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  1. I am presently service connected for Tinnitus 10 % ; Bilateral Hearing Loss 80 % and TDIU 100 % P&T. Without going into a lot of discussion this was attained from 2001 through 2013. I am considering filing a claim for Heart Disease, Sleep Apnea, Hypertension, and Depression/PTSD. I feel if any of these claims prevail it will have to be secondary to my service connected hearing loss and loss of employment. I will try to explain this without having to write a book someone can give me some advice. My service connection disability had never been a factor for me until I was 48 years old an
  2. Active duty son trying to get some advice on how to handle my dad’s VA claim. I appreciate any feedback and suggestions on how to proceed. My dad who is 78 years old is a Navy veteran of 23 years and served in Vietnam. He was stationed on the USS Kawishiwi (AO 146), which is a Navy ship on the VA’s “brown water” list (http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/shiplist/list.asp). My dad filed a VA Claim in 2003 for several diseases related to Agent Orange to include Type II diabetes, Heart Disease (had quadruple bypass, angioplasty, and splints done), Hypertension, various skin
  3. Noticed today that my VA disabilities on eBenefits has changed from prior 30% for hypertension with mild pulmonary hypertension. New disabilities: ALL SERVICE CONNECTED. Date of my claim is 07/12/2012, appeal on 7 October 2013 requesting DRO de novo review. 1. hypertension, 10% with date of 7/6/2012 2. ED, rating 0% with date of 7/6/2012 3. Diverticulitis 0% with date of 7/6/2012 4. Headaches, 30% with date of 7/6/2012 5. Paroxysmal Atrial fibrillation (PAF), 0%, with date of 4/10/2015 6. Athherosclerotic cardiovascular disease with pulmonary hypertension, 100%, with date of 7/23/2015 7. Hyp
  4. I currently am diagnosed with sleep apnea, and use a CPAP. I have at least one entry in my STR where I mention trouble sleeping, while being seen for something else. My question is this, should I file a claim, now, today, for sleep impairment, or wait until my current claim for depression finishes? Also, would then, my SA be a direct link to hypertension? Thanks, Semper Fi. Andyman
  5. This is my response to recent C & P exam conducted on 10 April 2015. Went over the exam word by word and discovered many, many errors and statements that were not true. Note: I tried to attach this as word document, but hadit system would not accept it. File was only 42kb in size. i used M/S Word 10, as have Word 13, but did not use it. Please note examiners terminology and his omission of key facts, as usual. I did not correct the misspelling by the examiner. Hope this helps someone. I am somewhat meticulous in my critique of the exam, as a decision can turn on one key word or p
  6. The BVA granted me service connection for hypertension with "3 blood pressure readings of 110 diastolically" from 2004. My local office here in Florida gave me 10% from 2010. I thought I read somewhere that a 110 diastolic reading was 20%? Also, if the order from the BVA says 2004 why wouldn't my local office show service connection from 2004, rather than 2010 as they have? jhilly
  7. Last week I posted that I had been scheduled for a duplicate C&P examination later this month for some items that LHI had already done back in April 2015. I was on Ebenefits last night and it showed “gathering evidence and said Decision Letter Sent. I then went into “Disabilities” and it showed my disability rating had changed from 50% to 70%. (GREAT NEWS). Also the summary of benefits letter has been updated to reflect my 70% rating effective 1 October 2015. And current benefit paid letter reflects combined evaluation at 70% and benefit amount $1,334.71 effective 1 October 2015. I lo
  8. My name is tj I enlisted in the military as a junior in high school. The military was always my career goal. I also got 2 of my buddies to join which boosted my rank to E2 I also had enough college credits to get ranked E3 before basics. I passed a health physical for high school football and august of 1999 I started basics in great lakes, IL. While in basics I was scheduled for a routine dentist appointment and I was found to have a very high bp around 190/120 and was asked if I had a history of high bp for which I never had. I was asked to immediately see the medic for which bp pills were pr
  9. Can anyone tell me if they have been either awarded disability compensation for nephrosclerosis or hypertension. I'm in need if help with a pending claim I have. Thanks in advance any help will be greatly appreciated. God bless
  10. Good Evening Everyone, I have been browsing this site for a few hours. I did not find answers to what I have questions for. So I am hoping someone can advise me. My Father served in the Marine Corp In Vietnam from 7/1967 to 5/1970. It was determined that he was exposed to Agent Orange. Along with being on a registry for Camp Lejeune for water contamination. My Father wears AFO leg braces for the Neuropathy. He was falling a lot and I had discussed with his Primary Care Dr a few years back that I felt my father had the beginning stages of Parkinson's. The Dr sent him to the Ne
  11. Back in March of 2013 I was awarded a schedular rating of 100% for hypothyroidism, 20% for meniscal tear right knee, 20% for meniscal tear left knee, 10% tinnitus, 0% hypertension, all of which were retroactive to August 2011. In August of this year I was sent to a C&P Exam for my hypothyroidism, my condition has not improved and in fact has worsened, I explained this to the examiner but she seemed reluctant to accept it since I am on medication. A day or two after the C&P exam I sent a letter (certified mail) to the VARO stating that I have not improved and listed the symptoms that ha
  12. Source: M21-1MR, Part III, Subpart iv, Chapter 6, Section B Inferred Issue: An inferred issue is derived from the consideration or outcome of related issues. Often the primary and inferred issues share the same fact pattern. If … Then infer entitlement to … a total and permanent service-connected evaluation is established on a schedular basis, or based on entitlement to individual unemployabilityThe table below shows examples of inferred issues. Note: In general, infer an issue only when entitlement can be granted. Do not put a benefit at issue merely to deny it. Exceptions: Consi
  13. We all know it happens. You apply for benefit A, or was it A and B? Or, was it just B? Typically, what the VA actually does is to ignore anything that is unclear. Dont let them get away with it: For the answer we turn to M21-1MR, Part III, Subpart iv, Chapter 6, Section B: When preparing a decision, the Rating Veterans Service Representative (RVSR) must recognize, develop, and/or decide all issues, whether expressly claimed implied informal potential mandated, or ambiguous. Partial or ambiguous claims should be clarified to ensure that the decision is complete and appropriate. Wh
  14. Hi All, Was hoping I could get some feedback. I just had a C&P for Gulf War Illness Syndrome. Attached are the C&P results. Kind of long, sorry. Anyway, I received the Statement of Case and was surprised to be denied on everything. Especially Sleep Apnea and Hypertension. Also have Osteoarthritis in both hips. I am already collecting 30% disability for Eczema as a Gulf War Hazard since 1998. I am currently appealing PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  15. Folks: I was earlier rated 0% for Hypertension and 0% for ED during the first part of my claim. Then last week after my Cardiac CP results (deferred claim) finally came in, I was finally rated 10% SC (low balled) for Hypertensive Heart Disease which is a catch all for a lot of heart stuff? Anyway, can anyone tell me what it takes to get 10% of higher for Erectile Dysfunction? I did get SMC -K for loss of a creative organ so is that how VBA generally takes care of ED ratings? The other issue is that I was injured and in a Tank Accident which was service connected for my back which resulted
  16. Folks: I just got notified my result of round 2 of my claim was finished and I saw the results on Ebenefits. Anyway this round, only 1 of 7 contentions was service connected (others denied) which was one 10% SC for Hypertensive Heart Disease as a secondary to Hypertension. My initial claim of 80% has remained at 80% because the extra 10% was not enough to move the ratings up. But, I intend to challenge most the denials anyway with new IMO/IMEs from Dr Ellis over the next few months with my NOD. I'm not getting much traction with claims associated with the explosion that I was in so I cont
  17. I was recently denied SC for coronary artery disease as a secondary to hypertension. I have since filed another claim for unrelated contention but when I was checking under "disabilities" in Ebenefits, I see were coronary artery disease is back under pending disabilities but this time is a new claim vice a secondary claim. Do anyone have any insight on this? Thanks
  18. I have a few question, but here is a little background first. I served in the Navy from 1993-2003. When I got out, I was awarded service connection and compensation for Asthma 30%, Acid Reflux 10%, Tinnitus 10%, and Hypertension 10%. I have a few others rated at 0% but do not remember them off the top of my head. In January/February of this year (2015) I went to VA medical with some complaints and was subsequently diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy. To be frank, I am a bit unclear about all my diagnosis; it has been a bit of a trial for my family considering I just turned 40 I feel shellsho
  19. So I received a letter from the BVA today and basically says it has been remanded again It states that extra-scheduler consideration is warranted. This is what it says 1. Refer Veterans claim to the Director of Compensation and Pension Service or Under Secretary for Benefits for consideration of whether the additional symptomatology resulting from his service connected hypertension warrants an extra-scheduler rating. 2. If any benefit sought on appeal remains denied, issue a supplemental statement of the case. Then the case should be returned to the Board, if in order. What does this mean ? D
  20. Hes awesome. A really nice guy who knows his stuff. I paid him to do four IMEs for me He found three more contentions and did 7 IMEs for me for no addittional charge 7 seperate DBQs filled out and sighned right in front of me after examinations Hes also writing a letter and nexus for each DBQ If your on the fence about using him....dont be... Hes brillant at this stuff Heres just one example.. I told him one of my contentions was high blood pressure. I have plenty of evidence in my medical records but the VA still denied. Its only 10% but I figured his letter would help
  21. I submitted a claim with a few new disabilities and to reopen the following disabilities shown below that were non service connected (as rated in 2007). To my surprise, I found the following statement on one of my C&Ps resutls. INCREASE CLAIMS: The veteran is claiming an increase in her service connected: " Hypertension " Asthma with allergic rhinitis " Migraine headaches " Mitral Valve Disorder " Right knee PFS " Lumbar Back Strain **Please note that the record currently does not show the veteran as service-connected for headaches, heart condition, right knee, or lum
  22. The VA's 'Experts' On Toxic Chemicals May Not Know What They're Talking About Veterans who were exposed to contaminated water are seeing a disturbing pattern of disability claim denials The Department of Veterans Affairs provided Burpee with medical coverage, including hospice, but repeatedly denied his claims for disability benefits. Burpee died not knowing whether his wife, four children and four grandchildren would be taken care of in the future. "They throw up so many roadblocks to you, it's unreal," said Brenda Burpee, Donald's widow. Among the chemicals, trichloroethylen
  23. I was wondering if this sounded right. We had a meeting with my fathers SO. They told my dad he basically is getting compensated well. That filing the new claims for the IHD the Parkinsons and the worsening of the Neuropathy. Would not benefit him at all. Only in the event of his death my mother would get compensated if he passed from sac disabilities. Dad also Inquired about the Aid and attendance he filed over a year ago. It's not in the system they said. So my dad asked how to get it. The person at the SO told him that he should wait and see how this goes. It don't feel 100%. For some r
  24. I have applied for SSDI and found out today just after a few weeks that i was denied. No exams only the adult questionnaire that I filled out. They said they went off my VA records as evidence. Im unemployable and haven't been employed since August 2013. I also have a letter from my last job describing that I was laid off due to missing to much work and also due to all my conditions that I could no longer perform my duties. My VA PCP letter stating I'm unemployable, VA ILP home assessment counselor stating severe PTSD and unemployable, VOC rehab stating in unemployable and unemployment sayi
  25. Lost my cdl because the meds I'm on for my knees and ptsd first I lost being a Emt/firefighter for hypertension and a heart attack now my drivers license I'm so down in the dumps not sure what road take now God bless all on here
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