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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I hope everyone is well. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge regarding Federal Government Title 38 employees (Professional Healthcare worker such as RN, Physician, etc.)? Has any veteran experienced difficulty in obtaining employment at the MEDVAMC in Houston, Texas or any VA facility? If yes, do they feel that veteran status had a negative impact? Who else should I contact in order to file a grievance against the Title 38 veterans preference exemption? I have a Masters Degree as a Registered Nurse (Nurse Practitioner) and I am interested in seeking employment at the MEDVAMC in Houston, Texas. I have applied at the facility for more than 8 years without success. I am greater than 50% Service Connected. Registered Nurses and other healthcare professionals are considered "Title 38" employees which means that we cannot use Veterans Preference when applying for jobs at the VA. I am board certified as an Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner, Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, Critical Care and Wound Ostomy and Continence. I wrote the Secretary of VA and inquired as to why Title 38 employees are exempt from veterans preference and my letter was forwarded to the Director of HR in Houston, TX. I asked her to explain the reason military veteran RNs and other health care professionals cannot use veteran preference.....Her answer because the VA only wants the best qualified candidates. My question to her was that if a veteran is qualified to be a commissioned officer in the military as a Registered Nurse why are they not considered among the best qualified to work in a Veterans Hospital? I also asked to know the qualifications of Nurses and Advance Practice Nurses that were chosen instead of me. Her answer was that hiring was strictly up to the hiring manager. I have nothing against foreigners (several of my in-laws are foreigners) but all of the hiring managers that I interviewed with were foreigners--Filipino, East Indian, and/or African. The staff nurse interview panels were always completely homogenous either all Filipino, East Indian, or African. I feel that by exempting Veterans from preference there is a possibility that Veterans may be inadvertently discriminated against due to their Veteran Status. The reason I say this is because at every interview the hiring manager or panel come across as 'skittish' or 'unsure' when my military service is illuminated. I asked the HR Director how many nurses at the facility were military veterans? Her answer was approximately 6%. She could not provide any information on how many of the 6% were in leadership positions or hiring managers. I wrote both of my Senators this past summer (Ted Cruz and John Cornyn) regarding the Title 38 exemption for Veterans Preference. I feel that RNs, Physicians, and other healthcare workers should be entitled to Veterans Preference. I received no response from Ted Cruz. John Cornyn's office thanked me for my service and gave some generic response on how they supported veterans. Congressional Veterans House and Senate members, the ones that make laws, do not provide responses. I know illuminating race/country of origin is a sensitive subject for some people. If my letter is coming across as brash, abrasive, or offensive that is not my intention. I am primarily concerned about the possibility of being discriminated against due to my veteran status not race or natural born citizenship.

    I have found that the VA has had evidence decades before they say they knew. They have been deceiving us, Liang to us, and depriving due benefits for 5 decades at least, and me personally for 46 years. They are dishonest and deceptive, and have been the root cause of Veterans suffering to death, needlessly. Over 300,000 and it's probably double that at least. Your claims are delayed to deceive you and delay you, nothing more. NOTHING MORE. My claim went from the crooks in St. Louis, to the lazy jerks in Atlanta, to to numb nuts in Nebraska, to the warped minds in Waco, TX, before determining that the month I was hospitalized in Vietnam did little to nothing. Since July I had another stroke, now a brain hypodensity,and the coma and migraines on duty don't mean crap to the liars at the VA. They lied to deprive me of a life, and they did. Despite 20+ FOIA Requests, they withheld medical evidence and documents that could have changed my life, so they just say screw you, go die. They knew all along, and are lying to you now.
  3. John Dorle will be the guest. It will be an open mike show and call ins will be welcome. The number to call in is 347 237 4819. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/haditcom/2016/09/08/haditcom-blog-talk-veterans-radio-show-with-guest-speaker-john-dorle Basser
  4. This is a must listen. Dr Cantrell is a very good advocate for all things PTSD . http://www.blogtalkradio.com/haditcom/2016/08/26/bridget-c-cantrell-phd-is-an-award-winning-post-traumatic-stress-expert
  5. Join us for this informative show as we see what crazy stuff the VA comes up with. I promise you it will not be boring.. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/haditcom/2016/02/03/haditcomblog-talk-radio-show-with-jerrrel-john-and-asknod
  6. It is a new year so Jerrel and I have decided to go back to the basics of Va claims. This is a multi part series starting on Tuesday Jan at 2:00pm eastern. We will begin with Disability and gathering evidence and filing the claim, what forms to use, selecting a representative to assist you and how to navigate the process. No one should have to go this one alone. Join us for this show. John AKA JBasser
  7. This will be a special show this week as we pay omage to all veterans. We will laugh a little, cry a little, Remember those who have gone before us. We are taking open calls during the show. The call in number is 347 237 4819. Join us as we celebrate the Veteran. Basser
  8. Do we have a treat for you. Mr Ed Smith of Majesty Outdoors is in the process of doing a Documentary about Nuclear and Chemical exposure our Veterans may have come across in their military service. Also Joining us is Hadit Member and former Professional fishing guide Bill Sheka of Bill Sheka Outdoors. Bills Hadit Handle is CaptContaminate. Bill is working with ED in this documentary and has provided support to Ed's mission. Join Jerrel Cook and Myself as we bring you this episode. The Show starts at 2:30 eastern time. If you have been exposed to Nuclear Radiation or Chemicals in the CONUS, Give us a call. We would love to hear form you. The call in number is 347 237 4819.
  9. Brain Damage From Ied Blasts

    New 2015 Research: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/01/150114140600.htm
  10. It just keeps getting better..... http://www.disabledveterans.org/2015/03/31/new-drug-deaths-linked-tomah-va-candy-land/?inf_contact_key=c09730cff9a6b06a0eb609db19bdef34979812eff1f26a4555c7328311000df6
  11. Is this another "secret" list?? According to Bergman and Moore, there are "secret lists" to retaliate against (disabled) Vets who complain: http://www.vetlawyers.com/is-veterans-affairs-retaliating-against-disabled-veterans-who-lodge-valid-complaints/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+BergmannMoore+%28Bergmann+%26+Moore%29 Key points from article: "If Veterans criticize any aspect of their experience at VA, and especially if they file a malpractice lawsuit against the department, Kraus said some VA employees retaliate by lodging what he says are “illegal complaints” against Veterans." Even more disturbing: "Kraus, who attended Northwestern University and the University of Minnesota Law School and served in the Air Force from 1996-2001, recently wrote on his disabledveteran.org website that this form of retaliation is one of the biggest crimes VA is committing across the country, because it “chills the speech of Veterans who respectfully file complaints that have merit.” Kraus said these retaliatory responses to many valid complaints from Veterans can at times “defame the Veteran and diminish their credibility,” and the end result is a Veteran having an improper flag on their file, harassment from VA police, and/or restrictions in access to timely health care."
  12. Has anyone heard of Victor Values Veterans? I just stumbled across it, and I thought it was pretty cool.. Basically, Victor Pest (a company that sells rat traps, mice traps, rodent repellents, etc) started this initiative called Victor Values Veterans which helps U.S. veterans find jobs after returning home from service. Victor agreed to donate funds to the Call of Duty Endowment for every new Facebook fan they get. In case you don't know what the Call of Duty Endowment is, it's a non-profit re-employment organization that provides vets with the right resources, training, and support to re-enter the workforce as a civilian once they return home from serving overseas. I was really impressed when I found this. I think it's awesome of Victor to bring attention to how hard it is for vets to find jobs after they come home. Plus, it's super-easy to help. Literally all you have to do is click "like" on Facebook and you're helping veterans. It really can't get much easier than that. If anyone wants to check it our or like the page, here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/victorpest/app_292255507537168
  13. I've attached a flier for free counseling services to Veterans and their family members, sponsored by the Texas Veterans Commission and the Burke Center. This particular counseling is begin offered to Veterans and their families, located primarily in the East Texas area, but it's quite possible that Veterans in other parts of Texas may also have similar programs available to them. I haven't used these services yet, so can't qualify the value or quality, but they are being offered free of charge, and might help somebody in need. Mark MHMR East Texas Area Free Counseling.pdf
  14. After a physical trauma to spine resulted in 18 months of physical therapy the Sec. of the USAF on appeal found me unfit for duty and medically discharged me in 1985. Prior to my discharge I opened a claim for VA benefits and 6 weeks after getting out the VA turned down my claim saying my records were silent of any disease or injury incurred or aggravated during service. I filed to reopen my claim in 1990, 1999 and 2009 but was denied each time. Last time in 09 the examiner made up that I must have had a form of poly-articulate arthritis that caused the disability that I was discharged for. I recently asked Sen. Jerry Moran who sit's on the Committee of Veteran Affairs in Congress to help me get the VA to recognize the disability that the AF said occurred in the line of duty but Senator Moran's people tell me that he has no power to get the VA to do anything in regard to my claim. I wrote an article where I list all the records submitted to Sen. Moran (at the bottom under comments), check it out and be amaze, I guess Sen. Moran is only on the Committee further his political agenda and Vet's are considered to only be PR fodder to him. http://www.leavenworthtimes.com/opinions/letters_to_the_editor/x269562020/Letter-Moran-does-not-care-about-vets