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Found 6 results

  1. Question about the rating and decision process on remands, and my apologies for any inconvenience trying to understand the remand process. When the remand is sent from the BVA to the RO with specific instructions, can the RO make a favorable decision and give a rating on a previously denied claim (remand) if they see fit upon review of the case and file?
  2. I know some of you have had your NOD reviews through WACO, TX. What are your thoughts as I sit here anxiously waiting the DRO hearing officer to finalize his review. I had my hearing on February 26th, 2014 and so far nothing..... Buck, I know you were pretty quick on you getting a response but any others here????
  3. On asknod's recent blog post on VBMS (VBMS–THE NEW ELECTRONIC FRONTIER-PART I) he suggests visiting the RO an attempt to speak to your rater, in person: Sounds interesting, but what are the chances that (1) I'll actually get the face-to-face with the rater and (2) that I'll be escorted out of the building by VA MPs as soon as I show up asking to speak to the rater? Okay, so I'm mostly joking on #2, but really, it seems like just another one of those situations where you'll be told to shove off, there's no way, Sir! I love the idea in concept, but what is the reality of the situation? How many have tried? Succeeded? Any suggestions for success? Any pitfalls to watch out for? Note: This is about a denial that happened in August in which I was not given a C&P, the decision reason is complete nonsense (gasp!); I now have an IMO that asserts my present condition exists, impacts work, and is more likely than not SC'd; and several new signed sworn declarations. Also, thanks to all who have helped me along the way. It has been invaluable to the successes I have managed to secure. Last post I was on the fence yet again about my VSO. I finally dropped him and obtained a real life attorney. (I've posted this here instead of asking directly so others might benefit from the question. I searched the forums but could not find an answer to all of my questions.)
  4. There appears to be a new rater handling my claim at the Louisville RO. They are now questioning the last C&P Dr. and going as far as changing his answers to the DBQ . C&P Dr. " Was the veterans VA claim file reviewed? " ans. Yes. In the question to the Dr. to resolve a medical opinion conflict, I found accidentally on MHV This question from RO to C&P Dr. under evidence review " was the veterans VA claim file reviewed?" The answer was pre filled out by the RO as NO! Its as if the RO was trying to intimidate the C&P Dr. The new rater is apparently going to challenge past SC 0% ratings that I filled an increase for.
  5. Hello everyone, I just wanted to give some information on my success with getting an increase for some S-C disabilities. My claim was actually held up for 2 months from a VSR at the VA in Los Angeles (Wilshire)- They had said it was filed, but upon checking Ebenefits as he told me to do- 6 weeks later- nothing had shown as filed. So I took it upon myself to walk it into the federal building myself and low and behold that following Monday it showed up on eB's... as filed on the date I walked it in. This is the second time I have attempted to allow the VA's reps assist me and every time they screw it up. *smh* So for me no VSR/ VSO's I just can't... I would like to trust them, but it seems when i try to let them "just do their job" they don't. go figure. ANYWAY. 3/14/2014 - Claim for increase was filed (FDC)... (currently 40%) 6/20 - QTC exam 7/3 - VA received QTC results (eB::: Development letter sent) 8/01- VA magically lost original claim paperwork 8/2- Uploaded claim paperwork through eBenefits 8/15- VA confirmed they had received the original paperwork uploaded. (eB::: moved to Preparation for decision) 9/15 - EBenefits reflected claim closed/complete (Decision notification sent/ development letter sent/ appeal possible) 9/16 - A8 (Benefit Summary) reflected my new rating (60%) 9/17TODAY- Called Peggy and got the callback option and my call was returned within 30 minutes. The woman who assisted for verification purposes informed me that it was complete, she cannot tell me what the decision is- however, you have retro pay authorized for Sept. 15th. Below 3K which is fine by me- anything is better than nothing- So now I am waiting for my retro to hit my bank and the BBE. (Big Brown Envelope) and tomorrow 9/18 is my birthday- at least I can enjoy it knowing my claim has indeed been handled 1 day short of the 6 month mark. Keep the faith and stay on top of your paperwork.I agree with most, which is your timeline totally depends on what you're claiming and ensuring you are making your appointments, sending in documentation requested ASAP, and do not forget to FOLLOW UP! Technology cannot be trusted sometimes lol... If it says uploaded that's fine, but 2 days later I will cll anyway because, I need a human telling me they have gotten it. Hopefully you all are getting some quicker decisions as well. Looking forward to interacting with you all.
  6. I filed my claim in September 2011; I do not understand as far as ebenefits states, as to when I will be set up for C&P exams?