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Found 13 results

  1. Yesterday when reviewing my medical records I noticed an examiner did a C and P/DBQ addendum. Im currently 70 percent and submitted for an increase(12 months ago) and also filed for IU(2 months ago). I don't know what this nexus means and would like to know if the exam was for the IU or increase claim. This examiner did a table top review as I wasn't present for it. See below: Please utilize this form when responding to VBA requests for either addendums or clarifications of prior VHA examination reports. This Veteran was seen for a C&P examination in December, 2017. At that
  2. So I had a C & P appointment. I got an attorney a couple years ago after my claim was denied. My claim is for Bipolar, PTSD, and Depression. My attorney sent a NOD a little over 2 years ago and I was scheduled for a C & P appointment. The examiner that I had was the same examiner that I had on the claim I was initially denied on. He basically said "there wasn't anything wrong with me after the service". So I had my C & P appointment and the examiner pulled a note that described me mentioning taking anti-depressants prior to the military. I honestly forgot about this. I have attache
  3. I've been having issues for years but didn't even realize for a long time they were related to my time in service (88-92). I just pushed the feelings down deep inside and avoided thinking about it. When I finally went to a civilian Dr for my depression back in 2003/2004 I was put on every drug available but nothing worked for long. When I lost my job and went back to school to get an associates degree I had to find a way to continue treatment so i started going to the VA. Problem is while I would sometimes be honest with my Dr about how I was feeling, other times I would deny currently suf
  4. Ok guys and gals, im back after a few months with more information. So for a little background, my effective date is 12/12/16. It moved to prep for decision in 2 weeks and stayed there for a few months. then it went back to gathering evidence, at which time i recieved a phone call scheduling me for an exam on march 25. 10 minutes later they called back saying i could come in for an exam tomorrow (which was march 1st). I attended my c&p exam for bipolar/depression- and the examiner concluded the exam by telling me to go directly to MH because im not mentally healthy or
  5. So after five years of receiving my disability payments at 100%, the VA scheduled me for a reevaluation on my lower back degenerative disc disease, L4-S1. My other disabilities had already been given P and T, so I wasn't reevaluated on those. The doctor today did the measurement so quick that there is no way he could have line-up the measurement tool for an accurint reading. I am concerned that I will be given a lower rating on my back flexation. I have been regularly seen at the VA for PT on my back and have been scheduled for injections to reduce the pain. I have had an MRI a
  6. I got a C & P exam today for an increase for my lower back which is my siatical nerve. What questions will they ask. Thx
  7. Hello all, I am new here so first off...Hi My c & P results state that based off of the exam and a review of my files that I do have PTSD Chronic and Depressive disorder, unspecified. It goes on to state that the effect of the PTSD, occupationally and socially has caused reduced reliability and productivity with flashbacks once to twice a week, constant anxiety, occasional panic attacks and exaggerated startle reflex. There is plenty more but I wanted to know if any of this verbiage was significant for determining a possible rating. I know anything is just a guess so no pressure and t
  8. I was reviewing 2015 BVA decisions regarding the New Orleans RO, and came across the following. I'm on a tablet and can't cut and paste the section, but scroll down to the second paragraph above the "Order" section. You'll find that this veteran's carriage and demeanor when she was called from the waiting room found its way into her C & P exam report and then into the BVA decision. http://www.va.gov/vetapp15/Files2/1512277.txt Always remember, your exam starts the moment you enter the exam facility. If you're there for a spine exam, your posture in the chair you're seated in, in the lob
  9. I received the notes from my C & P exam. Need your thoughts on what you think I will receive. I often have trouble with my PTSD and would like to get it fixed. I don't need the money, I would rather prefer to just be back to normal. However what can they rate me at based on the exam? 1. Diagnostic Summary ---------------------Does the Veteran have a diagnosis of PTSD that conforms to DMS-5 criteria based on today's evaluation? [X] Yes [ ] No ICD code: 309.81 2. Current Diagnoses --------------------a. Mental Disorder Diagnosis #1: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder ICD code: 309.81 b. Medic
  10. I am 100% TDIU. rated 80% combined. What do I need to do to keep from being reduced? HELP! Thanks
  11. Ok this is an update with a few questions. Gulf War Vet, came back to the VA this past December with my list of issues. I’ve had lots of appointments, things talked and cried about, things shoved up one end and down the other, lots of different meds tried, with several failures. I was diagnosed with Anxiety, depression and severe PTSD, Psycho-therapist mentioned service dog, started researching and raising funds to get a service dog since the VA doesn’t prescribe them for PTSD, also been diagnosed with Barrett’s Esophagus and hiatal hernia, but they haven’t narrowed down what’s causing the ch
  12. Hello All! It is an honor to be a part of yet another group that understands what it means to be a veteran. I am a veteran of 12.8 years of the US Navy, SC @ 60% with a whole host of issues, as I'm sure most of you have, however, chief among my ailments is ESRD (Stage 4), coupled with Diabetes II (mellitis). I have had a terrible time adjusting to getting ready to be on dialysis, though I have had plenty of time to think about it (diagnosis in 1998), it still remains an emotional battle for me and my family. Neurapathy, along with the other issues that come along with ESRD, like chron
  13. I just received a letter this weekend that the Cleveland VARO has ordered 3 C&P exams. A little background first. 10/2010 - Submitted TDIU claim 11/2010 - General C&P exam & Mental health C&P 04/2012 - Received Rating increase decision, which was automaticaly filed by VA when filing TDIU. Total rating stayed the same (70%), but was lowered on my back without a ROM exam even the C&P Doc put measurements in my exam results, which is the main reason for my NOD letter above. TDIU deferred. 04/2012 - TDIU deferred status goes back to gathering evidence ph
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