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  1. Treated for Hypertension in Service. Claim denied in 1994 due to no service records available. Reopen claim denied in 1999 with request to use Service records as evidence. SSOC stated no treatment. complaints, no diagnosis of Hypertension in service. Filed NOD after the VCAA took effect, received another SSOC. This time the reasons and basis showed the following> 138/72 entrance exam 114/72 1week later 134/98 1year later 140/88 1year later 142/102 17 mos later 138/100 Taken during reserve service. First post service readings were 152/102 Htn was diagnosed. 8m
  2. Theis information is now into effect for Vets with Service Connected heart disease. Diagnostic code 7101: The VA directives now state that Hypertension is to be rated separately from heart disease. They have been short changing Vets foir years by combining these. If you are SC.d for Heart disease and have Hypertension, You need to ask for a separate rating for the Hypertension. Note (3): Evaluate hypertension separately from hypertensive heart disease and other types of heart disease.
  3. This afternon I received a call from the local VA to schedule an appt for C@P exam. Scheduled it for tommorrow afternoon. I Inquired to the nice lady what the exam was for and she said it was for Hypertenison / Heart. I had a C@P back in 94 for this but the SMR was not available. Claim was denied. Records were reveived in 1997, Asked to reopen, denied on no new evidence. Record was reviewed in 2005 and HTN was found in SMR. send a Cue Claim as well as MD statement dignosing HTN within first post service year with DIastolic readings over 100. Have since been diagnosed with Heart diseas
  4. I'm not sure I attached this file right, so if someone needs it emailed, just let me know. This document info came from the DAV Court Citations. Also don't overlook the diseases or conditions that are considered chronic already. If a veteran can show he or she developed one of the listed diseases during service or within the presumptive period and has a current diagnosis and disability from the disease, it shouldn't be a big hassle to service-connect even after a long delay in applying. Even many years. Chronic diseases listed in 38 U.S.C.S. § 1101(3) or adopted by VA in 38 C.F.R § 3.30
  5. I did a search but couldnt find exactly what I need. I JUST found out about VGLI. It says that they send forms in order for you to transition from SGLI to VGLI, this is a LIE. I never got anything from them. If I had, I would have signed up within the 120 day window to switch no questions asked. Fortunately, Im still within the one year window but I now have to send in the proof of good health and answer the health questionaire about my conditions and VA ratings. Does anyone know how easily they reject people? Im rated at 50%, with 20% being for hypertension, had two sugeries in t
  6. Well after 11 months total and 6 months of sitting at the rating board, I called today and they told me my rating. This was my first claim after leaving the service for disability on my knee in dec 05. I had knee surgery on my knee in service and surgery on my lower back a few months after leaving service. I had good documentation in my SMR's for all my claims. I am very disapointed and simply in disbelief at my rating. I havent gotten my paper yet but this is what I was told over the phone. Hypertension (20%) (This is actually what it should be based off what Ive read) Gastro prob
  7. The damage Hypertension does is the reason it is called the silent Killer. The major damage is to the kidneys. The most severe damage is to the blood vessel walls. Anurysms, Strokes. Sudden death can occurr if left untreated. It also effects the vessels in the eyes causing blurred vision. I was told by a very trusted Doctor that the best way to control Hypertension is to go see a Kidney specialist. They can run tests to determine what needs to be done. I personally would like to stop taking 5 different meds for it. Does anyone take clonodine as a emergency if the top line gets over 1
  8. Hello all I am going to make this quick, I hope and not take up to much time. I was awarded an increase for sleep apnea, Well I guess I need to tell you what this VA rep told me before i can get to the question. “He said to me, why haven’t you claimed hypertension secondary to your sleep apnea?" I am sitting there looking like an idiot. Like what are you talking about? Then he explained and it made some since. Therefore, we did the paper work and now we do the waiting. People I did not know there was such a creature as a secondary to anything service connected … I just assumed t
  9. Although I have a couple of episodes in my military records of sleep problems no one ever suggested that I have sleep apena. Now since my stroke in Jan 05 I have real problems with my sleeping. A recent sleep study found apena. The Doc says it is most likely due to my SC'ed stroke. However, I have not found any research to suggest such a connection. If this is true would I be able to have it SC'ed secondary to my stroke or should I explore the possibility of SC'ing it to the two or three references in my SMR's which are listed as DX - sleep difficulities? I also have complaints of sleep
  10. Hi All ; just wondering if I'm in for a LONG wait , as I filed my initial sc claim for PTSD in June of this year - On 31- July '2006 - the VA sent me the VCAA forms and I had my American Legion VSO help me with them and sent in my stress letter as well - should I wait six months - or longer - to contact them if I haven't recoieved an appt for a C&P (or a Denial??) . The disabilities I listed are PTSD (my GAF is currently 45) ; also Type 2 diabetes ; emphysema and hypertension - also on my MSR it is documented that I complained of thoughts of suicide (due to a friends death) ; loss of
  11. Along with the new regs for New and Material Evidence- links posted already by JStacy-that can have a significant retro value to some- probably many veterans- The Rating schedule for hypertension with heart disease, and the Evaluation criteria for certain Respiratory and Cardiovascular conditions is changing. This change involves veterans receiving Oxygen therapy,post broncial dilators,FVC and FEV -1 conditions- Diagnostic codes on their ratings as 6600,6603,6604,6825-6833,6840-6845- The rating schedule will change-dont have the date of proposed change yet-for 38 CFR- Vetera
  12. Filed for disability last year after returning from Iraq. Received 40% rating: 20% right shoulder strain, 10% left knee (medial meniscus tear), 10% right knee (medial meniscus tear), 10% degenerative disk disease, 0% diabetes, 0% hypertension, all SC. I also filed on left wrist sprain, tinnitus and sinuses. I asked my local VSO about filing a NOD because they didn't give me a bilateral for my knees. She said that they combined the 10's for 19 and the take the bilateral factor against the 19 for a 1.9% increase. I assumed that it would be added to the rest for a rating of 47.5, rounded to 50%.
  13. I have asked so many questions concerning my claim for 100% Service Connected " Psychiatric Disorder". I was in the Navy for a little over a year and was referred by my military treating physician, Dr. C. to Dr. J Psychiatrist, to see if he had me on the correct treatment. I later saw another Psychaitrist who felt that discharge was best for me. Dr. C. was treating me with librium and caffergot for my nerves and headaches. I was lucky that I got to know my treating physician so well, as I baby sat for him and his wife. I was told constantly by the Lt. K., Administrative Officer,
  14. I have posted about 2900-al26 ( Hypertension) 2900-am15 ( New and material evidence) The other ones are: 2900-AL97 NOD clarification ( Final) 2900-AM17 applications, claims, and notice requirments. 2900-AL68 VA filling outside Prescriptions.
  15. The VA has amended the regulations for Evaluating Hypertension. It is to be evaluated separately from Hypertensive heart disease and other heart diseases. . Previously, It was included. Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR) BETA TEST SITE e-CFR Data is current as of September 7, 2006 Amendment from September 06, 2006 38 CFR--PART 4 View Printed Federal Register page 71 FR 52460 in PDF format. Amendment(s) published September 6, 2006, in 71 FR 52460 Effective Date(s): October 6, 2006 4. Section 4.104, diagnostic code 7101 is amended by adding a Note (3) to
  16. Hello everyone, I'm new here, and am a 41 y/o SC 60% vet for migraines, hypertension, and eczema, and I just had my last C&P exam yesterday for an increase to Individual Un-employability due to very frequient, prolonged totaly prostrating migraines 2-3 times per week lasting 24 to 72 hours since a auto accident while on active duty. I walked in to the C&P exam, and it was my neurologist that I have seen at the VA, who I believe is a caring person, and I was wondering if anyone else has requested IU for migraines? I went over to the DAV after my C&P exam, and the SO put in fo
  17. I am seeking information in the connection of Hypertension and heart disease, What I am looking for is some article of a BVA or CAVC case that establishes a time frame for the initial onset of Hypertension to the time it takes to develop heart disease from the Hypertension. Thanks
  18. My case is fairly new, June of 2003. My P/O is the California Dept. of V.A. and they are crappy or worse. I have mailed a letter to my congressman complaining. I have asked the dept for help and not one letter, phone call or email. Sorry, I find my self venting. I have one outstanding claim, Hypertension. When that is denied all my claims will be denied at that point, I think the next thing is the appeal? I want to change P/O and I don’t want to start over again. The Purple Heart Group in Fresno tells me when all is denied I can change P/O’s. Please shed some light on this. bill
  19. This a sample of a combination Stressor Letter and Self-Report of Medical and Mental Conditions. It is a sample and should not be used word-for-word. It is merely a template for veterans to use in developing their own reports. This is an actual history of a Marine who served in Vietnam and is now 100% P and T. STRESSOR LETTER IN SUPPORT OF SERVICE CONNECTION CLAIMS Name: John Doe Smith FILE NUMBER (or SSN): 00-000-000 In support of a claim(s) and upgrade of a claim(s). BACKGROUND: I am currently rated at (% of Disability here, or new claim description) service connected disabil
  20. I have been diagnosed with sleep disorder and wondering if hypertension can or has been linked to sleep disorder. The reason I ask? Well the fellow helping me suggested I ask? I don’t have a clue? Anyone, bill
  21. This question is presented for the fine people at Hadit. Claim filed for Migraine Headaches and Hypertension in 1994. Claim denied for no SMR was available, C@P was provided minus the SMR. ( Hypertension was again diagnosed to compensable level) Asked to re-open in 1998 after VA had sent statement of case for another claim stating SMR was available. Re-open request was denied because no new and material Evidence was received. It stated that the service medical was negative for any treatment, complaints or diagnosis of Migraine Ha and HTN. I tried to reopen again in 03. I had a C@P exam
  22. REHABILITATION OF MODERATE TO SEVERE TBI: SENSORY-PERCEPTUAL AND BALANCE DISORDERS IN TBI: BALANCE AND VESTIBULAR DYSFUNCTION BALANCE AND VESTIBULAR DYSFUNCTION - An inability to control the body's center of mass relative to specified limits. Balance and gait testing in patients with complaints of instability is warranted (Basford, et al 2003) Causes - Persisting vestibular deficits after moderate and severe TBI are due to peripheral and central nervous system lesions and associated injuries, such as fractures, which can cause: Muscle weakness and paralysis, which result in:An i
  23. My neurologist conducted a new MRI yesterday of my brain. He now says that I have severe "white matter disease" due to hypertension and DMII. The MRI was conducted as a result of my constant loss of balance which makes me fall to the right side and my now inability to reach and grab things with my right hand. When I reach for things my hand goes in circles and I miss the object by about six inches to the right. Is there a rating for White matter disease? It is basically lesions in the white matter portion of my brain from blood clots cause by the DMII that have travelled through my brain
  24. I have had a great many people ask and have used this example of a self-report for Social Security Disability Income and the VA. With the VA, one must remove the law about PTSD and the disorder numbers in the List of Impairments and then this report can be used to file for VA compensation. This report is a composite of many issues suffered by several different veterans complied into a sample report. This report in no way guarantees successful achievement of SSDI of VA Compensation. Nor should this report be copied and used word-for-word. It is merely a tool to help those seeking SSDI and VA Co
  25. We all have been denied on occasion. We submit claims to the VA then they send out notices and denial letters stating regulations and totally absurd crap. After having fought the process for the past 15 years I have observed as much as I could and have researched every BVA decision on the web. I have concluded that the deck is continuously stacked against the Veteran because of the following. The Military has extremely poor record keeping and once a claims folder is sent to the VARO, It is often not even examined. They just browse over it and miss pertanient evidence and issue de
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