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Found 7 results

  1. If you get rated for 100% before you win a BVA grant, will the VA still pay you the back pay even if your rating does not change.
  2. Hello, first time posting here, thank you to everyone who has posted before me. I received a grant for my BVA hearing on April 15, 2021 and I received the letter in the mail. I was granted an earlier effective date for unemployability for about a year and a half so I should get some retro pay. So I received the letter in the mail dated April 15th and on May 8th my Ebenefits updated under additional benefits tab showing the earlier effective date however there is no retro pay. Has anyone had any experience with your ebenefits being updated but no retro pay yet? How long am I looking at? Thank you again whoever can share some experience with BVA grants.
  3. I called Peggy and she was very rude, acted like I was smoking crack said she couldn't see anything on this particular appeal. Thanks
  4. Hello all, If you couldn't tell, I am a new member. I never knew hadit existed until recently but my battle with the VA has been just over 11 years now. A little backstory for me, I originally filed my claims out of the Phoenix, AZ VA in May of 2009. The first time, they lost all of my paperwork and I was immediately denied. I was naïve and attempting to do everything myself, so I did not appeal the decision. I applied again and was again denied service connection. I ended up moving to GA after reapplying for the third time, this time I utilized a VSO and after the 3rd denial chose to appeal. I have since moved up to VA after being denied following the request for a DRO in 2014. My appeal officially became active in 2014 and this year it was remanded following new evidence that I found with the help of my rep through the DAV. They had denied me based off of information that was retrieved more than 2 years after I had exited service. This past May I had a new C&P exam considering my last ones were done in 2014, then I had another for my second claim last month. My status officially updated on VA.gov last Thursday as both of my claims being completed at the RO level and they were both granted as service connected, which that in itself is a miracle to me. I have not seen any updates on ebenefits, which I have read is unreliable with the updates. I have called and asked about what to expect as I had never had a successful claim and they told me that my letter had been sent out on the 21st of this month. I realize it has only been 5 days, but I lived 30 minutes from DC and expected to have had it in hand already. This makes me nervous that it is going to stay sitting and the VA is jerking my chain with whether it was truly sent. I am trying to remain hopeful but I am also pessimistic as well. All of that said, has anyone had any experience with it showing as granted with no further remands and actually receiving their letter in a timely manner? I know this is a long waiting game and I am happy to see that the two that affect me the most have been shown as SC, but I also can't help but be slightly impatient when the screen tells me one thing and I have nothing in hand to show. I have never received service connection, so my awful assumption was that if my letter was truly sent out that it would have updated somewhere, but I am still seeing that large "N/A" in the disabilities section. Thank you for reading.
  5. Not even sure where to begin. Well the local VARO has finally processed my un-adjudicated BVA 1998 grant. The confusion is that at the same time VA.gov shows that this claim has been closed due to me withdrawing my claim (which I never did) and my pending remands are at the decision phase stage. I called Peggy the 1 800 number and I was informed that a letter was in the mail and keep an eye on my account. This was last week and no letter yet. I don't know what to think. I just feel numb. I checked ebenefits and there is absolutely no change in my effective dates. This award should have changed most of my effective dates and ratings prior to VA awarding me 100% schedular P & T. It's sad that VA won't tell me anything until after the ten day mail delivery.
  6. I did lot of research for timelines while waiting for my hearing and for what to expect after my hearing. I was legacy appeals and chose not to RAMP in Feb 2019. I hope this does help any other veteran wanting to know the process and hopefully the timeline helps. This is my experience for appeal with the VA and as always every case is unique and different. Im willing to follow up with any questions people might have. Tried to get lawyers involved but they said they wouldn’t touch my case (all the major ones you would find on google). So I just kept pushing along using the DAV for insight to the RO when needed or to file correspondence for the case. You know the rating you deserve!, the BVA law judge literally said VA erred and this should have been granted in 2014 but the C &P examiner failed to do their job accurately in my July 2014 exam. My follow up C & P exam conducted in 2017 warranted a 70% rating and the examiner noted everything correctly (however since the case was on appeal RO could not use the evidence to rate me at that time the exam was completed). Best Advice I can give is KNOW YOUR CASE! Know one knows your case like you and when talking to the judge, it helped I knew what the criteria was so I could talk to those points. File everything on-time, accurately, and with a way to show it was given to the VA. Find a hobby because worrying, over planning, and checking ebennies 20 times a day will drive you crazy. Don’t let your claim fall through the cracks but know that every day you worry, you drain yourself! Finally, NEVER GIVE UP!!! May 2014 Filed a claim for increase July 2014 C&P Exam at the VA October 2014 Claimed Denied October 2014 Filed for Decision Review Official to review case (legacy appeals) August 2015 DRO Denied increase August 2015 Filed NOD October 2015 Filed Form 9 December 2016 Case sent to BVA August 2017 C & P exam scheduled (non-static condition; this was the date of my revaluation) December 2019 BVA Hearing at RO January 30, 2020 Called WH hotline (not sure it did anything however I saw traction once I did) Feb 10, 2020 Case was given to judge and expedited due to homelessness March 10, 2020 Decision Made (Grant specific rating and effective date since it was an increase appeal) March 17, 2020 Ebennies was updated reflecting new rating TBA: waiting backpay but my rating has been reflected for April indefinitely
  7. im starting to see a lot of people are and have been in the same boat as me regarding retro and change of rating percentage. this question is to kinda find not a time frame but to solidify that something is really off with VA. obviously right im just starting to feel that maybe since this new Ramp program if the DROs or the processors told to drop some things and pick up on RAMP appeals. my past BVA decisions award came within 3 weeks and now its been over 6 weeks since judge grant. so please submit answers as a story and a time frame if you could. THANK YOU
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