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  1. So.... July 2014 I was bumped from 40 to 70 percent. However I was denied sc for both knees...depression...sleep apnea and hypertension. March 2015 I started the quick claim process for those issues plus a few others where I will be submitting more evidence once ready. I decided that I should do a NOD for the issues that were not service connected in my July 2014 award letter since my one year window was almost closed. The point was to make sure I could secure my back pay on those issues in the case that the va does SC some of them. I explain why Im doing the NOD to the VA counselo
  2. I am a gulf war1 vet @80% I had a heart attack 2008 2 stents place in my heart I am not rated for my heart or hypertension I was reading that cardiovascular disease falls under the gulf war presumptions has anybody on here got rater for that thanks ahead and God bless us all
  3. I'm looking to see anybody on her knows anything about the va coving my claim for taking lariam in Somalia made me sick at the time trying to get my irregular heat beats and hypertension and heart attack rated i'm rated now 80%thanks ahead for the help God bless
  4. Folks: I've had Hypertension Issues since my early days in Kuwait and was hospitalized there for several days for a kidney stone and kidney issues. Recently, I was service connected at 0% for hypertension. Anyway, much later, I ended up with 3 large marble sized cysts on my Kidney's. Anyway, so, around 1998, when I was still active in the Army, I started having chest pains that would not go away. So, they gave me an heart echocardiogram back then and found some heart valve regurgitation problems. As a result, from that time on, I've had chest pains and carried around nitro to relieve t
  5. My last decision date was Aug 18 2014. I was bumped from 40% to 70% Several of the claims received no rating due to not enough evidence Sleep apnea Both knees High blood pressure Depression secondary to hearing loss In Mar 2015 I started the quick claim fdc process. I have yet to submit my claims as Im waiting on IMEs from Dr Bash. The Va has assured me that I have a one year window to submit my quick claims. So from Mar 2015 till Mar 2016 My question is this??? How do I keep my one year date from my august 2014 decision date? I would like to receive retro pay on the hypertensio
  6. If one filed a claim in 2008 for hypertension (HBP) and was susequently service connected for hypertension through his military medical records (zero, controlled by meds), would it be unreasonable for them to have seen an enlarge left ventrical and an abnormal ECG also in the record, to also sevice connect for heart desease? And if they didnt, which they didnt, do I, Start a new claim for heart desease. Or, a cue? Or, what?? Thanks, Hamslice From what I read in 7000, you get 30% for enlarged heart by x-ray, which I have on record in 2004 with an x-ray. And I also h
  7. I filed a claim for CAD secondary to HTN. I had my C & P on June 5th and I received my copy via release of information yesterday. My question is I thought CAD secondary to sc HTn was a slam dunk. The write up from the C&P doctor states: While HTN is a risk factor for CAD, the veteran also has other risk factors including male age over 45 years old, family history of heart disease, prior cigareete smoking (quit in 1997) and low HDL in 2002. Also accoding to UP to DATE: obesity and weight gain promotes or aggravates all the atherogenic risk factors and physical activity worsens some to t
  8. Hi I have been watching this site for some time now below is what I'm dealing with along with allot of other disabilities I am 60% at this time allot of 10% I have a IMO from Dr Bash that I have already turn in to VA my claim was at Prep for decision now it when back to gathering of evidence can I please get some feed back on this. I thank you guys in advance!! Berta I think I'm dealing with the same thing that your Husband when though concerning his heart condition, I'm sorry for your lost. Ken Military: 1979- 1999 I started going to Womack Army Medical Center in the early 90’s
  9. Saw on another Vet forum that a member wrote that heart disease is automatically assumed as a secondary condition if you are service connected for high blood pressure. Tthen another member wrrote that not just any heart diseasee, it was limited to myocardial damage and coronary occlusion. "Essentially we are talking about coronary artery disease. If you have this heart disease the connection to service connected hypertension has already been made for you by the Secretary. This is spelled out in their operating manual, M21-1MR. Any other type of heart disease, except for hypertensive heart dise
  10. My Vocational Rehab counselor has put me in the Independent living program. I was given a letter entitled"Subject:Disability Determination of case rated 100% and found Not Reasonable Feasible for Vocational Rehabilitation. In the letter it was stated the following- The case of the above -name veteran is forwarded for your attention because of a determination of being found not reasonably feasible for rehabilitation services. This veteran has a 80% SCD rating based upon 60% heart issues, 30% foot issues, 20% lumosacral strain, 10% hypertension, 0% cervical strain(fusion), 0% bilateral
  11. asknod responded to a post located here on hadit This response made such a huge impact on me as to its importance; that I had to respond to it and start this thread: asknod wrote: You won because you took the time to learn the twisted system. Far too many come here and merely try to get others to do their footwork. Advice is one thing. Asking for a complete book of Cliff Notes is far more. No one is more invested in your claim, more knowledgeable than you about the actual facts, nor capable of bringing the proper legal arguments to the table. It took me 14 years to recognize my 1994
  12. Hello everybody, I have asked for an increase on one of my disabilities that was rated a 0% in 2006. The VA received my claim for increase on 3/18/2013 with medical evidence. The original claim completion date was 1/13/2014 to 7/9/2014. I now have an updated claim completion date of 9/28/14 to 3/30/2015. The VA further states that they never received my 5103 waiver. I contacted the VA at the 1-800 number in July 2013, the day I received the notification about the 5103 waiver. They basically said it is just a form to see if I had anymore evidence to send in. I stated that I have already s
  13. I realize there are quite a few threads going on about SMC and I didn't want to hijack any of them with my question...Which is pretty simple (LOL) Am I eligible for SMC based upon my last VA award??? 60 Nephropathy w/Hypertension 60 PN Upper Left 40 PN Lower Left 40 PN Lower Right 30 IHD 20 DMII 20 PAD Lower Left 20 PAD Lower Right 10 PN Upper Right 10 Scar L/R Carotid 10 Scar Abdomen 0 Hypertension 0 Surg Rt Ring Finger 100% P&T plus SMC (K-1) OSC
  14. Recently I sent Ms. Allison Hickey an email on 11 March 2015 on my backlogged NOD and claims. This is part of one email that the Director sent me. My claim has been ongoing since 2003. I am currently rated 30% SC for hypertension. I filed 11 new contentions, including request for increase in my HTN rating in July 2012. The VA rater also added three more contentions to my list. extract from email from St. Pete Director today-13 March 2015 VA examinations were previously requested for the claimed conditions, however, additional information is needed before a Decision Review Office
  15. This is 28 April 2015 results of my C & P exam for heart disease. I have been trying since 2003 to get SC for heart disease. I had 6 tests less than 6 months after came off AD DBQ CARDIO Heart: MEDICAL OPINION REQUEST TYPE OF MEDICAL OPINION REQUESTED: Aggravation of a nonservice Connected disability by a service connected disability. OPINION REQUESTED: Aggravation of a nonservice connected disability by a service connected disability. Was the Veteran's atrial fibrillation and ischemic heart disease At least as likely as not aggravated beyond its natural progression by his/her
  16. Recent had C & P exam and noted several disabilities that VARO added to my claim. This is what doctor opined on spirolactone, which VA started me on in 2007 for hypertension. I am not sure if have claim or not, unless it is 1151 claim. OPINION REQUESTED: Aggravation of a nonservice connected disability by A service connected disability. Was the Veteran's diverticulitis with constipation at least as likely as not aggravated beyond its natural progression by his/her service connected hypertension with pulmonary hypertension? Medical opinion: It is at least as likely is not at
  17. My this has been a long , tiresome road but with a lot of interesting turns and twist. Though I have been gone for several years, it is so good to be back. My commitment to our Veterans has not changed since I have been gone and if anything has increased and though gone for a while, I have been actively involved in working with Veterans, their dependents and their claims. Though a lot has befallen me over the last 3 years with my health heading south it has not deterred me from my love for helping our Veterans. I am going to be posting LOTS of research for our Archives. As many of you may kno
  18. Just wondering if the VA cardiologist is slanting his exams to favor the VA> I had ECHO in 2013 when filed claim for hypertension increase. Measurements were Left Atria enlarged to 4.9 cm/s and noted that this time AFTER I had filed a claim for hypertensive heart disease that measurements were decreased to 4.6cm/s. Similar decrease throughout the readings. Funny thing is had ECHO from my cardio doc and had higher readings less than one month prior to the VA echo and I will have another one next week as well as nuclear stress test and may even get a MUGA scan. It appears that the VA cardiolo
  19. I have some questions hopefully someone can help me; here is some back ground info. I retired from the Navy 30Sept2013 after 20 years. I filed a claim 1 Oct2013. I filed for cognitive disorder which the VA put to Organic Brain Syndrome (Non Psychotic) Effective date Oct 1, 2013. On my award letter it states we have assigned a 100 percent evaluation for your organic brain syndrome non psychotic claimed as cognitive disorder based on disorientation to place, time. Disturbances of motivation and mood. Forgetting directions forgetting recent events. Forgetting names, mild memory loss, Occupation
  20. I piggy-backed my diabetes & complications claim on a TDIU claim I filed back in June. The VA awarded the TDIU -- P&T and gave a zero rating for hypertension (reopened) and denied the diabetes contentions. My VSO said I should accept the TDIU and not bother with contesting the claim for diabetes as there is no additional compensation likely. I had considered filing a NOD because I would want my family protected if I died of diabetes complications. Is the VSO's guidance appropriate in a case like this? How likely is it the VA would undo its decision for TDIU if I appealed the d
  21. Just received a final evaluation from the VA. My disability rating went from 40% in 2012 to currently 70% after they received a missing medical questionnaire sent by my doctor. About 10 months ago I filed a NOD for sleep apnea being a secondary condition due to diabetes. There is no mention of the NOD in this final evaluation. It simply states that sleep apnea is still denied. Does this mean the NOD has been decided or do they address the NOD separately? In my preliminary evaluation where they established the 40% rating they had my hypertension as service connected due to diabetes. In
  22. Hello everyone. Im new here to the site, hope Im doing this right. But anyhow I got a decision on my claim in just 7 months and totally dont understand the results. Rated Disabilities Disability Rating Decision Related To Effective Date dysthymia Not Service Connected post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, dysthymia, (38 USC Section 1702) Active Psychosis/GW Mental left knee condition Not Service Connected
  23. Finally got a response from my NOD that I sent in on 21 November 2010. I'm working on preparing my NOD for the SOC and would like some feedback on the format before I finish my other contentions. Thanks in advance!! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ VA FORM-21-0958, Part III – SPECIFIC ISSUES OF DISAGREEMENT, 11A. 1. Hypertension continue 0% Rating. I disagree with the continuation of my service-connected 0 % rating for hypertension and request a higher rating of
  24. Yesterday I received my 1151 HBP award letter I might have mentioned the RO call I got on this last week but I never pay too much attention to RO phone calls. I LOLed at this: : "Dear Mrs. Simmons, We received a request to reopen a previous claim on March 27th 2015." That was the bogus denial letter I got in late March and I raised Hell right away. "What we decided: "Hypertension for accrued benefits purposes granted 10% EED Aug 9, 1992." They actually read my evidence this time. They state that no additional accrued is due to me..... That would only be true if th
  25. So here is the situation. I'm helping a Marine, who was shot in the ankle in November of 1979. He was boarded out, and currently gets 40 % . He receives SSDI as well, and he recently filed for PTSD only to be denied in December of this year. Here's where it gets interesting, he's trying to pay his child support, so he looked into doing the Ticket to work program through the SS. They told him he was ineligible because of the findings that gave him his SSDI, standing restrictions and different things. But come to find out when he was seen by a private dr. That helped to get the ssdi, it wa
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