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  1. had bva hearing for a appeal. For a appeal from 2011. With 2 positive nexus letters and one negative. Lawyer asked judge if there was anything else that we could provide to substantiate the claim. He said no. The judge said I was a credible witness and that I had very significant evidence. Appeal is for hypertensive heart disease secondary to service connected hypertension. When the c&p Dr changed my diagnosis to valve disease and the dro denied. My private Dr since has provided a nexus letter saying I do have hhd and it is more likely than not related to hypertension. I even sent the dro
  2. I am currently 70% combined with the VA. 50% PTSD, 30% Kidneys, 10% Hypertension. I am also SSDI that includes PTSD. I have a claim in appeal with the board in Washington DC original claim for TDIU goes all the way back to June of 2010. I was recently pulled in for a C&P just over a month ago. My question is when I log onto E Benefits and on the initial log in page under Rated disabilities that show all my rated and unrated disabilities and their rating is a new tab with NEW thing in it that were not there before. The tab is titled "Pending Disabilities" this has never been there befo
  3. I recently was pulled in for a c&p for 100% TDIU just over a month ago, and my case is at the board in DC and I was informed that I have a docket number when I called to check other day. I am currently 70% combined rating PTSD 50%, Kidneys 30%, Hypertension 10%. My question is today when I logged on to E Benefits. I noticed that under the initial login page under my current Rated Disabilities....that there is a new tab that was not there before titled "Pending Disabilities"...under it is all my disabilities that I have in appeal at the moment. Does this mean they have reached a decisi
  4. C & P Exam AS soon as you can, request a copy of the exam, and go over it with a fine tooth and comb. Whether you thought that he did a good job or not. You get a copy and check everything. For example, in my case, I had a C & P Exam done on 10/21/2015 for chronic kidney diseases stage III secondary to sc hypertension, and when I looked at the exam I was happy that he did connect them together and his rationale was good also. So I was just waiting on a rating decision to come down in Dec 2015. But instead, I got a letter from the VARO saying that my DRO hearing will be in Jan
  5. Just got back from my C&P exam for Secondary GERD and Secondary Hypertension that lasted all of about 15 min with a NP at Hines. She seemed to be a little ruff around the edges at first, then we somehow go on the conversation of the oxygen generating plants in her office which seemed to perk her up. She only asked a few questions: For both - Was I diagnosed in service?, was I diagnosed at the VA?, do I still have symptoms?, only treated at VA?. For GERD only - Did I have a upper GI? That was it..... Never deep dived into symptoms, but did shake her head at the end and tell me that my pulse
  6. I've been searching the bva decision, but I have not found anything, claim or case as worse as mind. (sleep apnea) lol I have a DRO hearing in about 3 weeks, I appealed and the BVA remanded my case to AOJ in 2014, they wanted to know more about my CKD/Hypertension, and the bva judge wants the RO to find out whether I have sleep apnea or not and is it service-connected, because in 2013 during the BVA hearing, I explained to her my sleep problems and symptoms and that all of this began before I left the military in 1994. So she ask me, have you ever had a sleep study done, and I said no, a
  7. I have a DRO hearing in about 3 weeks on my hypertension for 10% that was denied about a year ago. DAV rep tells me that I wont get 10%, because right now or for the last 7 yrs it's been somewhat controlled by medications, before I filed the claim and before I started on medications it were 212/103, 180/86, 161/76, 161/88, 160/91, 165/96, 151/99, 150/90, 161/94. I seen this the other day, I think I'm going to use it, Reference: U.S. Court Of Appeals For Veterans Claims, No. 11-2704, David J. Jones V. Eric K. Shinseki 10/26/12, VA cannot rate you on the new improved version of yourself aft
  8. Hello, I am not sure if I am posting in the correct forum. I am trying to obtain some assistance in regards to my spouse who is a retired veteran; was 90% before a reduction to 80% (I believe) due to no-show for appointment. He is currently in the hospital and has been since 17 November 2015. He was released to a licensed skilled care nursing facility almost 2 weeks ago, which is where he is at this time. I read that it may be possible to apply for temporary 100% when hospitalization is greater than 21 days for service connected disabilities or for non-service connected disabilities where serv
  9. I'm sure this question has been ask before, can sleep apnea be secondary to hypertension/chronic kidney disease?
  10. I am presently service connected for Tinnitus 10 % ; Bilateral Hearing Loss 80 % and TDIU 100 % P&T. Without going into a lot of discussion this was attained from 2001 through 2013. I am considering filing a claim for Heart Disease, Sleep Apnea, Hypertension, and Depression/PTSD. I feel if any of these claims prevail it will have to be secondary to my service connected hearing loss and loss of employment. I will try to explain this without having to write a book someone can give me some advice. My service connection disability had never been a factor for me until I was 48 years old an
  11. Active duty son trying to get some advice on how to handle my dad’s VA claim. I appreciate any feedback and suggestions on how to proceed. My dad who is 78 years old is a Navy veteran of 23 years and served in Vietnam. He was stationed on the USS Kawishiwi (AO 146), which is a Navy ship on the VA’s “brown water” list (http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/shiplist/list.asp). My dad filed a VA Claim in 2003 for several diseases related to Agent Orange to include Type II diabetes, Heart Disease (had quadruple bypass, angioplasty, and splints done), Hypertension, various skin
  12. I currently am diagnosed with sleep apnea, and use a CPAP. I have at least one entry in my STR where I mention trouble sleeping, while being seen for something else. My question is this, should I file a claim, now, today, for sleep impairment, or wait until my current claim for depression finishes? Also, would then, my SA be a direct link to hypertension? Thanks, Semper Fi. Andyman
  13. Noticed today that my VA disabilities on eBenefits has changed from prior 30% for hypertension with mild pulmonary hypertension. New disabilities: ALL SERVICE CONNECTED. Date of my claim is 07/12/2012, appeal on 7 October 2013 requesting DRO de novo review. 1. hypertension, 10% with date of 7/6/2012 2. ED, rating 0% with date of 7/6/2012 3. Diverticulitis 0% with date of 7/6/2012 4. Headaches, 30% with date of 7/6/2012 5. Paroxysmal Atrial fibrillation (PAF), 0%, with date of 4/10/2015 6. Athherosclerotic cardiovascular disease with pulmonary hypertension, 100%, with date of 7/23/2015 7. Hyp
  14. Hi All. My claim for Sleep apnea, Hypertension and Rhinitis just hit the "pending decision phase". I dont know how it will turn out but I wanted to post a copy of my IME/Nexus from Dr Ellis. I am curious about your thoughts. By the way, his practice is very vet friendly and the cost of the exam and report was 500. Expert Medical Eval_2.pdf
  15. The BVA granted me service connection for hypertension with "3 blood pressure readings of 110 diastolically" from 2004. My local office here in Florida gave me 10% from 2010. I thought I read somewhere that a 110 diastolic reading was 20%? Also, if the order from the BVA says 2004 why wouldn't my local office show service connection from 2004, rather than 2010 as they have? jhilly
  16. Last week I posted that I had been scheduled for a duplicate C&P examination later this month for some items that LHI had already done back in April 2015. I was on Ebenefits last night and it showed “gathering evidence and said Decision Letter Sent. I then went into “Disabilities” and it showed my disability rating had changed from 50% to 70%. (GREAT NEWS). Also the summary of benefits letter has been updated to reflect my 70% rating effective 1 October 2015. And current benefit paid letter reflects combined evaluation at 70% and benefit amount $1,334.71 effective 1 October 2015. I lo
  17. Can anyone tell me if they have been either awarded disability compensation for nephrosclerosis or hypertension. I'm in need if help with a pending claim I have. Thanks in advance any help will be greatly appreciated. God bless
  18. My name is tj I enlisted in the military as a junior in high school. The military was always my career goal. I also got 2 of my buddies to join which boosted my rank to E2 I also had enough college credits to get ranked E3 before basics. I passed a health physical for high school football and august of 1999 I started basics in great lakes, IL. While in basics I was scheduled for a routine dentist appointment and I was found to have a very high bp around 190/120 and was asked if I had a history of high bp for which I never had. I was asked to immediately see the medic for which bp pills were pr
  19. Received a letter from BVA today stating all 3 of my claims have been granted. I filed for bilateral peripheral vascular disease, carotid artery disease & hypertension secondary to PTSD in Spring 2010 - 5 1/2 yrs ago. Can anybody tell me how the bilateral carotid artery disease will be rated? I've found all of the information I need regarding PVD & hypertension. Also, when I filed all of my appointments to monitor my PVD were dropped so I'm assuming they will order testing before rating...Am I correct on this? Thank you for any words of wisdom you can give me. CHR49
  20. Back in March of 2013 I was awarded a schedular rating of 100% for hypothyroidism, 20% for meniscal tear right knee, 20% for meniscal tear left knee, 10% tinnitus, 0% hypertension, all of which were retroactive to August 2011. In August of this year I was sent to a C&P Exam for my hypothyroidism, my condition has not improved and in fact has worsened, I explained this to the examiner but she seemed reluctant to accept it since I am on medication. A day or two after the C&P exam I sent a letter (certified mail) to the VARO stating that I have not improved and listed the symptoms that ha
  21. Source: M21-1MR, Part III, Subpart iv, Chapter 6, Section B Inferred Issue: An inferred issue is derived from the consideration or outcome of related issues. Often the primary and inferred issues share the same fact pattern. If … Then infer entitlement to … a total and permanent service-connected evaluation is established on a schedular basis, or based on entitlement to individual unemployabilityThe table below shows examples of inferred issues. Note: In general, infer an issue only when entitlement can be granted. Do not put a benefit at issue merely to deny it. Exceptions: Consi
  22. We all know it happens. You apply for benefit A, or was it A and B? Or, was it just B? Typically, what the VA actually does is to ignore anything that is unclear. Dont let them get away with it: For the answer we turn to M21-1MR, Part III, Subpart iv, Chapter 6, Section B: When preparing a decision, the Rating Veterans Service Representative (RVSR) must recognize, develop, and/or decide all issues, whether expressly claimed implied informal potential mandated, or ambiguous. Partial or ambiguous claims should be clarified to ensure that the decision is complete and appropriate. Wh
  23. I filed in January of this year. I retired 30 June this year. C and P exams July this year. Just received the following for a combined rating of 90% including SMC (2170.00) How should I proceed? UPDATE 12-30/2015 - Deferred was decided at 50% I am now 100% P%T no further evaluations! Happy New Year! Disability Rating Decision Related Effective Date migraine(also claimed as headaches) 30% Service Connected 07/01/2015 umbilical hernia status post surge
  24. Hi All, Was hoping I could get some feedback. I just had a C&P for Gulf War Illness Syndrome. Attached are the C&P results. Kind of long, sorry. Anyway, I received the Statement of Case and was surprised to be denied on everything. Especially Sleep Apnea and Hypertension. Also have Osteoarthritis in both hips. I am already collecting 30% disability for Eczema as a Gulf War Hazard since 1998. I am currently appealing PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  25. Folks: I was earlier rated 0% for Hypertension and 0% for ED during the first part of my claim. Then last week after my Cardiac CP results (deferred claim) finally came in, I was finally rated 10% SC (low balled) for Hypertensive Heart Disease which is a catch all for a lot of heart stuff? Anyway, can anyone tell me what it takes to get 10% of higher for Erectile Dysfunction? I did get SMC -K for loss of a creative organ so is that how VBA generally takes care of ED ratings? The other issue is that I was injured and in a Tank Accident which was service connected for my back which resulted
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