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Found 24 results

  1. Are there any suggestions or preferred methods on how to approach an independent doctor to perform a VA evaluation for your conditions, service connect an event during service, and fill out a DBQ?
  2. I want to start a thread for people to post names of IMO/IME's they have used. THIS IS FOR GOOD AND BAD DOCS. We want to know who to go to and who to avoid (Keep in mind if your symptoms and evidence does not support a DX or SC that does not mean they are a Bad doctor, it means you havent given them what they need to do what you want) Rules: (and Tbird/mods have final say) 1) Follow the template below, Copy and Paste 2) do not list out your whole story of your claims spanning back 20 years, keep it concise 3) If they were good or bad, list concise (ie quick and to the point) reasons why. TEMPLATE: COPY AND PASTE -------------------------------------------- WHERE ARE THEY: NAME: WHAT IS THEIR SPECIALTY (or what you were seen for): COST: CONTACT: REVIEW (keep the Yes or No, based on whats correct) Did they review your entire file (YES) (NO) -- Did they provide a well written DBQ/IMO/IME (YES) (NO) -- Were they familiar with VA Claims (38 cfr, M21, etc) ? (YES) (NO) -- Would you classify them as "Vet Friendly" (YES) (NO) -- Would you recommend them to other veterans? (YES) (NO) -- Comments: (Be Brief) --------------------------------------------------
  3. OK Folks, Been a while since I posted on here, but I've been lurking and reading. After receiving my SOC on several conditions, and being informed by the Houston VARO that they will be sending an SSOC within the week, I think it's time that I hire somebody a good bit smarter than I am, and who can navigate the BVA system. I ran the gambit myself for the most part, obtaining all of my military medical and personnel records from NPRC when the VA said they couldn't find anything, getting an IME/IMO from Dr. Ellis in Oklahoma, an IMO from Dr David Anaise in Arizona, an IMO from my oncologist of the past 18 years, and a bundle and a half of my civilian treatment records. I fought with the help of Ted Ebert of the VA to get 95 pages of medical records that belonged to other veterans out of my C-File. (First denial and first SOC contained a ton of citations of these records, some of which were before I was even born.). I still have one record from some poor Airman whose name is nowhere close to mine, who has a rough condition that they still cannot seem to remove, but at least it's only one page now....I hope. I requested and received three copies of my C-File, gettting a different number of pages each time, and always something new from my military records that they couldn't find before when they did their first rating. I went through three C&P's, with an affirmative one in 2012, and two adverse ones in 2015 (after introducing Dr. Ellis' IME/IMO) and another in 2016 (after introducing Dr. Anaise's IMO). I started all this in June, 2010, and have to say that it has been a ride, bumpy, but educational. I've filed NOD's, Form 9 Appeals and all kinds of other junk, and have learned that eBenefits has a long way to go before being truly veteran friendly. (But it is better than the old VONAPP system that I used when I first started this mess.) When I receive my SSOC in the next few days, (It should have already arrived by now, but hey...it's the VA, right?), I'll do whatever needs to be done to keep the ball moving, but old Mark is ready to let somebody else navigate. I don't mind working, submitting to more exams, blood work, x-rays, etc, but I think I need an attorney to move on. My American Legion guys, who have been friendly, etc. through it all have only really served to help me eliminate the long waits on the 1-800 number, and that's about it. And of course, the VA finally has fixed that a bit and the waits are pretty small now. So, question is, who do you folks recommend to help me from here as I enter BVA land? Thanks again for the wealth of information so far, and I have to say that I would not have gotten the much-needed 20% that I received without your advice early on in this march. Have a great weekend, and I look forward to hearing from everyone who has had experience with good law firms, and warnings from those who have bad experiences from others. Mark
  4. Morning all, I am new to the forum but been an avid reader and learner from the posts listed here on this site as well as other sites. My situation, I was able to get an IMO from the Ellis Clinic plus an Nexus from the VA Dr. and submitted in as a new claim and was wondering what are my chances in winning. I know every scenario is different and I review the citations as well on BVA. Can anyone share their successes or disappointments? P.s. Flores97 I emailed you :) I wished you well in your case. Sincerely, Thank you.
  5. Howdy All! Been a while since I've posted, but I've been reading, lurking and watching.....oh yes....I've been out there watching.....(that was creepy). Took some great advice and contacted Ted Ebert from the VA, via e-mail about my frustration with 95 medical and psych records belonging to other veterans being contained within my C-File, and that they were cited by the VA's last C&P examiner (held by Veterans Evaluation Service in Houston by a 12 year old nurse practitioner dude with a ponytail and a whopping 2 years of experience as a nurse practitioner......ok he may have been 16 years old.....maybe) and the VA's rater (who apparently only knows two functions on his keyboard....copy and paste). Early this year, Mr. Ebert was able to get the VA to acknowledge and purge all of these records, and the latest C-File I received in July looks like it was finally Mission Accomplished after several years of pleading with them to pull the records and reassess. While waiting on this, I received another IMO from Doctor David Anaise on multiple conditions. Although Mr. Ebert advised that the actual C&P examination report, rating denial and the rating decision letter (all three had information from medical records of other individuals) could not be removed or redacted, he advised that he would note in the file that there were incorrect records and that these documents had cited them. The VA finally did a reset and pulled me back down from pending a BVA Appeal back down to the run of the mill Notice of Disagreement, and has now recently scheduled me for a third C&P examination with QTC (My first time dealing with them in this six year Disneyland ride line.) The first C&P by a real doctor at VES was favorable to me, the third was blackballed by Nurse Skippy with the ponytail citing other veteran's records, and now it looks like I'll see another doctor at QTC from what I read. I did an "interview" over the phone with an office employee, who went over the DBQ questionnaire with me and had me answer her verbally line by line each question on the multiple DBQ's. They had already FedEx'd me the DBQ questionaires with appointment information and instructions, which I filled out as instructed, but she said that this would save time and make it easier for the doctor to review than reading my handwriting or filling it out himself. (Don't worry, I plan to bring my own handwritten copies as well, as well as the IMO from my oncologist, affirmative C&P from the VES doctor in 2012, the IME/IMO from Doctor Ellis and the IMO from Doctor Anaise, as well as my STR's and other supporting medical materials. I may also bring a couple of Doctor Seuss books just in case. The office employee was patient and friendly thus far. Fangs may be out when I arrive next week, but who knows? She even let me give her more information when I called her back with additional symptoms that I had forgotten to tell her in the initial telephone interview (I wasn't home when she called, and she caught me flatfooted.) I'll keep everybody advised of what happened on my first QTC experience. Gotta be better than the last VES experience....I hope. This one will involve C&P's for service connection on several conditions and a rating increase on another. Have a great weekend! Mark
  6. Hello all, first of all thank you to all who share your stories and advice. While this is my first post, I've been stalking the forum for months as something to do during my insomnia as I wait for my decision. I have found both comfort and education here. I was hoping for some opinions, advice, or even encouragement. I realize I'm not in the worst shape compared to others, but this process has my anxiety through the roof. I am currently rated 30% SC PTSD-MST (total rating with other disabilities is 50%). My condition has progressively worsened, especially over the past few years. I submitted my FDC for PTSD increase and TDIU in May and it has been in Gathering of Evidence phase. All of my treatments have been with VA docs. My GAF scores average around 50. I obtained a favorable IMO to submit with my application. I haven't yet been scheduled for a C&P exam. Over the past several years I missed a lot of work, burned through my leave with sick days, was previously placed on both short and long term disability with my employer, all from my SC medical issues. I would appreciate based on your experience and thoughts on whether I might have a good case for increase, what my rating might be, whether I might get TDIU or P&T, how long it might take for VA to get my medical records from VA hospitals, if I will have to do a C&P exam (the thought almost triggers a panic attack), or any advice on what I can do to pass the time as I wait besides chronically check eBenefits and read every single thread on this forum. I realize I have a much longer wait ahead of me, so I figured I'd start engaging here. Thank you in advance for any help.
  7. Anyone ever use http://www.valorcompensationconsulting.com/ to get an Independent Medical Option? I spoke with the owner and they seem like they really want to help veterans out. I was just wondering if anyone has ever used there services and what was the outcome of your case?
  8. Vets, Anyone ever use :http://www.vetcompandpen.com/ ? I talked to there representative today and they seem very knowledgeable and claim to have helped a lot of vets with there cases (for a fee of course).
  9. Does anyone know a doctor who does IMO letters for Fibromyalgia. I have a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia from a Rheumatologist from Scott & White, Chronic Pain Syndrome and Myofacial Pain from the VA. The C&P clearly went my way except the nurse practitioner who did the C&P stated I had a diagnosis but it does not seem related to Active Duty Service by review of SMR's. So it is going to be hard to pass this under Gulf War presumptive illnesses. Any Help in this matter will be appreciated.
  10. Hi All. My claim for Sleep apnea, Hypertension and Rhinitis just hit the "pending decision phase". I dont know how it will turn out but I wanted to post a copy of my IME/Nexus from Dr Ellis. I am curious about your thoughts. By the way, his practice is very vet friendly and the cost of the exam and report was 500. Expert Medical Eval_2.pdf
  11. Team, When is it best to get an IME vs an IMO? Which hold more power in the VAs world? Thanks
  12. Okay I think I have a solid letter for my upcoming NOD Review Hearing. NOD Letter Redacted.pdf Does this look good enough for my upcoming NOD? NOD 11.18.14_Redacted.pdf I think he connected the dots for the following contentions: 1. Status post avulsion fracture, 5th Metatarsal, right foot - read why it was denied. Here is my ISSUES and CONCERNS. This fracture occurred when I was 8 months pregnant in 1996. I was taken to Ft. Belvoir and they put me in a cast. I gave birth to my daughter while in the cast. MY PROBLEM....No SMR's to back this up! I have requested them since 2014 to no avail. I have the documentation where I requested the records but so far no luck. My podiatrist in my IMO letter attached indicates the fracture is old and s/c it to my AD injuries...Is this good? 2. Left Foot strain with Morton's neuroma - Read why it was denied. This I believe I have a good leg to stand on LOL - I went through my SMR's submitted and there are several pieces of evidence to support this claim. When I fractured my L ankle (Talus Hawkins I) back in 1991/92 there are notations on my medical records AD that I had numbness at the base of my L foot/toe. I previously provided this, along with my outside podiatrist DBQ's citing I had this condition and it had been since the 90's that I was suffering from it. What do I do here to prove this contention should be S/C? 3. Right Ankle Sprain - read why they denied it. I have SMR's that were submitted to back this up yet it was denied. I am not sure what "new" evidence" I can supply? Should I reiterate the already existing evidence? The denial indicates I had issues but I don't constitute a S/C. I also have DBQ's from my outside Podiatrist stating that my L/R ankles have synovitis. I was S/C 10% for my L ankle so why not my right???? Here is the Denial Letter .pdf Thanks!
  13. Has anyone used Dr. K Edwards and have a review. here is his website: http://www.vadisabilityclaimsrelief.com/
  14. my question is, should i send my IMO to the Regional Office to look at ? i brought my IMO to the BVA hearing in D.C. around 4 months ago. i asked for the bva to take over consideration of the IMO and it was aggreed by the judge to do so. but now since my appeal has still not been decided and looks as if im still going to be waiting for some time then should i send the Great IMO to the department of original jurisdiction for consideration?
  15. When is it too late to submit new and material evidence in an appeal? I just got my Dear John letter from the VA this weekend in the form of a Statement of the Case from a NOD I had filed on an initial rating back in 2013. I haven't filed my Form 9 yet, and know I'm a few days into my 60 day deadline clock, so don't want to waste too much time. I'm just wondering that if I receive another IME or IMO if I can submit them before my case gets transferred to the BVA. I haven't decided my options for hearings yet....video...in person....etc. Any thoughts? Thanks again! Mark
  16. I am finishing up copying all pertinent materials to send to Dr. Bash for an IMO for my husband. However, I'm not totally sure what is pertinent. I want to be sure to send what is needed but not inundate the doc with a bunch of unnecessary stuff. Any tips on this and best way to arrange, etc. Thanks, Kate
  17. Received an IMO and the doctor asked that I look it over for errors and let him know. This is an appeal for kidney disease my husband suffers from and we are claiming was caused by the contaminated water at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune (an uphill battle.) The report looks good to me but I do have a few questions I wanted to ask here before getting back with him. **It says he reviewed patient's medical records/testimony,lay statements, personnel records but it does not state he saw the service medical records or C&P file. He did see both and references the C&P opinion elsewhere but does not specifically list it. Should these two things be included in the list of what he saw? **My husband had two entries in his service medical records where he was treated for urinary issues and pain. These were a year apart and after exposure to the water. I thought maybe these would be important to include as the possible start of the problem but maybe not. **He referred to a reference which lists harmful chemicals known to cause the kidney disease my husband has but also includes in the list other items, such as: lead paint, cigarette smoke, sewage, whitening creams contaminated cereals, etc. I'm not sure these should all be listed. I'm thinking just pull out the chemicals he was exposed to and not leave it open for VA to say "Hey, these other items could have been a factor." We all know many things in the environment can contribute to medical issues but don't want to give unnecessary ammo. **The opinion doesn't use the exact wording "at least as likely as not" but does say "to at least the 50% level of probability." Is that acceptable to VA? **This next may be petty but I have a thing about spelling (not that I don't have issues with it also) and there are some in the report, likely typos. Should I ask that these be corrected or is that not a real issue? Just want to make sure we cover everything and give VA no reason to say something is not included or done right. We also have a statement in my husband's medical notes from his VA kidney specialist, saying that he feels the condition is at least as likely as not a result of the water. Any thoughts on this? Anything that I should make sure is included before sending the NOD? Thanks, Kate
  18. Ime Vs. Imo

    I am wondering what is the best option, IME or an IMO, for wading through the VA's appellate process after a NOD has been filed? Would it be wiser to go with a good quality IME examiner first, or just do an IMO with a records review, and then wait for the VA to decide to order any additional C&P's? Part of me thinks that by going through a C&P process with DBQ's in obtaining an IME might be a time saver. Thoughts or advice? Mark
  19. Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! I'm in the final stages of putting together a NOD - and thanks to all those who helped me thus far. I'm taking AskNOD's advice and putting appropriate CFRs in my rationale for why the RO wrongly denied service connection. However, I can't find an obvious CFR cite that covers which doctor they should listen to. In my situation, my ENT filled out a DBQ that said that my hearing loss was related to military service. The RO, relying on audiologists, is using the argument that I had hearing loss upon entering the service and that the level of increased loss was not due to military service - which for me included loud engine noise, pistol, rife, auxilitary or main battery fire, helicopter operations, etc. If my ENT said that it was, in his opinion, related to military service shouldn't the RO take that opinion over VA or QTC audiologists? Of course, as AskNOD has so aptly put it, the DBQ form is somewhat short of a nexus letter. I can go back to my ENT and ask him for a full nexus letter to include with form 9. But first of all, is there a CFR cite that discusses which doctor to choose? I sure can't find one...
  20. I was recently sent an SOC raising my ptsd to 70% but denied effective date back to the date of NOD jan 2011. I went and got an IMO and a doc from an employer.
  21. Hi all, I know that this has been asked before but I was wondering if those who have asked this question ever found some one who would do an IMO? Thanks, Shyne
  22. I'm preparing to apply for an increase in my rating for depression, ankle pain and submit a new claim for headaches, which result from my antidepressant medication and sleep apnea. I no longer work as a result of these. I planning to submit my claim and return to the U.S. in July. My antidepressants and the narcotic pain killers I take for the headaches are all over the counter here in Thailand so I've haven't seen a doctor about these issues in a long time. So, my question is, should I go to a local doctor to establish some documentation before I submit the claim in July, or will the VA scheduled exams be enough? Regarding my ankle pain, the pain has increased significantly over the years. However, unless I walk a few miles, it looks and moves like it should. No swelling or stiffness. It does swell and get stiff if I walk very far, so naturally I don't do that. Do I have any chance of getting an increase for the ankle or should I let it be? Finally, should I also claim total disability since I can no longer hold a job? I have a hard time getting my head around the VA process, acronyms, etc. It's incredibly taxing to even think about. So thanks for your help. Sincerely, LIT Sleep Apnea 50% Major Depression 30% Residual of Right Ankle Pain 10% Tinnitus 10%
  23. i have narrowed my search of drs for my imo down to 2. ive read posts concerning verbiage for initial compensation connecting it to service. for example as least likely as not etc... however i am already sc for ptsd at 30%. i filed a nod and requested a dro hearing in person for a higher rating. i had the dro hearing and was sent for a new c&p exam. i am not happy with the drs notes from the new c&p exam? therefore i am seeking an imo to submit as more evidence. my question is what exactly am i asking the dr to state in his report? i dont want to spend the $1600 and have something thats not helpful to my claim? what im asking i guess is what questions should i ask of the drs before deciding what one to choose for the imo? i know what i need. after examining me and me telling them how severly my ptsd affects my whole life. i need the dr to honestly describe my current mh condition and the effects it has on my daily life and functioning to include impaiment with work etc.... but how do they word it. do they say in my opinion the veteran fits the requirements for such and such % disabilty? i hope i have explained what im trying to ask? thanks for any and all help tankerjoe0
  24. Dr. Jerry W Bush

    Has anyone used Dr. Jerry Bush with their IMO? If so, is he knowledgeable with the VA's terminology and is he trustworthy?