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Found 4 results

  1. Do they qualify for a retiree ID? Do they qualify for PX & Commissary privileges? Do they qualify for state benefits for being rated 100% P&T? Even if their DD-214 states Other Than Honorable?
  2. Hello all, I've been a big fan of this site and would like to thank all for the great insights pertaining to all. My questions follows.. I filed a NOD in receipt on July 30th 2018 as va.gov showed. It was for a DRO review. I filed for 3 contentions for increase and TDIU. Which always shows as 2 different claims on VA.GOV site. My current rating before NOD was at 90%. For total of 12 rated issues. Recently this week showed up on VA.gov and ebenefits as granted 100 TDIU but on ebene I did the math.. 50%, 10%x5, 20%x4, 30%x2.. This should add up to 95% which makes it 100 schedular so I thought... Below are what I saw from ebene. I'm just confused coz if 100 by schedular the TDIU should be moot.. Also, my disability on ebene shows 100 disabled. I want to have 100 schedular. Haven't received the brown envelope yet with decision letter. No retro pay yet. I'm bad at pasting all info from ebene on this post... Ebene benefit summary breaks down with checks: 1. You have one or more serv related disabilities. YES 2. Your combined serv connected disabilities are 100%. 3. Your current monthly award is: effective date of last change amount and date.. $4158.32 / 12/01/2019. 4. You are being paid at 100% due to your unemployability due to your service disability. YES 5. You are considered t&p so let due to your serv connection. Effective dates of your T&P disability dates are 10/07/2017. 6. You are being paid SMC due to your service type severity..etc... YES Everything here looks like tdiu 100 but my total math on my ebene shows 95 which us 100. My retro is another thing..if schedular..it seems as since my increase on the NOD was effective on 11/27/2019 that made me 100 by va math and the TDIU stated above was for 10/07/2017 effective. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello had a few questions. Husband was made 100% p&t Aug 2017 but he has been medically retired since Jan 2013 and been collecting Va and CRSC since then. Well today we logged in and it now says retirement pay adjustment AEW dtd it’s in status under review. What all does that mean? Thank you everyone for your service.
  4. I started here over a year ago under my real name. That was a mistake. Now I am back with a username which I think will be safer. I was a real neophyte . It is amazing how much one learns in a year. I wish all of my fellow veterans nothing but the best, and I fervently hope each of us receives the maximum allowable benefit commensurate with our disability, and then some! At first as I was pursuing my disability claim for PTSD and Ischemic Heart Disease, among other things, I felt a tad bit like one of the people that the conservatives are always bashing. But the more I looked at how screwed up my entire adult life has been since returning from Vietnam, and now complicated by all of the problems associated with my heart disease, bypass surgery, and post surgical issues; (with possible prostate cancer pending) and combine those with what all too often seems a clear attitude of "deny if we can" "grant if we must" attitude by some at the VA.... well let's just say that I have some new anger issues to deal with. I am working to maintain "an attitude of gratitude" in every aspect of my life. And I am truly grateful for the help received from the VA. I have a number of questions which are somewhat convoluted, complicated and even confusing. But they bother me and I cannot seem to find anyone with answers. So please allow me the privilege of starting here, and we will see where it goes. Recently after about 18 months of "doing the dance" I was rated 100% P&T for PTSD (66 year old Vietnam Vet -ground troup). I was also rated at 10% for Heart Disease, post CABG surgery, and a couple of other minor disabilities. In my award letter they actually listed two effective dates for the increase in my PTSD rating. They are paying me from the earlier one. They made a pretty clear mistake in rating my heart disease based on a "verbal METS interview" which never took place, and contradicted the evidence on the DBQ from my heart surgeon, and 36 separate rehab reports from the Cardio Rehab Unit. Short story there is I should have been rated at 60% for the heart disease absent the "made up" "interview" which gave me a mets score that was 7-10 in the face of my surgens DBQ shwing 3-5 and my Rehab Documents showing 3-5 and a 'real' interview showing 3-5 mets by another VA doctor doing a different exam . Here is my dilemma: Because of the effective date of the increase in award for PTSD, my family loses the difference between my previous rating and 100 percent for a full year. (family of four) Additionally the disparity in dates prevents me from getting the life insurance, and cuts one of my kids out of the chapter 35 benefits. (all considered it is a pretty substantial sacrifice if I do nothing) But I am very happy and grateful about the P&T aspect of my PTSD 100% going forward. Two of my kids and my wife qualify for the chapter 35 benefits, Champva medical, comissary privileges, etc. and the monthly compensation is a good bit higher than before. I have not worked for six years owing to the severity of my PTSD symptoms, so the financial part is a big part of making our lives more normal. The additional year amounts to a fair amount. And if the IHD was rated at 60% that would entitle me to extra financial benefits which would help also. The question is: Do I file a Notice of Disagreement as to (1) the effective date of the increase in PTSD to 100 percent and (2) the low rating on the IHD? Is there risk associated with asking a DRO to review the case on just those two issues? I believe that I am entitled to the back pay all the way back to when I filed my claim almost two years ago. The VA only awarded me back pay for six months. But I am fearful that if I file the NOD they will look at me as being "greedy" and try to take away the 100% P&T and I will could lose the college and medical benefits for my family. I need some really sage advice. I spoke with a lawyer, and he said.... let it alone. (but he stood not to make very much money under VA guidelines since the amount in question is not a lot of money to him.) I am equally concerned that if I don't file the NOD based on the effective date of the increase, the VA could wait until after the appeals date runs out, and then claim a CUE based on the two different effective dates, and then possibly try to change my rating; and I would have no recourse except to file a new claim since my appeal deadline would have come and gone. If I thought that filing the NOD would ONLY address the two issues of the effective date of the increase, and the IHD rating and leave my P&T unchanged, I would be inclinded to go for it. But if by filing the NOD it would open up a can of worms and put at risk my current ratings and benefits; I would not file the NOD. Finally, I have read the reg that states that for VETS 55 years and older who are P&T and "static" in their disabilities (which I am), they should not be scheduled for any new exams for decided claims except under unusual circumstances. So I feel pretty secure if I do nothing. But my family loses the money, the life insurance, and my daughter loses the college under Chapter 35. Does anyone have any sage input or advice? Thanks in advance. TCo67
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