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  1. My brother was diagnosed with hypertension and unqualified for duty on his induction exam into the USMC. Two weeks later they took more blood pressure tests, found them normal, and crossed through all of the previous disqualifying remarks. I saw a VA citation where the same thing happened to another veteran, and the board decided they must use the 'final' exam results therefore disallowing hypertension as pre-existing. Am I better off just submitting the hypertension claim as secondary to Diabetes Mellitus II (from exposure to Agent Orange - has current diagnosis)? If they deny it as pr
  2. Getting ready to file a new claim for Agent Orange symptoms for my Vietnam Vet brother who was on the ground as USMC rifleman for 9 months, until he was WIA by a grenade booby trap. He was found to have hypertension and his USMC ENTRY physical showed him ineligible to serve -- then they gave him 3 more blood pressure tests and someone scratched threw the 'hypertension' and said ELIGIBLE to serve. His USMC exit physical after recovering from his wounds in 1970 also showed hypertension. In 2008, a physical showed hypertension, along with abnormal EKG with doctor's notes indicating cardio i
  3. Hi everyone. I have a question regarding tinnitus. I filed last year and was denied without a C&P exam. I spent most of my career on the admin side due to what civilians call medical malpractice at an Air Force hospital. So, other than a short tour in Bosnia, no combat experience that could have caused it. I would like to know if tinnitus could be secondary to one of my other disabilities. Please don't get me wrong, I don't want anything I'm not entitled to, but I've had ringing in my ears for as long as I can remember so if it is service connected, I'd like the VA to rate it.
  4. Under the VRE, I am now being re-evaluated, due to my new evidence/material to my service connection disability. I took a computer related assessment (like a generic ASVAB) testing system. I printed out the report and I am suppose to discuss the information with my case manager. Where can I go, to read and hopefully understand that regulation this falls under? I would like to know what my options are. I would like to go one way, but based on the assessment test, I am only authorized to another way, due to the information (what my case manager stated). Thoughts? 50% S
  5. I suffer with anxiety, depression and seizures I am wondering if this could could cause hypertension
  6. Ok, So, my DBQ for heart disease says, "evidence of cardiac hypertrophy", "yes". DBQ medical opinion, a. least as likely as not, 50% greater, etc., resulted from a service connected condition (hypertension), so a win I believe. c. Rationale, documented left ventricular enlargement. From what I read in the rating scale, most of the heart disease codes call for 30% for cardiac hypertrophy, My METs are/is to high (12.7), but the paragraphs state "or", so should I get the 30%?? Workload of greater than 5 METs but not greater than 7 METs results in dyspnea,
  7. Long time reader, looking for advice/help - I may have screwed up, but last Sept I filed what I was convinced was a slam-dunk CUE. In short, back in 1992 I was rated at 30% for - "Hypertension was diagnosed from 1983 with persistently high blood pressure reading.... Continuous medication is required for control of blood pressure." ... "[Arthrosclerotic] cardiovascular disease with myocardial infarction, four vessel coronary artery bypass grafting and hypertension." Later ratings in 2008 and 2012 used the same language "coronary artery bypass grafting and hypertension." I in
  8. I have a question. I am currently 90% disabled for s/c 50% PTSD , 50% sleep apnea, 30% migraine headaches, 10% cervical strain, 10% tinnitus and 10%, degenerative joint disease, 0% hearing loss, 0% shoulder injury. Awarded SSDI last year on first attempt for all s/c disabilities, only things not s/c (in VA eyes) was my left knee and hypertension. How much weight will my SSDI rating mean if anything to the VA? My 50% rating for PTSD will be increasing to 70% per my DAV reps comments taken from my last C&P exam. I haven't worked in 11 months due to my s
  9. ZERO Rating Decision received! "The previous denial of service connection for PTSD is confirmed and continued. The evidence does not show a current diagnosed disability". "The previous denial of service connection for schizophrenia, residual type, competent is confirmed and continued. The evidence does not show an event, disease or injury in service. Your service treatment records do not contain complaints, treatment, or diagnosis for this condition. The evidence does not support a change in our prior decision. Therefore we are confirming the previous denial of this claim.
  10. ok as all know I was granted service connection by bva. Hypertensive heart disease secondary to hypertension. Now my question is in my file there is a nuclear stress test that list my ejection fraction @ 50%. WWhich would warrant a 60% rating. There is also a c&p exam documenting left ventricle hypertrophy. So could the regional office use these to complete my grant. I'm tired of exams. My attorney sent the VSR at my regional office a email of bva decisions and told me the reason was he wanted to get them started on my ratings, as according to him it takes awhile to download through the sy
  11. Long time reader, first time poster. Many thanks for all of the valuable advice. Current ratings: 100% UI P&T 90% Rating Disabilities: 40% Head injury with C5 fracture, headaches and history of right upper extremity radiculopathy 40% Low back pain with degenerative joint disease, lumbar 30% Page Kidney; Status Post Left Nephrectomy 30% Somatic symptom disorder with predominant pain with unspecified anxiety and depressive disorder (previously addressed as Panic Disorder, Competent) 10% Hypertension 10% Scar, status post incisional
  12. got the official letter today. Hypertensive heart disease secondary to hypertension is granted. Thanks to all here for help and support. Especially Alex
  13. recently received 70% ptsd "45 years later ! " and 60 % heart =90% cant believe this all happened so quickly. I was thinking I will go forward with an iu claim to get 100% and if denied I will file the other medical issues to accomplish the same end? I am 65 leaving my job and I am supported by my pcp dr with medical letters because of medications I take "13" heart issues and my depression issues with ptsd also. I have outside dr s who will file imo etc as needed, great support. any advise from elders or fellow service people. I want this for my wife, my health sucks not crying just need adv
  14. Denied S/C for Hypertension contention. BBE states "hypertension is denied since this condition neither occurred in nor was caused by service". Also gives the presumptive basis jargon. While serving as a traditional guardsman I was diagnosed with HTN and prescribed Amlodopine. Two years later while on active duty my B/P went up to 170/100. I was seen by my private physician and was prescribed Lisinopril to manage my blood pressure. The date on the treatment record is during my AD time. Both meds are listed on my 2766 in My SMR. Could this be service connected being that the cond
  15. Well, its that time again, wish me luck! Finally put it all together and will be dropping it off at the CVSO tomorrow. 1. Increase rating for right foot plantar fasciitis. Currently 10%, 2008. New issue, cortisone shots and orthotics. 2. Secondary left foot/ankle problems caused by above. Recently diagnosed with; Pain in Joint of Ankle and Foot, Ankle/Foot Instability, Pain in Limb, Difficulty in Walking, Bilateral Hammer Toe, Achilles Tendinitis or Bursitis, Tenosynovitis of Foot and Ankle and decreased Range of Motion. I was prescribed a
  16. I am new to this site and I will apologize ahead of time incase my question seems pretty basic. I was recently denied sleep apnea and hypertension as not being service connected. I will only ask about my sleep apnea at this time. I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea (I retired from the military in 1995). I use to snore very loud while in the military according to my ex-wife. My question is will a statement from my ex-wife be enough to justify my sleep apnea? I was also given a service connected rating for my scoliosis of 20%, I have read online that spine problems can cause sleep apnea. D
  17. I just had a C&P for a number of issues related to IHD and am amazed at the ways they find to reject claims. Like scarring, measure all of the scars on my chest and leg (to harvest veins) and don't include all of them in the notes. Edema in the leg from the vein harvest has been a problem since the surgery but cite the likely cause is a new BP med that I've taken for less than 2 years. A brain injury secondary to IHD. Bypass surgery caused an injury possibly through a stroke that really affected my life. Learning about it and then trying to connect it to IHD has been the problem.
  18. I was in the Air Force and got out in 2005. I was a C-130 hydraulic mechanic.Never went to the Dr for anything while in the air force but in 2011 I was diagnosed with iga nephropathy. (a slow progressing kidney disease with no cure). At the time of my diagnosis my kidneys were quoted as functioning at 40%. after diagnosis I continued care regularly with a nephrologist. A side condition of the disease is high blood pressure. So basically they treat the side effects and check the amounts of protein & blood in urine. You either remain in a livable condition or the disease progresses until yo
  19. Hypertension was denied on 3/28/2016, This is a remand from BVA 2014, where I requested an initial compensation of 10%, in which VARO had denied it in 2013, and only granted service connection rating only. 1/20/2016 I had a DRO hearing, and I explained everything I thought pretty good. I was diagnosed with hypertension on 10/16/2003, it was 161/76 on 7/2003 and was 212/103 on 10/16/2003 and was put on continuous bp medication every since to this present day, these are the bp readings on medications prior to filing claim: 161/76 7/2003, 212/103 10/16/2003, 180/86 12/02/2003, 161/88 1
  20. Hello, served in Marine Corp from 1981 through 1992. Was pretty healthy during my time in. During Desert Storm my back went out I was taken to a field hospital overnight, given meds, and returned to my unit. After returning home I had two TIA mini strokes. Sent to naval hospital for test where it was determined I had a bi cuspid aortic valve. Basically a heart defect. After discharge I hired on with a government agency. Spent twenty years with them and retired due to medical issues. During this time I developed hypertension, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, sleep apnea, fatigue, join
  21. I just had a C&P for a number of issues related to IHD and am amazed at the ways they find to reject claims. I will discuss those in another post and bring up the most important one in this post. A brain injury secondary to IHD. Bypass surgery caused an injury possibly through a stroke that really affected my life. Learning about and then trying to connect it to IHD has been the problem. Most likely than not is the term he used and I hope it helps my TDIU claim I'm attaching the results. ***Note: Your health care team may not have all of the informati
  22. Thoughts... I have Hypertension rated at 0% and Anxiety Disorder at 0%. But, These were serviced connected and taking my meds, during service and after. I also had Nexus letters. What can I do, to have my rating up to 10% and correct the documentation? Thank you.
  23. I'm a newbie here, but at the advice of my VSO I claimed and then appealed that same denied claim for OSA. I spent almost 30 yrs in the USAF and didn't get tested until a year after I got out. I didn't read any websites like this because my VSO couldn't believe it got denied, but after reading all this I can see why it got denied and the appeal will get shot down as well! I don't have it tied to any other SC condition?! How can that VSO even have a job there? All I have are the records from a private pulmonologist saying I have OSA and RLS, plus his PA filled out the DBQ and stated it ind
  24. Ok I need some Guidance with my Hypertension. I was rated 60% for my hypertension back in 10/31/2011 after a long battle and going to see a BVA Judge. In July of last year my Cardiologist Release me back to my family doctor and to remain on the drug group that had maintained my hypertension at a reasonable level. Thinking that I should get my meds from the VA hospital in Oklahoma City .I got a appointment with the Doc to get the prescriptions. The doc first off didn't care about what my cardiologist wanted, just keep telling I Needed to loose Weight. Witch I already know this, but because o
  25. I have VA rating for Hypertension had two stents put in for blockage to both legs two years ago and looks like I will be headed down the same road again shortly. I am looking to do a claim for the Iliac Artery Thrombosis being secondary to my Hypertension. I am going to my cardiologist next week and ask him to fill out form 29-0960A-2 and all I could find that hypertension is a leading cause of the thrombosis and PAD/PVD is natural progression. Has anyone heard of doing this? Is this the right questionnaire to him to fill out?
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