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  1. As I have posted before, I had a C and P exam last December using the Brand New compoter guidelines the VARO's send the VA C and P doctors. The Exams are the same as stated in the regs but the computer program is very detailed. My C and P was for 5 issues and it took over 4 hours to complete. I had doubts about this system but after I received the results today, I am very Pleased. Each claimed disability is now listed and the Doctor must write what effect the disability has on employment. Of course getting a Good C and P doctor is the KEY for succeding in a claim. As for My claims, all were
  2. VHA/DoD Clinical Practice Guideline for the Diagnosis and Management of Hypertension in the Primary Care Setting http://www.oqp.med.va.gov/cpg/HTN/G/HTN_summ.htm
  3. My claim for 100 percent for six months for my Feb 05 Stroke was denied. During a May 05 CP they service connected the stroke because of my SCed hypertension and rated it for residuals at 10 percent. The rating letter stated" a rating of 100 percent is not warranted because of no indications of a current or recently active disease is present". 38 CFR states that for a stroke "rate at 100 percent for six months, the rate residuals no less that 10 percent. If my stroke was in Feb o5, my daughter filed the claim in Mar 05 with hospital records, MRI and IMO from 38 year board certified neurolo
  4. Question anyone..... We filed a claim a few years ago for hypertension for my husband. He was denied. Basically the C & P examiner wouldn't state that the evidence we presented was enough to service connect him for this. Well, we refiled the claim again, based on our hearing with other claims at the BVA level. We brought up his hypertension and the BVA stated that we should get with the RO to have another review. This C & P exam he got stated that it was as least likely as not that his hypertension was due to his military service. We presented the same evidence as we did the f
  5. Hope this is something that will help out. Alot of food to digest here. **************************************************************************** ENCEPHALOPATHY - A dysfunction of the brain that may occur secondary to infection, metabolic derangement, toxic drug effect, brain tumor, or increased intracranial pressure (e.g. malignant hypertension). Often manifests with confusion, lethargy, or stupor. **************************************************************************** INFECTION - The successful invasion, establishment and growth of microorganisms in the tissues of the h
  6. This article was written and published in 1988. Specific information concerning staff and services may have changed since that time, however, as you will see upon reading the article, the content is as pertinent today as when the article was written. Post-traumatic Headaches: Subtypes and Behavioral Treatments Thomas Bennett Chronic, recurrent headache commonly follows head injury, and interestingly, it is seen more often in individuals who have experienced minor head trauma than in those more seriously injured. I will describe subtypes and behavioral treatments of the p
  7. Post-traumatic Headaches: Subtypes and Behavioral Treatments Thomas Bennett Chronic, recurrent headache commonly follows head injury, and interestingly, it is seen more often in individuals who have experienced minor head trauma than in those more seriously injured. I will describe subtypes and behavioral treatments of the post-traumatic headache. One must realize, however, that headache is only one of a number of symptoms that commonly follow head injury. While it may be the symptom that results in a patient seeking medical treatment following brain or head injury, it may on the o
  8. http://www.warms.vba.va.gov/Cova/DADS/93DADS/PERMAN.DOC DECISION ASSESSMENT DOCUMENT DOCKET NUMBER: 92-49 ACTIVITY: Rating NAME: Perman v. Brown ISSUE: Jurisdiction, reasons or bases ACTION BY COURT: Remand Date: 6/16/93 Held: (1) A new claim for secondary service connection is separate and distinct from a prior appeal for direct service connection; and (2) an inconclusive independent medical opinion did not convey an "opinion" on the question at issue and was "non-evidence." Facts: The
  9. I have a couple of questions concerning 2 c & P my husband had. The first was for erectile dysfunction. While I am trying to explain that he did not have this problem until he started taking medication for his PTSD, the examiner jumped down my throat and told me that he really didn't care what he had taken in the past. Any medication which would have caused this that he had previously taken would have corrected the ED problem shortly after being taken off that medication. He told me he only wanted to talk about what he was taking now. I told him that I should know better than anyone
  10. Hi everyone Dad did get an award for his prostate cancer he applied for back in 1995. The VA awarded the 60% rectro to 1995. Went from NSC to SC with 0% rating last year. Won appeal and granted 60% for prostate cancer on Oct 3, 2005. No retro payment has been made as of yet. In 1995 Dad was 50% SC for skin cancers the other retro he recieved was retro to May 2001 to present. According to my math Dad should have a new combine rating of 80% (60% + 50%) from 1995 to May 2001. This should of been a retro of 30% pay difference that Dad did not get and should be due. In the past the retro
  11. FIrst I want to thank T Bird and Berta for their expertise. Im 1983 I was personally assaulted on 2 occasions.Both assaults are listed in the service record and I have the ships logs as well as the Master at arms log. The first guy went to levanworth to make big rocks out of little ones. The second guy was never found. I was 18 years old.I went into hiding, got transferred to another unit and had to keep my mouth shut. I was really paranoid and I always looked over my shoulder. It still exists to this day. I gained weight, Got Hypertension. In 1994 our local VA got a new and exciting MR
  12. I need some help please. In July 01 I submitted a claim for joint pain of hands, elbows, knees, shoulders and hips. In December 01 VA denied the claim based upon their claim that I did not show for a CP in Sep 01. I sent NOD because I did go to Sep CP at which they conducted an exam on my eyes. When I went back to CP check in station I was told that was it and I would be notified if they needed anything else. As a result of the NOD VA scheduled a CP in Dec 02. In Mar 03 claim was denied on VA claim that the CP did not show any loss of function and that Pain was not a disability. In Ap
  13. I filed a NOD on my hypertension and requested a DRO review of my claim. I enclosed Docket No. 03-37 357 and hilighted the decision. My SO got excited. I also filed a new claim for Bilateral Peripheral Neuropathy, Upper Body. I had an AO exam and the VA Doctor discovered lack of strength and feeling in both of my hands. The PN did not come before DMII so I think the claim should go through. Two questions, what Exam does the VA use for PN and what do I need my regular Doctor to say on an IMO. Nexus, etc. Thanks! Terry Sturgis
  14. Hi All, Well I got a letter in the mail today and this is what it read: We have received a preliminary decision from the VA agreeing with our argument that service connection should be established for your hysterectomy, low back strain, left knee, headaches, depression, fractured right fifth toe and hypertension. A combined 70 percent disability evalustion is being assigned, with further entiltlement to Specail Monthly Compensation due to loss of use of a creative organ, effective from March 28, 2005. I was just wondering if anyone knew what it means by the Special monthly compensation
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