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Found 12 results

  1. I have several questions which are at the end of my post, but here is some background information. I got an email from CCK law firm with a link to this Youtube video. It indicates that the National Defense Authorization Act of 2021 was enacted and includes the three new AO presumptives: Bladder Cancer, Hypothyroidism, and Parkinson's-like symptoms (symptoms similar to Parkinson's without actually having a Parkinson's diagnosis). My father served in Vietnam boots on the ground, non-combat, for one year and had a number of ailments arise over time both during and after
  2. As you all know the recent Agent Orange Defense Dept Bill does not include HBP. I found another recent HBP due to AO award at the BVA- there are more, and some I already posted here- "In the December 2019 examination, the examiner provided a positive nexus for the Veteran’s hypertension. In support, she explained that according to medical literature, the Veteran’s hypertension is more likely due to his exposure to herbicides during service. She cited a news article that reviewed health impacts between Agent Orange exposure and hypertension. The Board finds this opin
  3. Defense Bill Would Add 3 New Diseases to Agent Orange Presumptive Conditions List | Military.com
  4. I saw this article in the new News Section Tbird has put here: https://vanews.wpengine.com/ https://www.erienewsnow.com/story/42619109/widow-of-vietnam-era-veteran-appealing-denial-of-claim-by-va In part: "Veterans Affairs states there’s no record of a cancer diagnosis while Richard served in the 1960s nor is there evidence of exposure to herbicides. “They actually want a photo of him standing by this particular plane that he guarded, however, that’s not possible because he was in a high-secured area,” Mary said. So tying the discovery of Agent Orange barrels to w
  5. I feel like asking the BVA to CUE itself but I dont have a BVA case. There are 3 law judges here . 2 opining on an older NAs report and only one, the third case judge below , knows what he is talking about- as the remand in that third case here calls for the consideration of the 2012 report- Previously the HAS considered a limited and/or suggestive " association of AO to causing HBP- but after the 2010 , they found a "Sufficient" association between AO and HBP In this remand dated 04/28/20 In part it states: "Furthermore, the Board notes that the Veteran has medic
  6. ALS Variant? I'm a Vet Wife. I post on behalf of my husband, I'm his note taker at doctor's appointments and consults. I'm his support system and all around cheerleader. Lord knows we have had our VA battles. All these years after Vietnam, the onset of my husband's emerging illnesses, obviously percolating internally has emerged one after another. We've seen subtle signs and some not so subtle. But didn't; know what those sign meant. The VA didn't do a very good job of educating the older veterans about what to be aware of regarding SC disabilities, My veteran husband's a Pu
  7. Berta and all. Here is what I have so far from my friend and his mother that I was speaking about the other day. From what I can tell, They do have the DD214 and DD215's. However, there DD214 itself does not show any type of locations of service as the newer ones do.It does show a previous command which I assume is the one he deployed with. I took notice of the "Foreign/Seas service" section of his 214 and noticed he has Foreign service for 11 months and 20 or so days, just long enough to be in Vietnam... However, I feel I may have to dig up records pertaining to that unit at the time in order
  8. I uploaded (last week) some of the decisions my late husband had gotten and Berta spotted a couple CUEs and gave me some help in drafting them. Berta if you are able to help with a few more questions Please? I have only 2 more days till my year is up from the DIC/Accrued benefits claim where DIC was awarded and Accrued denied saying there aren't any. At that time also, I intended Substitution but the VA form got separated (my fault) and didn't get submitted. I, however, wrote it into the 21-534EZ form and checked it. I also included a cover letter that said explicitly I was substituti
  9. Berta told me about Footnote One Nehmer yesterday and I had not heard about that although I do know about Nehmer. And yes my husband was rated for Ischemic heart disease before it was added to the presumptive list. And his death certificate signed by his GP at VA saying long term heart disease. It was rated as secondary to diabetes (which was rated 20% initially) and was already a presumptive condition. He had applied for both at that time - about 2003 or 2004. He was rated 30% initially for his heart even though he had had a quadruple bypass (Dec 2000) with neurological complications, exte
  10. http://community.hadit.com/topic/69387-poopsy-woopsy/ This came up in the above thread and although the info on Nehmer is a signifiant amount here in the AO forum, this had to be clarified as it could be hard to find under a search. Nehmer class action members who are the survivors of a AO veteran, under the 2010 Nehmer Court Order (which service connects IHD, Hairy Cell B, and Parkinsons in all incountry Vietnam veterans, do not have to file for substitution or accrued benefits when they file their AO DIC claim. All other surviving spouses of vets who had claims pending at dea
  11. Got some good news to share. Some of you may know, or recall, that I had written elsewhere on here, that my Dad(Nam combat, 24 yr career retired, 60% SCD) and I don't exactly communicate very well. The grapevine tells me that it's my own lack of communication skills are the problem. Anyway, while updating my folks after yesterday's 6 month foster child case review court session, Dad went off topic to let me know that the VA has opened an AO claim for/on him. Said they initiated it(???)and that he has a bunch of appointments scheduled over the next few months. I was quite surprised that he
  12. I will try to post 6 messages concerning the shipment and arrival of Agent Orange and Agent Blue from Saigon RVN to Republic of Korea. I do not have a full list of the units at that location (Camp Seattle) as of yet but at least the following units were there on that date (3/20/1968). 1st Base Post Office CCA (I think this means Container Control Activity) a detachment of Co A, 728th MP Co. Hq & Hq Co, Inchon Petroleum Depot 503rd MP Detachment HQ detachment 202nd Transportation BN there was also a TMD unit there (household goods) and probably others I haven't uncovered The D
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