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Found 12 results

  1. Can you send in info on an appeal if it has Been at bva, but no decision yet? I want my husbands nephrologist to write a little bit different letter, as to why he thinks diabetes has caused his cod etc. I ve been reading a lot of decisions I don’t think the one he wrote will do the trick. I’m thinking I can write it up and he can read it and if he likes it, put it on his letter head. What do you think.i have read and looked up enough of these decisions and read enough publications from pub med, diabetic association, the kidney association to write one. It has to be very explicit on explaining their opinion. Otherwise va will just deny it. For instance it was originally denied because when undated in a cup at c&p their was proteinuria in it. Now they found proteinuria in a 24hr drop. That is why he was sent to specialist. In one of the publications from pub med it says you do not always the same amount of proteinuria, you drop more in the later stages or your diabetes can cause you to drop more at times if it is not controlled. And has anything else the diabetes aggravates the kidneys, and can make it progress even faster. what do think? Can we still send in another letter to be added to the claim? If diabetes does not cause kidney problems, why are they always watching their kidney function? i would also like your opinion on this too. My husbands blood sugar dropped to 36 nite before last. I think he should have went to er. He broke out in sweat all over. And although I’m not diabetic I know how hw feels. I accidentally took his med by mistake in 2001, and I worked at the post office. On way to work candy bars and started shoving them down. I was the first one at work, carrier came in 15min later. I was broke out in sweat too. But I managed to get it under control. Lol. That’s what happened when your in a hurry and he ask you to to bring him his meds. But if nothing else to get that on record. He did tell his nephrologist about it. He ordered some kind of injection that I have to stab him with if his sugar gets so low he passes out. Maybe I will put that in the letter for him. He has had several episodes of low blood sugar as well as high. His last a1c was 9. Something. But I don’t think it has ever been that low.. thanks ahead for any advise you can give me. and if anyone else wants to chime in. That is ok I’ll take any advise I can get. i did notice they are now! Before the holidays they were on May 2014. Maybe someone lit a fire under them!
  2. I have not logged onto ebenefits in about 6 months. I needed a verification letter for my property taxes. The date of my last award for IU was changed from December 2016 to December 2017 - Has anyone else had this happen? Unable to send a request - IRIS apparently is not responding - with the ability to put in a trouble ticket. It allow the form to be out but will not submit. _ this was on the weekend will try again. I go to the VA 3 times a week for counseling so I will see if VBA office has a perspective and give an update - Check your date for a Navy "CYA" ( Cover your A$$) If I did not have my last letter with the proper date "printed" out ( old address) I would have nothing.....
  3. Can you tell me where I can find the va training letters for different disabilities. I have been looking for two hours.
  4. My husband put in a claim for ihd/aortic valve stenosis secondary to diabetes, in 2009. It was denied. I have been doing some research and in 2012, they did test on people with diabetes and aortic stenosis. And they found they produce a protein that enhances inflammation that causes a greater risk of stenosis of the aortic valve much worse and faster, than someone with out diabetes. My husband had surgery to replace the valve in 13. Now his cardio doc says they can hear the murmur again. My question is should we reopen that claim, file a new one etc. I know sometimes the va makes you feel like your trying to dig up everything. And it says it can cause more thrombosis activity. He did have an embolism in the lungs in 2011, which they could not determine where it came from. The doctor did say it went thru the heart. He really had a lot more fainting like spells, dizziness and falling, before he had surgery. He still has them, but I don't think it is as bad. But if the mur mur is back, it worries me. He says he will not be operated on again for his heart. He try's to mow the yard. Our yard has a hill in the back. I think they did this to be able to get more houses in here. He was mowing a small section that can not be mowed with riding mower. I always watch him, when he is doing it. Well he fell and rolled down the hill. Scared me to death. Had to run out help him get up and set in a chair till he felt able to finish it.
  5. Here is a link with the latest proposal w/IU controversy : https://militaryadvantage.military.com/2017/06/va-chief-withdraws-staab-appeal-vows-to-replace-iu-pay-cut-too/ More concise link for specific IU : http://www.military.com/military-report/va-reverses-call-for-iu-benefit-cuts.html?ESRC=mr0619.nl
  6. Good day all. Hopefully I can explain this clearly without confusion. I received my BBE in Sep 16, and immediately filed for a NOD with more evidence (related to neurological issues/damages). However, I am 0% service connected with sleep disturbances/sleep apnea. Recently, as in two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with apnea and required to wear and was given a CPAP. Long story short, my claim is with the DRO for appeal and review, and although I am not contesting/appealing the sleep apnea for increase, I have the necessary medical evidence including the VA form for sleep apnea completed by my sleep physician/dr stating my condition as well as the results of my sleep studies. How should I submit it? Should it be a file for increase, or submit it as I would with additional medical evidence to the evidence intake center to be reviewed by the DRO along with the other evidence submitted for the conditions I am actually appealing? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks so much. Also, to make sure that I have the correct fax number and address, could you include that as well. That would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks all.
  7. Hi - Just want to let everyone know there is hope if your claim is stalled. They are working at the Houston RO. I got a call from DRO today, and told me I was granted IU with back pay. (PTSD/MST Rape & ATT Murder) I have my Navy retirement too, so I think this is the end of the road for me as far as claims go. I will continue to pray for adjudication with other claims. This was exhausting. Graduating in 72 days with my BS in Criminology- Thanks Voc Rehab.
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  9. Need advice

    Ok my husband has Ann appeal in since11/12 for chronic renal failure secondary to diabetes. There is a new claim in ebenifits, which we did not do. It is saying for cornary heart disease RFE. I'm assuming that means renal failur evaluation. So I'm assuming again they are going to try and approve it asso with the heart disease. We put in for the heart disease 7/14. He was diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy by his private nephrologist. What are they trying to do? The appeal is still up. We have not gotten anything from them. No docket no etc. but he would loose a lot of back pay is what I'm thinking. Any thoughts ? From anyone.
  10. Good Evening Everyone! Okay I have a few questions regarding my Disability claim as well as my husband. First let me start off by listing all my service connected disabilities: 1.) PTSD-100% 2.) 60% Asthma 3.) 50% Migraines 4.) 50% Endometrosis with IBS 5.) 10% Eczema 6.) 10% Rt. Knee 7.) 10% Left Knee 8.) 0% scar left breast 9.) 0% hernia 10.) 0% rt breast scar I'm currently rated 100% SMC S and I'm paid at the housebound rate. I'm a little confused. Another veteran told me I should be rated L or L1/2 because I was getting paid the housebound rate prior to Migraines and Asthma being increased from 10% to now 50% and 60%. Is this true? I read on one forum (can't remember where) that I should receive the letter S and 3 K's which ultimately equals L. Just confused. Also, my husband was medically retired due to Lupus. He's currently rated at 100% for Lupus and 100% for Depression. I recently applied for Aid & Attendance because with two kids and my own disabilities (no family within 2 1/2) its extremely hard. When he has flares he can't do anything. He has flares anywhere from 2 to 3 times a month lasting anywhere from5 to 7 days. His civilian dr filled out the Aid & Attendance form and explained how bad he needed this benefit. Well of course the VA denied it. They stated Aid & Attendance is for someone in regular need of assistance. They also stated since he can walk with a cane 25 ft he doesn't need it as well. I'm really at the end of my rope with the VA. To add insult to injury, when I filed a claim for his kidenys (he has stage 3 kidney failure) they said that falls under Lupus. I understand if I opened a claim regarding back, joint or neck pain, but Kidney failure! We have a two young kids and we will make due, but I can't make it to my MST meetings unless I have someone here with my husband. Sorry, folks I had to vent. Please help
  11. The regional office keeps saying "next" week the peer review should be done. They've said it for over 2 months. Should I be concerned with the delays?
  12. I am finishing up copying all pertinent materials to send to Dr. Bash for an IMO for my husband. However, I'm not totally sure what is pertinent. I want to be sure to send what is needed but not inundate the doc with a bunch of unnecessary stuff. Any tips on this and best way to arrange, etc. Thanks, Kate