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  1. This WRDW News Investigates broadcast was aired on the 6:00 & 10:00 news in Augusta Ga. on 9/25/2019. This is the first of a series, more will follow. This link will work, click on the link, when page not found comes up, look five stories down on the right side of the screen and click on I TEAM INVESTIGATES OFF SPRINGS. If you have trouble, see my next post in this thread. https://www.wrdw.com/content/news/I-TEAM-Could-the-children-of-those-exposed-to-Agent-Orange-at-Fort-Gordon-als
  2. I am looking for anyone who was on Kadena AFB, Okinawa or .Chanute AFB, IL. My dad was there from Oct. 68-April 70. He has ichemic heart disease, diabetes which has resulted in the amputation of his right leg below the knee and peripheral neuropathy. We were denied in 2002 AMVETS filed a claim on his behalf for heart condition, diabetes and back problems. I refiled in December 2011 and have just received the claim statements and medical release forms. I am familiar with filling out this paper work because my husband is a combat veteran of Iraqi Freedom. I have been reading articles from the Japan times and I am a member of the Agent Orange Okinawa facebook page. Another thing that helps make my dad's case is that he was on Chanute AFB, IL and it is on the EPA Superfund list and has PCBs/Pesticides and Dioxins/Furans listed as ground and water contaminants. I welcome any advice, tips or articles that I may have missed in my own research.
  3. I’m helping my MIL who refuses to call but once a month or so to check on her deceased vet husbands claim. She keeps getting conflicting information. She was told in June her claim packet would come in July and that he was going to be paid out on at least 5 claims dating back from Vietnam. He was exposed to Agent orange and ultimately passed 4 years ago from complications. He’s been fighting for this for almost 15 years. In July she was told her claim was in Demand to Pay status. Still nothing. We’ve searched all over the web and found no information about what this status means. Anyone heard of it?
  4. kbvet


    Boots on the ground with bladder cancer.If the new presumptive of this cancer is added how does the Nehmer Rule effect come into play?
  5. Please, welcome new VET2VET podcast episode: https://youtu.be/waV5t0HPtbM Today we are joined by Thomas Wendel, DAV National area supervisor for West Cost Region. Thomas E. Wendel served in the U. S. Marine Corps from 1983 until 1997. Since 1999, Tom has worked assisting veterans in processing various entitlement claims on the local, state and federal levels; first in Clare County as a county service officer and then when he came to work for the Disabled American Veterans in 2000. In 2008 he was promoted to the position of supervisor of the DAV Service Office in Detroit and later he was promoted to the position of supervisor of the DAV National area for West Cost Region. DAV is America’s largest, most effective veterans service organizations dedicated to the needs of those injured, ill or wounded in service. We have more than 1,300 Chapters in communities nationwide to help make sure veterans from all generations and their families get the benefits and support they deserve. Today, nearly 1.3 million veterans belong to DAV, and we encourage you to add your voice to the cause. Our programs and free services help all veterans get the health, disability and financial benefits they earned. Take advantage of our benefits claims assistance, medical transportation and employment resources. Your local DAV Chapter is a great way to connect with fellow veterans in your area. ★ JOIN US IN OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU AND OUR FELLOW VETERANS ★ ▶ facebook.com/VETOVET2 ▶ itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/vet2vet/id1077206523?mt=2 ▶ twitter.com/VETOVET2 ▶ youtube.com/c/VETOVET2 ▶ plus.google.com/u/0/+VETOVET2 ▶ goo.gl/app/playmusic?ibi=com.google.PlayMusic&isi=691797987&ius=googleplaymusic&link=https://play.google.com/music/m/Iiqawbuzg7eviiyqm6xz7kju62m?t%3DVET2VET ▶ feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:198832065/sounds.rss ▶ soundcloud.com/vet2vet ▶ stitcher.com/s?fid=80842&refid=stpr ★ LIMITED LIABILITY CLAUSE ★ THE INFORMATION AVAILABLE THROUGH THE VET2VET MAY INCLUDE INACCURACIES OR ERRORS. CHANGES ARE PERIODICALLY ADDED TO THE INFORMATION HEREIN. VET2VET MAY MAKE IMPROVEMENTS AND/OR CHANGES OF THE CONTENT AT ANY TIME. ADVICE RECEIVED VIA VET2VET SHOULD NOT BE RELIED UPON FOR PERSONAL, MEDICAL, LEGAL OR FINANCIAL DECISIONS AND YOU SHOULD CONSULT AN APPROPRIATE PROFESSIONAL FOR SPECIFIC ADVICE TAILORED TO YOUR SITUATION. IF YOU ARE DISSATISFIED WITH ANY PORTION OF VET2VET, YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY IS TO DISCONTINUE CONSULTING VET2VET.
  6. My father was diagnosed today with prostate cancer and the doctor found cancer on his kidney. The doctor (private) said that the prostate cancer is connected to his service in Vietnam and exposure to Agent Orange. Since the cancer was found in two locations, it makes things from a medical perspective a bit more complicated. I believe my father has 10% disability for hearing loss…should be more for several other issues, but he was too proud to complain or be completely open with the VA doctor during the exam. I’ve tried to call the VA today to figure out what they can do from a medical and compensation perspective, but the main 800 number just goes in circles. Based on my understanding of the Agent Orange process, the cancer is clearly related to Agent Orange based on the VA’s list of presumptive illnesses and no proof is required other than service records. My question is should we just submit a fully developed claim online or schedule an appointment with his VA doctor? Hopefully this makes sense. Appreciate the help.
  7. Okay my husband has been getting compensation for his heart since it became presumptive for Agent Orange. He has 60%. So his Vietnam service, etc has already been verified. Now he has been diagnosed with Squamous cell primary lung cancer. They have not yet decided on a treatment plan because they are doing some respiratory tests tomorrow to see if maybe surgery will be an option since he has late stage COPD. I went ahead and turned in the claim along with his VA records thus far, basically to save the date. My question is: Since he is already receiving one presumptive for Agent Orange, should the Lung cancer claim go fairly quickly? Also if I understand what I've read it that they will put him at 100% during treatment and then six months after all treatment they will reevaluate him. Does that mean they will take it all away or do they just lower the lung cancer rating? Based on what? Thank you.
  8. Hi, I'm just starting the agent orange application process for my father and have a lot of questions. Would love to get insight from anyone who has been through the process and/or who may have similar circumstances. First, he was on a blue water naval ship (USS Ranger), but he did set boots on ground as part of a work detail when his ship was docked in Vietnam. Has anyone had a similar situation, and if so, did you have to come up with evidence that you set boots on ground? If so, where/how did you find that? Second, he has lewy body dementia, which is believed by experts to be the same disease as parkinson's, the only difference is the timing and order in which symptoms appear. I have seen that very few LBD patients have made successful Agent Orange claims, and most seek a diagnosis of Parkinsons or PDD in order to qualify. If anyone has experience in how this works I'd love to hear about it and I have some specific questions.
  9. Hi, Berta (everyone), I am curious if there’s any instructions on how to go about: DIC is granted & accrued / death pension benefits are denied. My VA rep (Colorado VA office), recently explained to me that my mom was awarded DIC benefits ( I filed on her behalf ), effective the day of his death (my dad died Dec.30, 2017) of... 1-Pneumonia 2-COPD 3-CAD but, we (she) was denied accrued because the Army / VA did not owe him any money, since he never filed for benefits while alive. While that part is true, he never filed because he was told he did not have agent orange, he was told he “wasn’t in the right theater”, course that “theater” explanation is false. Vietnam establishes theater now, period. My dad was on ground (in air) for a year. Further my dad’s records I received from archives (medals included) do not have a lot of information in them. I have a hard time understanding what they do say. My dad was 191st Military Intellegence, not sure if that is why I have trouble making sense of the records they gave me or if that has anything to do with why I had such a trouble free approval on DIC portion of our claim (approved first time & expedited approval within 3 months)..to which we are grateful. However, I have an original document from 1989 that reads, “ In regards to YOU’RE request to be tested for agent orange...Donald L. Welch...” (my dad)..you’re appointment is scheduled for ...1989 at ... etc. then written in red pen on the top of the document is written “6-8 weeks”. I prusume his “testing” (set for an entire day 8am-6pm) did not inform my dad he had exposure, because he then would have filed! Yet, clearly he did (death certificate reads CAD) & DIC awarded for presumptive CAD! Throughout his lengthy medical history of: Arteries blocked (multiple), Surgical stents, cardiac-arrest, COPD, bronchitis-chronic, lung problems, etc. He believed he did not qualify for benefits. Months before his death he went to VA medical at his brothers insistence & on the way home from getting RX (for the first time ever from the VA) he told his brother he was told he wasn’t in the “theater” for agent orange benefits. By the time he got his first RX delivered through the mail...he was dead....of CAD. How do I prove establish that he would have filed for benefits (as far back as 1989, document attached), if they had not told him he didn’t qualify & wasn’t exposed? How do I get addditional records when he was military intelligence? I can’t even find out what battles, his medal citations are even from. I also know his helicopter crashed while he was in Vietnam and his back had either whipping marks or shrapnel scarred all over it...I want to know why. No records if him being a POW. Can anyone link me in the right direction? I’ll have to figure out how to attach documents to post- will follow through.
  10. The BWNVVA counsel is afraid to bring these actions because “I don’t want to piss them off” [leadership]. My thought is who cares if we piss them off. They have let us hang and denied passage of the Blue Water Navy Bills for at least 10 years. Although discharge petitions have not been very successful in the past, some have done what they intended. The thought of embarrassing the leadership is fine with me. They should be embarrassed! Pissing them off does not affect the outcome of the BWNVVA bill status, because we will lose nothing. We do not have presumptive status. Congress denies us at every turn. Since that is a fact we lose nothing. Perhaps this will turn it around. We can keep begging for our rights for another 10 years, or bring this to closure now. Let it be known that I do not represent the BWNVVA in any capacity. It's not clear to me whether a discharge petition was used in 1991 for HR 566. I do know there was a suspension of the rules to bring it to the floor for a vote. Whatever you call it, the bill was passed unanimously in both the House and Senate. "A discharge petition is a means of bringing a bill out of committee and to the floor for consideration without a report from the committee and usually without cooperation of the leadership by "discharging" the committee from further consideration of a bill or resolution. 563 discharge petitions were filed between 1931 and 2003, of which only 47 obtained the required majority of signatures. The House voted for discharge 26 times and passed 19 of the measures, but only two have become law. However, the threat of a discharge petition has caused the leadership to relent several times; such petitions are dropped only because the leadership allowed the bill to move forward, rendering the petition superfluous. Overall, either the petition was completed or else the measure made it to the floor by other means in 16 percent of cases." PL 102-4 Actions H.R.556 — 102nd Congress (1991-1992) 01/30/1991 Senate Received in the Senate, read twice, considered, read the third time, and passed in lieu of S. 238 without amendment by Yea-Nay Vote. 99-0. Record Vote No: 9. 01/29/1991-2:26pm House On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill, as amended Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays (2/3 required): 412 - 0 (Roll No. 16). For more information go to Text: https://www.congress.gov/bill/102nd-congress/house-bill/556
  11. DAV told me there is no expediting claims anymore even for Vietnam Vets. Only terminally ill vets, homeless, or going to be homeless are expedited, so it took DAV 5 months to get my claim into the system because they trashed it the first time because they are a corrupt organization. Mr. Edwards in St. Louis for DAV got Mr Stephen Kelly his 12 years of retro pay in one week without even filing a claim, the way I read it. Dan Knabe For DAV got Mike Franko’s claim “Expedited” after he had been denied once already, also got him service Connected, got his retro pay, and got him a job with DAV as well. There was no mention of homelessness, or illness besides ptsd and knee injury. Mr Kelly was just before me and Mr Franks was just after me and none of us fit the requirements except Mr Kelly and myself were Vietnam vets, and Mr. Kelly and Franko were Gulf War Vets, as best as I remember. I was permanently damaged by something affecting my entire internal body and skin(AO), and records hidden all my life. Edwards and Knabe got their clients records, scoured through them, and completed and closed the claim in one week. The VA is still withholding my records, I have used a VSO (now VFW) for the last four years, and still waiting. VFW told me it would be at least 3 or 4 years before the BVA gets to mine. Minimum 3 to 4 years, and I probably won’t even exist by then. This sounds like picking and choosing who is expedited, which is nepotism or being prejudiced against my claim. I filed in 1983 because the Army lied about my records in 1972 or I would have filed then. Total manipulation to keep me from Justice per Exemption 5 of FOIA. Any recourse? Is a malpractice suit the only recourse, unless they make it right with this last attempt? Thank you! victor ray
  12. Hey Guys, Several Questions on Agent Orange. 1. Does getting registered on the Agent Orange Registry hurt, help, or otherwise affect any future disability claim? 2. Do I need to file/open a claim in order to be on the Agent Orange Registry? 3. Do I need, or is it good, to take the physical the 'Agent Orange Registry Health Exam' ? 4. What should I expect? 5. Would applying for the 'Agent Orange Registry and Subsequent Health Exam' , jeopardize any 'Intent to File' submitted? 6. any other suggestions?
  13. I had a brief comment at my profile from a new member. I will let everyone know ASAP if the Seceretary adds anymore new presumptives to the AO list. Also any vet with bladder cancer who fits into the Camp LeJeune regs here: https://www.benefits.va.gov/COMPENSATION/claims-postservice-exposures-camp-lejeune-water.asp should file the claim that way. Also if an IMO IME doctor ( an oncologist) makes a very strong nexus for the bladder cancer ,having no etiology but for AO exposure, and uses some medical abstracts/treatises to bolster that statement the veteran might succeed in gaining comp for it. This BVA award shows what I mean: "In sum, the medical evidence of record is at least in equipoise as to whether the Veteran's bladder cancer is a result of his exposure to AO while in Vietnam; therefore, resolving reasonable doubt in favor of the Veteran, service connection is warranted for bladder/urethral cancer. 38 U.S.C.A. § 5107; 38 C.F.R. §§ 3.102. ORDER Service connection for bladder/urethral cancer is granted." https://www.va.gov/vetapp14/Files1/1412930.txt
  14. A local Kansas City man is suing the VA for $35 million in a malpractice suit, in my words basically, he was treated for 10 years of being misdiagnosed for a mental condition that he didn’t actually have, and it cost him his pilots career. Anyone can google it for accurate details. I made medical treatment record requests while on active duty months before my discharge, but were told they were all lost in transit from Vietnam, when I was medivac’d out. What I did receive at discharge was Form DA 3349 showing P-3 permanent profile for permanent defects under “physical capacity and stamina”. I had what we call now, Chloracne, Porphyria Cutanea Tarda, Upper Respiratory Infections with undetermined organisms, Group A Streptococcus, vision problems with eye aches, Migraine Headaches, abnormal Liver and kidney issues with urinating blood, uncontrolled pruritus, insomnia, urticaria, rashes, unexplained fevers, heart palpatations, abdominal pain and cramps, severe bone pain, and on and on. I was stuck thousands of times by mosquitos, ate or almost ate some nasty uncooked/undercooked fish, besides drinking nasty water. I probably had Liver Flukes, Filariasis, or Malaria or all of them because I was in a coma most of a week a few months after discharge, and I never recovered from RVN Service. My treatment records NEVER WERE LOST, but they were withheld for 45 years, and 6/7 months still are, plus all of them from Japan, about 4 days of test results. The VA has withheld the missing documents and medical board proceedings per FOIA EXEMPTION 5 for a year or two, but now say they mistakenly spoke when said they were withholding them in the two or three reply’s from FOIA Requests. I still have not received the records I have requested, such as pay records, morning reports, and I am at the point that I actually may need an attorney. I am being reconsidered now, but I was deceived and had no evidence for a disability claim before I was discharged. Being naive and 21, and never doubting the integrity and honesty of the Army or VA, I couldn’t see how I would ever get a disability claim approved. I barely had proof that I was even in Vietnam, but now have proof of a 28 day straight stay in the infectious disease wards. SHOULD I TRUST THE VA TO MAKE THIS RIGHT, OR DO I CONTACT THE ATTORNEY HANDLING THE $35 Million dollar suit? Sorry for being long winded, but a little history makes it clearer. It’s going on four years with Line of Duty, and 100% Direct Service Evidence, but only recently given 70%, but denied 100% Service Connection that was due in June 1971.Thanks again. Victor Ray
  15. I have come to learn my medical evidence was withheld all my life due to "ANTICIPATION OF LITIGATION", from what I gather, and the VA used a couple FOIA EXCEPTIONS OR EXEMPTIONS in withholding them. I am asking why the VA would anticipate me suing them before I even got discharged? Just asking. Thanks Victor Ray
  16. Like Shipyard7 it's been a long battle for vendication and will be longer to accomplish what needs to be corrected. I should have been medically retired with full pay, full medical for life, full Exchange privileges, and everything a completely disabled veteran is entitled to as of the day before left Vietnam with a Form DA3349 declaring I was permanently defective in the body organs and systems preventing me from performing at full capacity except for short periods. The P-3 is permanent and supersedes all other profiles. i tried for several months to get any medical records I could while still on duty, but was told for 3 months they were lost. THEY NEVER WERE. I was in the Mekong Delta and was eaten alive by Mosquitos, but had bone pain, abdominal pain, liver pain, acne, heart rate as 90 bpm to 60 bpm at rest. I was hospitalized in Vietnam 21 days then medivaced to Japan for more tests. Those records are lost or withheld, but I was told I was the 5th guy to come out of Vietnam with urticaria to that degree, and they don't know what caused it in any of the previous cases either, but the others went home and seemed to improve, so I was going home too. I was released out of Great Lakes Naval Hospital about a week later, and sent "HOME AWAITING ORDERS", knowing I was going to be separated. I had over six months active and well over 30% disabled, so it meant full pay retirement, full medical and dental, eye care for me and family, full Exchange privileges, but instead I was deceived, retained on duty to deprive me of those benefits because the Agent Orange issues needed to be hushed, downplayed, not talked about and kept out of public view. I continued to deteriorate al the time even after being discharged. Two months later I was in a coma or comatose state for days, but may have been a week. My conditions are permanent and were well over 30% so it would be total. It should have been P & T from the day I left Vietnam, 46 years, 1 month, 20 days. Having my records withheld all my life, kept me from seeing the evidence, or showing the conditions to another doctor, and the VA refused to treat me as well. This was a bad case of hide this guy because he "IS the evidence" and I was ignored, downplayed, turned away, but should have been on the nightly news, every night until a settlement is reached. I haven't gotten any truth yet, but did get some "altered records." That came from the VA itself". Tont at the VA said some of these looked suspicious, like they are altered, and I said thank you, thank you, thank you. That's exactly what I have been telling everyone, but no one listening. Three years of daily calls to St. Louis and still working at vindication. I had chloracne and a half dozen other conditions that are now presumptive, but the hired gun examiner said I had atopic dermatitis with generalized Pruritus. shipyard7, when did you initially file? Congratulations victor ray
  17. How can the rating officers make completely false statements, and those overseeing those decisions answer to no one, totally unaccountable to anyone. They are "untouchable", and I no longer believe any of the regulations, UCMJ, or any other regulations. It is the biggest farce ever pulled on veterans, and one form after the other can continue for a lifetime, and sometimes does. I hate to have this attitude, but after what I have seen over the last three years, you realize that things are exactly as they appear to be. When you feel deceived, you are. When a file is missing, it was intentionally removed. When a record can't be found, it was destroyed. You are not imagining things, and you are not delusional, but you are being played for the suckers. Your research, documented illness, injury or disease, your evidence of occurring in service is useless if the VA doesn't want to man up. It will just lie, like the WACO, TX VARO, and finding an honest judge may be impossible. I have been told by the TX varo that the Army's own medical documents don't exist. I have them because they gave them to me after 46 years, but they don't exist if the VA doesn't want them to. I have learned a lot, had my eyes opened to some real truths about our governments employees and how low they willingly go, and what they will do. Fake news, fake UCMJ, fake regulations, fake laws basically describes the VA because it is not accountable. Those you believe in at that administration office will be the first to gut you, to deceive you, and make sure you are deprived of any benefit, truth, or justice. This is more of a statement than a question, and I have actually answered myself. Do yourself a favor and get a lawyer, not a VSO. They are sales people. Do sales people work for you or the product manufacturers? Go buy a new car and see how hard that salesman fights for you a lower price from his boss. Think about it. I don't need a response, I got it. Thanks. victor ray
  18. http://community.hadit.com/topic/69387-poopsy-woopsy/ This came up in the above thread and although the info on Nehmer is a signifiant amount here in the AO forum, this had to be clarified as it could be hard to find under a search. Nehmer class action members who are the survivors of a AO veteran, under the 2010 Nehmer Court Order (which service connects IHD, Hairy Cell B, and Parkinsons in all incountry Vietnam veterans, do not have to file for substitution or accrued benefits when they file their AO DIC claim. All other surviving spouses of vets who had claims pending at death must file as substituted claimant or for accrued benefits within one year of the veteran's death. Accrued benefits are defined in detail here under a search. I took this definition from a BVA case, which made it easier for me to find: This is the regulation regarding Nehmer claims, which is defined as a retroactive payment, not an accrued payment:: “I. Retroactive Benefits The appellant contends that the Veteran's heart disease was due to Agent Orange exposure and, therefore, retroactive benefits are warranted pursuant to the Nehmer decision. This is not a claim for accrued benefits. The RO, on its own initiative, sent the appellant a letter in March 2011 explaining that it was going to review the matter pursuant to Nehmer v. Veterans Administration of the Gov't of the U.S., 284 F. 3d 1158 (9th Cir. 2002). The provisions of 38 U.S.C. 5121(c) and §3.1000(c), which require survivors to file claims for accrued benefits, do not apply to payments under 38 C.F.R. § 3.816, regarding awards under the Nehmer Court Orders for disability or death caused by a condition presumptively associated with herbicide exposure. See 38 C.F.R. § 3.816(f)(2) (2015). 1) Applicable Law Retroactive benefits may be paid under Nehmer if a Nehmer class member is entitled to disability compensation for a covered herbicide disease. See 38 C.F.R. § 3.816. Nehmer class member means: (i) a Vietnam veteran who has a covered herbicide disease; or (ii) a surviving spouse, child, or parent of a deceased Vietnam veteran who died from a covered herbicide disease. 38 C.F.R. § 3.816(b)(1). If the class member's claim for disability compensation for the covered herbicide disease was either pending before VA on May 3, 1989, or was received by VA between that date and the effective date of the statute or regulation establishing a presumption of service connection for the covered disease, the effective date of the award will be the later of the date such claim was received by VA or the date the disability arose, except as otherwise provided in paragraph (c)(3) of this section. 38 C.F.R. § 3.816(c)(2). The covered herbicide diseases are listed in 38 C.F.R. § 3.309(e). See 38 C.F.R. § 3.816(b)(2). This list includes ischemic heart disease, which was added to the list of covered herbicide diseases effective from August 31, 2010. See 38 C.F.R. § 3.309(e); 75 Fed. Reg. 53202 (Aug. 31, 2010). “ https://www.va.gov/vetapp16/files2/1609942.txt (this BVA claim for DIC was denied but still held the exact regulation regarding Retroactive Benefits which made it far easier for survivors to attain than trying to claim accrued if over a year had passed after the veteran's death) I recall here over the past 2 decades that we never dreamed the VA would ever compensate IHD for AO exposure. Certainly many and probably ALL widows with a AO IHD death claim never could have filed for accrued benefits anyhow for AO IHD because there was no regulation for AO IHD prior to August 2010. The above claim was denied thus: "FINDINGS OF FACT 1. The Veteran did not have service in the Republic of Vietnam and is, therefore, not a Nehmer class member. 2. The current effective date of November 1, 2008, represents the first day of the month in which the Veteran's death occurred where the appellant's claim was received within one year after the date of his death." But it did contain a good explanation of Retro payments instead of "accrued" benefits, that Nehmer Class action members, as survivors, could expect even if an accrued claim had never been filed for AO IHD. And just to add....many of us Nehmer Class action survivors were also Footnote One claimants. I have explained Footnote One here Many times since 2010 and added Rick Spataro's emails to me on it ( NVLSP Head AO lawyer) and all of that that is easily searchable here ( I hope) and was the most important and unique aspect of Nehmer 2010. Agent Orange is still harming and killing our nation's veterans. But only those vets or their survivors as defined in the above citation from the BVA and in the the Nehmer Court Orders are Nehmer class action members.
  19. My brother's Ischemic Heart Disease as a result of Agent Orange exposure as a Marine Rifleman in Quang Nam Province in 1969-70 was just approved - and rated at 60%. Another AO disability of Diabetes II was also approved at a 40% rating last summer. These, combined with his previous disability of scars/lack of motion from his battle wounds, gives him a total combined disability rating of 80%. I couldn't have done it without the help of HADit. I had no clue about the claims process when I started. I am still going to keep plugging away on getting a schizophrenia nexus. But I wanted to say thank you to everyone out there in the HADit community that has given me guidance. God bless you.
  20. I had searched and downloaded many old files working on my Thai AO claim and just got around to reading this old report. I had not seen it mentioned previously than Eglin was a test site from 1962 to 1970 and Massive (their term) amounts of tactical herbicides aerial sprayed there including much Orange. Attached is a very informative multiple 21 page PDF report. On page PDF page 15 is this statement. Since it was thought to be safe enough to drink (per a 1968 US Scientific report to the Military). I doubt any precautions were taken for base personnel as they did not take precautions when spraying on any Military bases at the time. I see Dr Orange (Alvin Young) mentioned here as so often on any report over the past 40 years, taking his usual paid stance that Vets were not harmed by these dioxins. I read this is that they only tested a square mile sprayed, long after the fact. Not that they only sprayed one square mile. I think it highly likely they test sprayed far more than a square mile, if they were aerial testing. In the Bricker report, they tested spraying at various altitudes, some much high than the 150 ft or so that later became the norm in Vietnam. Again, this is pasted from PDF page 15 of the attached report. "ECOLOGICAL STUDIES ON A HERBICIDE-EQUIPMENT TEST AREA (TA C-52A) EGLIN AFB RESERVATION, FLORIDA, FINAL REPORT: JANUARY 1967 TO NOVEMBEr 1973 The Air Force Systems Command studied the ecological consequences of repetitive applications of massive quantities of herbicides from 1962 to 1970. The Command studied approximately one square mile at the Eglin Air Force Base Reservat on in Florida. During this period, 346,117, pounds of herbicides (including 160,948 pounds of 2,4,5-T) were spread on the test area because of aerial spray equipment testing programs. The January 1974 report was authored by Capt. Alvin L. Young, Ph.D; Associate Professor of Life Sciences, United States Air Force Academy" AO SPRAYED IN FLORIDA EARLY REPORT IMP.pdf
  21. For Thai Vets, who the VA finally acknowledged were exposed to "tactical defoliants from Vietnam", code for Agent Orange since DoD denied for decades Agent Orange was used in Thailand. BUT ONLY ON THE PERIMETERS. For those of you who have seen it freshly sprayed a few days or weeks later, take a look at these 2 short Military Videos shot at U-Tapeo RFAFB. The first was shot in 1969 showing from the air, the new automated dining hall directly on the flight line. If you read the description by the website, criticatpast.com you will see they refer to "red clay" and when you look at the 90 sec clip or whatever it looks like entire area is red clay soil. The second video shot from the air in the same area of the base, shows the initial constuction project in the same fashion and you can clearly see since U-Tapeo is directly on the coast, there is no red clay. I contend when you see the pattern of the red, it is showing defoliants sprayed all around the area of the flight line and this new dining hall. There are many videos on this site on U-T and the first one is the only one with this red orange color throughout it. I have found pics of AO sprayed in Vietnam and it is close to the color in the Thai video, it looks like part in the picture was recently sprayed vegetation, part had been sprayed in the past and was toast and part had never been sprayed. 1969 video of new dining hall, note they say red clay all around exposed during construction. No other film on critical past show red clay anywhere on coastal U-Tapeo. I contend the area was defoliated as I went to this base often TDY from 1970 on. Never saw any clay, red look or much vegetation anywhere near flight line. Just sandy soil. Anyone who has been to U-Tapeo after this dining hall was built, likely ate there. http://www.criticalpast.com/video/65675034375_Modular-Dining-Hall_B-52-area_aerial-view-of-new-dining-hall 1966 video of initial USAF construction at U-Tapeo. Nothing like the look of the above video. http://www.criticalpast.com/video/65675042842_flight-line_runway_Ban-U-Tapao-Air-Base_United-States-aircraft_C-and-E-administration-building pictures of Agent Orange in Vietnam - new dining hall 1969 (2) - base in 1966 in same area (3) There are 1000s of pictures on criticalpast and elsewhere on the internet. The only ones showing this red orange color are these shot of the dining hall. All others, in all years show little vegetation and light sandy soil. Any thoughts of anything else used that could get this color during this dining hall project? Thanks, Scott
  22. Good Evening Ms. Berta and Hadit Veterans members: Sharing three PDFs uploads that I believe all VARO’s DO NOT WANT VETERANS to SEE. I hope the files encourage Veterans to never stop fighting to SC herbicide used outside Vietnam (Korea DMZ, Fort McClellan, Okinawa, Johnston Island, Thailand, other CONUS bases. Some herbicide exposure claims can be a quick and easy to win; but many will take several years to win. I’ve always believed VA is our worst enemy AFTER discharge, upon return to civilian life, working with physical injuries, and diseases associated to herbicides (Tordon 101, Rainbow Agents Orange, Blue, White, Purple, TCDD, PCBs). Whenever, the Veterans receives a presumptive diagnosis, please file your claim then wait for VA to deny it. If they deny, don’t quit, you must always fight tougher until you win. I have a gut feeling more bias VA auto-fill-memos are afloat inside OUR alleged “Veteran Friendly ROs” still waiting exposure. You know that kind where raters click on the deny (Korea DMZ, Okinawa, Fort McClellan, Thailand) button, then paste in VA’s deceptive verbiage, bias interpretations, and veiled written decisions to deny, while ignoring VA’s own scientific environmental exposure data, alluding to their VA requested JSRRC, and DOD records; which show Agent Orange was never stored, or used at your base. Review the highlights extracted from this uncovered memo upload: The same memorandum specifically acknowledges that “the use of commercial herbicides is documented”. VA has created an illusory distinction between the use of “tactical herbicides” for which compensation benefits are payable and “commercial herbicides” for which benefits may not be payable. The reality is no matter what you call the herbicides used in Thailand, they all contained the same harmful chemicals. Therefore, veterans should be granted the same presumption of exposure as Vietnam veterans. If a veteran states, “I was exposed to Agent Orange in Thailand,” VA as part of its Duty to Assist will ask the Air Force or the Joint Services Records Research Center (JSRRC) if Agent Orange was used in Thailand. The Air Force or JSRRC will send back the August 11, 2015 memorandum and then VA will deny the claim. What VA is not asking the Air Force is whether other types of herbicides were used in Thailand. If the VA asked that question, the answer would have to be yes, herbicides were used as the August 11, 2105 memorandum states. VA must stop denying claims because veterans state they were exposed to Agent Orange in Thailand and grant them based upon the exposure to herbicides. PDF files: 1. CCK Uncovers Memo, 2. Submit A Claim for Illness Due to Agent Orange Exposure, 3. U.S. COVA Found--Facility Wide Use of Herbicides At Fort McClellan (A(Parkinson CUE Claim Win) this non precedent encourages Veterans to never stop fighting! Jumpmaster Tuesday November 15, 2016 CCK UNCOVERS VA MEMO.pdf Is it too Late to Submit a Claim for Illness Due to Agent Orange Exposure.pdf U.S. COVA Finds--Facility Wide Use of Herbicides At Fort McClellan, AL (Parkinson CUE Win).pdf
  23. My brother was diagnosed with hypertension and unqualified for duty on his induction exam into the USMC. Two weeks later they took more blood pressure tests, found them normal, and crossed through all of the previous disqualifying remarks. I saw a VA citation where the same thing happened to another veteran, and the board decided they must use the 'final' exam results therefore disallowing hypertension as pre-existing. Am I better off just submitting the hypertension claim as secondary to Diabetes Mellitus II (from exposure to Agent Orange - has current diagnosis)? If they deny it as pre-existing, will they 'automatically' say it is secondary ? By initially claiming it as pre-existing, do I screw up my brother's chances for making a second go at it as secondary? If anyone has any scientific evidence recognized by the VA linking combat trauma to hypertension, this would be appreciated too. Thank you in advance ...
  24. Hi everyone, as stated in my title I am still active duty and have been diagnosed with PC and have undergone the surgery. I have been led to believe that the VA will compensate unto 5 years post surgery as it considers the cancer active. How can I confirm this information? every time I call a service officer they tell me that I need to file a claim to see if it will be approved as service connected. The symptoms initiated in a combat zone so they are service connected. The surgery left some long lasting effects just like everyone else, incontinence, frequency and ED. Could some one let me know if and/or what i would receive? thanks.
  25. Getting ready to file a new claim for Agent Orange symptoms for my Vietnam Vet brother who was on the ground as USMC rifleman for 9 months, until he was WIA by a grenade booby trap. He was found to have hypertension and his USMC ENTRY physical showed him ineligible to serve -- then they gave him 3 more blood pressure tests and someone scratched threw the 'hypertension' and said ELIGIBLE to serve. His USMC exit physical after recovering from his wounds in 1970 also showed hypertension. In 2008, a physical showed hypertension, along with abnormal EKG with doctor's notes indicating cardio infarction and possible A-fib. I just had a private doctor give him a physical last week and he's diagnosed again with hypertension, and EKG abnormalities, with a referral to a cardiologist. I am still waiting for a copy of his C&P physical exam from April. Is this enough to claim IHD? There is no time limit (from date of discharge) to file for IHD from Agent Orange right ? Also awaiting blood work / diabetes screening and Diabetes Type II claim may be in order as well. Any suggestions / guidance is greatly appreciated.
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