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Found 17 results

  1. I have had two back surgeries (both in service) on L4/L5/S1. Rated 40% Static. I also have PN in Left Leg at 40% static and Right leg 10% Static. I now have arthritis in Hip/Knee and Ankle of Left leg more so than the right. When I injured my back in service there was a lot of damage done on the left side. Was recently diagnosed with arthritis in Hip/Knee/Ankle 7 years after getting out of the service. Has anyone ever claimed SC and was successful getting arthritis in the Hip/Ankle/Knee secondary to Back surgery/DDD? Its really my left side that is really bad. Right leg is much better
  2. Hello fellow vets, I have a c&p exam next week for right hand pain and arthritis. I am currently SC for: 70% amputation of right index and middle fingers, post mortar explosion. 10% Scars right hand 10% osteo stumps with ankylosis of remaining 2 fingers. 20% right shoulder strain 10% right wrist sprain 10% tinnitus 50% ptsd. I am curious about possible pyramid issues, but would arthritis or carpal tunnel be added to my current hand conditons? Va math will have me at 100% if I get another 30%. Any information would be appreciated!
  3. I had a C&P on the 7th and today I was told I need to go get x-rays done. I'm going to assume this is because the doc returned my exam with a positive arthritis diagnosis. This arthritis seems to usually be rated analogous to rheumatoid and the early stages often don't show in x-rays. Are X-rays mandatory for all arthritis claims of any type? QTC quality department said they are required to request x-rays on arthritis, but I don't know if they are differentiating types. Is there anything I can do to remind them that their manual even says Rheumatoid (and I would assume analogous condi
  4. I currently have 20% for arthritis in my upper back. When I use my arms in such a manner like swinging a hammer or holding them up above my head for long periods, it causes pain in my back. Do I have to have pain in my arm or joints in my arm to have a claim? Can I get this service-connected as a secondary disability?
  5. Hello Everyone, I have a question about arthritis rating table below. Is the rating applied for "EACH" major joint (or group of minor joints) affected or is it just one rating for the existence of the arthritis? Example: If rated in both left and right knees as well as left and right ankles ... would that be one rating of 20% for all of them or would it be 20% for each major joint? Thank you in advance for spreading some light on this. 5003 Arthritis, degenerative (hypertrophic or osteoarthritis): Degenerative arthritis established by X-ray findings
  6. Hello all, I'm currently rated for osteoarthritis and djd with loss of ROM in multiple joints from spine to feet. My pain management Dr. recommend to be tested for RHUMATOID arthritis/ Psoriatic arthrits. Blood work neg for RA, PSA still possible. X-rays show positive for arthritis. I've developed psoriasis after service so I was never treated while active for it. Is it possible to have been misdiagnosed all these years? If PSA is confirmed would it be wise to file for it, and would it be considered pyramiding? Could it be considered new diagnosis? I've read that they don't base RA/PSA on
  7. My question is about rheumatoid arthritis spreading to new joints and how the VA views these new claims. I am going to add new claims for left hand, right wrist, both knees, both ankles, and right shoulder. Ask for an increase for the right foot as there is painful motion. I am service connected for psoriatic arthritis(VA rates this as rheumatoid arthritis according to explanation by them in my claim) of the right hand 10%, right foot 0%, left wrist 10%, left foot 10%. Assuming that these new claims are for rheumatoid arthritis individual joints, does the VA usually assume t
  8. I have been using "Voltaren GEL" for about a month. Its a presctiption NSAID that you rub onto sore joints especially for arthritis and other joint pain. Its awesome. I got it at the VA, after my wife's doc recommended it for her and gave her physician samples of a similar brand. IT RELEIVES THE PAIN INSTANTLY. No waiting an hour or so for pills to work. You rub it on. I had to ask my VA PCP for it, and he gladly wrote me a prescription for it. Its better than Vicodin as it works faster. I highly recommend it, I realize not everyone can take it (if you ha
  9. I've been wanting to put a claim in for arthritis that I've developed after my discharge, however, I was told I should wait after my appeal was completed or it could hold up the process. I have two remanded items left which my RO estimates will be completed in 6-9 months. What I'm wondering is, is it too late to file? I EASd back in September 2012. In my medical records from service I had complaints of knee and ankle instability. After a couple of years I started having a lot of pain in my feet, ankles, and knees. When I went to the doctor they said I had degenerative arthritis in my feet and
  10. Rated 10% (SC) painful joints/Arthritis. When filed for increase unaware, but last week! diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Explains why my pain is severe. I need information. A condition caused or worsened by a SC condition is rated secondary to the SC condition. I don't know how to address acquiring after service a condition that aggravates existing SC condition. Am I stuck at 10% rating for painful joints or can I get compensation for the disabling pain either for effects on arthritis or as a secondary diagnosis? BTW I have SC conditions (IBD,PTSD,Migraines) which are common with fibromyal
  11. Im curios if anyone has gotten comp for arthritis secondary to a knee injury? Here is the deal: Im at 100 percent and am seeking the "easiest" route to SMC S. I have at least 4 possibilities to SMC S. 1. TDIU..since I applied in 2002, and have not been employed (SGE) since then. My TDIU claim was dismissed by RO as moot: the BVA appeal said it was "not moot" and remanded it to RO for an SOC. This is crazy and assumes the RO is going to deny the remand..predjudicing the RO. (The VA has a duty to maximize the benefits due to Veteran). However, when the RO "implemented" the BVA rem
  12. I have an L5-S1 disc bulge with facet arthritis, I am currently rated 10% for "middle back strain", but I did an appeal because they didn't include the bulged disc in their findings. so, I am essentially asking them include the "buldged disc" to my rating, i included that evidence in my original claim when they gave me my "middle back strain" rating, but they just overlooked the lower back L5-S1 bulge and only gave me the "middle back strain" determination. I did an appeal and asked for a C&P exam this time, they didn't do one before. so, i have been reading the C&P spine exam pa
  13. I do not know if I have any right to a CUE, or any sort of review, so forgive me if I have posted in the wrong forum in error. I will give a history and wait for comment: April 1992 - Enlist. May 1993 - x-ray for ankle spain. No damage to the foot or ankle is observed. Tendon calcification is noted. 23 Jan 1994 - In Service accident: Dislocation of ankle (set) Broken tibia (plate and screws) Crushed/fractured 4th and 5th metatarsal (5th was open facture) Closed head injury (staples, stitches and scars) Scars 18 Feb 1994 - Hospital discharge paperwork only mentions the above.
  14. 1. Diagnosis: Does the Veteran now have or has he/she ever been diagnosed with a thoracolumbar spine (back) condition? YES If yes, provide only diagnoses that pertain to thoracolumbar spine (back) conditions: Diagnosis #1: Low back strain and degenerative disc disease Date of Diagnosis: UNKNOWN 2. Medical history: The veteran stated during his military service in the Army, he was playing football when he injured his head, low back, and his left shoulder. He was tackled and he was knocked out for about 30 min. He was transferred to the hospital. He said that his first memor
  15. So in my remand, the VLJ wanted a more recent C&P for arthritis. He also stated that this should be during a flare-up of the condition to see the full extent of the claimed disability. My question for my brothers and sisters out there is this: has anyone STOPPED taking medication for a condition so the C&P shows the extent of the condition? If not or if so, why?
  16. Greetings to All, In 2010 I injured my lower back from lifting. I am currently SC 30%, 10% of that is for lumbar degenerative disc disease with intermittent radicular symptoms, I was awarded the service connection about 2 yrs ago. In the past 4 months my leg/nerve pain has gotten significantly worse. It has started bothering in more and more places, not just my legs. The location of the bulging disc has become more painful, with sensitivity in other areas of the spine. With all that said, I got a civilian referral for a Spine Dr. During the visit he looked at my new MRI and said that I had
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