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Found 3 results

  1. Original claim opened in Nov 2013 (Legacy) Claimed Denied Dec 2014 (Legacy) Submitted NOD in Jun 2015 (Legacy) Opted into RAMP July 2018 Denied Ramp May 2019 Supplemental Claim open June 2019 ( In decision phase now per VA) Flat feet (aggrivated due to ) From original claim date ( new DBQ, Medical opinion, Nexus, lay statement) On supplemental claim Knee condition from original claim date also supplemental claim (New DBQ, Medical opinion, Nexus , Lay statement) on supplemental claim Back condition from original claim date rated 20% Fibro Denied Hip condition denied I am waiting to see how this comes out (nerve racking)
  2. I have a question and I hope someone chimes in. After talking with DAV yesterday something rung in my ear and I chewed on it for a while actually it kept me up last night (which leads me to this question). The VSO stated that VA gave more probative weight to evidence received from one doctor's office (American Medical Center not a VARO or government entity) over another because the one in question had access to my C_File and Virtual (VA Records). I know this to be a clear error because this doctor's office is a German doctor's office with English speaking receptionist and doctors, and pay local German taxes. The doctor's office is in business to cater to Americans living and working overseas in Germany and they process the German bills through the patients health insurance not VA. They do not have access to Veterans c-file (sometimes not even then) unless they have a VA initiated C&P exam. I have been to this doctor's office and the service is so lala, I used the medical files(with my personal STRs) from this office in my evidence when I went to the Orthopedic Surgeon and ask her if it was possible for her to perform a thorough exam of my feet and knees. So I believe that this was error in assumption because the name of the doctor's office rendered a out for a possible denial. Is this grounds for a CUE, I am really interested in you guys thoughts.
  3. While at the VA Dental office in Texas - I was informed of a recent change. No more annual appointments for routine care. It is now every TWO years, since the system is "inundated with Veterans" - The clerks words, not mine. Just a Heads up.
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