this is the government. Anyway I have been 100% according to Social Security for the left side problems, from the stroke, since November of 2011. Should I go ahead and apply for unemployablility now? I did put in for added dependent's and am still waiting for that to kick in does anyone know how far back they will go on that?
  13. This is just a copy and paste of my intro, but the questions still remain. Except I cut some of it out because thanks to Berta, some of it has been relieved. Be forewarned, it is a long one. I tend to ramble sometimes. I've underlined the main parts, ya'll want to skip through. Hello everybody! First off, I'd like to thank you all for your experiences and sharing them. I have read through alot of your posts and used them to help other vets who I talk to. My name is Mario and I have a SC of 60% right now from my 4 years (not a bunch, but enough for this guy to out rank his father:
  14. Filed when discharged in 98 for hypertension, focal segmental glomeruloslerosis (kidney disorder) which was discovered my second year of service. I did the Wilford Hall Medical Center trips back and forth on a Medevac for biopsy tests and care. The case came back service connected but at 0%. I appealed and it still came back 0%. I was on 5mg of BP meds from day one and over the years mgs have increased to now a 10/40 combo. They said I don’t retain water but over the years I been on water pills as well. Now my combo med is for hypertension and water. Over the years I lost testosterone at a you
  15. Hello everybody! First off, I'd like to thank you all for your experiences and sharing them. I have read through alot of your posts and used them to help other vets who I talk to. My name is Mario and I have a SC of 60% right now from my 4 years (not a bunch, but enough for this guy to out rank his father: SGT) in the Marine Corps. Combat vet of OEF/OIF from Dec 02-Aug 03 with 3rd Bn 4th Mar. My breakdown is as follows: PTSD: 50% Tinnitus: 10% Hypertension: 0% Hearing Loss ®: Not Service Connected Hearing Loss (L): 0% Post Concussion Headaches ("also claimed as TBI"): 10% Residua
  16. NO C-FILE 1. Diagnosis Does the Veteran now have or has he/she ever been diagnosed with hypertension or isolated systolic hypertension based on the following criteria: YES If yes, provide only diagnosies that pertain to hypertension: <X> Hypertension Date of Diagnosis: UNKNOWN 2. Medical History a. Borderline hypertension in military but never treated. Started meds in West Virginia 2005 b. Does the Veteran's treatment plan include taking continuous medication for hypertension or isolated systolic hypertension? YES HCTZ 25 3. Current bl
  17. The Anti-Pyramiding Rule The VA’s rating system will rate all diseases separately according to the ratings schedules of 38 C.F.R. § 4. However, 38 C.F.R. § 4.14 requires that the VA not award multiple disability ratings for the same disability shown under different diagnosis. This can be very confusing when an injury can cause multiple disabling conditions. In attempting to avoid these anti-pyramiding regulations, the Veteran needs to argue that there are separate disabilities with separate symptoms, regardless of the overlapping symptomatology. The bold is by me. If you file a claim, m
  18. http://www.va.gov/vetapp12/Files6/1241149.txt Citation Nr: 1241149 Decision Date: 12/03/12 Archive Date: 12/12/12 DOCKET NO. 10-29 727 ) DATE ) ) On appeal from the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office in Hartford, Connecticut THE ISSUES 1. Whether severance of service connection for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) was proper. 2. Entitlement to an initial rating higher than 30 percent for the ALS from September 9, 2008, until its severance effective August 1, 2010. REPRESENTATION Appellant represented by: Allen Gumpenberger, Agent A
  19. I have reviewed my VA claim from 03-07 and noted a possible CUE. I was awarded 30 SC based on aggravated hypertension "with confirmed dilation of the heart" The exact wording is: we have evaluated the condition analogous to hypertensive heart disease based on the fact that you have associated pulmonary hypertension with confirmed evidence of dilation of the heart. this is more advantageous to your as your hypertension would be evaluated as 10 per cent disabling. An evaluation of 30 per cent is assigned is there is workload greated than 5 METS but not greater than 7 METS resulting in dyspn
  20. Hi Everyone, Hope everyone is well. I have a complex issue here and I'm hoping someone might have an idea as to what the VA can do after awarding P&T. To fully understand the situation I am in I need to provide some background. The following are my current service connections: 70% - Back Condition (L3-S1) post failed 2000 L3-4, L4-5 discectomy, post failed 2009 L3-S1 fusion, post spinal stimulator implant - 40% Ortho, 40% Left leg radiculopathy, 20% Right leg radiculopathy, 50% - Adjustment Disorder - Major depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks - Secondary to severe back & leg
  21. I am a Viet Nam veteran rated 100% Total for PTSD (not permanent). Also rated for diabetes (I think 40%) and hypertension secondary to diabetes at 0%, sleep apnea secondary to PTSD at 0%, and tinitus 10%. I was diagnosed with Ischemic Heart Disease 3 weeks ago and had a stent put in 2 weeks ago. My questions are: Do I have anything to gain by filing for Ischemic Heart Disease since I already have a rating for hypertension secondary to diabetes? If I file a claim and get lets say 10% or 30%, will this help me in any way to get Permanent and Total? If I file a claim will the VA bri
  22. Some quick background, I served for 5 years 8 months (with a break in service). I came in pretty much normal, no major medical problems. I had childhood allergies, like many had, and asthma and grew out of both well over 12 years before joining the Army. During my first term of service I injured my back, but it wasn't too bad at the time (herniated L4/5, 0% rating as there was rare pain and didn't even warrant any real treatment). When I rejoined I was still in normal health, nothing out of the ordinary (besides that injury). The back got worse during service, now both the L4/5 and
  23. Okay I know most of you know my issues by now. I filed for a claim for Hypertension last year because it seemed every time I went to see any Doctor my blood pressure was so high they always had to do an EKG or was about to send me to the ER, be it private or the VA. I decided to talk with my PCP at the VA about this and he was able to get me a blood pressure monitor. I got this monitor last Thursday. Every reading I have taken my blood pressure has been okay with the DIA ranging from the high 80s to the low 90s. Now, from all the readings on the net hypertension isn't considered un
  24. Hello! I am new here. When I introduced myself and gave my story I was told I should request a new exame based on inadequate exam. When asked to bend I did, and then the examiner pushed on my back to push me down further. When asked to bend my knees I did, and then she pushed to bend them further. Goes on with neck rotation and all of that.... At the end of my exam she asked if I was in pain, and I told her "I wasn't until you started pushing on me!" She laughed. Clicked "Normal" on everything as far as I could tell. She asked me the same questions and didn't hardly look at me. I had friend
  25. The final diagnosis is a progression of his current service connected diagnosis as the vertigo component of his Meniere's disease has increased in frequency, his tinnitus persists. Thus, the diagnosis remains the same and progression has occurred. I suffer from 2-5 severe vertigo attacks per week with hearing impairment, severe tinnitus, and cerebellar gait issues along with these vertigo attacks, I am suffering from hypertension, aniety, and increased glucose levels. My current rating for Meniere's Disease is 30%. What are the odds of my current rating for Meniere's being increased
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